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History on the back of a beer coaster

Forget the links, the oft’ quoted academic tome … forget the reams of verbose railing against this or that “Authentic History” … ”Researched Paper” or PhD on the subject … I’ll give you a run-down on the course of events in both South Aust’ history and the formation of the Liberal Party on what will here be the equivalent of a beer coaster sketch … the “Pub Test” if you will … like a coupla’ mates discussing the pros and cons of a tradie-ute I am flogging to you.

Right … let’s start with why we need a new history … NOT just of SA, but the whole of Oz … It is because the victors and their lackeys in the academic circles have controlled the access to and the writing of those histories for too long and the publishers, coming from in many cases the same “breeding circle” as those types, have selected what THEY thought ought to be published … ie; a nice, white, sugary confection of “suitable for Primary education schools“ story … and in many cases a fiction story.

Here in South Australia …

Take the founding of the idea of the State … We are told – alongside portraits of a stern but proud Governor Hindmarsh – that a group of “enterprising, courageous men”, risking their lives, reputations and capital came to this “frontier of struggle and hardship” to found a colony based on “hard working individuals who wanted to advance themselves” in a free market environment … and these governors and administrators were just the people to give them that chance …

Fat chance!!

These scum … these trash who even betrayed the original Royal and Parliament decreed agreement, that have claimed naming rights to streets, avenues, towns and counties alongside their ruthless driving out of the indigenous peoples to the point of many recorded and so many more unrecorded massacres … their subterfuge in financial dealings and rapacious land-grabs of broad acres that were first at their own request, reduced in value from the stipulated; “One pound per Acre” to a more salubrious speculator’s price of twelve shillings per acre and THEN when the so called; “Special Surveys” (a polite name for an outright swindle) were “arranged” with the South Australian Commission … in effect themselves, as THEY or their agents were on the board and commission of every administration post in the colony, or had the ear of every official resident in the colony, and the “surveyed” land purchased at that knockdown price, it was immediately offered to those migrant Germans at TEN POUNDS AN ACRE! … an outrageous opportunity that had to be stopped by the British Authorities once Pastor Kavel protested on the penury it would place the settlers in.

Such opportunists are called “The Founding Fathers” of the colony … and when their wings were clipped by the arrival of a more reputable court of petty sessions and legal advocates, they immediately set to organise a lobby group to place ministers and representatives in the Legislative Council of the new Parliament to manipulate the laws on their behalf … This is when The National Defence League was born as a deformed mutation of rapacious and cruel, lying and thieving conservative political party representing those monopolies that saw great advantage in profiteering in commerce rather than loyalty to country … for while they spruiked enthusiasm for Federation, it was not solely for the good of national unity, but more for the control of shipping of commerce and profit of their enterprises.

The National Defence League recruited members with deceit and subterfuge, relying of subtle eloquence of language to sway the more gullible to back their enterprises … a fore-runner in conception to The IPA and in eventual existence to The Liberal Party.

This “party of patriot profiteers” preached the same rhetoric on taxation, the same rhetoric on minimum wages, the same rhetoric on property rights and enterprise as its most modern evolution … this most modern evocation of an age old swindle: The LNP.
On taxation, it abhorred the idea of a Land Tax that encouraged the breaking up of the huge estates of those original land-grabs by claiming that the tax was in effect a imposition on the “poor widows” the “hard-working small-farmers” and the working men of the country … The idea of a minimum wage denied the right of the employer “who created employment” of owning his choice of who and when and how many to employ and would curtail his capacity to manage his own costs … The Customs Tax between the states created a tariff that slowed the exchange of commodities between markets and disadvantaged the local producer … hence the benefits of Federation … NOT for the people en-masse, but for the profit margin that could be gained.

