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I have nothing but contempt for Scott Morrison

I write today with heavy spirit and considerable anger about men and women for whom I have only contempt.

I am failing to digest any circumstances in which it can be evidenced that the government of my country has the people, their future and their welfare, uppermost in their governance.

Like millions of others I have little understanding of science but my default position has always been to believe the science. My choice otherwise is to believe the ratbaggery elements of the “no evidence” establishment.

Science in my lifetime has made the most staggering discoveries, and its achievements are embraced and recognised by all sections of society.

The only areas that come to mind where science is challenged is in the religious fever of climate change doubters, by conservative politicians and alternative religious belief.

For six years plus the people have, even against the best advice, given the conservatives the benefit of the doubt, suspended their judgement, and have elected the Coalition for a third term. Yes, even when all the evidence proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that they were the worst government ever, with the worst collection of ministers this country has ever seen.

On the subject of global warming they have refused to take the advice of anyone who has any expertise in the area. From the scientists who study the burning of fossil fuels to the experts in weather and those responsible for predicting just what a 2% increase in the world’s temperature might mean, particularly with drought, fire and floods.

The Abbott, Turnbull and Morrison governments have all rejected the advice of some of our finest minds and everyone with even a small degree of acumen knows why.

They have rejected the cost so as to acquire a surplus. So they have never modelled the cost of doing nothing or considered that there is a cost for the upkeep of every individual’s health and therefore it is logical that there would also be a cost for the upkeep of the planet.

They have placed ideology before obligation, profit before the planet, and power before the people.

They believe that the lies they have perpetrated in telling the population with sinister regularity are best served by more and more lies purely for the purpose of propaganda. That being to use this manifest danger we face to retain power. That they would deliberately allow the loss of life for the shallowest of self-seeking reasons is simply beyond contempt.

A more evil un-Christian concept I have never come across. I can only feel disgust for these people who would support the pillars of capitalism and its thirst for profit over and above the lives of common folk.

What virtue do they see in their support for fossil fuels and their hideous attempts to stymie renewable energy technology?

Does truth have to shout out its name to get these morons to listen? Do the people have to rebel in disgust against their authority? Do our kids really have to protest their angst against a federal government intent on looking after the top end of town? (My words, not Albo’s).

How many homes and lives need to be destroyed by the ravages of fire – the heat of flame or cascading waters in the name of jobs that could be obtained in other more substantial ways? Ways that are so open to innovation and ideas.

Why cannot this rotten government open its glazed and blinkered eyes to the possibilities that could be ours?

On the day of writing this l listened to a group of former emergency services heads involved in the cause and prevention of bush fires and floods, among other things. Their qualifications without exception were beyond question. The Prime Minister when seeking an audience on numerous occasions had brushed them aside.

He didn’t even acknowledge these men of merit and superior intelligence on the subject. Now Minister Littleproud has agreed to meet with them, however, there is little chance of leaving an impression on a man who feigns belief but probably doesn’t, is almost negligible.

The lack of interest by the Prime Minister and his refusal to meet with them shows his hand. One that slaps them on the cheek for their impertinence.

What does it say about an individual or indeed a government that refuses to heed the views of important people and institutions who have the research to back up their claims? It must mean that they are as thick as a brick or have ulterior motives.

In this case the latter must apply.

When the five eminent former fire chiefs gave their news conference last Thursday I immediately applauded their sincerity, their aplomb and their undoubted seriousness. They were laying it on the line to the Prime Minister. He has squibbed them.

These 21 men and 2 women called themselves the “Emergency Leaders for Climate Action.” All expert in his or her field. They had a story to tell and did so with words of force that had me mesmerised with their authoritative tone.

Collectively they more or less berated Morrison for not granting them an audience. Their message was to the point.

“We are living in an era of unprecedented bushfire danger and climate change is the reason,” they said as one followed the other with the same message.

As advocates for their cause they all spoke with compelling sincerity.

Speaking in turn they all cited the government’s unwillingness to talk about the problem as being of major concern. They wanted the government to act and they demanded that it do so, and now.

What is needed is more resources and a better policy to reduce emissions and move to clean energy, but as I listened to the potency of their argument I inwardly doubted that they would get a positive response from these people who denied the existence of the argument they were putting.

