I wonder how many of you share my feeling of desperation over our failure to elect a government which believes in research, science, evidence, improving life for those who need help and generally doing a good job of governing - for our benefit, not theirs?

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Ignorant, ill-informed or just plain stupid?

I wonder how many of you share my feeling of desperation over our failure to elect a government which believes in research, science, evidence, improving life for those who need help and generally doing a good job of governing – for our benefit, not theirs?

They have just announced a policy designed to ensure some categories of undergraduates get a better deal than do others.

They argue that we should enable those most likely to be employed following graduation as matter of priority.

Does research support their rationalisation? NOPE! NOPE! NOPE! – to echo a former, never to be forgotten worst-ever (but Scomo is rapidly challenging that status!) PM!

We have made such a botch of our choices of governments, that we manage to have one in charge of the country which clearly believes that the poor would rather live on welfare than seek a job – when the only people who benefit from the job seeking process are the private firms who get paid every time they place a job seeker.

And not to mention the heart-breaking process of job applications which get no response, or those to employers who are inundated by applicants, given the unfavourable ratio of job seekers to job vacancies.

What is more, if they are currently on benefits then they surely must have rorted the system – this is not exclusively the prerogative of government Ministers who dole out community grants with a clear bias towards those recipients whose vote you are likely to get.

And if a welfare recipient has rorted the system, then they must be punished. That punishment is specifically reserved for those who are already at the end of their wits as to how to survive, while unpaid taxes owed by wealthy corporations are not pursued and others gain by selling non-existent water which they do not own and hide their ill-gotten gains well offshore to avoid ever paying tax on interest.

We all know all these stories. They do not hit the headlines because the MSM has a vested interest in keeping a conservative government in power.

Morality, transparency, integrity, competence – are a few of the qualities we should be able to identify in our politicians.

It increasingly becomes like looking for a needle in a haystack!

I sincerely hope that pressure from the Premiers in the National Cabinet will prevent any decisions to cut benefits by the originally suggested dates, as charities and other NFPs totally lack sufficient resources to make up the desperately needed shortfall that would create!

We might be coming out of shutdown, but many businesses will not have survived, and their demise adds to the long list of required vacancies being anxiously sought by the increasingly desperate job seekers.

Yes – Black Lives Matter. Yes – Hong Kong – is being given a bum’s rush by China. Yes – we have much to protest about.

What we need to be out on the streets protesting, is lack of action on climate change. Because that guarantees a massive increase in jobs – in manufacturing powered by renewable energy.

It also ensures a healthier population when we cease pumping greenhouse gases into the atmosphere, so benefitting from reduced pollution in the air we breathe.

We cannot afford to wait another 30 years!

I end as always – this is my 2020 New Year Resolution:

“I will do everything in my power to enable Australia to be restored to responsible government.”


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  1. New England Cocky

    It is often said that “No R&D, No Future”. Certainly Australia and especially CSIRO, have been world leaders in the past. However, the unthinking moronic LIarbral Nazional$ COALition misgovernment is preparing Australian voters for a 19th century future in a 21st century world.

    SO I guess this eventually is a self inflicted wound.

    Don’t blame me, I voted against Barnyard Joke.

  2. Harry Lime

    Rosemary, the undermining of the ‘fair go country’continues.Under the cover of the ‘Rona’ the Liar and his enablers are tearing this country apart.I believe that Morrison is driven by some sort of twisted belief in his mammonite theology,others in the right wing are bulldozing their corrupt ideology into every corner of what used to be a free and democratic society.
    We are right on the edge of massive societal change,which is already well under way through displacement,inequality and refugees,yet we have a ‘government’ that apparently thinks we can resume normal transmission.
    The shit has barely begun to hit the fan.I believe until circumstances become dire,apocalyptic even,nothing is going to change,however,that is just around the corner.Good luck ,and goodnight

  3. Tanya

    Job agencies are a great evil. They don’t care about the people they are finding jobs for. They typically don’t match the applicant to the job; they are just black box movers. They offer little to nothing in support, they fail miserably to encourage or motivate job seekers, and are usually rude and unhelpful. When I was looking for work I had an extremely sick son. I had doctors certificates – they breached me and I lost my payments. My sons have all been through these agencies and they are a damned nightmare. Even after they placed my sons in work they still threatened to breach them for being employed and therefore not needing to attend job seeker appointments. They are useless at record keeping and don;t communicate with each other. Everything is always someone else’s fault.

    Does this sound familiar? I think this is endemic in government agencies, and clearly the government itself.

    But we already know this government is not for the people (and sadly, if voting is the determining factor), it is by the people. History has shown, no government is any better than it’s predecessor, and it’s successor will be no better. I can’t think of one thing this government has done well…. Ok, one… (sarcasm) to lock people up like prisoners beyond any common sense and reason, and certainly devoid of any real science. Why should we expect any better when it comes to creating futures for young people?

  4. Phil Pryor

    This is an evil government, filthy of mind and purpose, which protects and harbours crooks, thieves, manipulators, dodgers, yet, attacks the sensible foundations of civilisation itself in matters of study, research, logic, clear thinking, rational behaviour. The STEM subjects are attractive to very useful and necessary people, but, those areas so often become rapidly oblosete, outdated, require retraining. Literature, Arts, Social sciences allow us to think clearly, think ahead and think of others, which is against the fndamental greedy, egofixated, selfish attitudes of conseratives. Our Piltdown Man has an arts degree, and is one of ten Australian P Ms to hold that status. Are we to believe that operatives who scheme, calculate, assess numbers and follow rote learning more than others are to be preferred to REAL people who are sensible thinking individuals?? An absurd, crooked, bent government cannot think straight and proves it here…

  5. Josephus

    The fools that govern do not realise the importance of foreign languages, not just their business vocab but cultures. taboos, politeness codes, etc. Even Latin, Greek, ancient Hebrew etc must have their experts so we understand our past. It is bad enough that my children were taught Oz history starting with the white explorers, without anything about the civilisations that existed for centuries here before that.
    History informs the present. Such as the persistent racism in this country and elsewhere.
    While nurses et al are essential and could be subsidised, there is room for others too, who must be allowed to teach the young to think, study, speak truth to power, unveil the stupid reasoning of the bogans who mainly govern us – and not be charged double!
    O tempora, O mores… as the historian Josephus might have agreed.

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