A profit margin that excluded ANY consideration of the native peoples … THEY were an unfortunate inclusion in the original decree of intent that had to be provoked and coerced into confrontation so that a police or military “reprimand” could put their tribes down and keep them suppressed. This was managed by driving thousands of stock deep into their hunting grounds and tribal territory, replete with wagons and drays and shepherds and their chattels. Pushing the boundaries of tolerance to such a point that confrontation was inevitable … I leave the reader to imagine the damage done when thousands of sheep and hundreds of cattle are driven through virgin territory and water places. Then when confrontation was inevitable, we see the appearance of the troopers meeting spear and waddy carrying warriors with a barrage of bullets … NOT from old powder and shot muzzle-loading muskets, but rather with the most modern breech loading Snider-Enfield or Martini-Henry rifles … a massacre!

What started out as a colony of speculative adventure of cashed-up cowboys ended up by the turn of the twentieth century as a conglomeration of venture capitalists with the same interests as capitalists the world over: “While all rivers glisten in different colours, a sewer everywhere looks the same.” … Their criminal activities worked with the same percentage profit margin expectations and with the same principle of “Private profit-Public Risk” … and don’t give me that old chestnut of it being a symptom and accepted practice of the times, as that original Decree signed off by both the British Parliament AND the King of England made specific provision and clause for certain social and humanitarian statutes that were both sworn to loyally on their “Christian faith” and then immediately abandoned!

No … it is time enough to tolerate the liars and fabricators of this false history … a fraud of monumental proportions … If we as a nation wish to stand tall and proud of what we WILL WANT to achieve in the future, we must let go of that brutal and rubbish history taught more as political propaganda than social education and damn well write anew in words of sincerity and inclusion a new dialogue with the truth of multicultural society and indigenous ownership of country EMBOSSED ONTO the document of a new constitution:



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  1. Joseph Carli

    So much history written, yet none heeded. So much quasi-criminal activity, yet no one investigated. and it continues right down the hundred or so years..people cheated, governments cheated, moneys swindled and none to accuse…Indigenous peoples murdered and their lands stolen then their children stolen…and none to own up for the cruelty and deaths…now, when the Uluru Statement is presented as an opportunity to start a new future, we are again denied by the LNP / Conservatives to national reconciliation.

  2. Joseph Carli

    How can so much criminal activity go on without anyone of substance being charged?…Where is the oversight by the judicial authority on these activities?..Yet there was no problem gaining judicial advice and permission when Gough Whitlam was wanted to be dismissed from office…..Could it be because only a certain class of society has its own “protection racket” working for it?…

  3. LOVO

    J.C. I’ve read that beer coaster and it tells a story that never was….history has an RWNJ hue…tainted and stereotyped. …and stolen. Australia’s “story” has been misplaced and commercialised and forgotten and sanitised. ..and…and……turned into a jingle 😬
    poor fella, my country

  4. etnorb

    What a great & true tale! Well done Joseph! Yes it is surely time this sad & sorry saga was told for everyone to read. It is such a sorry state of affairs that this lying, inept, flat earth, right wing lot of obscenely over paid so-called “liberals” were put down, never to rule a again! And yet, the bastards keep on getting elected, & not just by all the obscenely wealthy capitalists but by “ordinary” people who should know better! WTF??

  5. New England Cocky

    Naughty, naughty Joseph, telling history as it really was. Now how will the SA squattocracy be able to hold their head up high when the full truth is told. Why, you have accurately painted SA society as “all evil under the sun”.

    Thank you for a great article, to be put with Bruce Pascoe, “Dark Emu” as a source for the accurate Australian history.

  6. Joseph Carli

    The other thing I ponder on, is that having been implemented under false pretences, against both the spirit and the signed and ordered proclamation of the British Parliament and the King of England, having sent two ship-loads of supplies and culprits prematurely to any sovereign permission to land, to then “illegally” claim and in effect confiscate land from an established indigenous peoples by force of arms…can not those same ancestors of the displaced peoples lay a legal litigation at the feet of the international courts to totally reclaim that which was fraudulently and violently stolen…on the grounds that it was NOT a colony instigated by a sovereign state, but merely a speculative enterprise by a privately owned company…and therefore without legal footing?

  7. Joseph Carli

    The “South Australia Company” was eventually absorbed into “Elder Smith Goldsborough Mort”…..another dubious enterprise of speculators and entrepreneurs.