However, because of the public’s changing mood the government is finding itself behind the eight ball and sooner or later it will have to act. This refusal to act together with parents seeing their children protesting their future has woken the populace from its ignorant malaise.

Morrison probably wants to act but he strangely finds himself in the same position as his predecessor and is under threats from the lunatic fringe within the party to bring it down.

But consider this: Even the National Party’s natural constituency is turning against them; farmers seem to know more about the problems than the National Party itself and business is now factoring climate change into their decision-making processes. They don’t want to be seen as out of step with the public’s mood.

Business takes a more projected view of its planning than government and it is clear to them that the public’s disposition is on a knife edge. They want action. Contrary to the government’s lies, emissions are rising.

Its policies, whatever they are, are not working. The government’s lack of any reasoned thinking still has business flabbergasted. There has been no investment certainty for 6 years.

Unlike the former fire chiefs whose motivation has the support of science, their experience and their observation, everything the government does has the stench of politics about it.

And in politics it’s best not to have your record raked over the coals, so to speak, while the people are contrite over the issue. This only highlights your incompetence and sour policies, whatever they may be.

Some say that the Prime Minister has acknowledged a link between climate change and natural disaster but given the Trumpion amount of lies he tells on the subject it is difficult to be sure.

As is usual when controversial issues arise he goes into hiding. In this case it is because he doesn’t have a leg to stand on. His government’s record is abysmal.

Abbott’s repealing of the carbon price may well be looked back on as the worst policy decision by any Prime Minister in Australian political history.

They have attempted to gut the Renewable Energy Target in a frivolous fashion and then imposed what can only be described as bandaid solutions that have cost ordinary taxpayers billions of dollars only to see emissions rising every quarter.

There is little doubt that with every bushfire the public will be reminded of the folly of the government’s inaction and people will be asking why so many people have to die before something is done.

With every home that goes up in flames, with every family’s memories in ashes, with every life lost and with every tree that is burnt to the ground the people will reflect on the absurd utterances of the Deputy Prime Minister, and the lies of the Prime Minister.

In time the pressure will mount on these buffoons who have frustrated every effort to bring about a reduction in our carbon emissions.

In the past week they have brought more shame on themselves with their self-serving antics.

At the risk of repeating myself I am failing to digest any circumstances in which it is evidenced that the government of my country has the people and their future uppermost in their governance.

But enough of my emotion.

Morrison’s silence will have to end soon. It is my bet that the party room belief in a coal future will influence his response and that those who invent the slogans and phrases will produce more propaganda to persuade a gullible electorate that all is well, and that the science is crap and God is on their side. Just pray.

My thought for the day

Question everything. What you see, what you feel, what you hear and what you are told until you understand the truth of it.

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  1. New England Cocky

    Aw geez JL, call it out for what it is; treason. The only beneficiaries of supporting mindless self-serving egomaniacs in their quest for political position and the accompanying financial benefits are the foreign owned international banks and their corporate cronies.

    By encouraging flagrant maladministration and poor government over-spending decisions and ignoring the financial strategies usually considered ‘good business’, these traitors run up a huge credit card bill that will shackle future generations to the will of those foreign corporations intent upon seizing our natural resources and access to our markets, ensuring that the power of the dollar is used against our people.

    There can be little doubt that the Liarbral nat$ COALition has betrayed the best interests of Australian voters in favour of personal financial pecuniary interests by refusing to require a least primary processing of mineral resources in Australia, supporting the destruction of our manufacturing industries by inept polices favouring imported products and generally ignoring the desperate need for building and upgrading public infrastructure like roads, rail and alternative electricity generation.

    Then consider the abysmal ‘social networking’ policies of over-funding private schools to buy middle class votes, the refusal to even discuss the decentralisation of government jobs to urban regional centres and the RAbbott Turdball demolition of the Labor FTTP high speed Internet.

    And just think ….. there is at least another 2.5 years of these policies ahead of us, so you will have to ‘Keep the faith”.

  2. Bert

    If I put on here what I thought about Morrison it’d probably melt your eye’s when you read it .

  3. Keith

    Kate Washington in NSW Parliament provided figures on how numbers of National Park fire fighters had been reduced by the LNP government. No screams of outrage being an indication she was right on the mark. Kate Washington had relayed the governments own official figures back to them.

