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Helping the World to survive

In The New Daily, on 19/08/21, the following was recorded:

On Sunday, the Taliban swept into Afghanistan’s capital as the government collapsed and President Ashraf Ghani fled the country.

“The former Afghan president has left the nation,” the head of the Afghan National Reconciliation Council and a longtime rival of Ghani, Abdullah Abdullah, said in a video announcement on Facebook.

“He has left the nation in this state; [for that], God will hold him to account.”

Days earlier we had reports of a severe earthquake in Haiti, causing severe injuries and loss of life and now the people are enduring torrential storms.

Severe fires have caused damage in Greece, most recently in the Greek island of Evia, as reported by ABC News; Tom Joyne on 15/08/21:

All over the island, there is a white-hot anger over the government’s disorganised response to the fires, for which the country’s Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis has apologised.

Thousands have been forced to flee their homes across Greece as devastating wildfires spread throughout the country.

He has described the catastrophic wildfires as “the greatest ecological catastrophe of the last few decades”.

“The climate crisis – I’d like to use this term, and not climate change – the climate crisis is here, and it shows us everything needs to change” he said on Thursday, in his first news conference since the fires broke out.
“This is a common crisis for all of us.”

And this is just one of many fires occurring around the world.

Just what will it take for the Australian Prime Minister, Scott Morrison, to realise that the whole world is enduring disasters which we are all making worse than they might be, because of failure over the past 40 or 50 years to begin to rein in our wanton use of fossil fuels.

OK! So maybe the Afghanistan debacle is not a climate change disaster.

But the behaviour of our PM, in refusing to take urgent action to rescue those who helped our Australian forces over the past 20 years, knowing that the USA was pulling its forces out of Afghanistan, has now left hundreds at real risk.

His re-election in 2019 was off the back of lies about Labor’s policies and their consequences, aided by enormous financial support from Clive Palmer which helped the Coalition.

Sadly – because I believe that, in general, the Labor Party supports the workers, while the Coalition supports the wealthy – I have little faith in the ALP’s current policies. Many are being adopted in order, they hope, to have greater appeal, rather than because they are convinced that they represent good policy. We do NOT need to reduce taxes for the wealthy – in fact we need to increase them.

But the thought of Morrison winning the next election, and continuing to refuse to take action on global warming, to reduce emissions and generally clawing back money from the desperate while allowing big businesses to keep funds to which they are not entitled – I am glad I do not suffer from high blood pressure!

No country is doing enough to make a sufficient dent in undoing the damage which has followed, inevitably, from the Industrial Revolution.

Too many countries are claiming China is the villain and that taking action is wasted effort as long as China is pumping out emissions.

So we all continue behaving like idiots while China’s leader regards us as fools!

Our Prime Minister is incapable of planning.

This has been evidenced in many ways, not least of which has been his failure to procure a sufficient supply of COVID-19 vaccine in a timely manner.

Add to that his support for the NSW Premier in her attempts to keep people happy, when her job is to keep them safe, so that the virus was able to happily multiply and create a disaster, and those who voted the Coalition back in deserve every criticism that we can hurl at them!

We need a consensus government, which forgets about bad-mouthing the politicians on the other side, and concentrates on ensuring that future generations will have a world they can live in.

The current world situation, with so many countries suffering from the pandemic, some suffering from drought affected crop losses, so many determined to make as much money as possible, with no thought for the consequences, and the desperate need to counter global warming – it is enough to drive us to desperation, which is the last thing we can afford to allow!

We have some excellent independents in the current Parliament – as well as some abysmal idiots.

Clearly those whom we have elected reflect the nature of our population – so we must make sure that we end up voting in the ones who support the vitally important policies.

Now that the pandemic has taken hold in some NSW First Nations communities, it is absolutely vital that we are led by someone who can make good and timely decisions instead of hiring consultants who fail to perform!

We have got to be out there, converting everyone to understand that party politics are what has created our present mess, and competent policy and law makers are desperately needed to get us out of it!

Now go and get them!

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  1. BB

    Well said, all true. Why is it so hard for folks to know what’s going on, has gone on, and now continues to stuff the world up?

    Because lying L/NP crooks on purpose dilute education, keep people dumb, pliable, who vote against their better interests.

    Outright lies, half truths, misinformation, obfuscation is deliberate by the MSM in criminal collusion with L/NP governments.

