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“Hey, Minister, it’s called democracy.”

The time has come. In just five days, the people of Australia will vote. And the fate of the Minister in charge of one of the most contentious Federal portfolios, will rest with the people of Dickson.

A Minister who has not only reigned over some of the most odious, repugnant and vicious immigration policies Australia has ever seen, but has systematically applied them with heartlessness and cruelty.

A Minister who has applied those policies without a conscience, compassion or even the faintest sense of humanity.

A Minister who, it appears, foolishly forgot that he is only in the position he is; a member of the House of Representatives, because he was elected by the people of Dickson.

And a Minister, who is slowly realising to his horror, that the people of Dickson can vote him out.

That Minister is Peter Dutton.

Minister for Immigration and Border Protection.

The Minister who won’t be ‘blackmailed’ into letting pregnant refugees have access to proper medical treatment – even if they are suffering life-threatening medical complications, or are seeking an abortion after a brutal rape.

The Minister who claims he will keep Australia safe by deporting men who have never been found guilty of any crime; even if they are a decorated soldier, simply because of who their mates may be.

The Minister who mocked Pacific Islanders who are facing the real consequences of climate change.

The Minister who ordered his henchmen to stop and search random people on the streets of Melbourne.

The Minister who has ruled over a regime that supports and covers up the rape and abuse of women and children and the torture of innocent people who have committed no crime in seeking sanctuary in Australia.

The Minister who threatened to jail doctors, teachers and other professionals for speaking out about the abuse suffered by the innocent people held hostage in island prisons by the Government of Australia.

Dutton, as Minister of Immigration and Border Protection, has systematically appealed to the lowest common denominator, resorted to scaremongering, and pedalled outright lies in his attempts to justify his appalling policies. His pitiful claims that ‘illiterate and innumerate refugees would take Australian jobs’ show just the depths he is willing to go to, to incite divide and hate in the community.

And now, in a typical act of petulant whinery, Dutton is accusing ‘bikies’ and ‘union thugs’ of threats and intimidation because a group of disgruntled Queenslanders are protesting directly outside his office in the electorate of Dickson.

The ‘threats’ consist of holding placards encouraging voters to ‘Put the LNP Last’.

It’s easy to understand why Dutton might be so frightened by such a thing.

A coordinated attack on his very elected existence is the one thing that could see an end to his reign of terror.

And an attack involving his self-declared enemy; members of one percent motorcycle clubs, has struck fear into Dutton’s heart.

While Dutton has torn families apart, deprived young children of their parents, stranded long-term residents overseas, completely abrogated responsibility for the deaths, abuse and torture of people under this care, and persistently insisted he is doing so to protect the people of Australia, one of the very minorities he is targeting, is fighting back with democracy.

Grass-roots activism. People power.

Encouraging the voters of Dickson to put the LNP – and Dutton – last.

The terrifying reality of the precariousness of his situation has hit Dutton hard. Begging Opposition Leader Bill Shorten to tell the protesters to stop, Dutton has revealed the extent of his fear.

But it is not just protestors physically standing outside his office that Dutton need be afraid of.

GetUp! Has raised over $190,000 through public donations, to assist in the fight to unseat him.

For the past two years, the fate of thousands of people has rested in Dutton’s hands. But now the tables have turned. Dutton’s fate rests in the hands of the voters of Dickson.

It is time to hit Dutton where it hurts, with the thing he fears the most.



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  1. wam

    great read, Eva. Until this parliament, few politicians have earned such a campaign. Now there are many! But will simply saying they have a plan without producing any evidence be enough to thwart your efforts???

  2. Kaye Lee

    Dutton called Sarah Hanson-Young an attention-seeking “embarrassment to our country” with a record of making unsubstantiated claims that inevitably were proved to be wrong – except SHY was correct in claiming she had been spied on by guards on Nauru. No apology.

    Dutton held a press conference to demand that Gillian Triggs “front the media to retract these outrageous slurs” linking the deaths of two of the Bali Nine to boat turnbacks – except she didn’t do that. No apology.

    Dutton sacked Order of Australia recipient and trauma specialist Paul Stevenson for speaking out about the ‘demoralising’ and ‘desperate’ conditions on Manus and Nauru.

    Dutton arranges for Chris Kenny and A Current Affair to visit Nauru but refuses to let Gillian Triggs or UN representatives or lawyers or refugee advocates go there.

    Dutton mistakenly texted Samantha Maiden calling her a “mad f*cking witch” after she wrote an article about the sexual harassment of a colleague by Jamie Briggs. Very quick apology with a wheedling ‘please don’t write bad stuff about me’ tone

    Dutton wants Tony Abbott to be Defence Minister.

    Dutton, the Dickson dud!

  3. helvityni

    There must be many ‘duttons’ in this country for a man like Dutton to end up in the government. How low have we sunk.

  4. Athena

    Duh-ton is a turd of the highest order. Let’s hope the people of Dickson see sense and get rid of him.

