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What the hell is this juvenile fool doing in our Parliament?

It is appropriate that David Leyonhjelm got into parliament on the donkey vote because he has certainly turned out to be a total ass.

In completing the recent obligation for members of Parliament to fill out their citizenship details, Leyonhjelm was his usual juvenile self. He thought himself so clever, he scanned his answers to post on his Facebook page.

This is the same fool that chose to invite Milo Yiannopoulos to speak in parliament house. At a speech a few days beforehand, this little twerp, during his talk. projected an unflattering photo of the feminist writer Clementine Ford, taken when she was a teenager, with the word “UNFUCKABLE” superimposed over the top, just as Time magazine names the Silence Breakers behind the #Metoo campaign Person of the Year.

A trip to Leyonhjelm’s Facebook page is a disturbing experience.

In the last few days he has started 13 different threads about “Milo” – just a tad fixated there David.

But it gets much worse.

In response to Labor’s attempt to introduce domestic violence leave, Leyonhjelm said “Domestic violence is a crime. But what makes it different to say someone being mugged? Or your house gets burgled? Why should it be treated differently than other crimes?”

Oh gee. Let me think about that. If someone mugs you or burgles your house, you probably don’t have to flee from your home in the middle of the night with the kids in tow and then try to find somewhere to stay where your partner can’t find you. You have probably not been subjected to years of torment and emotional abuse. You probably haven’t had someone controlling your finances.

He tells us in another post that “dirty jokes and office flirting” are not sexual harassment. Apparently, that is just something we should be expected to accept in our workplace.

He also says, from his analysis, the gender pay gap does not exist.

We analysed the Workplace Gender Equality Agency’s wage gap report claiming there is a 15.3% gender pay gap for full-time employees.

Unfortunately, the agency doesn’t break it down by average hours worked (44.7 vs 41.6), which brings the gap down to 8.9%. Nor does it factor in that women take more personal leave, greater experience/qualifications of males, or the fact that women tend to work in lower-paid industries.

If you compare like-for-like, the gender pay gap simply does not exist.

Today he is on about allowing poor people to withdraw their superannuation, not just to buy their first home, but any time they are “struggling” (which would be always).

My view is that taxpayers should be able to withdraw more of their voluntary contributions and also consider putting more voluntary contributions into their superannuation, such as proceeds from the sale of a house.

How many struggling people have made voluntary superannuation contributions? Or does he not understand the nature of the superannuation guarantee? And is he suggesting that property investors could further reduce their capital gains tax by just shoving millions into super every time they sell a place?

Next he attacks the National Disability Insurance Scheme.

The NDIS is like a boat: it’s a hole in the water that you just keep throwing money at. It’s an all-encompassing, centrally-commanded, money-thirsty scheme that is out of control. Let’s not forget that prior to the NDIS, people were still obtaining disability services.

His latest contribution is to call for an end to mandatory helmets for bike riders saying

“there is little evidence that wearing helmets has made any difference to safety. Instead, participation rates have plummeted, bike sharing schemes fail to work and an entire generation of sedentary kids are discouraged from riding a bike.”

And that is just a summary of the last few days of brain farts from this asinine aberration.

In the past he has posted videos encouraging people to smoke which I guess he needs to do since he takes tens of thousands of dollars from tobacco companies in donations.

He is also a rabid gun advocate who will no doubt be happy to see the elevation of Bridget McKenzie to Deputy Leader of the Nats.

To think this pompous twit has been given the power to make laws that will affect my country and my life is beyond belief.

Wake up Australia. Stop voting for morons.


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  1. babyjewels10

    Leyonhjelm’s the self-obsessed snout-at-the-trough who never grew up and never will. Can’t stand him. He is the type of man you tell your daughters to avoid at all cost. And read the idiots who support him, on his page. You’d want to avoid them as well.

  2. corvus boreus

    Leyonhjelm reckons tobacco smoke is completely harmless, but says windmills are hazardous to public health.
    He also believes that more people with guns means greater public safety. and claims that climate change is a hoax.
    Given the company he keeps, he probably also thinks that man-boy sex is OK, and that sexual consent is an over-rated concept.

    When benthos floats to the surface it becomes scum.

  3. Miriam English

    Leyonhjelm is a spoiled brat who can dish it out, but can’t take it. Watch The Chasers show him up. He reckons other people can’t take a joke, but here he shows what a repellent, humorless shit he is:

    The Chaser pranks David Leyonhjelm by making him his own Wicked Camper

  4. flohri1754

    Miriam English …. that link doesn’t work for me …. though I agree completely with all comments above …. IF Leyonhjelm loves all things about the southern US (Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia) so much (extreme GOP stances, extreme NRA promoted politics, tobacco) why in heck doesn’t he move there, instead of trying to push Australia down such a demented path?

  5. corvus boreus

    Miriam English,
    Your link to the chaser skit where they trolled Leyonhjelm and hurt his feelings has been taken down, but this one still works;

  6. Joseph Carli

    There is an interesting sardonic moment in Faulkner’s “The Sound and the Fury” where the african-american admonishes the white stock-player with the lesson that : “There are some folk who are so smart, they outsmart even themselves.”

  7. Joseph Carli

    Without capitalism, Lyinghelm would not exist. for he is but the scrapings from under those fingernails that give relief to an anal itch.

  8. Freethinker

    Time to have a proportional representation in Australia.

  9. corvus boreus

    Joseph Carli (8:46 pm),
    Here I was thinking that the lib-dem senator was a pustulent hemorrhoid attached to the sphincter of the body politic, but it seems I may have over-rated his substance.

