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Hold everything and bomb Syria!


“We are acting in Iraq against Daesh with our Hornets launching air strikes on a regular basis. We should be doing the same in Syria.”

Dan Tehan, Liberal backbencher, August 13th, 2015

Interesting thing about people who believe that wind farms are damaging their health: They’re a small minority. The research doesn’t support their claims. But hey, science has been wrong before and it could be wrong again. We need more research. Not only that, we need a Wind Commissioner – preferably one who doesn’t attend Liberal Party fundraisers, but it’s so hard to find truly independent people who aren’t fellow travellers with the Liberal Party.

However, one of my left wing friends… well, acquaintances, you can’t really consider someone like that a friend. One of my left wing friends said, “F*ck ’em. When it’s all said and done who cares if it affects their health, they’re a small minority and we’re the majority so what we say goes, OK?”

And that’s the trouble with the left, they have an unhealthy belief in the idea of majority rules when we all know that the majority can sometimes run roughshod over the rights of a small minority.

Like climate change. They seem to think that just because the majority of people want to leave something for their grandchildren, that the minority who say let’s grab what we can now and screw the future, have no rights at all.

And as for same sex marriage, they seem to think that just because a majority supports it, then it should happen. Again, running roughshod over the beliefs of the very people who invented marriage – the Christian Church. Because there was no marriage before the Christian Church. Well, not a legitimate marriage anyway. There were husbands and wives but they can’t be considered to have had a proper marriage because they weren’t married in a Christian church. You only have to read The Old Testament to discover all that polygamy, and we certainly shouldn’t mention David and Jonathan.

So it’s about time we had a plebiscite on this issue because Parliament shouldn’t decide it. And not just a plebiscite where all Australia gets to vote because that might allow the majority to run roughshod over the views of those who oppose it. Similarly, a Constitutional referendum, in spite of how rarely they succeed, might actually lead to a result allowing gay people to marry.

No, it needs to be a vote by people who’d be performing the marriage ceremony. Because they’re the ones that this affects. But this needs to be balanced by allowing National Party members to vote in a ratio of two to every vote in favour of same sex marriage by a member of the clergy.

I mean, Catholic priests aren’t allowed to marry, so why on earth should people who don’t even believe in God? Which one can presume about gay people because if they believed in God then surely they wouldn’t want to spend their life only living with people of the same sex. Unless they were a priest, of course, in which case it’s ok.

Or a Prime Minister, who decided that he’d rather stay with the AFP in Canberra than rent a house.

Anyway, forget all that because we’ve just discovered that things have changed as far as Syria is concerned. Apparently, some sort of civil war has broken out and if something isn’t done, then Malcom Turnbull may actually stop doing his Peter Costello impersonation and actually launch a challenge.

The situation in Syria is almost as bad.

And we need to help the USA because they don’t have enough bombs of their own, so some help from Australia is needed. There’s nothing like the sight of the Australian Prime Minister fare-welling our troops to put fear into the hearts of Australia’s enemies.

And it makes those terrorists in the Middle East concerned too.



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  1. David

    Saw that idiot fear mongring Senator Bob Day make an utter fool of himself in the Senate yesterday, lies lies and bloody lies about wind farms. Needs de knackering that idiot, but waste of time, wouldn’t find any.

  2. roaminruin

    Sarcastic. Amusing. Spot on.

  3. Terry2

    Four Million refugees streaming out of Syria into neighbouring countries, 230,000 dead mostly civilians and this madman’s solution : let’s start bombing them some more !

  4. passum2013

    Wow do bombs really kill people Mr Blabbitt
    looks like you are in it in a very big way does your god say thou shalt not Kill . and Love thy neighbor Well you already do the last one so what happened with this one Don,t bomb the Helpless.

  5. stephentardrew

    When all else fails go to war. He has been trying it on ever since he gained power because he understands that conservatives are experts at riding fear and turning peoples minds from the truth be telling them someone wants to kill them. Progressives Labor, Greens and independents, wherever possible, must refuse to be involved in any more foreign interventions to shore up US hegemony.

