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Ho, Ho, Ho, Scott Is Santa, While A Shorten Government Will Fail To Balance The Budget!

There’s an old saying, “Fool me once, shame on you! Fool me twice, shame on me! Fool me over and over again, you must be the Murdoch Press telling me that the Liberal Party are great economic managers…”

Yep, I did think that most ridiculous thing I heard was Sean Hannity’s denial that he was a “client” of Michael Cohen. Hannity – the Faux News’ personality in charge of justifying whatever Donald does – denied that Trump’s lawyer had ever been hired by him. Hannity has just – from time to time – had the odd chat about legal matters…

There’s a whole series of questions there, but I’ve been distracted by the photo of Scott Morrison in a Satan suit. Sorry, Santa suit. I always get those two confused. That’s Satan and Santa, by the way, not Scott and Satan. Scott, Santa and Satan One is a mythical creation designed to scare people into being good, one just enjoyed punishing people, and one used to be charge of Hell. However, he’s passed that job onto Peter Dutton, so Scott’s the one without a clear role, hence the Santa suit…

Anyway, I’m not suggesting that Scottie Morrison actually dressed up in a Santa suit. This is just a little something that the Murdoch media are allowed to do. Dress Scott up in a Santa suit, place Labor politicians in Nazi uniforms, put Chris Kenny in a compromising position with a dog…

Oh wait, that last one was done by the ABC’s Chaser crew and was just totally wrong, because they were doing satire and not serious news. Apparently you’re only allowed to photoshop things that haven’t happened if you’re doing actual news…

So let’s be clear, we can’t elect Shorten because that’ll stuff up the whole economy because it’s only by giving tax cuts to rich people that anything good happens. However, giving tax cuts to anyone earning less than $60,000 is just a waste of money because they’ll probably just spend on things like food and shelter. Then, before you know it, the Budget will be in worse shape because Labor need to run surpluses, but the Liberals just need to be reducing the size of the deficit at some future date after the next unicorn sighting, or when Gerard Henderson admits he was wrong about something.

But apparently, now that the Budget is only a few billion in deficit, everything is just hunky dory and Scott can afford to make it Christmas in May.

Although, didn’t Bananaby tell us that Malcolm needed to fix his poll numbers by Christmas or he should step down? Christmas in May?

Could this be Santa Morrison’s way of bringing forward a challenge?

Well, if there’s one thing I can’t predict, it’s the future. However, in spite of that, I’ll bet that when uses the Budget reply speech to tell us that we’d be better to put the company tax cuts towards a cut in personal tax for people on incomes less than $100,000, we’ll be told that this will send the Budget into freefall even if it costs less than the $65 billion for the company tax cuts.

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  1. Matters Not

    Re Hannity.

    Try this one as an opener.

    Then there’s a further analysis.

    And yet, Turnbull wants us to be Trump et al’s best friend.

    When your lawyer needs a lawyer, then you really need a lawyer. If you get the drift.

  2. Matters Not


    put Chris Kenny in a compromising position with a dog

    Apparently, Chris is known to kerb crawl puppy farms. But only on Friday Nights. After the final edition comes off the presses. Mind you, it’s just a rumour. Then again … Kenny’s contribution(s) tends to fall into the realm of fantasy.

  3. Cool Pete

    Well, Scott The Grotty-Otty-Otty-Otty-Otty clearly thinks he deserves a lolly for shitting on the potty-otty-otty-otty-otty even though he has fouled in the cotty-otty-otty-otty-otty more times than he’d like to remember. Those $65 Billion in company tax cuts will do nothing except improve CEOs’ bottom lines! So, Scott The Grotty-Otty-Otty-Otty-Otty should accept that nothing, not even a manufactured Tampa Incident will save this government from annihilation and not even if Gestapotato stages a coup and declares elections illegal will they score a second term. Lay off the Nulax, Scott the Grotty-Otty-Otty-Otty-Otty.

  4. Terry2

    When a foreign corporation like News Corp gifts free editorial and front page space to a political party to bolster their political credibility, that’s the political donations from foreign corporations that the Turnbull government are committed to outlawing : have I got that right ??

  5. Wun Farlung

    Terry2, that’s free speech or maybe it’s free advertising or maybe it’s paid for, or maybe it’s $30 000 000 worth

  6. New England Cocky

    Meanwhile the IPA remain the beneficiaries of undisclosed financial donations from foreign and national corporations while being gifted free television air time on ABC quality programmes where the audience is berated by the blathering of the never wrong Hopeless Henderson.

    Make all public commentators like Henderson and the IPA responsible for publicly listing ALL donations from financial patrons within 48 hours, not two business days, of receipt of the donations, and limit donation quantum to $1,000.00 per person or corporate entity, and outlaw serial donations from interlinked entities.

  7. diannaart

    Oh wait, that last one was done by the ABC’s Chaser crew and was just totally wrong, because they were doing satire and not serious news. Apparently you’re only allowed to photoshop things that haven’t happened if you’re doing actual news…

    Satirists, urgently, in spite of their naturally anarchistic natures, really, really need to unite against the thievery of their Modus Operandi. How, the hell, can any satanist (acknowledgement to Rossleigh for this), I mean satirist make a living when their very raison d’etre has been sullied by political opportunists who wouldn’t know a cliché from their bottoms.

    Not that satirists actually get paid for anything, unless Auntie adopts them and even then we know how easily Michelle Guthrie confuses political comment with entertainment…

  8. Terry2

    Matt Canavan sheepishly admitted this morning that the NAIF will be allowed to take on 100% of the debt in new ventures which cannot get commercial funding elsewhere. He should have gone on to explain that the whole purpose of the NAIF was to act as a National Party slush fund for National party mates.

    With entrepreneurs – and there are lots of those around in Northern Australia but they’re known as hustlers – having no need for equity in their ventures this will not end well for taxpayers !

    “Matt Canavan the resources and northern Australia minister, said the Naif was only allowed to provide 50% of an infrastructure project’s total debt, and that was too restrictive.
    The government would remove that cap to allow the commonwealth to take on 100% of the debt risk of major projects. Project proponents would still have to repay the loan, but the Naif would be able to provide the larger finance on concessional terms, he said”.

  9. Patagonian

    Grotty Scotty thinks AMP is a bunch of crooks…so how can he justify supporting a massive tax break for them and the rest of the thieving bank bastards?

  10. Glenn Barry

    Terry2, Matt Canavan seems to be compelled by congenital lying and fraudulent, thieving behaviour – he just won’t be able to blame his Mum this time as it’s all down to Papa

    If they fund 100% of the Adani rail line I may just be compelled to strap Canavan et al. to the tracks like Snidely Whiplash

  11. Rossleigh

    Glenn Barry, Snidely Whiplash was a villain…

    And, let’s not forget, someone thought his victim was worth saving, but the name of that hero was alien to all in Canavan’s party…

  12. Rossleigh

    Ok, for those unfamiliar with Snidely, his nemesis was “Dudley Do-Right”…

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