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How the [Member for] Cook[ie] Crumbles: Morrison as ‘Bully’

After a long hiatus, I am back once again to contribute to this fine project. I trust you have all kept well in the last several weeks. I want to look today at several instances that have come out in the last week or two involving The Lodge Occupant and his status as a ‘bully’. Members of his own party, both state and federal, have lambasted The Lodge Occupant, and the description is not a pretty one.

Exhibit A: Senator Wells, Part One

New South Wales Senator Concetta Fierravanti-Wells took to the Senate floor this week to utterly blast The Lodge Occupant about what he has done to the Liberal Party. The speech is too long to go into in detail here, but I offer this fragment to illustrate the speech’s flavour

There is a very appropriate saying here: the fish stinks from the head. [Scott] Morrison and [Alex] Hawke have ruined the Liberal Party in NSW by trampling its constitution. Indeed, I understand that at a recent federal executive meeting, Morrison was asked if he was running a protection racket in NSW’

Damning, is it not? A protection racket, for anyone unaware, means saying ‘nice career you got there, be a shame if anything were to happen to it’. Protection is usually associated with organised crime; it is extortion. If Senator Wells is correct, Morrison and Hawke are criminals.

Analysis: All is Not as it Seems

Now this is all well and good, but Senator Wells’ remarks must be assessed in context. She admitted in her remarks that she lost a Senate pre-selection vote by a narrow margin. This relegated her to third on the ticket, making her chances of re-election very slim. Perhaps I am a cynical Sam, but I do find it curious that it is now that Senator Wells turns on The Lodge Occupant. For full context, I should note that the Lodge Occupant himself said something similar, essentially saying people lash out when they are angry. It was not my intention to parrot his line of thought, but I will not back away from a contextual assessment because it happens to mirror the argument of someone I despise.

Exhibit A: Senator Wells, Part Two

Senator Wells also included this little gem, saying that The Lodge Occupant is

An autocrat; a bully, who has no moral compass

This is from his nominal allies. You may have noticed this in recent history involving The Lodge Occupant. Once he says something, it is true, and questioning is ill-advised. Whether that is from the media, his detractors or even citizens in the street (if they can get near him). There is also no need for consistency in the things he says are true: whatever he says, regardless of how contradictory (or contradicted by evidence) it is, that is the truth today, and we have always been at war with East Asia. This is crap, and like rats off a sinking ship, his fellow Liberals are trying to take him down with them.

Ehxibit B: State MLC Catherine Cusack

A recently retired Member of the Legislative Council (MLC), Catherine Cusack, has also blasted The Lodge Occupant this week. Specifically, she targetted the politicised nature of flood relief payments. Quoting from the piece linked above

Scott Morrison’s brazen attempt to fund flood victims in a National party seat and exclude flood victims in a Labor seat that I happen to live in was just too much.

To see the self-serving ruthless bullying that has increased inside the Liberal party spill over into public policy and the poorest most vulnerable Australians who lost everything in the floods are the targets of this outrageous abuse of morality and power is simply intolerable

Does this lady work for the LNP? Complaining openly and bitterly about partisan funding arrangements? Ms Cusack, this is what he does! That is all he knows. Complaining about Morrison being partisan with public money is the equivalent of complaining about a kangaroo jumping about. It is hardwired into his nature. Like any tin-pot leader, he rewards those on his team and hands out vindictive reprisals to anyone not on that team. They should get themselves a good local member. (SARCASM)

The previous paragraph is not to normalise or rationalise partisan games with disaster funding. For that Morrison is the worst kind of bastard. I rather sought to point out that Ms Cusack is somewhat late to the party on this one, and that her commets are equivalent to calling Clive Palmer fat. Everyone can see it, no need to point it out.


Ms Cusack actually went one step further. She said, in a piece that warrants its own analysis next time, that Morrison had so destroyed the Liberal Party that it was it no longer recognisable as the Party of Menzies. Further, she said that she would not vote for the return of Morrison’s government. I know little of Ms Cusack’s time as an MLC, and cannot say with certainty what her motivations are. She has resigned in protest over the partisanship with disaster funding, suggesting some sort of conscience. LNP scientists will get back to us on this foreign concept, once they are let out of the torture chamber.