    Not until we have honesty in journalism will have an informed public able to discern the truth from all the L/NP bullshit. Not until Australia rids itself of

    Murdoch and his insidious destruction of the social fabric of Australia will we have honesty. The main reason we have a terrible and vile PM in office is due to all the lies and propaganda perpetuated by Murdoch &co.

    Sadly at present there is huge deficit of honesty and common sense in government, I’ll fluck you jack before you fluck me

    Greed, selfish attitude, inflated ego, vanity, pass the buck, irresponsible, unaccountable. I’m the PM, a star says Morrison.

    For everyone’s sake the status quo has to change. Next Federal elections put the L/NP LAST on your ballot paper.

    In The New Daily, on 19/08/21, the following was recorded.. News now happens so fast, we get tomorrow’s news today. 😐

  2. Josephus

    This article speaks for anyone who has a brain . Heard and watched with sadness the IPCC Report discussion on what the planet will endure depending on what our leaders do. This zoom panel discussion is on the ANU website.

    Humanity will mostly be unable to survive the heat. Also watched a zoom panel discussion on the Pacific islands’ horrendous future as their islands shrink and later go under.

    Yes put the coalition last come election time. Re the coalition lies even some intelligent voters believed, one told me Labor was bent on destroying Medicare. I could not convince her.

    Read the IPCC report, only part of which has come out so far but is damning enough. Tell others.

    Join respected environmental groups and remember that Labor has not committed to a coal and gas future. Remember too that as we should by now know what goes on in our offshore detention camps we must bear in mind the mostly pathetic opposition to them of Labor.

    Any politician who deliberately lies to create paranoia and fear should be sacked and made to admit his or her deception.

  3. John Boyd

    There is a slow build up of a feeling of dread as one realises one’s worst fears over many years are being realised. Independent Australia has a good article on how we are all being ‘gaslighted’ into believing that it is all our fault. At some level is works, as the continuous heavy handed response to ‘people not doing the right thing’ tends to numb the brain to the fact that ‘the right thing’ is not all that clear, and in some cases difficult to follow, for instance if you have to cross LGAs to get to a medical appointment. On a lighter note, I interrogated the app that tells one what is within one’s 5km radius. In my case, it wouldn’t get me to the next creek crossing, but I interpret the rules as allowing me to travel to the nearest town for essential supplies, and at this stage we are not in a prescribed LGA.

  4. BB

    Why do some people have not just an inflated ego, but a vastly over inflated ego?

    Over confidence is the cause of such an over exaggerated inflated ego in Morrison.

    Just because of “skills” he thinks he has, he regards everyone else as a moron.

    When leaders think they are better than everyone, they have lost all perspective.

    If they ever had any perspective, which with Morrison is zero. Hence his vile smirk.

    Morrison’s nasty bullying behaviour really stems from complete lack of self-esteem.

    Leaders afflicted this way are in denial and believe everyone believes their rhetoric.

    The result is a blatant destructive environment detrimental to all, and to the country.

    Morrison’s crap is compounded by glossolalia with a ‘deity’, nonsensical gibberish.

    Such is the mad state Australia finds itself in, governed by a RW religious fervent.

    Wake up folks. Next Federal elections, put the L/NP LAST on your ballot paper!

  5. New England Cocky

    @BB: Well the pigeons have come home to roost. The wonderful ABC television programme Landline reports that broadacre grain farmers are bemoaning the loss of a bumper harvest to a shortage of skilled Australian workers to operate all the harvesting machiney, from trucks to half-million dollar giant headers.

    Funny how ignoring the training of local Australian workers becomes a problem when ”guest workers” are unable to enter Australia due to COVID.

    “”We need exemptions for skilled foreign workers,” the farmers wail.

    ”We will have to train SE Asian persons to handle this harvesting equipment”. Why?? Are you NOT prepared to pay Australian workers what they are worth, or does your self entitled borne-to-rule ideology only interested in another government hand-out to keep the single malt whisky cupboard full?

    in the fruit industry “”We need foreign backpacker workers to harvest our crops” and be exploited by the contractors with ruthless overcharging for job placement, accommodation & board. Nothing about raising the pay rate to encourage local Australian workers to join the pickers, as high school economics would have us believe is the correct response.

    This ”foreign is essential” policy infiltrates many Nazional$ supporters at a local level. For example, a local steel supplier & stockyard business sold more units through his Tamworth agency (110Km south) than he did through his local factory premise … despite the obvious transport costs involved after the purchase for the buyer.