  8. Joseph Carli

    Have been studying an interesting little tome : ” The Confidential Clerk” by C.H.Bright..who was a magistrate on the bench of the SA. courts…he died just as he had completed his study (1983) of the commercial relationship between Charles Flaxman and his employer George Fife Angas….and a more scurrilous pair of speculators you would be hard pressed to find!
    Flaxman was recruited by Angas in England to go to the SA. colony and act as his agent there in land grabbing. It was on Angas’s instruction that the Land Commissioners had introduced the system of “Special Surveys” and that the original set agreed price of land per acre was to sit at one pound per acre…this price was at a level to discourage the poor labourer from having the opportunity to purchase even small acreages and then to withdraw his labour from the market for employment by the large landholders, Angas and others pushed to have the price dropped to 12shillings per acre. The special surveys were to encourage investment and expansion to the countryside outside of Adelaide central…by dropping the price of land, but increasing the minimum acreage (4000 acres) , it could be an attractive investment for land speculators back in Great Britain…But Flaxman, on being told of the Barossa Valley and its potential, immediately laid claim via a special survey of 15000 acres with right of claim of the best 4000 acres then a further first rights to the remaining 11000 acres..which conveniently became referred to as “waste land”..considering the land around the Barossa, a misnomer surely!!?
    However, to Angas’s chargrin and eternal disgust, Flaxman had learned from the master and claimed one quarter of that prime land for himself and the remaining three-quarters for Angas..and not only THAT, he forced Angas to completely cover not only his (angas’s) own costs but Flaxman’s as well!…and Angas had no choice if he wanted to secure the “special survey” land…he spat the dummy and cursed and wailed but stumped up…whereupon Flaxman immediately set to handsomely profit on his “investment ” by unscrupulously trying to on-sell the land to the newly arrived German migrants for the said 10 pounds per acre!….No bullshit…you can see where the Adelaide higher echelon gets its cues from!

  9. Joseph Carli

    Reflecting on the Angas / Flaxman experience, one is reminded of the Lawson “Steelman and Smith” stories, where Smith tries to bot a couple of bob off’a Steelman for a drink and instead gets a lecture on the discipline of frugal saving..but no instead, Smith begs the loan of his coat “for the weather was inclement”…and upon departing, he immediately pawns the coat and sends Steelman the pawn ticket!…Lawson finishes the piece with ; “Smith had learned. . . “

  10. Joseph Carli

    Letters Patent establishing the Province of South Australia 19 February 1836 (UK)
    Letters Patent establishing the Province of South Australia 19 February 1836 (UK), p1
    The Letters Patent used the enabling provisions of the South Australia Act 1834 to establish the Province of South Australia and precisely define its boundaries. They also went beyond the strict provision of the Act by including a significant guarantee of the rights of ‘any Aboriginal Natives’ or their descendants to lands they ‘now actually occupied or enjoyed’.
    There was some confusion about how to establish the Province under the Act, which had omitted precise directions. After negotiation with the Colonial Office, the Colonisation Commissioners (who had been appointed in May 1835) drafted a document which was ‘laid before the King for the Sanction of His Majesty in Council’, and adopted. The authority for establishing government in the new Province was the Order-in-Council also issued in February 1836.

  11. Joseph Carli

    Order-in-Council Establishing Government 23 February 1836 (UK)
    Order-in-Council Establishing Government 23 February 1836 (UK), cover
    Order-in-Council Establishing Government 23 February 1836 (UK), p1
    Order-in-Council Establishing Government 23 February 1836 (UK), p2
    Order-in-Council Establishing Government 23 February 1836 (UK), p3
    Order-in-Council Establishing Government 23 February 1836 (UK), p4
    Order-in-Council Establishing Government 23 February 1836 (UK), p5
    This document is a draft copy of the authority for the establishment of government in South Australia. The Order-in-Council provided for a governing Council comprising the Governor, the Judge or Chief Justice, the Colonial Secretary, the Advocate-General and the Resident Commissioner, with broad legislative and executive powers including the imposition of rates, duties, and taxes.

