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Honour The Sabbath, But Clearly In A Clearly Optional Way OR Why Tony Is The Only True Conservative Left!

Recently I’ve speculated on how the Christian Right have found clear evidence about the Bible’s opposition to gay marriage based on highly ambiguous readings of obscure verses here and there, but not one of them has come out and condemned the reduction of penalty rates on Sundays. I suppose one could argue that they see it as a sin anyway and whether one is paid double time or not is hardly the issue. However, I would expect that someone like Neil who graced us with his presence in the comments, or Lyle Shelton would have been jumping up and down and complaining about the abolition of penalty rates leading to more sin…

Yes, the wages of sin is death… But you do get to pick your own hours and the working conditions are pretty good!

I don’t know why I chose to start talking about penalty rates. I’m really much more interested in the coming leadership challenge which leaves us with a Liberal Party 100% behind Scott Morrison… Or Peter Dutton, if they decide that he’s the only one who’s still friendly enough with the Tony to convince him to take the effing job in London before they have to revoke his citizenship under the recent changes allowing us to cancel it when dual citizens commit crimes such as sedition… Sedition can loosely be defined as trying to bring down the government, and they could even get a jury to convict Abbott on that.

Ok, ok, I know that Abbott isn’t really a dual citizen and that he revoked his British citizenship some time ago, but he won’t tell us when because it’s a deeply personal thing and therefore an operational matter. Of course, when I say that I know, I’m using the words “I know” in the same way that Donald Trump knows that nobody understands the world like him and he knows that climate change is part of a conspiracy between Hillary and the Chinese to destroy Trump Tower!


Tony decided to warn his colleagues that they were in danger of losing the next election because they weren’t conservative enough. The Tone decided to do this – not in the Party room where he was concerned that his mates may be asleep or not paying attention – but via the media. In the everyday world where most of us live this would be the normal way of doing things. If you had a problem with your boss, you wouldn’t blurt it out at a staff meeting. No, you’d publish it on social media in the hope that someone would bring it to his attention and he’d go, “Yes, that person had a point, I’ll change my ways!”

Peta Credlin rushed to Tony’s defence. He wasn’t being disloyal. He was just frustrated. She quickly added that she was no longer working for Tony and her reflections were just to help us all understand that it was his pent-up frustration and that she wasn’t speaking on his behalf. No, she was just presuming that he was frustrated, and she was just trying to explain what he gets like when he’s frustrated by not having his own way. No, she may no longer be his Chief of Staff, but she knows where he’s coming from!

Tony, we’ll all have you know, is simply trying to keep the Liberal Party together. And we all know that the best way to keep a party together is to criticise it in public…

Yes, Labor has disunity; the Liberals have “a broad church”.

And part of this broad church, in the Gospel according to St Tony, tells us that we should just get rid of all the nonsense that we pretended to believe in when we were trying to get elected. You know, like all that nonsense he pretended to believe in when he was studying to be a priest before he realised that he’d never be Pope.

I mean, don’t you all understand the threat of One Nation?

No, not the One Nation which encourages songs like “We’re all in this together” or multicuturalism. No, the One Nation that wants to exclude most people in our nation from anything approaching rights and thinks that penalty rates should just be abolished altogether and women get pregnant for the money!

You know, One Nation…

Remember, Tony did his bit by meeting with Pauline where they had a jolly good laugh about how he raised the funds to have her put in jail.

You know, One Nation…

Who’ve hired James Ashby. Remember him? He left the Liberals to go and work for Peter Slipper. That worked out badly and he had to leave because he alleged that Slipper was sexually harassing him, but his case sort of fell down when his reaction to a text about being spanked was to reply that he might like it. (This is not a joke. Unless Winston Smith has started to work for the government it’s easily searchable!) Now James is working for Pauline and Tony is saying that we need to be less consistent to what we believe and more like PHON!

You know, One Nation…

Whom Abbott seems to believe may take votes off the Liberals and are a threat.

You know, One Nation…

The Party that the Liberals decided to preference above their Coalition partners in WA. Of course, helping them get elected doesn’t mean that we support them and agree with them. We’re just doing it because we’d trade preferences with the devil himself if he it helped us get elected. I mean, at least we have sunk so low as to work with The Greens!

Yes, it’s a worry that people may start to agree with One Nation whose candidates have done such wonderful things as suggesting that a termite repellent can be used to treat skin cancer (or could, were it not for the fact that silly regulations have stopped it’s import, just because a few people have needed hospitalisation because they have large holes in their face) and the idea that gay people are using “Nazi mind control” to change our thinking. I can see more votes leaking to One Nation than the Labor Party or The Greens. God, doesn’t Donald Trump show how dangerous the left can be?

When I suggest that the Liberals will call a spill this week, it seems highly unlikely at the time of writing. However, in a world where Abbott was elected as PM and Turnbull is praising the virtues of coal and Bill Shorten looks the most sincere of the three*, then it’s a risky call to bet against me unless you’re getting good odds. Do I think, Malcolm will be PM by the end of the week? Probably… But I am prepared to suggest that the person who suggested that Turnbull would go on to be one of our longest-serving and most successful Prime Ministers must be wishing that they’d decided to write a column about the achievements of Lachlan Macquarie instead!