  10. Joseph Carli

    corvus…I remember being told of this episode at a meeting of some socialist gathering where a certain “character” took over the podium to espouse on his favourite, long winded repost of those “yankee capitalist running dogs..” when from the back of the audience in the hall came a weary yet accurate description of the general opinion..: ” Ah..throw him off the stage..he’s a Waanker!”

  11. Peregrine McCauley

    The wise man points to the sky , as the unrepresentative swill , looks to his finger .

  12. Kronomex

    Pardon my French, but Leyonhjelm is a childish f*cking moron. The closest he got to “analysis” is when he broke down in a fit of toddler giggles because it contains the word “anal”. I can picture him running around telling people that it’s a naughty word because it has “anal” in it. Heeheehee…giggle…giggle…

    Milo’s theme song should be “You’re so vain.” A nasty right-wing narcissist who, like most of his type (Alex Jones, etc), is only out to make money and cause trouble to keep his ego inflated.

  13. vixstar

    Dear Malcom Turdball,

    thankyou for giving us a double dissolution and letting these effing treacherous assholes in our parliament destroying democracy. Give yourself a pat on the back and by the way I think your Chinese comments are going to backfire. Something tells me there will be a a line of people as long as the great wall of China, waiting to spill their guts of all the little donations and deals you have been doing with the reds under the beds…………

  14. Kaye Lee


    Very good point. Had it been a normal half senate election, Leyonhjelm would not have been elected. He was the twelfth successful candidate (as was Malcolm Roberts in Queensland). One good thing is he only got a three year term so we in NSW can get rid of the idiot next election.

    I also recall him arrogantly saying before the election that he would run and then retire and hand his seat to another Liberal Democrat. Seems he likes the limelight too much.

  15. Julian Sortland

    He also got in due to ~16% of intending Liberal – National voters being so incredibly thick that they marked this fool’s box. Compare this to Democratic Labor Party, which got ~4% of the Labor vote, and much of this may have been deliberate.

  16. Kronomex

    Kaye Lee, photo…urg…gag…gorge rising. What a revolting sight. Word fail me about Latham.

  17. James Cook

    Geez Kaye, after doing all that research on Lederhosen you’ll need a borax bath.

  18. Ricardo29

    Oh, go on Kronomex, they make a lovely couple. SSM coming up?

  19. Kronomex

    Oh jeez, I just had a horrifying thought about the photo: Was Latham giving Milo executive relief as well?

  20. wam

    We all surely know the biological mother but not our father? When I was young the tests showed a man not to be a father but could not prove paternity. Perhaps the twit still works at that level.
    But the system is stronger with people like him who is surely the equal of george or arsedrews or the rabbott, for value in canberra?

    What about lambe, hanson or hinch?

  21. Rosco H

    Latham has now shown his true colours. That hand shake with John Howard was definitely to throw the election. Definitely a right winger

  22. Harry

    Personal attacks and abuse make us feel better but that’s about it. David L is clearly no idiot, whatever we may think of him.

    Leyonhjelm is a long standing member of “free market” think tank the IPA and holds strong “small government” views. I think he sincerely holds his libertarian views though I strongly reject most of them as based on extremely flawed economic, social and power relation assumptions (mainly the notion that we can all “make it is the world” through our own efforts). The adoption of his views would worsen public discourse and social problems. There are signs of his philosophy in Coalition policies of course.

    I encourage reading the Wikipedia entry below:

  23. Egalitarian

    Latham is one sick mother !

  24. MikeW

    Kronomex, no not Latham giving him relief it’s Andrew Bolt but he’s lower down in the picture out of sight.

  25. townsvilleblog

    Honestly, some of the quacks we get in our parliaments I reckon I should stand, and would if I thought I would receive any more than two votes lol.

  26. Kaye Lee

    I went to the Liberal Democrats page to try to find out why Milo was invited to speak or what he was contributing to policy debate ….

    “Senator Leyonhjelm likes having Milo Yiannopolous around because he manages to outrage people that he considers silly…like the Greens. That seems like sufficient reason for him to be invited to parliament.”

    Sorry Harry but I stick by my opinion that this man is a juvenile fool who treats our parliament with contempt.

  27. Freethinker

    Having that man in the Senate it is an embarrassment.

  28. corvus boreus

    I think that sex without consent is rape, and that sex between mature men and underage boys is pedophilia.
    For these reasons, I am disgusted by the fact that Milo Yiannopoulis was invited and allowed to address national parliament.
    I am not surprised that David Leyonhjelm was responsible for this perverted creature sullying our halls of governance.
    The lib-dem senator specializes in shitting on basic decency for the sake of causing hurt and harm.

    If someone can giggle and gloat in response to mass-murder, the next logical step is proxy endorsement of pedophilic rape.

  29. Michael Taylor

    I share your disgust, cb. I am appalled.

    Next thing they’ll probably invite David Icke to address them.

  30. Mark Needham

    Milo, such a “Poo Poo Head”.
    Milo, the homosexual, who is now, allowed to be married in Australia.
    A great country, where being bitten on the bum, is popular.
    More power to Free Speech, Hey.!
    Mark Needham

  31. Mark Needham

    Such insightfull comment again, Kaye Lee.
    Not a nasty bone in your body.
    Mark Needham

  32. maarvarq

    Harry, “idiot” or “delusional” – to-May-to, to-Mah-to.

  33. Jane

    People like David Leyonhjelm are so damaging. I only vote for the Greens these days

  34. brian crooks

    Leyonhjelm isn`t the problem, its the dumb rednecks who voted for him , the whole 77 of them.

  35. Miriam English

    There are 77 members of Leyonhjelm’s family? Wow. 🙂

  36. Michael Taylor

    Kaye Lee, you can see above that Leyonhjelm finally thought it prudent to remove the scanned document from his Facebook page. It only took him six months to realise his stupidity.

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