    However, laws could only be proposed by the Governor and were subject to approval or disallowance by the King as advised by the Imperial Government. The Governor’s power was increased in 1838, in an amendment to the 1834 Act which combined his office with that of the Resident Commissioner.

    In this Order-in-Council the rights of ‘Aboriginal natives’ were again expressly protected.
    The first South Australia Act in 1834 required among other things, land sales to the value of £35 000 to be made by the South Australian Commissioners before the province could be established. Sales proved difficult, and it was not until the unsold portion was bought by the South Australian Land Company, chaired by George Fife Angas, and a guarantee was lodged with the Treasury, that settlement could begin. This was done by December 1835. In February 1836 the Letters Patent establishing the Province and this Order-in-Council was issued. At the same time the two ships of the Company left to establish the first settlement on Kangaroo Island.

    The foundation of South Australia is now usually considered to be Governor Hindmarsh’s Proclamation of the new Province at Glenelg, on the mainland, on 28 December 1836.

  12. Joseph Carli

    Colonel James Charles Napier’s resignation from the Governorship of the proposed colony of South Australia in 1835 was due to he not been given permission to take a squadron of soldiers with him on his commission…this was because the proposed “colony” was not officially sanctioned by the British Crown or Government, so there could not be government soldiers in a unregulated province.

    My reading on the “mood” of the British Government toward this Free market speculation is that while they unofficially liked the idea of a presence of a number of people on that part of the coastline to deter any other country from an attempt to colonise, they were concerned that such a bunch of free market racketeers could go feral with the indigenous people and the unsupervised, uncontrolled land grab. So the Crown put some brakes on the capacity and speed of development..but it still went pear-shaped in a very short time…six years in fact..before they had to be bailed out by the British Taxpayer ..”Private profit – Public risk”…and utter mayhem ensured..a mayhem that has always been covered up for the sake of historical decorum.

  13. Joseph Carli

    Home > Our Courts > Magistrates Court > History

    The first Statute enacted in South Australia was passed on 2 January 1837 only a few days after the arrival of the “Buffalo” at Holdfast Bay. It provided for the establishment of Courts of Petty Sessions to be presided over by Magistrates and Justices of the Peace. Not only were some of the provisions of the Statute controversial, the salary to be offered to the first Magistrate was only £100 per annum (although the incumbent had a right of private practice). As a result, Governor Hindmarsh was unable to find a solicitor willing to accept appointment. As a consequence, the court contemplated by the Statute was never constituted.

    During the first twelve months of the colony, the maintenance of law and order was chaotic. A number of Justices of the Peace had been appointed and they occasionally sat pursuant to the powers inherent in their commissions. The first court seems to have been held at Holdfast Bay on 7 January 1837 when Robert Gouger, the Colonial Secretary, sat with another Justice of the Peace to resolve a quarrel between a master and servant. During this period there was no Police Force. The first Police Officers were sworn in in 1838. There was no prison. For six months prisoners were confined in the “Buffalo” itself. When the ship returned to England, prisoners were for a period incarcerated in another vessel (the “Tam O’Shanter”) and later were chained and held in tents.

    During the first twelve months there was no provision by which settlers could recover small debts

  14. Joseph Carli

    Off topic, but…

    Down the aisle..
    Your shopping correspondent.

    School holidays and the central market is chockers with parents and their kids..sometimes with other parents kids too!..One lady had quite a cluster swarming about her ..

    “You got the whole class today?” I asked, to which she agreed and replied ;”Almost!”

    Trouble is, they form a kind of grommet bottleneck at all the free-sample stalls…especially the Smelly Cheese places…their hesitant nibbling on a delightful washed rind or Italian hard-cheese occupying so much time that one is tempted to want to abandon the experience altogether….if it wasn’t a free sample..

    One trick I do use to get a place in a crowded situation, now that I have age on my to say loud enough in a plaintive kind of weak-wail..: “Is there any room for a retired old fellow?”..and should see them scatter on a good day!..and of course, the aged fart is always a solid fall-back position…clears a space no worries..

