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Watching Barnaby Joyce being interviewed by Lee Sales on 7.30 last Tuesday was like an over the hill comedian in the final throes of his decline. He couldn’t get through a line without fluffing it. In doing so, he refused to answer any questions at all to the point where one wondered what on earth he was there for.

There was a time when he looked under the weather part of the time, whereas now It’s most of the time.

I expected that as a Coalition, and given the importance of the matter, they would have worked ferociously together to develop a plan to tackle climate change. After all, the Coalition has done nothing for a generation except tell lies along the way.

The best Joyce had to offer was that they would put something to us this week. We will have a gander, see what we think and let them know.

Writing for The Guardian, Katherine Murphy reported that.

“Darren Chester has declared there’s “about a 95% chance” the Nationals will line up behind a net zero target because “Barnaby Joyce can count, and the majority of the room is in favour of credible action.”

Before all this, however, the Murdoch rags had laid out their plans for our future. The tabloids ran with green and gold pages front pages “Green and Gold.” Questions, cynicism and concern ran down the gutters of the buildings that housed the words of untruth. It was a warning.



From The Daily Telegraph to the Herald Sun, The Courier-Mail to Adelaide’s Advertiser, their printing presses at full speed printed words of opportunity that would never have been considered for a decade.

The Murdoch pages were suddenly embellished with comments about the economic prospects of Australia who would now be at the forefront of the climate revolution. Here we were front and centre as the best-placed nation on earth to be the global winner in a net-zero world“.

On ABC News 24, Bridget McKenzie said much the same thing, but Angus Taylor made it clear that we could meet the 2050 net zero target with the already identified techniques without harming mining and jobs. Which, of course, is bullshit, and some areas are yet unproven in their application.

So, what is all the fuss about, you might ask? Well, it’s relatively simple; no one believes them.

All this is happening in the shadows of a spectacularly robust turnaround on climate change. I use the term pre-arranged because it has to be more than just sheer coincidence that Murdoch’s Australian rags would all of a sudden change direction.

Then as if to confirm all that Murdoch had printed was true, The Business Council of Australia announced on the weekend that more ambitious short-term emissions-reduction targets – could boost economic activity by as much as $890 billion. On Thursday, October 14, the Reserve Bank joined the fray, saying Australia cannot hide from global drive to net-zero by 2050.

As David Crowe wrote in The SMH on October 11, 2021:

“Newspapers that once warned of a $600 billion cost from cutting emissions now claimed a $2 trillion benefit from doing the same thing.”

How astonishing it is that a party who has trodden the road of disbelief with the help of a newspaper baron with no scientific knowledge, and having flown the flag of doubt for around 13 years, Murdoch now tells us they were wrong all along. In my 80 years, never have l heard such hypocrisy.

Morrison is, if nothing else is determined to do a deal with the Nationals. Just how far he will go to meet their demands is beyond me. A fair clue is in the comments of the Emissions Reduction Minister Angus Taylor about the ongoing future of coal and gas. Net zero doesn’t mean zero emissions,” he said.

Seemingly, this would mean a fair way in anyone’s language.

Suppose you look at News Corp’s sudden enthusiastic endorsement, their history on climate change and beyond. In that case, it seems evident that (as Rachael Withers puts it in The Monthly) “Murdoch’s “Mission Zero” is aimed at a coal-friendly net-zero – which experts say would be a fraudulent one. There’s less and less hope that Morrison’s mission will be any better.”

Science has made the most staggering achievements in my lifetime, and they are embraced, recognised, and enjoyed by all sections of society. For the likes of Bridget McKenzie and Andrew Bolt to now say they are being marginalised is nothing more than sad cries from sad losers. They should be happy that they have successfully conned so many folks with the sort of crap that Tony Abbott once used to describe the condition of the planet.

I cannot understand people who accept science as fact and use it every day somehow become brain-dead when it comes to climate science.

But whatever agreement the Liberals reach with the National Party, you can be assured of one thing: It will not be legislated because some members will cross the floor and bring down the government. So, it won’t be worth the paper it is written on, not until it is made into law.