  5. Jennifer Meyer-Smith

    Beautiful piece, Eva Cripps.

    I can almost taste the sweet taste of revenge I’ll enjoy when Dutton bites the dust.

    (Little does he realise his next stop will be The Hague for Crimes Against Humanity. Sshh! Don’t tell him; let it be a Big surprise!)

  6. townsvilleblog

    I despise this current tory (LNP) government with a passion, but the amount of conversations I have overheard at the supermarket concerning ordinary Aussies concern about Islamic immigration, I couldn’t count on my fingers and toes. This backward way of seeing people who are different as enemies I would have thought would have died a natural death in the 60s because Australia was built on immigration?

  7. 2353NM

    @Kaye Lee – even worse – Dutton apparently wants the Deputy Leadership.

  8. Athena

    For all of our education, superior intellect and sophistication, the average human hasn’t evolved much beyond savagery.

    I had an argument a few weeks ago with my first cousin, who told me that all asylum seekers are despicable scum who should just die. What kind of person wishes millions of innocent people dead? My cousin left school at 14, has never worked outside of her home and has lived on a farm all her life. She is also a life long Liberal voter and a big fan of Pauline Hanson. With such a limited view of the world, she is ripe for the picking by the nastiest of conservatives.

  9. Klaus Petrat

    Hi Kaye, to describe Dutton as a Dud is too kind. He is outright dangerous and commits crimes against humanity.

  10. Jennifer Meyer-Smith

    Good on you, Athena, for taking her on. I would hesitate to do the same with some of mine. I want to keep quite liking them!

  11. Gangey1959

    I have a LOT of respect for the police officers of our great country.
    And NONE WHATSOEVER for the PIGS amongst them, with some of whom I have had my share of dealings.
    Our p dud-one must rank highest of all of the pigs.
    What a piss-weak sack of shit he is, if he runs off whining at the merest sign of trouble. I looked him up on wiki. He tried for another seat rather than fight like a human when Dickson was altered, giving him a disadvantage.
    He is a racist, homophobic, misogynistic embarrassment to evolution, and one can only wonder how in Heaven’s name he was allowed to crawl out of the abortion bucket.
    Rule 303. All clauses. I’m first.
    There is always plan B next Saturday, and may he be defeated by a massive majority. Mind you, 1.59% is not that much of a swing really.
    The sad thing is that should he be defeated and resign he will receive his full parliamentary pension, and probably get a cushy job at wilson security or G4S into the bargain, but if he wants to be deputy opposition dealer we will have two cretins, him and the mad monk, (turdbullshitartist will quit or get shoved under a bus) attacking the new governments every move. Lucky Australia.

  12. Jennifer Meyer-Smith

    In answer to Gangey,

    one solution for putting a pinhole in Duddon’s balloon is to send him to the International Criminal Court for Crimes Against Humanity for his deadly, criminal treatment of asylum seekers in detention.

    Once he is found guilty, he will be incarcerated and given a lifelong criminal record which will eliminate him from professional and public life.

    Gone will be his LNP advantages, his parliamentary pension, his McMansion on the Gold Coast, maybe even his domestic bliss.

    Could not happen to a better toerag.

  13. Delia Lord

    Thinking of going to protest on Thur morning. Please tell me if you are planning on voting for him WHY you would do that. This mans arrogance and inhumanity is incomprehensible to people with compassion and human feelings.

  14. Athena

    JMS, this one found Facebook a few months ago and became a FB friend. Then via her, some other relatives have found me on there and are also FB friends now. I’m appalled at all the racist, bigoted crap coming through my feed nowadays. All of my friends are lefties so I’m not used to seeing it. I’ve never seen this side of my rellies before. I’ve had to unfollow them to save my sanity. Some of them are quite scary.

  15. Ruth L

    Great read Eva.
    Dutton is as reprehensible in his own way as Abbott,Andrews,Bernardi,Brandis,the ex member for Indie,George Christianson and many more in the LNP.

  16. Emmee Bee

    There is that something about Dutton that seems so common amongst his kind, a sort of air of superiority maybe? ‘Born to rule’ may be one way of describing it; an entitlement complex. Whatever it is, it is bereft of any sign of compassion. It is almost as if this is regarded as a weakness. The abject cruelty of his actions towards asylum seekers speaks volumes as to his character IMHO.

  17. Freethinker

    IMO Morrison is the same category than Dutton

  18. diannaart

    Dutton, another dud in the LNP vat of execrable politicians.

    I cannot see why anyone would vote for Dutton, Pyne, Morrison et al, such an abysmal lot. Yet they expect to be reinstated… words fail.

  19. Terry2

    I used to live in what is now the electorate of Dickson.

    If Dutton is re-elected then I will have to acknowledge that I am out of step with my countrymen and women !

  20. Rocker

    I live in DICKSON, I’ll be putting DUTTON last!!!

  21. Jennifer Meyer-Smith

    GO, Rocker!

    Tell your friends now, tomorrow, next day and every other day the same.


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