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Hope Is The Thing With Feathers And That Makes Scotty Glad!

One of Emily Dickinson’s poems was “Hope Is The Things With Feathers” and my first thought was that she must have meant that hope enabled us to fly. In fact, her poem talks about hope lifting us up with its song… which is what Gladys and Scotty are trying to do. They are trying to lift us with their warbling.

“Don’t worry about the depressing numbers look at the beautiful numbers like the ones that show that we still have a majority in parliament. They’re the sort of numbers that we find really inspiring and so what if there’s a few more cases today. Case numbers aren’t important unless you’re in a Labor state and then they’re an indication of how badly the government is doing.”

“Thanks to my great management,” says Gladys, “in just a few weeks you’ll be able to go on a picnic providing you can demonstrate that you’ve been vaccinated.”

Now one of the problems with vaccinations is that some people don’t want to get one. Well, it’s a free country and if that’s your choice, fair enough. What I find strange is the people who argue that they should be free to not get one, but then want to convince everyone else how dangerous vaccines are and want to ban people who do get the jab.

So, take Craig Kelly…

I’m tempted to say, please. Somebody has to… But that’s a very old joke and without him to laugh at, you might notice how much politics resembles an episode of Would I Lie To You?

(Would I Lie To You? is a British comedic panel show where guests are given the chance events to describe, some of which are lies and other unlikely ones true. It’s quite impressive the way that some of them can convince the other side that the most outrageous things are true. Mind you, this is just a game and we can be impressed with their capacity to seem convincing. I suspect that something similar happens when someone has been a journalist in Canberra for too long and they become more impressed with a politician’s capacity to convince people that they’re not responsible for the deaths of hundreds of people instead of being appalled by the fact that they actually are.)

So, if any of you are tempted to take Craig Kelly’s advice about vaccination, just ask yourself three questions:

  1. Would you accept his advice about your need for brain surgery?
  2. Would you allow him to perform brain surgery on you?
  3. If you answered no to the first two questions, I think the point has been made but if you answered yes, then wouldn’t you rather send me ten dollars and I can send you an alternative which I can’t disclose for fear of Big Pharma shutting me down but Donald Trump gave me a secret personal endorsement and for just an extra two thousand dollars I can get you an autographed photo of the time Donald, Clive, Craig and I all met and discussed how to.. sorry, what question was I asking? Oh, yes, I can send you Hydroinvermyasinagainsthumanity but only if you promise never to reveal who sold it to you because the drug companies are trying to shut it down owing to the fact that nobody has trialled it…

Anyway, Emily Dickinson was wrong. The thing with feathers turned out to be Gladys and she flew away before things got so bad that she’d have trouble with the misdirection of “That’s not the number that matters; this is the number that matters!”

Yes, Scotty doesn’t hold a hose, but Gladys doesn’t hold a press conference!

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  1. New England Cocky

    Well, Gladbags Bin-Chicken has failed the first rule of leadership which is ”Look after your People” while proving herself easily bullied by Scummo, the apparition masquerading as Prim Monster when not holding hands with the Owner of the Hell$inger$ Cult of Greed & Paedophile Protection or directing Mick ”The Garbage Man” Fuller AKA NSW Police Commissioner to take out the rubbish.

    Withdrawing from the fight against COVID to allow the over-worked and under-resourced state health system to clean up the LIARBRAL PARTY MESS is the wrong strategy!! And Bin-Chicken had the gall to decline a pay rise for the health sector after the first wave outbreak!!

    But consider the possibilities of politicians becoming infected with COVID and passing away thus removing the COALition majority … OF ONE (1) … until a bye-election can be held before the feral elections scheduled before May 2021.

    Consider the possibility of Craig Kelly learning first-hand that his crank cures (like Ivermectin) only give you a large case of diarrhoea and there goes the COALiiton majority in the Reps. Time for the COVID Election.

  2. Terence Mills

    Craig Kelly and his mentor Clive Palmer are spending hundreds of thousands on television ads to get us to join their party which, as they have no policies that I can detect, are aligned with the National Party and One Nation, both of whom are wholly owned subsidiaries of the fossil fuels industry.