    Zuma’s Café, of course, was the usual crowded place, where one has to reluctantly trip up a fellow pensioner and send them sprawling then walking over the top of them to get to secure a table first…You gotta be cruel to be kind to yourself in those crowded cafes..

    And there I was re-packing the trolley outside Goodies and Grains, there by the pensioner’s seat when this six or seven year old with those shoes with the secreted wheels on the bottom came scooting past so fast as to nearly sweep me around in a spinning circle…

    “Watch out old timer!” he called…the bloody cheek!..old timer indeed!…I tell you what, some of these young-uns…you just got to get one look at ‘em and you know it’s not gonna end well.

    Now, just when I’m getting used to those stressed jeans that the young people wear, with the knees ripped and so on..I saw yesterday where they now are wearing those black tights and they are stressing them horizontal runs in the fabric…I dunno..the only way we could rip our jeans back in the old days was by falling off our motorbikes…I suppose you’d call that ; “doing it the hard way”.

    And those puffy jackets that seem to be all the rage now..getting around like the top half of the Michelin man doesn’t appeal to me..but I gotta admit, while lacking in style, they do look cosy.

    But I did learn a new label while standing outside Standom’s small-goods and admiring their selection of processed meats..I heard two passing, thin looking people, that in retrospect could very well have been commenting to the other in what could be called a sneering whisper..:

    “Hrumph!…perving at the flesh there…it’s carnivore porn!”

    Well..until next time, shoppers, this is your correspondent signing off.

  15. Jack Russell

    LOL! It’s interesting becoming invisible at a certain age … such uninhibited goings on around you. Mind you, it’s more like conscription than choice, but not complaining … yet!

    PS: SA … yep … scoundrel’s paradise.

  16. helvityni

    I was walking with my four-legged Jack Russell, when I saw a teenage boy speeding on his skateboard towards us; some thirty meters away he hopped off it, the board under his arm he greeted us friendly, gave us a big smile, and went on his merry way…

    There are lots good youngsters out there, but maybe even more grumpy, not so golden, oldies….

  17. Joseph Carli

    ” . . . but maybe even more grumpy, not so golden, oldies….”…..HELVI’ !! moi??

  18. Joseph Carli

    An interesting state of affairs and the precursor to the raising of what could be called the first “free-enterprise militia” in Australia!…although a squadron of three privates that performed the first impersonation of the later “Keystone Cops” bumbling when they were commanded by the drill-Sergent to : “RIGHT!..Form a square”..

    (Taken from an unpublished manuscript by Geoffrey H. Manning entitled The Russians are Coming – The Defence of Colonial South Australia – copy in State Library.)

    ” The military history of South Australia actually began before the colony was founded because the provision of troops for the maintenance of law and order was one of the conditions of Colonel C.J. Napier’s acceptance of the offer of being the first governor. He wrote:

    “I will not attempt to govern a large body of people in a desert, where they must suffer considerable inconvenience (if not hardship), without I have a force to protect what is good against that which is bad; and such force is the more necessary where, as in Australia, the supply of spirituous liquors will be abundant.”

    This demand was held to be at variance with the self-supporting principles of the new settlement and so Captain John Hindmarsh accepted the post. The defence of the colony was in the minds of Adelaide people from the time of the foundation of the colony and it is thought by military men that Adelaide was given parks by Colonel William Light as a defence precaution, the idea being that the colonials living around Adelaide would flee into the city which would be protected by trenches commanding an interrupted view of the parks over which the enemy would have to advance before taking the town.

    Even these epistles are not the beginnings of the story for those lie with Governor John Hindmarsh and ten marines from HMS Buffalo, whom he retained both as protectors for the embryo settlement and vice-regal guards. In the first task they were a signal failure and with the second a dubious success, for they were:

    “A roisterous, rioting crew who did as they liked, drank when they could and, like the praetorian guards of ancient Rome, would almost have taken control of the colony had not the Governor occasionally tied their ringleaders to a tree for a time to sober the brain and dampen the spirit. Sly grog shanty keepers were the only mourners when those blunderers left in the Alligator in 1838.”

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