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The “Hysterical” Tanya Plibersek

It’s always worth remembering the origins of the word “hysteria”.

I actually can’t at the moment, but I do know that it stems from the same word family as hysterectomy. And, just as a man can’t have one of those, we should remember that only women can be hysterical.

So, Mr Dutton – who clearly can’t be accused of hysteria, because he’s a man – calls for a measured response to the Ebola crisis. After all, it’s not like the “debt crisis” or the “budget emergency”, this is only killing a few thousand people in Africa, so there’s really no problem.

Mr Dutton – for those of you who’ve never heard of him – is our Health Minister, and as such is a very measured person. He’s so measured that he didn’t ask a single question about his portfolio while he was Shadow Minister for Health.

Mr Dutton pointed out the problems with Tania Plibersek’s response:

“This has to be done in a sensible, rational way, not an emotional way that put people in harm’s way … Mr Shorten seems to have maintained his composure, whereas Ms Plibersek is quite hysterical, which is not the leadership you need in these crises.”

Plibersek, on the other hand, urged immediate action, suggesting:

“The predictions are that if we don’t get Ebola under control in the next two months or so, the spread of the virus will be completely unpredictable and very difficult to handle. We’ve had calls from around the world for Australia to send help.

“We must stop this in West Africa, and Australia must be part of an international effort. If Ebola gets to Asia there’s no guarantee of Australia’s safety.”


See, hysteria!

But that’s just typical of the Labor Party! I mean in Parliament today, they were rabbiting on about Mr Abbott’s so called promise about not changing the GST. As Mr Abbott suggested, they are incapable of having a mature, adult conversation about broken promises without tossing words like “broken promises” into the discussion. How childish!

No, we need less hysteria about things like Ebola and climate change. After all, hysteria about the end of the planet led to the carbon tax which nearly wiped Whyalla off the map and if it wasn’t for its abolition Australia would have had all its mines shifted offshore.

As Andrew Bolt wrote today, while singing the praises of another Dutchman, Van Gogh (It’s a shame these people from other countries can’t actually praise good Australian artists. Pro Hart, for example, sold more paintings than Van Gogh, so surely he must be better. If Van Gogh were in Australia today, he’d want a subsidy, but thankfully we could just say piss off back where you came from, Dutchie!):

“I quit journalism twice, thinking I’d never get the hang of it.”

Of course, once he realised that he could write for the Murdoch press without the need for journalism, he became the man he is today. Which, of course, means that he could never be called hysterical.

After all, as I just said, he’s a man. And an adult.

Unlike Tania Plibersek, who seems to think that Ebola would be a problem if it spread to Asia. Doesn’t she realise that we have much better ways of dealing with Ebola and it’d be no problem if it spread to Australia. It’d only be a problem if one of the volunteers in Africa contracted it, because we don’t have any agreement for evacuation, and, as we should have learned from World War Two, Britain’s entry into the Common Market and Tony Abbott, when it comes to helping out Australia, there’s no way we should rely on the English.


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  1. stephentardrew


    I am beginning to get hysterical.

    Help me with your kind words and silky tongue PLEASE.

  2. Florence nee Fedup

    One needs to keep in mind that Dutton deeply hates Tanya. I do not know why. He has spent the first year of answers in qt attacking her.

    Dorothy Dixers on mostly Medicare Locals. Now it is along time since she was Health Minister, but he directed all answers at her. Bypassed the very capable Shadow Health minister, who by the way has his measure.

    Same question every sitting day up to the ;last couple of months.

    Wonder when the stop bringing refugees in from Western Africa. . Suspect this morning.

  3. Florence nee Fedup

    I would like to add, I have never seen Tanya acting Hysterical. In fact she is always calm and collected.

    All the anger, red faces, anger and screaming seems to be coming from government ministers. Yes, Dutton included. Morrison, Hockey and Joyce for special mention.

    We had Abbott today, asking for mature debate on tax, without the yelling and screaming., One can only wonder how the man can stand and makes such a statement.

    I see much criticism of Labor, in particularly Shorten, that he shows not enough emotion,

    that he is too mild.

    I then wonder what Abbott really means. Then Abbott has always believed, he only has to say, especially if repeated often enough, people will believe his version.

    I suspect, sadly for Mr. Abbott, that is no longer working for him.

    Time for Labor to launch some real discussion and debate on taxation and the Federal system. Put out some serious debate. Call Abbott’s bluff. Does not and should not be about the GST. At the end of the day, GST was never reform. Just another indirect, regressive tax.

