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How many people does it take to tell the truth?

As Western Australia prepares to vote AGAIN for the Senate no doubt some people just feel over it all. Though aghast at the result, I remember last September feeling relieved that at least the endless campaigning was over, but they have not had a break in WA. In fact they have been barraged by media and politicians non-stop. They could be forgiven for turning off. In an attempt to get them up-to-date without having to search too far or read too much, here is a selection of the recent news.

“TONY Abbott and Joe Hockey are convinced the government will be punished electorally if it does not produce a tough budget, and they believe there is a “public appetite” for decisive action to get the economy back on track.”

“TONY Abbott has established a covert political hit squad which is funded by taxpayers, operates outside parliamentary scrutiny and has a controversial leader.

The under-the-radar Coalition Advisory Service supplies Government backbenchers with media information and ammunition to aim at the Labor Opposition. It has offices in Parliament House. It’s head is Simon Berger, the former Woolworths executive who left the company after organising the auction of a “chaff-bag jacket”at a September 2012 Young Liberal fundraising dinner addressed by Sydney broadcaster Alan Jones. The chaff-bag referred to on-air comments by Mr Jones that then Prime Minister Julia Gillard should be put in one and dumped at sea.

Under CAS, Mr Berger has a staff of at least six but a potential allocation of 10. They are paid from $75,000 to $175,000 a year and so far have been issued laptops and mobile telephones worth a total of close to $22,000.”

“The Abbott government is using a research company to trawl through millions of Australian social media posts to advise it on its immigration policies. The scrutiny of Twitter, Facebook and blogs is part of $4.3 million worth of research contracts commissioned by the federal government in its first five months of office.

Cubit Media Research has two contracts with the Department of Immigration and Border Protection to deliver ”media positioning analysis”.

“The Immigration Department employs a 66-strong team of spin doctors, dwarfing the 39 media and communications staff employed by Prime Minister Tony Abbott and the ministers on his frontbench.

Last August, immigration employed 72 media staff, but the 66 officers who now work in the department’s media unit are supported by a further 33 personnel who work on media operations and events in the Australian Customs and Border Protection Service.”

“Textor has been politically invaluable to Tony Abbott and the Liberal Party. Few people are as politically close to Tony Abbott as Mark Textor. And what of the 21 firms that have now employed Crosby Textor Research Strategies Results to lobby on their behalf in Canberra. These firms include the Australian Petroleum Production and Exploration Association, the leading lobby group for the oil and gas industry. The APPEA is particularly campaigning for government support for the coal-seam gas industry.”

“The Abbott Government will seek a truce with media outlets and taxpayers so it can buy or lease larger VIP jets to fly politicians, officials and journalists overseas on the same aircraft. The $600 million lease on the current RAAF fleet of two Boeing 737 business jets and three smaller Challenger 604 aircraft will expire next year and the government will seek agreement from media companies to limit criticism of any decision to opt for bigger planes

Both US giant Boeing and European maker Airbus would be likely to offer highly competitive deals to secure the plum deal for the VIP jets. The Boeing 777 and Airbus A-330 each cost about $250 million and both can carry in excess of 200 passengers in VIP configuration..”

“Prime Minister Tony Abbott will fly his Cabinet to Perth this week in an attempt to rally last minute support for the Liberals in the upcoming Senate election.

While in Perth, Mr Abbott will also attempt to swell the coffers of the Liberal Party by being the headline act of a party fundraiser tomorrow night – charging $5000 a table to attend.”

Mr Newman’s pay packet will increase by almost $70,000 to about $380,000 a year. Ms Palaszczuk’s pay goes up by $80,000 to about $310,000.”

“Unless we take immediate remedial action in the budget, then Australia will never have a surplus,” Mr Hockey said.

“The fact is we have to address this and address this fast. And the challenge is that everyone in Australia has to help to do the heavy lifting in the budget, because if the burden falls on a few, the weight of that burden will crush them.”

I now realise that the few who can’t bear the burden are the wealthy and the politicians, but there’s lots of low income earners. They should be able to support them, right?