    We support the criminality of Israel while illegally invading Iraq then become complicit in destabilising a region that is a political time bomb. The result we were complicit in bringing about the evolution of ISIS. Everything we have touched in the middle East is a damn chaotic mess.

    What is it that makes our fellow country men follow stupidity and failure.

    It is fear and you gullible lot have fallen for it over and over again.

    Wake up before it is too late and we ourselves become a target.

    Right now we are putting a big target on our own foreheads.

    The US lied us into war and the US can sort their shit mess out.

    We need to bring our boys and girls home and stay home.

  6. paul walter

    Just Abbott trying an old diversion, but it seems well experts running about saying there is a good opportunity to end Isil that that wasn’t there six months ago. But I’m afraid I subscribe to Stephen Tardrew’s “boy who cried wolf” thesis. How many $trillions squandered throughout the Mid East this century and why should we think they’ve got it right this time after so many foul ups and downright lies, for base reasons, in the past?

  7. Ella Miller

    It appears to me that we have a PM who plays chess with;

    our environment,

    our health,

    our welfare,

    same sex marriage,

    High Commissions,

    the unmeployed, the young and the old,

    I wonder if there is any part of our collective lives he has not used as a chess piece for his political survival.

    He has bee in trouble lately so the war mongerer has emerged, and again used one the pawns to float his wamongering views.

    I hope we have the good sense to PROTEST LOUDLY against the Syrian sittuation. There is no way bombing a country will make us safer.
    The ordinary innocent Syrian people will be collatoral damage and as usual the women and children will pay the price

  8. Rossleigh

    While I suspect most of you don’t read “The Australian Financial Review” and will find Tingle’s comments on Whitlam a bit harsh, this article still makes interesting reading.

    “If you hang around in Canberra long enough, you start to recognise the point where a government has become terminal, where the death spiral is irretrievable. It’s got nothing to do with the polls, or leadership rumblings.

    “It’s the point where the sheer stupidity of its decisions is so obvious, so craven, so contradictory, that everyone involved – ministers, backbenchers, the opposition, the media, voters – just know it can’t go on like this.”

    Mm, I wonder if this sort of government is what the IPA had in mind before they urged Abbott to be “like Whitlam”
    “Be like Gough: 75 radical ideas to transform Australia

  9. Michael Taylor

    Ella, it’s not chess he plays. It’s Russian roulette.

  10. Matters Not

    It’s Russian roulette

    Yep! With a fully loaded chamber. So as not to take any chances of a ‘miss’.

  11. Rossleigh

    Abbott sort of reminds me of an old joke where a man comes home and discovers his wife with another man. He grabs his pistol and shoots the lover, then puts the gun to his own head. The wife, in shock, starts to laugh hysterically, at which point the husband says, “What are you laughing at? You’re next.”

    Yes, it’s impossible to believe that a man would be that stupid, and it’s really not funny if you think about it.

    Maybe that’s why it reminds me of Tony…

  12. Maxoz

    I have a growing suspicion that Police College should be spelt C-R-E-D-L-I-N.

  13. David

    @Maxoz..oh indeed yes Max. It doesn’t take but a few of the brain cells to work out why he is living in almost 100% guaranteed comings and goings, convenient anonymity and it has nothing to do with saving money. That was shot out of the water when he refused to live in the luxury Govt paid rental house, made available while work on The Lodge went on and on and on, heaps over budget. That house tied up in a 12 month rental agreement at $3000 a week that had to be honoured regardless of him living there. The house incidentally at 5 Adelaide Avenue, just a stone’s throw away from Parliament House

    By comparison the fairly sparse accommodation quarters at the College include a king single bed, a computer with internet access and an ensuite bathroom. I wonder how many nights in total Abbott has spent at those quarters since August 2013. Not forgetting his passion for say, the luxury of Kirribilli House.