    An article I stumbled across recently, and didn’t have the foresight to save, gave an ominous warning about how Morrison’s views on climate change are influenced by his religious views. The Pentecostal religion it stated believes in the Rapture, it being God’s will as to what is happening now in relation to climate. Science shows very clearly why climate is changing.

    To believe in the Rapture, Physics and Chemistry need to be ignored. Currently on the NASA web site there are 5 articles about how satellites have been providing data about how greenhouse gases are identified as causing damage to the atmosphere. God is definitely not the creator of climate change.


  4. James O'Neill

    John, there is one inescapable fact that needs to be remembered. Agreed, the current government, not only under Morrison but his two unlamented predecessors is the most incompetent regime in living memory. But the inescapable fact remains that they have won three elections in a row. To argue that was wrong one has to argue that the majority of Australian voters were incompetent three times in a row. That is a difficult argument to sustain if you live in a democracy which is what Australians claim to do.
    Agreed the Australian electoral system is fundamentally flawed, never more evident than when one compares votes cast and seats obtained for the National and Green Parties. But I detect no great enthusiasm for changing that system to one more commonly found in western democracies, proportional representation.
    Without that kind of fundamental change, long overdue in my opinion, you are going to get many repeats of the results you correctly hate, but are powerless to change.

  5. Peter F

    ‘God is definitely not the creator ………….’

    My experience is that most people who go to church thank their god for all the good things and totally ignore their god’s believed ‘omnipotence’ when things go wrong. You often hear of people who survive a tragedy (eg a plane crash) praising their god for a miracle. The obvious question of why their god chose THEM, and not those who died in the same crash, is ignored.

    Miracles in politics do exist: apparently we had one last year for just over half the population of this country.

  6. Phil Pryor

    They have always been here and with us, but, in politics today, sluts for money, advancement, career, pose, future sinecures, corrupt and insider selection, these are now rampant in conservative ranks, And, these sluts are our enemies, and that of the planet. Do not ever vote for or support the filth and ignorance of the Morrison and Murdoch maggot machine. It stinks..

  7. wam

    Well well , lord, missed you yesterday but, after a great walk in the pool, I am in ‘rapture’ about today’s post.
    Your words on Scummo suggests you need to investigate xritian beliefs and truths.
    ‘Abbott’s repealing of the carbon price may well be looked back on as the worst policy decision by any Prime Minister in Australian political history.’
    Wow, that was 5 years ago. Sadly it was simply a repeat of his position from 5 years before when the real ‘worst policy decision’ was made by bobby and the loonies’ but who cares, lord, I j8ust heard billy talking about being unable to fat the pig on market day powerful words about fighting wow how long has this site suggested little billy and torpid tanya do some fighting? It seems the fighter was fitzmonkey and he was on the coal side.
    albo go for brandt it is time in melb to sink the the loonie

    pps good one peter: god rules and kills thousands in a tsunami but a baby is found and they kneel and praise the lord(not you)
    I give the christians a bit of curry about miscarriage where god aborts up to 15% of pregnancies. Can’t blame the women for them all, can they???

  8. Baby Jewels

    Agreed, the behaviour of the Regressives is treasonous. John, I completely agree and feel the same way. In my own small way, I will do whatever it takes to contribute to bringing down this treasonous government intent on destruction, for the sake of enriching the already rich. My disgust is over-flowing.

    I do not believe they don’t believe the science. I believe this is deliberate destruction for enrichment, for as long as they feel they can get away with it.

  9. Kerri

    “Morrison probably wants to act but he strangely finds himself in the same position as his predecessor and is under threats from the lunatic fringe within the party to bring it down.“

    Mr Lord, have you forgotten his speech at the UN already???

  10. Diane Larsen

    Dear Mr Lord, it is so disheartening to realise we are surrounded by fools and knaves in government and unfortunately even some we call friends, your column keeps me going that at least some of us see the truth about what and who is destroying our country and way of life

  11. Matters Not


    Question everything.


    (Btw there’s possibly a typo but not to worry, no other reader seems in the least perturbed. Perhaps it should be 2° not 2%? The degree symbol and not the percentage one? Just taking your advice about Questioning … – Just joking.)