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  1. FairGo

    Hockey says he expects us to the heavy lifting … I wonder if that includes the ultra wealthy and the politicians … It would not surprise me at all if they opt out of Hockey’s idea and eventually leave the burden up to ordinary Australian taxpayers …

  2. Dissenter

    I am STRUGGLING to understand how the media trolling and scrutiny is a VALID government expenditure when it is aimed at theOPPOSITIOn parties and voters who express opinions about THE LNP in a country which has freedom of speech.
    Surely THIS IS LNPbusiness and should be PAID for by the LNP and not the Australian people AND SHOULD be prosecuted by LABOR on that basis.

  3. Kaye Lee

    I am struggling with the media deal about the planes….write good stuff about us and you get a seat on the plane and an invite to the soiree at Kirribilli House. Write bad stuff (ABC) and we will cut your funding. Free speech my arse.

  4. Richard

    Policies are scaring the electorate and they need feedback.

  5. Kaye Lee

    I will happily give them feedback for free but as they banned me from the Liberal Party page and Tony Abbott’s page, they will have to come to me for it.

  6. Kaye Makovec

    “How many people does it take to tell the truth? ”
    Doesn’t matter how many if those who are paid by taxpayers to listen are sitting with their feet up on the desk, hands over ears and singing “La la la, I can’t hear youuuuuu!!!!” and laughing all the way to the bank.

  7. fryaduck

    I’m struggling to understand why people think we have “freedom of speech”. Nowhere in Law or the Constitution is there any “freedom of speech”. There is implied in the constitution a freedom of political communication and that is the only high court proven right.

    Please someone write an article stating where this “freedom of speech” is written down.

  8. Kaye Lee

    Tony’s PPL scheme emerged when he went to a lunch on International Women’s Day 2010. His image consultants no doubt said women don’t like you, we need something, here go to this lunch and make this announcement. And when Tony gets an idea he is like a dog with a bone regardless of its merits or any criticism. I will do what I say, even if it is ridiculous.

  9. Carol Taylor

    Fryaduck, you are right however, the High Court ruled that there was an implied right to freedom of speech in the Constitution. As a result of the ACTV case any attempts to restrict freedom of speech became far more limited.

    However, it was the matter of Theophanous v Herald & Weekly Times (1994) 182 CLR 104 where the implied freedom of political communication was truly turned on its head, with the High Court allowing a “constitutional defence” to be put forward regarding an action of defamation.

  10. scotchmistery

    As long as Australians are too stupid to ask questions, they will get what they deserve at the polls.

    I don’t see any reason to canvas the issues of parliamentary accountability in our space here as long as the moronic electorate get their news from men who smash little boys heads into desks as teachers and then refer them to priests for salvation as has been done by Alan Jones whilst teaching at Ironside school in Brisbane.

    I often wonder what they would say in Sydney’s west were they to be informed of that particular character trait.

    When one then adds the prime ministers preference for groping young women on the crotch to make a political point, one is forced to suggest that we may not yet have the political mix quite right.

  11. Peter Sutton

    One question, Would Tony Abbott be pushing his payed parental leave so hard if he did not have three daughters? It appears to me that his family will benefit greatly from it.

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  13. Joe Banks

    Kaye, you are so right. Tony will never back down on any of his policy issues no matter how ridiculous they are. He is driven to protect his self image to the death. I had a friend once (he is dead now) who was a member of the Labor party and various community and environmental groups. He was a good public speaker and held pretty solid views on most subjects. I had a lot of respect for this fellow mainly because he was always willing to listen to all sides of a debate and even change his stance when confronted with a convincing argument. Not many people are willing to back down even in the face of compelling evidence. It’s an ego thing – self protection. This pig headed, self image problem could be the downfall of Abbott & Co.

    Even when the millions of taxpayer dollars have been spent researching the mood and views of social media, Abbott will never be able to bring himself to back down on any of his idiotic policies, no matter what the evidence. He has gone too far to backtrack even on the instructions of Rupert Murdoch. The evidence from experts is steadily building that it would be foolish to axe the Carbon Tax and the Mineral Resources Rent Tax; the proposed Paid Parental Leave Scheme is unaffordable; the current Immigration Policy is a shambles etc. etc. But Abbott is stuck with them and he won’t let go, no matter what his researchers tell him…

  14. Kaye Lee

    I agree Joe. It is so different how people think. Obviously I have an opinion about stuff, and obviously I think it is right or I wouldn’t think it – but the great thing about sites like this is I learn so much. I don’t see it as being beaten when someone teaches me something or shows me where I am wrong, or makes me think about a different view or makes me want to check up on something – it’s learning and I hope I keep learning until the day I die.