    I know there is more \than enough talent in Labor ranks to mount this campaign.,

    I know there are many on the blogs with the interest and ability to run with it.

  4. corvus boreus

    Florence nee Fedup,
    Let’s not forget the behaviors of the current Minister for Education, Mr C Pyne.
    His childish tantrums and emotional scrotum-onics led to him obtaining the record for parliamentary expulsions(54).
    He has not been able to add to this tally since B Bishop was granted the honorable speakers’ chair, despite his grubbiest efforts.

  5. Grannie Fibro

    Well said Rossleigh, I hope you use a #satire tag for certain folk with no sense of, well anything really. Just no sense!
    I agree with Florence above, that Ms Plibersek is one of the least hysterical politicians I have seen in many years. Aspiring pollies should take a good look at her and follow the example she sets in terms of demeanour and knowledge of her portfolio.
    The word ‘ hyster’ comes from the Greek word for womb or uterus, thus throughout history, ‘hyster’ words eg hysteria, hysterectomy etc could only ever be ascribed to women. There are some great articles available, both narrative and research, on the subject of hysteria. A simple Google search on the history of hysteria or like will provide some very entertaining reading.
    For example:
    Nothing here comes close to describing Tania Plibersek, but I think some of the suggested remedies for hysteria would be useful when applied to several prominent male pollies. I’m sure it wouldn’t alter their ‘hysterical’ behaviours, but it might make me feel better!

  6. bryan currie

    I beg to differ….Chris Pyne can become hysterical…..I’ve seen him on the telly and he’s a bloke…..oh dear

  7. Florence nee Fedup

    Well it is going to be fun, seeing FM Bishop dealing with her new counter part in Indonesia.

  8. Carol Taylor

    Florence, you mean that the Indonesians aren’t going to be persuaded by wearing Armani plus The Death Stare?

    Granny Fibro, we’ve seen it all – starting with Abbott’s tantie when Gillard became leader, that it wasn’t a fair fight, and I quote “because she is a woman”, therefore he wouldn’t be able to use his”attack dog skills” against her. Of course history shows he used far worse against her..because she is a woman.

  9. Lee

    I’ve never seen Tanya Plibersek being hysterical. I did see an interview with her and Scott Morrison on the topic of ebola, and Morrison was the hysterical one. Tanya was composed, spoke well, was quite polite and I thought needed a medal for tolerating the obnoxious Morrison.

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  11. Jennifer Meyer-Smith

    Tanya Plibersek is a fine stateswoman.

    Dutton’s criticism is based on a feeble excuse not to involve Australia in sensible participation in fighting ebola and trying to save people’s lives.

    Plibersek shows up Dutton as a useless, gormless fool.

    Gillard showed Abbott up to be a Neanderthal. Methinks they have inferiority complexes.

  12. John Fraser


    Dropping bombs for humanitarian purposes could be called "hysterical" …… if you didn't understand the English language.

    Dutton …. the "medical" imbecile ……. needs to stop reverting to his former Queensland police days where verballing was the investigative weapon of choice for the lazy.

    Perhaps he could take lessons from Hunt.

    Whoops !

    Went a little south with that advice …. said the walrus.

    While my guitar gently weeps.

  13. Annie Byam

    Rossleigh –

    There are many types of “hysterical behaviours and reactions” …

    How far back in history ( that’s ‘history’ – NOT ‘hystery’ ) …. did you have to go to link female hysterics with hysterectomy ? The 4th or 5th centuries ( mooted at that time through total ignorance ) ? OMG. ….. LOL !!!

    I have seen hysterical men …. hysterically ‘funny’ men ( a gay friend of mind is one of the funniest guys I have ever known and can truly be called ‘hysterically funny’ ) …….. then there is the hysterical man – reacting or over-reacting to some situation in his life ( men are certainly NOT exempt from hysterical panicked reactions and often with good reason ) . …. And the man given to hysteria in the way he speaks.

    Best case in point for that, is the most Honorable MP – Christopher Pyne – as pointed out by Corvus. …..

    I have never seen a man more prone to hysterical over-reactions – to the point that it is seriously worrying. ……… He sits with an important portfolio – in the current Government, and behaves like a total lunatic – bursting out with hysterical and inane laughter – at just about anything ( that the Opposition might say ). …. Not to mention his insane hysterical attacks from across the table – at whoever dares to speak out about something – anything will do. !!!! If not shouting his purple faced remarks at anyone who might listen, he sits in that damned chair smirking, giggling, raucously laughing, and acting in a most inappropriate way – i.e hysterical – in every sense of the word.