  12. Keitha Granville

    Just another area of policy that is failing, contempt and disgust for all of them. We pay these people to fail us, how stupid are we.

  13. Kathryn

    I feel your anger (and pain), John Lord! My disappointment, anger and astonishment at how the totally corrupt, self-serving, elitist fascists in the LNP (truly, the WORST, most inept government in history) could have been voted back into power after years of smug condescending contempt for Australians, ever-increasing authoritarian fascism and callous disrespect for our democratic rights, their brutal, indescribable callous inhumanity against asylum seekers and the most vulnerable people in our community, is beyond words. Are the small, Murdoch-manipulated majority of Australians so callous, so self-serving and so STUPID as to think that the woefully inept, sneering Morrison and his vile, psychopathic henchman, Dutton, were a better option than Shorten? Bill Shorten had compassionate policies on the table that would have improved the lives of a HUGE majority of struggling Australians – the lying, deceiving LNP came into the election with NOTHING – absolutely NOTHING – except MORE of the same blatant nepotism, the same old same old open favouritism of their billionaire donors in the Top 1%, MORE wholesale privatisation of taxpayer assets – selling off EVERYTHING we own to foreign-owned investors, raping and pillaging our natural resources for transient profit with the climate-change-denying grubs in the LNP REFUSING to even discuss the now catastrophic effects of climate change and actively destroying and annihilating our environment (just ask the opinion of the desperate farmers who rely on the water of the now dried and defunct Murray/Darling river basin – whom Barnaby Joyce so ruthlessly betrayed)!

    Clearly, the small majority of foolish pensioners believed ALL the blatant lies that Clive Palmer spewed out about the ridiculous franking credit fiasco and they – and blue collar workers – ended up voting against their best interests for a totally corrupt, conniving pack of sociopathic liars and miscreants in a government that DESPISES them !

  14. James Cook

    Meanwhile, Scummo is locked away with his advisers/spin-doctors so he can have a news conference in which he 1. Assures us it’s all under control and he’s setting up a committee to investigate what’s happened and how to blah, blah…to report within the next 10 years. 2. Blames Greens/Labor for the fires , drought, death of the Murray-Darling river system, WW2, etc 3. Distracts punters with a cash-splash [most of which will go to his wealthy mates.4. Gets the MSM to reproduce his notes on the nightly news/daily papers as though it’s gospel. [sic]

  15. Alasdair

    All true, but remember that Scomo and his ilk don’t serve Australia or its people, they serve Murdoch. This is why the Coalition have won three elections in a row, and why Australia is far less democratic than it might appear. We’re not going to get very far until such time as we can eliminate, or at least vastly reduce, the propaganda spewed by the Murdoch media.

    Also, Morrison’s “thoughts and prayers” are totally at odds with his position as PM. No matter what his religion, it should have no say in his politics: his job is to marshall resources, show leadership when needed, and take the advice of experts. (He does none of these, of course.) Prayers are the job of the clergy, and of the religious leaders of their faiths. By offering “thoughts and prayers” Morrison also abrogates himself of any responsibility to minimize the damage that his government continues to do.

  16. Aortic

    Well said again John. Well I remember that grinning cartel Abbott, Hunt, Pyne et al celebrating the repeal of the carbon levy. Done purely for political purposes rather than looking at the undoubted benefits of same long term. All we hear now is” meeting our targets in a canter” ” on track for the Paris agreement” without a shred of tangible evidence to reinforce this vacuous claim. Or it’s possible negative effect on the ” economy.” Don’t these ignorant visionless bastards realise there won’t be an economy if the planet becomes uninhabitable. Even if not totally convinced would you not come down on the side of scientists and initiate meaningful policies to ensure a liveable world for future generations. We have been rightly celebrating the sacrifices made by our servicemen to provide freedom for us all, I wonder what they would think of the total fascism we are rapidly heading towards.

  17. pierre wilkinson

    “Morrison probably wants to act but he strangely finds himself in the same position as his predecessor and is under threats from the lunatic fringe within the party to bring it down.”

    This presupposes that he has any idea what to do, and as Kerri points out, his outlook on climate change is pathetically inadequate.
    Also, he is doing something. By rat cunning, laying low and promulgating the myth that it is all the greenies fault, he can wait until his thoughts and prayers have been answered by rain or the total burn out of the country, then rise from the ashes of Australia and claim “how good is this?”