  15. mars08

    Joe Banks:

    Abbott will never be able to bring himself to back down on any of his idiotic policies, no matter what the evidence. He has gone too far to backtrack even on the instructions of Rupert Murdoch…

    Sure, a lot of people would see that as a weakness. But after years of seeing Labor dogding and weaving on important issues… many will welcome someone who stands firm. It shows courage… apparently.

    QUOTE: “…we shall not be—diverted from our course. To those waiting with bated breath for that favourite media catchphrase, the ‘U-turn’, I have only one thing to say: ‘You turn if you want to. The lady’s not for turning.’ I say that not only to you but to our friends overseas…” ~Margaret Thatcher (10 October, 1980)

    A pigheaded determination to reshape Britain both both economically and economically. And to hell with the human suffering. Her supporters loved her for it.

    “The fundamental cause of the trouble is that in the modern world the stupid are cocksure while the intelligent are full of doubt.” ~Bertrand Russell

    Sadly, these days, I am reminded of Russell’s words more and more often.

  16. mars08

    …determination to reshape Britain both both economically and politically

    Note to self: MUST PROOF READ EVERY TIME!!!

  17. Stephen Tardrew

    Oh well their tough budget might just come back to bite them. What the public wants and what happens when it gets it are two different things.

  18. Kaye Lee

    A wonderful quote mars08. My father had a quotation for every occasion it seemed. I thought it silly when I was young. Now that he has been gone for 16 years I find myself remembering those quotations and looking up more for when I need them. How dad would have loved the internet. he used to ring Mitchell Library in Sydney and ask them obscure questions, sending research assistants off searching just to answer some question that had occurred to him or having them verify something he had heard. One that often springs to mind and that is amazingly useful is

    Have the courage to change what you can and the strength to endure what you can’t.

    It is time for the people to be courageous because our leader is not a strong man. Like so many who lack real strength, he overcompensates with shallow outward display.

  19. mars08

    Kaye Lee… For me, what makes that quote even more relevant is that Britain never fully recovered from the Thatcher years. Just as the USA never recovered from (or totally rejected) the trickle-down, free market hogwash of Reaganism. All the British (and US) governments since that time have stubbornly held on to the unpleasant aspects of that ideology. It seems that the ruling elite have convinced themselves (and the voters) that there is no alternative.

  20. Kaye Lee

    Unfortunately they have allowed themselves to be convinced, or willingly gone along with, a funded corporate campaign. As all debaters know, both sides of an argument have valid cases to present. Money is beating fact, reason, science and morality….for now.

  21. mars08

    Money is beating fact, reason, science and morality….for now.

    Unfortunately you can’t unmake an omelette… and the current mob are cracking eggs at a furious pace!

  22. Kaye Lee

    That just means we need to protect our chooks.

  23. mars08

    Most of the laying hens were sold (or killed) long ago….

  24. Stephen Tardrew

    Now your scaring me Mars08.

    When valid cases cause untold harm and grief to others I think the validity is short lived and morally corrupt. Conservatives have made and art of equal voice even when given demonstrably unequal evidence. We have to decide when political relativism is trounced by what is good and right. This is just the type of strategy the media rely upon not to confront, or even ignore, unjustifiable harm to others. Silence is complicity and there is much too much silence for my liking.

    It’s like we have to rebuild the foundations of language and meaning after it has been eviscerated by conservative dogmatism. Political language is often at odds with common sense usage creating a distorted narrative of irrationality and paradox built upon hypocritical spin. Bad becomes good as good becomes bad.

    Ordinary citizens are not sure how to make their way through the maze of distorted language, spin, obfuscation and straight out lies.

    Often there is no debate, and as mars08 points out, Thatcherite stubbornness and obstinacy is maintained regardless of the outcomes or moral consequences. I am struggling to understand how our evolution as a species can be commendable when we are in the throws of intentional self-harm to environment, self and others. It is not a good survival strategy.

    We here know this but what is the cure?

    I truly thank you Kaye, Michael and others on this site for helping me keep my sanity. You stimulate and give room for thought. I am not always right but that’s how it is. Better to learn than stay ignorant.

  25. olddavey

    I hope that fat bastard Hockey doesn’t expect us to lift him. That WOULD be heavy.

