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How do we make an ideal society?

If you were starting from scratch wanting to build an ideal society, what would you include? My thinking on these subjects leads down many roads, some of which are paved with idealism and the direction in which l head.

Yes, you may find my ideas a touch idealistically romantic, even simplistic, but that’s where I position myself as I write.

My society is a collection of people who desire to express themselves in every human endeavour: A collective who has aspirations of conducting their humanity, labour, learning, aspirations, spirituality, art, poetry, play and exploration with the richest possible diversity and at the very centre of my society would be empathy instilled in their learning, and the common good would be at the centre of their politics regardless of ideology.

This common good with equality of opportunity for all would be enshrined in its constitution.

It would be a society where one’s sexual preference or, indeed, one’s gender wouldn’t be the determinant by which one’s character is judged. One’s skin colour would say nothing about anyone other than perhaps their geographical origins.

My society would advance the individual’s right to pursue whatever they desire, including the pursuit of money, which would only be regulated by the principles of the collective common good and in consideration of everyone’s entitlement to an equitable share of society’s wealth.

In my democratic society, people would be guaranteed freedom of expression, including the right to disagree but be reminded that debate is not necessarily about winning. It is an exchange of many things. Facts, ideas and principles. All have a place. But when broken down, it is simply the art of persuasion in its purest form.

In my enlightened society, the suggestion that we must legislate one’s right to hate another person would be considered intellectually barren.

Access to health and welfare would be guaranteed and access to treatment assured.

Most importantly, the principle that we should treat others in the same manner we expect them to treat us would be indelible in every citizen’s mind.

My society would have a healthy regard for science over myth and mysticism but simultaneously recognise that each individual has a right to express their spirituality in their way so long as it doesn’t corrupt the aspirations of ‘commongoodism‘.

My society would be judged by its welcoming and treatment of its most vulnerable citizens, including the aged, the homeless, the poor, and those seeking asylum.

Accessibility to the law, regardless of stature or wealth, would be available to everyone.

It would be a progressive society. One that wouldn’t resist change on the foolish assumption that we can make permanent that which makes us feel secure. Change would be part of the very fabric of our existence.

My ideal society would acknowledge that a democratic group mentality advances society better than dictatorial individuality.

In democratic societies our herding instincts are realised by electing quality leaders who form the government.

A fitness to serve stipulation would seek a clause in our constitution to as much as possible guarantee that the most gifted serve in our Parliament.

Individual or collective ambition can only happen within a social structure built and controlled by a sympathetic government.

If we live in a democracy, then it must be the elected officials that decides and regulates society’s advancement and who provide the environment in which to do so.

Therefore, every parliamentarian must abide by the principles of a constitution independently devised by the people and a bill of rights under a newly formed republic.

In reality, very little is done in the name of progress that cannot be credited in some way to the government.

I get somewhat tempestuous about the decline in our democracy and the corruption that has accompanied it.

Amid the angry voices intent on doing over one’s opponent, there must be people who have a genuine desire to change our democracy for the better. There has never been a better opportunity than now.

What do you think?

My thought for the day

Of all the things that have caused the disintegration in the public’s trust in the body politic. It is the lack of a truth that defines it.

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  1. Yes Minister

    In view of the totally out of control avarice and blatant corruption endemic to every official, religious, corporate, legal-judicial, legislative and bureaucratic entity on planet earth, it is imperative that any re-set incorporate genuine fair dinkum ridgy didge accountability with the hoi polloi maintaining iron-fisted authority over the elite BEFORE permitting any individual to exercise power over another. It is pointless to give someone power and later attempt to impose limits to that power, the limits must be set before anything else. Humans are naturally evil creatures, corruption is hard coded in our genes. Whilst I’m most definitely not a catholic, a lifetime of countering corruption has me wondering about original sin doctrine. In times past I wondered about the likes of Pol Pot and other comparable despots exterminating the elite but now a pattern is being revealed. As humans come to believe they are higher in the evolutionary scale than the peasants, they divest themselves of empathy. Just look at modern day captains of industry and judiciary …. utter arrogance personified, on steroids. I won’t even start on politicians, clergy and all the other grubs we have allowed to infest society. And yes, it is we the people who have stood by and watched as scum in high places established themselves as untouchable. We could have stopped this crap if only we had cared. Hopefully the inevitable re-set will acknowledge the mistakes of the past.

  2. FightClubber

    So, no conservatives then. What a wonderful world it would be.

  3. New England Cocky

    Ah John Lord ….. reminds me of the 70s when Whitlam told the Americans that Australia was withdrawing from their Vietnam imperialist war, university education was available to everybody who wanted it and anybody who was prepared to work was paid a living wage.

    Australian voters could afford to buy their own house & raise a family there, teachers were a respected class in society and scientific R&D was making huge strides improving life of the community.