    An untold story lurks within that arrangement.

  14. crypt0

    This current LNP government is composed of more overtly committed christians, starting with the prime minister, than any I can remember.
    As Terry2 pointed out above … “Four Million refugees streaming out of Syria into neighbouring countries, 230,000 dead mostly civilians and this madman’s solution : let’s start bombing them some more !”
    A most christian response indeed.
    So, when these arch hypocrites attend church, what do the rest of their fellow Christians say to them?
    Do they ever call them out ?
    Do they say “What would Jesus do ?
    Or do the vast majority just say “Oh well, I suppose that is just how christianity is these days.”
    I suspect the latter.
    Prove me wrong.

  15. David

    @crypt0…as a non Mass attending Catholic I wont attempt to prove you wrong. However as fewer than 13% of Australia’s 6 million Catholics attend Mass regularly on weekends, almost a third of these Mass attenders (some 220,000) are aged between 60 and 74. As that is now Abbott’s base, Liberal voters coming from that age group (unbelievably, numbers from this weeks Morgan Poll), I doubt there would be much questioning of his behavior from those practicing Catholics.

    Interestingly of all Catholics aged between 20-34 in Australia, only 5-6% attend Mass and apart from females overall, that group collectively wants not a bar of Abbott and his Govt. Those figures should be ringing alarm bells for Abbott and his Catholic mates, however from my observation, doesn’t appear to bother them at all. He makes no attempt to have a dialogue with that group, on the contrary he is ‘hellbent’ on ensuring most will never vote Liberal, while majority of this regime is contesting elections.

    Reference for the figures I used can be found in an expanded article in the link below. Incidentally after the first few paras titled ‘The Pastoral Reality’ where the stats are, you will find the writer wanders into the realms of commercialism, on rebuilding and growth. Doesn’t seem to be having any effect.

  16. Ella Miller

    I think you will find that some of them are Sunday Morning Christians.

    They do whatever during the week as long as they attend church on Sunday, ALL IS FORGIVEN.

  17. David Bruce

    Do Sunday Morning Christians sow their wild oats on Saturday night, then pray for a poor harvest on Sunday? Also a reminder; Mission creep on military projects usually end the same way as scope creep on software projects…

  18. David

    Ella it is not a sin to not attend Mass on a Sunday or Saturday evening. The Church only requires once a year all Catholics to make a Confession during Lent and attendance at Easter Mass to receive Communion.. Attending Mass whenever is not absolution, one must confess ones transgressions to a priest privately except when the Pope bestows a general absolution at Easter Sunday Mass when there are tens of thousands in St Peters square and impossible to hear all confessions, naturally. Pope John Paul 11 granted a general absolution to everyone in attendance and to all following the Easter Sunday Mass via TV and Radio world wide, millions do. Subsequent Popes have continued and it is now part of Catholic Canon Law.

    Canon law of the Catholic Church is the system of laws and legal principles made and enforced by the hierarchical authorities of the Church to regulate its external organization and government and to order and direct the activities of Catholics toward the mission of the Church.

    So there is much more to it than your 2 liner, but I suspect you knew that. However never harms to get the full Monty, so to speak 🙂

  19. crypt0

    OK … well I reckon that more or less accounts for the Catholics.
    But there are quite a few other denominations represented in this LNP government.
    Most of them have all sorts of commendable things to say, and claim to base their lives on various laudable examples e.g. Jesus Christ, Nelson Mandela, and others, but are complicit in the cruel and inhumane treatment of refugees … asylum seekers if you wish … and their children. We are hearing more about that this week.
    They are in a position to improve the lot of our Aboriginal people, but their contribution is to cut the budget.
    They could influence Australia’s response to climate change for the better, but they go along with the abbott “climate change is crap” approach.
    I could go on.
    Question … What do politically active Christians REALLY stand for in this day and age ?

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