  18. Kaye Lee

    Junkee on the Where’s Scotty conspiracy….

    “The Prime Minister has appeared in front of cameras countless times to offer his “thoughts and prayers” to those affected by the NSW bushfires, smiling at the press and dropping vague, useless commiserations.

    Of course, who knows where he’s actually been ethically or politically. The man is a walking suit filled with dandruff, and the day we see him take any kind of stance on any kind of issue will be the day we all die of shock.

    All in all, this is a rare meme: one that speaks to an ethical, rather than actual truth. Cause even when Scott Morrison comes back properly, we all know he won’t really be back — not in the way a Prime Minister should be.”

    Everyone On Twitter Thinks Scott Morrison Has Gone Missing, So Now It’s Become A Big Meme

    BREAKING: Australian PM Scott Morrison has reportedly gone missing. Sources inside parliament house have stated the AFP’s elite Missing PM team (The Harold Holt Unit) has been reformed. Peter Dutton has been encamped outside the PM’s office ready to take over. #auspol

  19. Vikingduk

    His smirk experienced the Rupture, currently ensconced with his good mates at Hillsong college after emergency surgery to repair The Smirk.

    Alternatively, he has been taken by the offspring of the dingo in snorkel and flippers that disappeared Holt.

    Or . . . He’s a vacuous sack of piss and wind, smirking and lying, lying and smirking, pleading to the dutton thing “for gawd sake herr gruppenfuhrer, use some Vaseline”.

  20. Andy56

    james oneil, your conclusions are wrong. Democracy is the great enable of the stupid and narcisstic. In our system, its only the 10% who swing that count. I recon far more than 10% of the population are down right stupid. How else do you describe the malaise that thought shorten was the devil in disguise? How else can one describe barnaby?

  21. Peter Ball

    All I can say John is – well said

  22. LambsFry Simplex.

    Gutless wonder to disappear with the East Coast in crisis. What leadership.

  23. Michael Taylor

    LambsFry, I’m not sure that Morrison’s the person to turn to if we’re looking for leadership.

    I’m starting to believe that we have none in this country.

  24. Wayne Turner

    “evidence proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that they were the worst government ever, with the worst collection of ministers this country has ever seen.”:-

    All thanks to clearly the worst public of this country ever. Most people in this country are extremely ignorant,gullible,and/or horrible.

    A pathetic government produced by a mostly pathetic public.

  25. LambsFry Simplex.

    It died a long time ago, Michael Taylor.

    It is true that the mention of the PM’s name provokes a certain liverishness, but I am a man of a different kidney. Not by nature visceral, but I do not believe that the PM is the person to bring home the bacon or to be setting in motion a gravy train for Australians (if only the dolts knew it). Offal things well may await the public for its tardiness, but a writer may also await patiently the day when the howl of dismay issues forth when they discover how they have been “porked”.

  26. blair

    “Morrison probably wants to act but he strangely finds himself in the same position as his predecessor and is under threats from the lunatic fringe within the party to bring it down.”

    Nup, he is the ultimate Climate denying luddite, a spin merchant, cannot lie straight in bed.

  27. stafford

    What Bert said…

  28. Ross Barrell

    Thank you John. Good article. And thanks for including the link to the Climate Council’s donation page. Gave me an opportunity to chuck $20 their way. I encourage everyone else to do something similar. Whatever you can afford. It all helps. And here’s the link again: https://www.climatecouncil.org.au/donate-emergency-leaders-for-climate-action/

    I’m inclined to agree with David Marr’s comment he made on Insiders yesterday. The government simply can’t act effectively. They are totally “jammed” on this issue. They are in thrall to their patrons in the FF industry, and simply cannot act without fearsome repercussions. And even if they do manage to act to reduce/limit local emissions, they. will. not. act. to curb. downstream. emissions. And it is these that contribute much more to global CO₂ pollution and its effects than our domestic emissions.

  29. crypt0

    … “I have nothing but contempt for Scott Morrison”
    Too kind by half, John.

  30. roma guerin

    This article was reposted on FB today. As true today as the day it was written.

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