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How will you fill in your time?

We have seen three leaders’ debates now (well a couple of us have), and the overarching takeout is that this election is all about Bill Shorten and Labor policies.

After six years in government, Scott Morrison has nothing to say about why we should vote for his party other than we will get him as PM as opposed to Bill Shorten.

Even the journalists are over it. Patricia Karvelas said she feels like Bart Simpson writing lines over and over – “if you vote for Labor, you get Bill Shorten, if you vote Coalition, you get me.”

It was Tanya Plibersek who asked, “Is that supposed to be a selling point?”

Barrie Cassidy asked Josh Frydenberg, “Aside from the tax cuts, what will you do?”

Cue motherhood statement about strong economy and safe borders.

This is becoming a recurring question to which we have not been given an answer.

How on earth would the Coalition fill in its time if re-elected?

Tax cuts, then what?

Sure, there have been spending announcements, but none of them requires legislation.

So what the hell are they going to do for another three years?

Will it just be a three-year photo shoot of Scott Morrison in never-ending baseball caps attempting to beat ten-year-olds at sport?

Will they spend another three years talking about Labor?

Will it just be endless announcements about which Liberal Party apparatchiks have been given a high-paying government sinecure and which Liberal Party donors are receiving a government handout?

Other than tax cuts for the wealthy, what legislation do they actually want to introduce for the betterment of Australia?



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  1. ajogrady

    If polling is any indicator to election outcomes then the Main Stream Media should take a massive bow for keeping the L/NP close to winning. But the Main Stream Media could not take a bow or any kudos for informing the general public with informed and unbiased reporting.The media has stolen our democracy. As a nation we honour those who have made the ultimate sacrifice to protect our freedom and our democracy and to those who have stolen it they are traitors to those who have made that ultimate sacrifice and are not worthy to be considered Australian or part of our society.

  2. ajogrady

    The glaring anomaly that so few journos point out and actually pander to it is that our system is the Westminster system not a Presidential.system. But it is understandable that the biased Main Stream Media play to the only thing Morrison has got going for him.He is a one man band side show. No coherent policies. No stable and effective team. No vision for the future and no hope for Australian if these corrupt and incompetent L/NP are re elected.

  3. ChristopherJ

    It’s been six years of do nothing and worsening of everything in Australia.

    I don’t believe the polls at all. Morrison is heading for a massive defeat

    Media concentration needs to end and no overseas owners please.

    I don’t think Labor will deliver on this, or the environment. They still think we have time

  4. New England Cocky

    Scat Morriscum demonstrated that the COALition misgovernment had wasted six years of economic growth pursuing undergraduate political ideological games for the benefit of the foreign owned multinational corporations intent on extracting Australian natural resources for the minimum, preferably no benefit to Australian voters. This means that the RAbbott Turdball Morriscum Liarbral Notional$ misgovernment have served themselves huge helpings from the Parliamentary Allowances Scheme and the unelected political hacks who control pre-selection, rather than Australian voters.

    It’s time ….. again!!

    @ajogrady: The imposition of the presidential style of campaigning over our so-called Westminster system was a deliberate strategic change following US influence during the disastrous Howard years.

  5. New England Cocky

    From The New Daily 090519, Bill Shorten about Scat Morriscum:

    “I have strong views. I just don’t think he’s up to the job. I just don’t think he’s the man with the imagination, the character for the nation. I don’t think he has the skills to run a team. I don’t think he has the policy ideas that I think this country needs.”

    I agree with Bill Shorten, bring on the 2019 Federal election. It’s time ….. again!!

  6. Henry Rodrigues

    If anyone wants to know what Scummo and his party of dickheads will do if they win , ask the crinkled scrote and the IPA. The rest are there for window dressing.

    Bill Shorten is a real person with a united, talented, experienced group of dedicated people who are ready to govern without the help of Murdoch and his minions or any of the other so-called independent media.

    Stokes and Peter ‘arsewipe’ Costello are part of ‘independent media’.

  7. Kronomex

    Sigh, Scummo and his “instinct” at work again?


    “Other than tax cuts for the wealthy, what legislation do they actually want to introduce for the betterment of Australia? Anyone???”

    Other than more and more corruption and continuing grinding down of the little and helpless peoples, I can’t think of another thing.

    Oops, forgot to mention the stamping of jackboots of fascism getting ever stronger.

  8. Keitha Granville

    IF by some horrible twist of fate the LNP should be returned they will indeed take it as a mandate (actually hate that word) to immediately implement every draconian idea they have ever espoused. The IPA will be the faceless men running the joint, with Rupert as a mentor. And PHON and Clive will have frontbench positions so they can extract their pounds of flesh.

    It’s not going to happen.

  9. Kaye Lee

    Bookmakers odds from Sportsbet

    Labor $1.16
    Coalition $5

    Both Tony Abbott and Peter Dutton fail to get elected at the Federal Election $1.80

    Labor 81-85 seats $2.85
    Labor 86-90 seats $3

    Best odds for Coalition 61-65 seats $3.50

  10. David Evans

    Way back when the blowhard boofhead defaulted and won the “leadership” of the lieabout party, hence the “leadership” of the coalmission “government” I searched for the perfect word to name him, I couldn’t go past Prime Minister Morothsame….Nothing has changed.

  11. Alcibiades

    Beat me to it by seconds. 🙂
    Wasn’t a single jump either, has been climbing steadily since yesterday arvo.

    For comparison, stable trend at two weeks prior to the faux budget, back in March:

    Labor 1.14
    Coalition 4.50

    Oops …

  12. Kaye Lee

    Interestingly, the odds for Clive Palmer to win no seats are $1.12.

    He has spent a hell of a lot of money to get no result though he may scrape home in the Senate perhaps? The odds are all about the HoR.