Conclusion: Dissent in The Ranks and Unhappy Campers

These are but two examples of the dissent in the ranks of the current regime. The focus has been on themselves and their problems rather than the governance of the nation. Senator Wells and MLC Cusack have come out publicly on their way out the door and thrown a grenade over their shoulder as they left. Mr Morrison is evidently incapable of keeping the troops happy. Now two have turned on him.

With the election campaign announced today, these two women have created serious problems for The Lodge Occupant. He said he interfered in NSW to ‘protect good women’. Just not Senator Wells, apparently. Fight, you buggers, I hate peace.

Or if you prefer Tacitus:

nihil iam praestare fortuna maius potest quam hostium discordiam

Fortune can grant us nothing greater than discord among our foes.

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  1. Michael Taylor

    Good to see you, Tim.

    We’ve got a job to do.

    Latest Newspoll:

    Labor 53 (-1)
    Coalition 47 (+1)

  2. Michael Taylor

    Preferred PM: Morrison 44 (+1) Albanese 39 (-3).

    This is insane.

  3. Andrew J. Smith

    One would suggest that is not just Morrison et al. but also media led by Murdoch with imported input from think tanks linked to the GOP in the US.

    Again one is sure we shall see every effort to motivate baby boomers & oldies, especially undecided &/or Labor voters on sociocultural issues; to throw youth, working age and anything vaguely progressive under a bus, become too easy in Oz preying on an ageing population (like elsewhere aka Brexit, Trump, Johnson, Orban et al.).

  4. Michael Taylor

    I’m a baby boomer and I’ll never vote for the LNP.

    And it’s not just the Murdoch media anymore. I hear that the ABC has joined the Morrison fan club.

  5. Josephus

    The old do sometimes remember the radical 1960s and 70s.
    Why weren’t this brutal psychopath and his sycophants denounced long ago?
    Our democracy is moth eaten. Australia is always the best in the world etc. The lies, the contempt for voters is obvious. The budget is bread and circuses. Or rather, crumbs.
    Could we who protest as we drown in the horror of it crowd fund a succinct list of their crimes? The deals with mates, yes, but where to start? They suffering in old age homes, the destruction of farmland for fracking and coal mining, everywhere this lot undermine common decency, The ABC does speak up even though not enough. That anyone can vote for this lot is to despair. I recall a woman last election time saying how labor wanted to destroy Medicare!! She was just like the gullible Russians . Compose a list of the lies and corruption and leave it in public places, in letterboxes, upload it on social media .Support independents.
    Look at how collaery is treated! The independents are a small ray of hope but too few support them.
    I was like many of us imprisoned for a mere week in iso but compare that to the horror of men locked up for nine years eating maggoty food in a shabby hotel.
    Yes Slava Ukraina but we are as gullible as Russians.

  6. Terence Mills

    I would be interested to hear if anyone reading the references to the national polls has actually been polled.

    In my household we have several mobile phones and we still maintain a landline but nobody here has ever been polled.

    Do they poll on a random basis ? When were you last polled ?

  7. Kaye Lee

    I live in a marginal seat and I get polled all the time – only ever on landline. It’s no wonder they give skewed results because no-one else in my house would bother to take part. I sometimes get rejected because of my age – they already have enough old people’s answers. They usually ring at dinner time which is annoying.

  8. GL

    Rupert’s poll says one thing. Fairfax poll shows a different thing.

    Round and round it goes. Buckets will be placed at the foot of each carousel horse for those who begin to feel nauseated after two weeks of the six week election campaign.$zoom_0.475%2C$multiply_1.0423%2C$ratio_0.666667%2C$width_378%2C$x_34%2C$y_0/t_crop_custom/q_86%2Cf_auto/1e0a7114653be9d31c31a236f35837c36811ff38

    The picture of Dorkian Grub…I mean Tony Abbott…commissioned by St John’s College, the Roman Catholic university college. It looks as horrible as the thing it’s based on.

  9. John Hanna

    Terence, you never see the demographics or the regions where polling takes place or the nature of the questions posed. All too easy to manipulate in my opinion. One can never be sure of the pollster’s independence. I suspect it is all part of the dark art of influence.