    He is truly, a very very very BIG worry. …… Someone should see to him – rapidly.


    On a more serious side to your good article, the LAST thing we need is to become ‘hysterical’ ( collectively ) over the Ebola virus.
    It is indeed vile and seriously dangerous, but as so often reminded by the illustrious Minister for Foreign Affairs – Ma’am J Bishop — ” we have already in place, ways to deal with this situation – – – IF IT COMES to ‘our region’ ” …………… Shite. !! …… But to fly the extra miles to help ailing people —- OH NO …. not on your nelly !! Gracious me …. that might impact on the money we must spend ( from the money we don’t have ) on aiding and abetting yet another form of war in the Middle East. HEAVEN FORBID.

    It suits little Button Dutton to aim his ill-forged arrows and forked tongue at a female MP on the opposite side. He is not male enough to have a go at his own gender.

    Tania Plibersek could buy and sell him in a heart beat …… when it comes to remaining calm in the face of danger – ( and boy are we all in danger ) – far more from the incumbent Government, than we are ever likely to be from the Ebola virus. ‘

    Having said that though, nothing is impossible …….. and we should be on the ground, PROPERLY equipped, and with proper evacuation ( which we can amply accommodate – – – – apparently ) …. for our more than willing doctors and nurses to aid West Africa. And we must remain vigilant – against ALL kinds of nasties that might get into our ( or any other ) country.


    I still can scarcely believe the extraordinary lengths this Government will go to bring down our country – in every way possible.

    There’s bound to be more – and it will NOT escape domestic or international notice. Not anymore.

  14. Kaye Lee

    These “men” love the female putdown. Describing Tanya as hysterical is par for the course. When a Guardian journalist persisted in asking Tony Abbott about his rorting of entitlements he told her to “calm down”. Or when asked about the corruption in the state Liberal party he said ‘‘Let me not mince my words, madam. An entirely unjustified smear, and frankly I think you should withdraw that. There is no evidence whatsoever for that.’’

    It appears they truly can’t handle it when questioned by women.

    And as far as an adult conversation about tax is concerned, the behaviour shown by Tony Abbott, Alan Jones and Gina Rinehart about the carbon tax could aptly be described as hysteria.

    “There can be no tax collection without an election. If this government had any honesty, any decency, that is what we would have: an election now.” -Tony Abbott, House of Representatives, Parliament House, Canberra, 16 August 2011

    “We should also demand from our politicians that they introduce legislation that requires a majority by referendum before they can introduce any new taxes or tax increases,” Gina Rinehart said.

  15. Billy muddle moir

    The rabbott himself sums up the attitude to women and plibersek (who is, sadly since turning her back on supporting the misogynistic attacks on gillard, more torpid than hysterical) when he wrote ‘women can….be equal because of the physiology’ Most men dominated churches fear menstruation. Little billy, the rabbott and most of the men in cabinet and shadow cabinet are steeped in church beliefs QED. When plibersek was giving her homily on whitlam, the rabbott made his disdain(fear) of her obvious by fidgeting, turning, reading and goodness knows what he was thinkingThat is a furphy, today I see he wants his style of federalism and that is scary, that should get your pollies out in the media but they are too busy hoping that the rabbott’s pragmatism doesn’t mean the right to say and do anything, doesn’t contain the obligation to lie, cheat and betray, doesn’t instil the power to destroy conventions and institutions. All because in his narrow religious view such terrible means are justified because his end point, his vision is pure.???
    Of course dutton’s comment could always be another suppository slip in that he meant to say historical which is nothing to do with wars in Iraq or anywhere?
    To many liberal and labor men are perpetuating the hysterical/historical anti-women religious belief through ignorance and sadly many women agree with their assessment of gender roles.

  16. lawrencewinder

    Students, Compare and Contrast: Tanya Plibersek’s behaviour with that of either Michaela “Slasher”Cash and / or Sophie”Pit-Bull” Mirabella. Then define “Hysteria” and send your answers to The Alleged Health Minister.
    We assume he can read!

  17. stephentardrew

    Hysterical women reminds me of having “the vapors” which was the old term for denigrating womens right to feel emotional about an issue. Again conservatives attempt to change the narrative through vilification. They just love sticking labels on people regardless of their accuracy. Their pure brute force theory of social control. Just get it out there till the bogons think Tanya is hysterical just like the liar narrative worked against Julia. I know once reasonable people who came to literally hate Julia because of the continued vilification by the LNP.