  26. mars08

    Conservatives have made and art of equal voice even when given demonstrably unequal evidence…. …Ordinary citizens are not sure how to make their way through the maze of distorted language, spin, obfuscation…

    Yes indeed. For example, if the MSM thinks it’s being “fair and balanced” by having opinions from both sides of the climate change debate, they are kidding themselves. And, what’s worse, they are misinforming their audience. Someone speaking on behalf of over 95% of the experts in the field, is not balanced out by some Christopher Monckton type denier with bogus “evidence”. Yet here we are…

  27. billabonglime

    Reblogged this on Nuclear Ideas and commented:
    An interesting look at the Abbott Government’s Stop The Waste and how that’s working for them, that’s right for them their buddies but not really working for us taxpayers.

  28. Terry2

    This morning we are told by Head of Treasury Martin Parkinson that we must, among other things, increase the GST spread to include such things as health services and education.

    At the same time we have Mr Abbott in WA telling us that we must stop taxing polluters through the carbon tax and we must stop taxing miners on ‘super profits’.

    So, we see a shift in the burden from the corporates to students and the sick as equitable !

    These spin doctors will have their time cut out on this one.

  29. abbienoiraude

    Whilst reading your tome, Kaye, I realised at the end I was holding my breath.
    It is all all too too much.

    It is gobsmackingly awful and no one is listening ( reading) what is happening. When I say that, I think of my Conservative brother and family and my friend’s husband who insists Abbott is the best one for the ‘modern economy’. He frightens the bejeesus out of me with his vehement hatred of the left and of progressive caring politics. I can’t argue with him as he scares the facts out of me.

    As Stephen said;

    “I truly thank you Kaye, Michael and others on this site for helping me keep my sanity. You stimulate and give room for thought. I am not always right but that’s how it is. Better to learn than stay ignorant.”

    Without AIMN I would have no clue as to the truth.

  30. Matters Not

    When it comes to a lack of revenue, the large corporations simply don’t pay their share. Take Apple as an example:

    The tax structure of Apple is designed to ensure that little income is left to be taxed in non-US markets like Australia.

    For example, when a customer buys an iPad in Australia for A$600, the sale is recorded as a revenue of Apple’s distribution subsidiary incorporated in Australia.

    But this company “purchases” the iPad from another Apple subsidiary incorporated in Ireland for A$550.

    The Irish subsidiary is basically a shell company with no employees and no factory. The iPad was manufactured through third party contract manufacturers in China, who shipped it directly to Australia

    Believe it or not the Irish subsidiary then transfers its profits to Apple Sales International which is a ‘stateless’ entity and therefore governments miss out. But yes there are ways around it but we don’t even try because it’s so much easier to target the poor and powerless.

  31. Wayne Turner

    The Rorting Libs continue at our expense.The “age of entitlement” NOT over for these Libs & their dodgy well off mates.

  32. diannaart

    The Abbottoir do not care a whit for families and ordinary people (working or not able). The carry-on about the Carbon Tax is compete bullshit.

    If the Abbottoir really wanted to the ordinary person money they would be investing in renewables – which are proving cheaper for people than fossil fuels:

    HSBC says there are four reasons why governments would want to encourage energy efficiency: energy security, industrial competitiveness and decarbonisation and pollution goals. It says energy efficiency is widely recognised as the most powerful tool to meet the challenges of energy demand and security. It can also help meet decarbonisation targets along with enhancing economic competitiveness

    Others point out the obvious benefits to consumers. The US, for instance, has a goal of doubling its energy efficiency by 2030; a move it says will create 1.3 million jobs and save households $US1000 a year.

  33. diannaart

    If the Abbottoir really wanted to the ordinary person money they would be investing in renewables

    should read:

    If the Abbottoir really wanted to SAVE the ordinary person money they would be investing in renewables!

  34. cartoonmick

    It’s been like a tsunami of politicians in Perth, worse than plague of locusts.

    Mothers are hiding there babies for fear of them being over kissed, and the BS gauge has gone right off the dial.

    Everyone is looking forward to Sunday when all the pollies flight back east, taking their promises with them.

    A cartoon on the situation . . . . .

    Editorial / Political



  35. Rais

    At 68 the heavy lifting is making me a bit tired but I can’t afford to retire. My wife and I can’t live on half a married pension, she’s unemployable and she won’t be eligible for a pension for years. So on we go. I suppose someone has to do the heavy lifting, I don’t see Joe and his fellow pollies doing it.

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