  10. Consume Less

    I’m a 59er, does that class me as a baby boomer ? Anyway, I will never vote LNP. Just down my road some newbies ( moved from Adelaide couple years ago ) have put up huge UAP posters on their fence, horrible.

  11. Terence Mills

    Is this what they call ‘clearing the barnacles’ ?

    The Morrison Government is finalising a six figure financial settlement (said to be around $500,000) with the ex-lover of Liberal frontbencher Alan Tudge.

    Government sources have confirmed “former press secretary Rachelle Miller is likely to secure legal costs and a cash payout after mediation talks with the Department of Finance that are entering the final stages of negotiation”.

    Despite confirming he was “intimate” with Ms Miller, Alan Tudge has insisted (like Bill Clinton) that he never had sex with her : how does that work exactly.

    Alan Tudge is the Education Minister and a mate of Morrison’s – Morrison said this morning, rather confusingly, that Tudge had stood aside and was no longer in Cabinet and that Stuart Robert was acting Education minister BUT that Tudge remained Education Minister : how does that work ?

  12. Jack Cade

    A woman on an ABC Vox Pop in Qld (broadcast a few minutes ago). ‘I’m torn between Pauline Hanson and Clive Palmer.’

  13. poli-tragic

    A remarkable piece of stupidity was given a full throttle push by the mainstream media after the last election, and Labor, being sop for public opinion in the wake of that push, let its guard down when they opted to swap in each-way Albo for Bill Shorten.

    Labor do not deserve a win for this reason alone.

    “Morrison had so destroyed the Liberal Party that it was it no longer recognisable as the Party of Menzies”. This assumes the chief dud is acting alone, which he is not; and is not surrounded by a bevy of fools and equal duds, which he is.

    Morrison is one person in a morass of idiots.

    Both Labor and Libs and Greens do not deserve another go in office. I think the woman in that Vox Pop has it right.

    Sending the major parties a f-ing big signal by putting Labor and Libs last on the ticket makes sense to me also.

  14. Canguro

    Morrison as bully presents us with a rich field of instances; none of which reflect positively on the pathetic pretender. The bushfires on the south coast left us with the indelible image of him grabbing a young Cobargo woman’s hand, wrassling with it then walking away as she said, “we need more help,” to a background chorus of abuse from onlookers. From that same visit, as the PM again displayed his infamous tin-eared approach to best practice behaviour, he also endeavoured to bully a despondent firefighter into accepting another unwelcome handshake.

    More recently, amongst what would be expected to be his natural allies, the Liberal Party federal executive, he displayed what can only be called a toddler tantrum, thumping the table and yelling “I’m the prime minister;” his anger apparently an attempt to force the executive to override NSW preselections in order to exercise ‘Captain’s Picks’.

    Then there’s the further history of abuse of his putative colleagues; telling Perrottet, when treasurer, to ‘fuck off’ during a JobSaver phone hookup which included the premier Berejiklian and the federal treasurer Frydenberg, or his description of former Tasmanian premier Gutwein as a ‘fucking mendicant’ when both men were treasurers back in 2018.

    Clearly the man has mental problems and is unfit for any role in public life. A sociopathic, if not psychopathic disposition coupled with rampant narcissism ought to be sufficiently alarming that folk of his nature never even get to the first rung of the ladder, let alone the top. The Morrison Towke preselection debacle of 82 to 8 votes in Towke’s favour, with all that followed should have had alarm bells ringing insistently. Why is it that so many conspired to turn a blind eye to this man’s unworthiness and allowed him to rise to the heights that he has?

  15. Harry Lime

    Well Jack,we are talking about Queensland…some of them are DIFFERENT,especially anywhere more than 100km north of Brisbane.I had a nephew and his girlfriend who voted for Hanson and mudguts Palmer last time,and we live in a strong Labor seat.We are still a relatively free country…free to be stupid and played by arseholes like Morrison and his henchmen.
    Not to mention the dirty digger.

  16. margcal

    I do wish people would stop referring to Morrison as the occupant of the Lodge.

    He should be the occupant of the Lodge but he lives at Kirribilli instead.

    It’s not his greatest fault but it is indicative of where his priorities lie.

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