  18. Kaye Lee

    To help with Lawrence’s assignment….

    Michaelia “Don’t call ME a feminist” Cash

  19. Rob031

    The term’s meaning has changed over time to something like ‘crazily emotional’ etc.

    One of the most readable books by Sigmund Freud (and Josef Breur) about Hysteria. I recommend it greatly.

    Studies on Hysteria: From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Studies on Hysteria (German: Studien über Hysterie) is a book by Sigmund Freud and Josef Breuer, first published in 1895.

    It consists of a joint introductory paper (reprinted from 1893); followed by five individual studies of “hysterics” – Breuer’s famous case of Anna O. (real name: Bertha Pappenheim), seminal for the development of psychoanalysis, and four more by Freud; and finishing with a theoretical essay by Breuer and a more practice-oriented one on therapy by Freud. [1]


    At the time of its release, Studies on Hysteria tended to polarise opinion, both within and outside by the medical community.[2] While many were critical, Havelock Ellis offered an appreciative account, while a leading Viennese paper would characterise the work as “the kind of psychology used by poets”.[3]

    Just being a tad pedantic 🙂

  20. Florence nee Fedup

    What was Freud’s cure for Hysteria. I seem to recall something so bizarre, It must be a false memory.

  21. Florence nee Fedup

    Googled. Memory not false. One needed a vibrator. Something of a frightening machine in Victorian times.

  22. Rob031

    @Florence nee FedupOctober 27, 2014 at 10:32 pm: “What was Freud’s cure for Hysteria. I seem to recall something so bizarre, It must be a false memory.”

    I read the book yonks ago. Can’t remember Florence. But I think ‘Hysteria’ later came on to be seen as underlying his ‘seduction fantasy’ theory – but I may be incorrect there. A ‘false memory’ on my part perhaps? 🙂

    As for the ‘cure’. I think it was a talking-therapy thing.


    BTW: if you’re interested in reading it (for free – priceless):

  23. Florence nee Fedup

    ,blockquote> Typical treatment was massage of the patient’s genitalia by the physician and, later, … In the early 1890s Freud published a series of articles on hysteria which …
    ‎Female hysteria – ‎Hysteria (disambiguation) – ‎Mass hysteria,or.r_qf.&ech=1&psi=rEJOVMaDIJbr8AXx8oHYBA.1414415292871.3&ei=10JOVJb8Ionk8gXhtYKYDA&emsg=NCSR&noj=1

    Typical treatment was massage of the patient’s genitalia by the physician and, later, … In the early 1890s Freud published a series of articles on hysteria which …

  24. Florence nee Fedup

    Rob031, more exciting than talking, Involved vibratos, Yes the ones used for sexual pleasure,

  25. stephentardrew

    How far can our great leaders go.

    Recently I saw a picture of Kevin Rudd receiving a signed book from Henry Kissinger.

    To many in my generation this is the ultimate insult when an ex leader of Australia buddies up to one of the most cruel and vile war criminals on the planet.

    Where the hell do these Christians get their sense of moral perspective from because it is not from the facts.

    Anyone who saw the picture knows where it is located I would be interested.

    Gough would throw up in his porridge to think that a Labor rep actually had a discussion and shook hands with this bastard.

    It is this sort of thing that is undermining the very foundations of the Labor movement.

  26. John Fraser



    I throw up my porridge every time I see rudd.

  27. CMMC

    Creatures of the Suburban gossip mill, stupid people who actually watch other people at the ATM, ‘Thats where all the Welfare budget is going’ and always sniffing, you smell bad, well you must smell bad because we saw you at the ATM and people like you just smell bad.

  28. corvus boreus

    Cup half full.
    At least Mr Dutton is knowledgeable and rational enough about medical science that he doesn’t publicly accuse Ms Plieberseck of being overcome with the vapours or possessed by demons.
    As an aside, I prefer it when the health minister has a Doctorate to their name. Dr Dutton might not reference hysterics.

  29. Kaye Lee

    Treasury modelling done for the previous government showing that even a modest increase in the [GST] rate to 12.5 per cent – along with removal of exempted items such as food, health, childcare, and school fees – could hit a two income two-child family by as much as $205 per fortnight.

    Read more:

    How about we have a mature debate about fossil fuel subsidies, superannuation tax concessions, negative gearing, novated car leases, offshore tax havens, and a financial transactions tax.