* * * * *

Let me finish with some thoughts to ponder. I forgive the Murdochs, his editors and his many acolytes, including Nick Minchin (a politician) Lord Monckton, (a discredited nutter who was once a lobbyist for tobacco companies), Andrew Bolt, (a journalist), Cardinal George Pell (an old school literalist religious priest), Prof Ian Plimer (a geologist) and Alan Jones (non-descript). None of whom has a degree in climate science yet have sided with the anti-science brigade. So, believing that having the ability to admit that you were wrong is an absolute prerequisite to discernment and knowledge. In the view that Rupert’s turn around is genuine, I forgive all those of guilty conscience.

They have opinions, that’s all, and there’s nothing wrong with that, but they have no expertise. Now that’s not to say that they should not have a view, and that view should not be considered, as should any laypersons if they are of that ilk. But surely, we must respect the science otherwise; you put into question all science.

However, we should take no satisfaction from this unsought triumph.

A recent study from the journal “Public Understanding of Science” found that conservative media like Murdoch-owned, diabolically dishonest Fox News undermined viewers’ trust in scientists, leading to weaker beliefs in the science of global warming.

Neoconservatives commonly believe that the science of climate change is a left-wing conspiracy to replace communism. Strangely, this conspiratorial movement has no leader, no headquarters and no organised membership.

Fundamentalist Christians oppose science because the Bible is to be taken literally, meaning that the world was created in seven days. Everything within the book is God’s word and cannot be questioned. God created this earth, and it’s our right to do what we like with it (70% of Americans believe this).

All this, of course, is supported by a pathetic power-hungry discredited man of no redeeming features whose only attribute as a human being is the pursuit and creation of wealth. His name is Rupert Murdoch, and he is one of the world’s best-known faces. He is known not for grace, benevolence, charity or compassion but greed, power and superiority.

Murdoch-owned papers, which control about 70 per cent of the Australian cities markets, have run covers featuring former PM Kevin Rudd as a Nazi, as Col. Klink from Hogan’s Heroes, and Mr Rude from the Mr Men kids’ books. News Corp’s Daily Telegraph in Sydney has dropped all pretence of impartiality.

My thought for the day

Lying in the media is wrong at any time, however when they do it by deliberate omission it is even more so. Murdoch’s papers seem to do it with impunity.


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  1. Terence Mills

    Newscorp staff receive the new that they are now acknowledging that climate change is a thing : Have a look :

  2. Ken

    Sammy J has nailed it

  3. Jim Jacobsen

    Excellent article. Only one flaw. I will not be forgiving or forgetting. Murdock appears to have no regard for truth or science as you call it.

  4. Kathryn

    Barnyard Joyce seems to live in his own tiny and pathetic world of denial. His serious and increasing “drinking” problem is now clearly evident to anyone watching his downhill spiral into becoming an angry, aggressive, inarticulate and disillusioned alcoholic. If Barnyard is the best the Nationals can cough up as a leader, it is clear that it is a party collapsing into ignominious obscurity. Who the hell votes for such a climate-change-denying, regressive, misogynistic group of coal-supporting environmental vandals and “led” by a mumbling, incoherent Neanderthal who’s long, non-achieving career as a political parasite is, at long last, now clearly in its “death throes”.

    Unlike the forgiving John Lord, I do not – and NEVER will – forgive appalling, self-serving, pompous fools like Andrew Bolt, Cardinal Pell and the repugnant Alan Jones. These pompous right-wing-extremists, disgraceful climate-change-denying head-in-the-sand fools and bible-thumping megalomaniacs, are among the nation’s most corrupt, self-serving and dangerously undemocratic hypocrites who would support the criminally corrupt LNP no matter HOW bad, HOW corrupt and HOW undemocratic they become! These are the type of regressive, misogynistic, homophobic Neanderthals who don’t care about ANYONE or ANYTHING but themselves and are dragging our nation back 200 years! It’s time to move on and progress and the ONLY way we can do that is to kick the LNP to the gutter at the next federal election because that is where they really do belong! The Lying Nasty Party have had eight long (arduous) years to do ANYTHING and they have been an epic failure! Once again and again and again these privileged shameless elitists do NOTHING to benefit ordinary Australians and pass policies that ONLY enrich and empower their rich powerful donors in the Top 1%.

  5. Keith

    Sammy J is brilliant amplifying a great article.