    Now Grumpy Geezer & Phil Pryor, our gurus of the gab, tell it like it is, and it ain’t pretty ….. especially as it is a self-inflicted wound.

    At every election:
    and we may have a chance of saving Australian democracy for our kids.

  4. Phil Pryor

    I just lost a near completed rant…oh deer, said the doe. Pareto, a large grub of Italian historical origin, wrote profusely on sociology matters, especially about elites, their rise, fall, circulation. He parallelled the romanist attitude of order, scale, the natural rise of the “chosen”. Mussolini loved this propaganda, and feted the old core rotten noble up to his death. But reading from this attitude, we have been getting a class of self promoting “elites” of ambitious political perversion, people who have never ever really worked, learned, trusted, behaved, considered, served. We get the droppings, the distorted startling plops of leftover dreams these backstabbers, crawlers, parasitics have. The usual class of modern self focussed conservative political type is bare of moral, ethical, decent attitude. the righteous self, the saved soul, the chosen image, all the fraud, fakery and fantasy of a life ill constructed and determined to intrude and maggot, that is it. Howard (known from when we were fifteen), Abbott, Morrison are glaring examples of overinflated skinfuls of fart gas, containing nothing good except remnants of boastful ego. They have never achieved, worked, been trustworthy. The career conservative con man political pervert is a threat to any modern democracy. Yet these movements create a huge interlaced network with operatives plotting to gain and grab. False image, lying propaganda, failed achievement, betrayal.., Morrisonisms.

  5. wam

    A great read, lord, and well worth repeating. Have you ever been to or participated in a debate? Do you consider individual differences to be included in your treatise? What about policing? Perhaps: What does the Quran say about telling the truth? According to Islam, honesty is a key to spiritual success. or this: less ready to condemn Rahab’s lie—or all other lies. Luther defended “a good hearty lie for the sake of the good and for the Christian Church, a lie in case of necessity, a useful lie.” Such lies, he said, “would not be against God.” or Too complicated but your truth trumps my honesty. Remember university in our youth? How did you get there? now since the lying rodent bums on seats get billions for vice chancellors?

  6. leefe

    I’d start with omitting humans. That’s where we went wrong the first time.

  7. George theodoridis

    Great read, John and one that made me chuckle a bit since i love the topic of what Plato called Kallipolis, the Good City! His book was eventually called (by the Romsns) “The Republic”
    Oh, by the way, Wam, before i forget, Rahab’s lie is what Plato calls “the noble lie” a lie that has been said to achieve a noble end.
    Back to The Republic.
    The first 20 or so pages reveal the quintessential element ofJohn Lord’s city: justice. No justice, no Kallipolis. The rest of his book is a pursuit of a definition of Justice, wandering around the “forms” (ideas in our heads) and the sensate world, which mainly consists of shadows on a cave wall instead of the reality outside the cave which is enlightened by the sun. Truth is well lit whereas the lie is darkened shadows.
    Of course, those who came after Plato, including his young student Aristotle and the -let’s call them “modern Philosopher” like Nitzsche and many, many others, condemned Plato’s ideal city, some calling it a city of fascist, mainly because they misunderstood his view of Philosopher King and what a philosopher (instead of a sophist) was.
    Vast topic, i’m afraid, with libraries devoted to its explication and this is not the place where one could hope to do justice to it.
    Still, thanks John for kicking it off!

  8. John lord

    George l have an inkling of a memory of the shadows on the wall. Something to do with Free Will but l cannot go further.

  9. George Theodoridis

    Of course you can, John! Grab a copy of The Republic, go to Book 8 abd look up the Allegory of the cave:
    Men chained on their seats from birth so they can’t move even their heads. They are facing the cave’s wall. Behind them a wall, the height of men and behind that wall a huge fire. Between the wall and the fire walk men carrying various things, urns, statues, etc.
    the fire throws the shadows of those things up against the wall and the voices of the parading men echo around the cave.
    (Imagine an old cinema where people are watching the flickering images from the projection room).
    The men believe that those shadows are the real objects which also talk. They have a false view of reality.
    Eventually one of them is released and taken up, above where the reality exists and lit up by the sun. This man now realises that his mates below got it all wrong so he rushes beck down to inform them.
    But they put him to the test with their silly games which he, not being able to play them fails.
    His mates now are convinced that what has happened to him was a disaster and so they swore that if anyone took them up there they’d kill him!
    Tell a lie long enough and it will get defended, etc, etc, etc!

  10. John lord

    George. I have a copy of the Republic. Thanks for your comments.

  11. George Theodoridis

    You’re most welcome, John. The allegory of the cave, leads to the discussion of Forms (ideals) which is another simply gorgeous navigation through the question “how do we know what we know?” Then to the simile of the Line (what a good city consists of…) Ok, I’m being self-indulgent now, so I’ll stop.

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