  13. whatever

    Murdoch must be regretting the popularity of “The Simpsons”. Because of this show, people who never took an interest in politics are now familiar with every scam and dog-whistle that third-rate Conservitard urgers like the LNP use to get elected.

  14. MöbiusEcko

    A few commentators have mentioned the fact that Morrison spent the debate on talking about Shorten’s policies, but apart from one, none painted this as a positive for Morrison.

    Seems Morrison’s single-minded attack on Shorten and Labor policies whilst not saying anything about L-NP policies is resurrecting his old ad campaign: “So where the bloody hell are you?”. That was a $180 million failure, and maybe his current campaign will also be a failure for similar reasons.

  15. whatever

    ABC News 24 is turning into Scotty 24, and the ocassional Dutton doing Party Politicals for free.
    When Shorten appears he is always being heckled by the MSM attack dogs who are supposed to be ‘reporting’.

  16. Alcibiades

    Thank you for the link. Shared. Recommended.

  17. David Bruce

    Homework for our Political Leaders, “My vision for Australia in 2030”!

    Write your statement in 2,000 words and add an Executive Summary of 1 page.

    Diagrams, drawings and pictures can be added in an Appendix.

    Assignments due for publication on 16 May 2019

  18. Judith

    This is the third election we are facing where the LNP has no policies except to say what they won’t do (reduce funding to abc etc). The PM could only talk about ALP policies, and even then he got his facts wrong and didn’t seem to be listening to Mr Shorten’s response to his questions.

    We have an assurance that Melissa price will continue to be environment minister – there goes any hope we have for our “Nature’s gifts of beauty rich and rare” and for our grandchildren’s future.

    Last night’s debate reminded me that debaters don’t have to be honest, nor do they have to believe in their case. They only need to present a convincing argument. ABC Fact checkers found most of the PM’s claims during the debate to be misleading or wrong.

    Is Australia really going to elect a party with no policies AGAIN??? “Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me”goes the proverb. Maybe we should add “Fool me three times and call be a liberal voter”.

  19. Ill fares the land

    That is so unfair!

    It will take ages to work out new ways the LNP can stack bodies like the Administrative Appeals Tribunals with its supporters and flunkies. Heck, they are surely thinking about if thjey could stack the Courts in the same way.

    There are endless ways the LNP could take this country down the path of even greater covert authoritarianism. There must be an almost endless supply of dissidents and critics of the LNP that need to be silenced – even better if they can be thrown in jail on trumped up charges.

    It surely has only touched the surface of the anti-Labor and anti-union Royal Commissions. If Labor does lose this election, there will probably be a new leader and that must surely open many new avenues of attack. This will take a lot of time.

    If you look at all of that stuff, plus the inevitable energies expended on climate change denial and tricks to make it appear that Australia has met its emission targets. 3 years will pass in no time. Well, for the LNP it will. For those of us that recognise how utterly atrocious they are as a government, it will be an eternity!

  20. Doris Ngui

    All I can say is ‘vote all LNP out’ on 18 May so I can celebrate my husband birthday on the 19 of May in peace.

  21. Noel

    Most of the tax cuts do not come into effect until the election after this election. So apart from talking about the tyax cuts to come the next Morrison government will do a lot of thumb twiddling…or perhaps a lot of looking over their shoulders for any signs of daggers.

  22. ajogrady

    The blatant and gross corruption, the hubristic lies, the disgusting distortions and the out and out hypocrisy of the L/NP and its ever compliant partner in crime, the Main Stream Media, are an absolute parody of the Trump White House and the Republican Party. Both are not fit for purpose and both are an embarrassment to their countries fundamental beliefs and expectations.

  23. Nato

    Libertarians hope that he will be introducing legislation to repeal sin taxes and bureaucratic influence over private concerns

  24. wam

    I am with you ‘whatever’ the ABC has lurched away from any sense of fair play. 24 is a waste of money and I wouldn’t miss it all
    As for brekkie the woman’s surprise at women being involved with science when nearly 60% of engineers under 30 are women puts her in the sunrise twit ‘samantha’s class. What about compass with a lazy approach slavishly followed by jones whose monday night has no national the third party no phon arguably the 4th party but a narrow nose loonie and a bloody independent candidate what a joke

  25. Kronomex

    Will Scummo be ducking for cover, yet again, after backing yet another candidate who has quit for being nasty bag of goods?


    Resounding yes I hear you say? Swallows will be delivering your prizes of coconuts soon.

    I think the new motto for UAP should read “May Clive Disappear. Again.”


  26. LOVO

    Wot wam said 😆 ….the ABC is in need of a a broom in ‘certain areas’, mm, hopefully the incoming Labor Government will restore the nonpartisan independence of that bastion of Australian democracy, otherwise known as, the Australian Broadcasting Corporation.
    But, hey, unstacking will be costly, difficult and fraught………….., and necessary.
    One wonders when ‘it’ will be “Our” ABC again…. (instead of ‘theirs’).

  27. Patagonian

    There’s no way Price will keep the environment portfolio after the election. She’s fcked up badly in the few pre-election media interviews she’s done, and has served her purpose as the handmaiden to big mining, again pre-election. She’s too gutless to break cover and face the current tame media, so there’s no way she will be able to withstand the onslaught of the talent that will be lined up on the Labor government front bench.

    The bloodbath that will take place on 18th May will ensure that competition among the blokes for shadow ministries on the Liberal opposition benches will be ruthless and neither she, nor any other of the Lib/Nat women will get a look-in.

  28. silkworm

    The Liberals are resigned to losing the lower house, but they have a good chance of taking the Senate, especially with help from UAP. They intend to “rule” from the Senate, blocking everything the Labor government tries to do.

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