  30. Matters Not

    Abbott calls for a ‘mature’ debate. Hilarious.

    In similar vein, Murdoch calls for more ‘equality’.

    Free beer tomorrow.

    The irony of it all.

  31. Katie08

    If you want to look at mindless, skin crawling hysteria, you don’t need to look further than the gutless, vindictive, shrieking little grub, Christopher Pyne or the frothing-at-the-mouth psychopath, Scott Morrison! The above disgraceful, vicious display by the hateful Michaela Cash is also on record! She, like the toxic, venomous Sophie Mirabella, present all the vicious, unrelenting bullying and attack dog behaviour so prevalent in the testosterone ranks of the discredited and internationally despised and condemned LNP! Tanya Plibersek, in my view, is the absolute epitome of self control in the face of so much relentless evil, corruption, vile racist xenophobia and ramped up terror and fear campaigns – a really malignant mix that is so much a part of the LNP DNA.

  32. marwill10

    Rossleigh, in reply to your paragraph “As Andrew Bolt wrote today, while singing the praises of another Dutchman, Van Gogh (It’s a shame these people from other countries can’t actually praise good Australian artists. Pro Hart, for example, sold more paintings than Van Gogh, so surely he must be better.” you will not find any Pro Hart paintings in the National Gallery. Reason? they don’t consider he was a painter of any talent. Say he copied Drysdale. Well, as someone who also came from Broken Hill, Pro was drawing in a similar fashion while still very young, before he would have even heard of Drysdale.

  33. Wayne Turner

    I’m surprised Dutton is NOT a sleep – He spent his whole time in oppositon,while in parliament a sleep.

    It’s just another “PROJECTING” insult from this mob.

  34. Jennifer Meyer-Smith

    Kaye Lee and Katie08,

    I fully endorse both of your comments.

    Add back the Mining Tax to your list, Kaye. That should make the mining giants happy, (I say with ironic glee).

    I love your character portrayals of the LNP Neanderthals, Katie08.

    From now on, I have decided I’m going to see them as caricatures. Morrison, Pyne, Cash (and past tense Mirabella) don’t rate as fully fledged human beings.

  35. Jennifer Meyer-Smith

    Abbott, the caricature, is the last one to have the right to claim he can act and discuss important issues in a “mature” way.

  36. LNP Begone!

    Time and again in recent months, I’ve seen statements asking where all the statesmen are? Who can step up and lead, including setting an example of behaviour? By hell, we need someone, and very soon. Perhaps it’s not a statesman we need, but a stateswoman.
    We had one, but the bastards cut her down. Now we have another candidate in Tanya Plibersek. Who would want/need that kind of pressure? The unrelenting braying of asses in QT, the media bullying, the character assassination and complete lack of privacy. Who would want this? You’d have to be very brave, not just strong in your conviction.
    As much as I would like to see less hysteria throughout our govt., another opportunity for a woman to take on a leadership role, and the LNP removed ASAP, my question remains. Where are those with integrity, intelligence, expression and experience that we need in politics? There aren’t enough!
    And when they do have a clean out, get rid of all the advisors to the LNP too. They clearly suck at their job!

  37. Loz

    This was definitely a put down by Dutton. How any woman could vote for this government is beyond me. Abbott making himself Minister for Women is an insult to all Australian women. Pyne suggesting that women won’t have to pay as much in university fees as they will not be training to be lawyers or doctors is an insult to Australian women.
    The atrocious way that Abbott treated Julia Gillard is an insult to that position and to all Australian women.

  38. Anne Byam

    Well said Loz …. and very true. …. There is more than something wrong with the LNP ! ….. morally, politically, …. in every way.

  39. Kaye Lee

    I think I am even more offended by Michaelia Cash.

    •Assistant Minister for Immigration and Border Protection
    •Minister Assisting the Prime Minister for Woman

    This Julie Bishop wannabe tells us that feminism was a movement from decades ago. She spits venom about Emily’s List which is a political network in Australia that supports progressive women candidates to be elected to political office as opposed to man-hating baby killers as Michaelia would have us believe.

    She and Scott Morrison have a mutual admiration society going in their fine work spending billions to torture or turn back refugees or to bribe others to take them off our hands.

    This sort of morally bankrupt sycophantic sucking up is being hailed as the success of an up-and-coming Liberal star. Maleable mouthpiece with tits may be another view.