    Every week it seems there are now articles about studies which are quite scary.
    Apparently, National and some Liberal politicians know more than 100,000 studies.
    There is now such a volume of research on climate change that it is impossible to keep up with what is being found.
    A research team used machine learning to assess 100,000 research studies.

    The Guardian has produced some worrying projections for the future.

    Nature bats last.

  6. Phil Pryor

    Murdoch, the lying, megaturd egotistical driver of ignorance and misinformation, cannot be trusted with anything except dishonesty, hypocrisy and mistrust. If he has rejigged his greed outlook to assess new ways to profit, manipulate, coerce and control, we may see slight change. Accidental benefits from this are never guaranteed, never likely to benefit the planet, unless by chance. The HUGE POX…


    Kathryn…. Well said.

    What I will never forgive is those coalition voters and supporters who followed and defended every news article full of lies and BS and editorials that Murdoch published, and then purchased his rags, blind and oblivious to all the science, and preferred to put their faith and credibility behind the feverish and misguided views of one cranky old bastard. They never once questioned his motives or his resistance to climate change, despite all the evidence piling up and everybody from their world of power and influence finally telling them the truth. How now are they going to confront their utter stupidity ????

    There are, in my own extended family such creatures and I will delight in confronting when I next meet them.

  8. Ross

    Whatever words Morrison mouths about coalition action on climate change should be first assumed to be lies and spin aimed at Rupert’s mainstream media squarely for domestic consumption.
    Nothing will happen until after the upcoming election. The media focus is on Morrison and his problems with the Barmy Joyce and the Nationals prior to Cop 26. Labor’s climate intensions are scoffed at or ignored by the same media. There is a fairly good to better than even chance Labor will form the next federal government and the Gnats will have no say in climate policy.
    You can be sure the other participants at COP 26 will know this and may have a bearing on how Morrison is treated at the conference.

  9. New England Cocky

    @Kathryn, Henry Rodrigues: I cannot understand how Tamworth NSW women can continuously support a self-confessed adulterer, practising alcoholic alleged sexual harasser and rampant long standing misogynist to represent their best interest anywhere.

    So consider the situation for thinking Australian voters in New England; stuck with a demonstrable nutter as the represen6tative of the Nazional$, with town economies dying for lack of trade and totally inadequate government services, we export our greatest product, our kids, to build better communities elsewhere.

    So with Beetrooter in charge of the building Better regions funding why is there no flow of funds into the New England electorate? Is it because the women of New England have been brow-beaten into mindless submission?


  10. David Stakes

    No legislation to do anything is a hollow word salad promise from Scotty

  11. Brad Black

    It seems the Murdoch hierarchy are now saying in public what, according to Malcolm Turnbull, they once only said in private regarding the risks of climate change. Much like the oil companies have been doing. Later this month the heads of those oil companies have been asked to discuss their views with the members of the American congress. I wonder whether ‘RooDog’ murdoch has been looking over his shoulder.
    Forgive them? you’re too kind Mr Lord. Fck ’em! The punishment for helping to take the world to the brink should be commensurate with the crime.

  12. Roswell

    Some time ago Bill Gates was asked who he thought was the most influential person in the world.

    His answer was Rupert Murdoch.

  13. BB

    IT’S TIME Murdoch has a fatal heart attack, because with his fervent grasping old man’s addiction to viagra, it won’t be long!


    BB….. He will, when he confronts the whole world and their concerted efforts to to dismantle his vicious evil propaganda machine. The crinkled old scroat now has no where to run or hide. The Queen and her next generation have put the final nails into his bloody coffin.

  15. Lance Williams

    Any thought ever coming out of Joyce’s mumbling moronic alcohol addled mind is 100% bought,owned and controlled by the puppet master and string puller Meanie Genie she virtually owns and controls every word spoken from this compromised weatherboard and iron public purse pilfering hayseed dolt

  16. Harry Lime

    The good news: Bumbling Barmy and his little band of reality averse misfits should put the finishing touches to a rotten Smirko rabble.
    The bad news:Smirko will pay a king’s ransom with OUR money to get even a clayton’s agreement.It’s only fitting that after eight years of chaos and corruption,that failure to deal with climate change will bury them.

  17. Consume Less

    Does this mean no more climate denying articles in the UnAustralian ??

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