    Meanwhile at the Munich Motor Show, manufacturers are unveiling the future of electric vehicles which, incidentally you won’t see in Australia because Scotty has told them we don’t want them – after all an electric vehicle :

    “won’t tow your trailer. It’s not going to tow your boat. It’s not going to get you out to your favourite camping spot with your family.”

  3. wam

    For 10 bucks I would need at least an arm waving warning of jesus is coming and I had better prepare for it or spend an eternity looking at the lid?
    Gladys is an Armenian Apostolic a group of god’s especially chosen so hope is not needed and she is free to make up her own mind. So why risk awkward questions when you can retire with big mobs?

  4. Kerri

    Gladys has forewarned that October will be the worst month which immediately redirects everyone to the stats she doesn’t like. Stepping out of the picture obviously avoids difficult press questions but one wonders what other difficult issues she is trying to avoid? Like ambulance callout times, deaths at home, emergency admission times, ventilators unable to be deployed because of lack of qualified staff which is a number to avoid by itself, medical staff shortages due to breakdowns and infections, indigenous deaths and so many more statistics that display her incompetence. “On covid matters” is there to avoid so much scrutiny just like its predecessor “on water matters.” Someone give Gladys a trophy!

  5. george theodoridis

    When Zeus married off Pandora to Epimetheus (Prometheus’ brother) he gave her as a wedding gift a jar, or a clay vase in which he had all the evils of the world.

    As he handed it to her, he warned her, “Pandora, my gift is the gift of exclusion. I’ve locked up in there all the stuff that would make you unhappy. ill winds, Illness, anger, pain, nightmares, bad garlic, everything and anything that could hurt you, so don’t open it, right?”

    Why Zeus did this is a long and super gorgeous story and I urge you to chase it up. Anyhow, Zeus knew very well what would happen.

    Pandora opens the jar and vroom-vroom, out fly all the ill things, the things that will make her and the rest of us innocent by-standers battling with those ills. All those ills fly out except hope, which didn’t get a chance to fly out because Pandora quickly put the top back on.

    The question is, what was hope doing in that jar? Is hope a bad thing or a good one?

    Hope is a bad thing, a bad girl, one of the evils. It is the thing that will betray you and, while we can see and take precautions with all the other evils, hope, we think will serve us well but never does.

    Hope is the tool of your enemy. She is sent to you to distract you from what horror is being prepared for you. Or, Hope is a good looking girl, called Elpis in Greek and Spes in Latin. Daughter of Nyx (NIght) and Feme (Fame)She has wings but she is one of the evils. Trust not hope. Rely not on hope. She will be manipulated by the evil doers. She will be sent to you by politicians (like Morrison and Gladys, for eg) and jealous neighbours who wish you harm, and she will be all dressed up in lovely bright gowns and bearing a huge smile on her face, flowers and the cornucopia horn to entice you but then, just when the crunch hour comes, she will leave you to your enemy’s devices.

    Never be hopeful.

    Always be careful!

    Always be prepared.
    It’s a lovely story and like all greek myths it is a subtle but complex story.
    You’ll enjoy it. The beginning is when Prometheus creates man. Start there.

  6. DrakeN

    George, your analysis of your readings of Greek history/mythology, does us great service in its applications to modern times.

    I thank you.

  7. Phil Pryor

    Three cheers for old Glad Shagbagragtagslaghag as she retreats just as the heat arrives, of negligence, laziness, incompetence, tardiness, relieving the lusts of donors and patrons and ignoring the actual people, the citizens, the voters, the little ones.

  8. BB

    Hope keeps me going, through any dark sad times I hope things improve, even when, if they don’t, I still hope they will. 😊

  9. Mr Bronte ALLAN

    It seems that the Glad Bag is as useless a bloody liar, just like the stupid, lying, failed at marketing bloody Slo Mo! The sooner we get rid of the waste of space fuck wits the better off we will all be. Apparently Slo MO is not responsible for anything, as he claims, so we must all be concerned, as he is “supposed” to b e our great leader, but he is obviously fucking not! Nor is the Glad Bag the great leader of NSW! Who knew, that neither of them is responsible for not getting under control, earlier, all this Covid crap! I suppose they must have had even better things to do, like fuck up our Health system, fuck up our Parliamentary system etc! What a bloody lucky country we live in with dickheads like these two in “charge”!

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