*I only said, of the three, AND I do know we could have a long discussion about it, but the idea that it’s even debatable is EXACTLY my point!


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  1. Miriam English

    Wonderfully chuckle-worthy stream-of-consciousness piece Rossleigh. It had me tittering away several times. 😀

    I’m amazed it hadn’t occurred to me the inconsistency of the religious twits in the government in disapproving of gays due to, as you say, fairly ambiguous sentences in the Bible, yet approving of working on the Sabbath, despite it being very clearly condemned by the Bible — even warranting a death sentence. Mind you, the religious mind is often not very good at consistency.

  2. Kyran

    “When I suggest that the Liberals will call a spill this week, it seems highly unlikely at the time of writing.”
    Perhaps this is the result of a ‘senior moment’, but didn’t tiny amend the ‘spill’ process when talcum had his first shot? I’m sure the new protocol requires the initial ‘spill’ see’s a vote against an empty chair. Presumably, they have now found a chair with sufficient courage to stand (or sit) against talcum. Alternately, they have found a chair still intact after tiny’s tantrums. (He does have form in breaking furniture, doesn’t he?)
    Anyhooo, assuming talcum survives the challenge from the empty chair, it leaves him exposed to a further challenge from an actual person. Bearing in mind the absence of actual people from the candidature, didn’t tiny also change the protocols to allow members from another party enter the voting for the PM? The gnats got to vote, didn’t they?
    You see? talcum is soooo clever. He can allow the gnats to participate in the vote, but he knows they will vote for the chair before him. My ‘senior moment’ thinking is that he will ask the PHONy’s to participate. He may as well. Xenophon and Appalling have supported more of his legislation than his own party has.
    And here’s the kicker. He can introduce ‘efficiency dividend’ principles and call for a ‘multi PMship’. Heck, if we can have three defence ministers with no job description, it’s not too far a stretch to have at least three PM’s. Our last two PM’s either haven’t had a job description or haven’t been able to read it, let alone follow it.
    And how much funner would it be? We could have a different PM every day of the week. Bearing in mind the flip flop policy making abilities of the current PM, no one would notice. We already have a situation where Monday’s policy position is at odds with Tuesday’s. No harm, no foul. It’s just that if we have multiple PM’s, we’d have to try and pick the polli from their hair style. See? Lots of fun, and even the kiddies can play. Some cruel people refer to them as the Press Gallery.
    As long as this ‘government’ is in place, we may as well have some fun going backwards. If only I could afford to buy shares in Nitrazepam manufacturers. Mogadon sales must be a sure fire thing.
    Thank you, Mr Brisbane. Take care

  3. Harquebus

    The rewards for a lifetime of hard work and righteousness are not of this world. You must die first.

  4. helvityni

    It’s Australia’s turn to have a female Liberal PM, but who…?

    Ms Julie can run very fast for her age.
    Michaelia already looks like Maggie Thatcher, and has voice to die for.
    Then we have that Kelly girl from Victoria, and it’s time we gave the Victorians a chance…

    What about all THREE of them together..?

  5. Kyran

    Lol, helvityni. Hadn’t thought of that. If it is expanded to one per day, we could add Suss Ley for Thursdays (apparently she has lots of free time now) and Fiona Nash for Fridays. They can use Fridays to canvass lobbyists. And in the interests of bi-partisan support, Jacqui Lambie can have Saturdays and Appalling can have Sundays. They don’t mind working on weekends and won’t cost as much as they don’t support weekend penalty rates. Everyone wins. Take care

  6. Alan Baird

    Yes, Helvityni, Ms Cash’s voice IS a sort of creeping death. It causes a stomach ulcer from revulsion, a rare cause for this symptom, but she has an extreme case of “vox noxious”. Another case of Elvis’ solution to a TV display that needs terminating I believe, ie. pluggin’ the tele with y’r six shooter…

  7. Kyran

    “You know, One Nation…”
    Were they the ones that support the abandonment of penalty rates? Whilst extolling the virtues of Christianity? They no longer see any need to observe a Christian Sabbath, if it costs them. But they will observe a Christian Sabbath, if it suits them.

    So, how does that work out for the rest of us.

    “Bureau of Statistics business indicators data for the December quarter show a massive 20.1 per cent surge in profits over the quarter, while wages fell 0.5 per cent.

    “Outside of the terms of trade rebound, some of the support for profits in the non-mining economy seems to be from weaker wage payments, which fell 0.5 per cent quarter-on-quarter (annual run rate slowed further to 1 per cent year-on-year) on the precarious combination of weaker wage growth, fewer hours, and elevated underemployment,” observed JP Morgan economist Tom Kennedy.

    Economists had been expecting wages to increase, with Citi tipping a 0.7 per cent gain, with the December quarter fall the first in almost two years.

    Perhaps not coincidentally, the two sectors with the strongest profits growth also had some of the biggest wages falls.

    “By industry, declines were recorded across mining and construction, the two industries with the largest profits growth, as well as finance and insurance, admin, manufacturing, wholesale trade and hospitality,” Citi’s economics team wrote in a note.

    “Sectors of strength included public services, such as education and health care.”

    Mogadon is looking betterrer and betterrer. Take care

  8. win jeavons

    I can never forget the photo of M. Cash, claws extended, resembling a T.Rex. I still shudder!

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