  6. BB

    Aye NEC.
    Nothing really changes, rich cocky’s, (they vote L/NP), would rather let the fruit rot on the trees, etc, then make a shonky insurance claim, than pay a decent wage for a fair day’s work. That’s how they all got rich in the 1st place. The old story goes they made their money from the wool off the back of sheep, but the truth is the sheep’s backs were labourers and shearers. Morrison & his gang of crooks couldn’t give a rat’s arse about Australians let alone young backpackers on a working holiday.. (Except if you’re an au pair and working for “free” at the skiing resorts ⛷️😉)

  7. New England Cocky

    @BB: Agreed, but I differ …. why take out insurance? A local apple grower declined to takeout crop insurance that would have cost about 5% of his crop … and took a storm loss of his entire crop plus the protective netting to convince him otherwise.

    Why did we have the 1955 shearer’s strike? Because the bosses failed to properly market their wool product and expected the workers including the shearers, to pay for their incompetence.

    The bosses made their money off the sheep’s back supplying raw material for the Korean War military winter uniforms, then succeeding generations have lived the life of Riley off the back of the property mortgage that financial bonanza provided, kidding all & sundry that they knew what they were doing, keeping the country in the 19th century.

    Morriscum et al couldn’t give a rat’s anything about anybody but themselves and corporations that make ”political donations” aka ”political bribes” to the Liarbral Party. The Nazional$ accept ”political donations” aka ”political bribes” from NW NSW and SE Qld broadacre farmers to gain access to above allocation MDB water.

  8. BB

    Aye NEC. The Shearers Strike, mostly forgotten now by Australians.

    1956 Shearers’ Strike

    Most cocky’s prefer to cheat anybody, shonky insurance claims included. Too many labourers are treated as expendable.

    Many unions are now vilified, people forget that it was because of strong unions that they ended up with a decent wage.

    Now we have neoliberal trickle down where workers get pissed on from above, a few crumbs from the rich man’s table.

  9. guest

    Clearly, people are becoming more and more concerned about what is happening in Oz and around the world with regard to the handling of the pandemic and the continuing revelations by the IPPC about the climate of the planet and its future.

    How inspirational is the example of action given by RosemaryJ36. She can be assured that she is heard and is not alone.

    But I want to raise just a couple of points about the climate, both arising from what was said recently by one denier in the Murdoch press (16/8/2021).Chris Mitchell quotes from the Daily Mail something that he too believes, that “the Chinese are burning coal like there is no tomorrow”.

    It is a popular belief, justifying Oz’s desire to sell coal to China – which makes matter hypocritical. China has no intention of smothering its citizens in pollution any more than it would deliberately release a virus – which is a rumor which has currency.

    Mitchell also says this: “Here’s a fact this newspaper has been emphasising for two decades. Man-made climate variability in the short term is dwarfed by natural changes to climate.”

    This is a view only recently taken up by the IPA publication “Climate Change: The Facts”, 2020. It is a view supported by some scientists of a certain persuasion.

    This is the kind of deliberate obfuscation spread about to support the neoliberal idea of supporting, in this case, the fossil fuel cartel – which is facing the collapse of its industry.

  10. Mark Shields

    Dear Rosemary J36, what perhaps you are not linking in this age of legislated abandonment, is that most of the world’s abhorrent governments all have one thing in common: Religion. Like it or not even Russia and China are using (anti)religious means to direct their methods of civil obedience to their own ends.

    In other words; Religion and its code of conduct is being used in the 21st century by all tyrants and autocrats to dictate obeisance from their subjects. You either follow the Lord and his elected leader or you follow patriotic atheism and its newfound leaders!

    The middle ground of personal and silent belief is being rattled by the Far-Right from all fronts; who can’t accept individual personal beliefs because scientific common sense will ultimately erode their ignorance.

    We are not yet at the extreme battle between Left and Right because it is pretty certain that representatives of both sides are fundamentally extreme and have no middle ground or real intellect to debate with.

    However it is pretty clear that religion is making its last myopic ignorant stance of Belief versus Science on the world, and I am only too eager to see mythology, spiritual textual adherence relegated to the pits they belong.

    We only have the science we humans discovered. Ignoring that is the most blatant blasphemy of all human evolution.

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