  40. Anne Byam

    ( off topic but help needed ) …….. I seem to have been ‘locked out’ ….. from receiving updates to all comments. …. I do receive new posts, but rarely in the past couple of weeks are there any further comments. So my inbox is bereft of AIM whereas it was once full !! …. I have checked my spam filter on my ISP Webmail – and there is nothing there from AIM. I do not have an automatic junk box filter on my home inbox.

    Has this happened to anyone else ? ………. and if so, what did you do about it.? ………. these days I have to go to a new post, or my bookmarked AIM site, click on that – and read new comments from going to each article and reading the most recent posts. e.g. on this article …. since I posted a comment on Oct 27th at 9.11 pm there have been 25 new comments, plus one I have added myself. I have received none of them.

    I always tick both ‘notify’ boxes.

    I have a ‘gravatar’ blog site that I never use – and wish I had not gone along with that – have the sense that it has something to do with that.


    I have had the thought now – to change to my other email address – see if that works !! I will probably use the name Anniebee … as well.


    I know MT is most likely away at this time, but will send an email to him – with a copy of this comment.

    Any thoughts would be appreciated. 🙂

  41. Jennifer Meyer-Smith

    “Malleable mouthpiece with tits…”, thy name is Michaelia Cash. Beautiful description of this harridan.

  42. Anna-Lise

    “Malleable mouthpiece with tits” and “harridan” is precisely the sort of sexist language that this article is deriding. Why do a woman’s body parts need to be included in (valid) criticism of her actions?
    Not good enough.

  43. Kaye Lee

    It was me that made that comment and I certainly understand your criticism. It was done deliberately because Ms Cash does not believe there is any need for a feminist movement. She derides the “sisterhood”. And she is pointed to as “knocking on the door” when the Coalition are criticised for their lack of women. They very much make us aware of her gender. I do, however, take your point.

  44. Jennifer Meyer-Smith


    I accept that I intended to offend Michaelia Cash with the quote of “malleable mouthpiece …” I also accept that I quoted the other words deliberately.

    I apologise to you and other women and men, who are offended by my quoting the offending words.

    However, while I take responsibility for using the word “harridan”, I do not apologise for calling her a “harridan”, as it is not necessarily a sexist word. Also, I do not apologise to Michaelia Cash because I am of the opinion she would not appreciate my gesture.

    I would be more inclined to apologise, if she were not offending me with her language and assumptions about feminism and feminists. But if she insists on acting in a dogmatic, aggressive, dismissive manner under the protections of parliament towards feminists and feminism, then I will not be forced or shamed for my response to her vitriol.

    As a Member of Parliament, she has a responsibility to represent all Australians with respect. Michaelia Cash must demonstrate understanding and respect for gender equity principles herself.

    Now, it’s your turn Anna-Lise. How would you criticise Michaelia Cash, as the Minister Assisting the Prime Minister for Women, for her reprehensible conduct in the Senate towards feminism and women, who identify as feminists?

  45. Lee

    I’m not offended by referring to Cash as a harridan. That’s what she is. I’ve never seen such a shrew in all my life.

  46. rossleighbrisbane

    Ah yes, I remember that play, “The Shaming of The True” – one of Murdoch’s best…

  47. rossleighbrisbane

    Oh, sorry. Someone just pointed out it was “The Taming of The Shrew” and it was one of Shakespeare’s.

  48. corvus boreus

    Got me a grin from that one, Mr Rossleigh. Shunny fit. 🙂

  49. Roswell

    The Shaming of the True. Love it.

  50. Kaye Lee

    If the foo shits wear it

  51. Anniebee

    Yes Rossleigh ….. please continue to ‘play on words’ ……. along with everyone else here who has done just that.

    Lightens things up a bit !! ………. LOL.

  52. Terry2

    The very strange Peter Dutton made claims this morning that people had cancelled flights to and holidays in Cairns after a nurse returning from West Africa developed a virus which was not Ebola.

    A tourism official, when questioned, knew nothing of the origins of this curious claim.

    Two things :

    How many of us return from international travels without some sort of bug, and

    why would Dutton say this sort of thing with no evidence or substance.

    Sack the man and let’s have a qualified doctor as our Health Minister.

  53. Dorothy

    The Ancient Greeks were way ahead of Freud. The word “hyster” means womb and any female ailment was attributed to a wandering womb. Treatment was rather fascinating. The vagina was packed with cloves and sweet smelling herbs in an attempt to lure the womb back to its rightful place. When a man gets hysterical there is no cure.

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