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Health Professionals to Call on NSW Government to Phase Out Gas

Healthy Futures Media Release

A group of health professionals from Healthy Futures and NSW Doctors for Environment (DEA) today announced plans to issue an open letter to the NSW Minister for Health and the NSW Energy, Climate Change and Environment Minister calling for a phase-out of gas in homes and public buildings.

Healthy Futures is a health advocacy organisation that works to protect public health from the impacts of pollution and climate change. NSW Doctors for Environment is a group of doctors who are working to promote environmental sustainability and protect public health.

The open letter, which has already been signed by key health organisations, nationally and state-based, and by dozens of leading NSW health professionals, warns that gas poses a serious risk to human health.

Gas burning releases pollutants such as nitrogen dioxide, carbon monoxide, benzene, and radon, which can cause respiratory problems, cancer, and other health problems. Gas also contributes to climate change, which is the greatest threat to public health.

“We are calling on the NSW Government to phase out gas as soon as possible,” said Bronwyn McDonald, NSW Campaigner at Healthy Futures. “Gas is a dirty and dangerous fuel that is harming our health and our climate. We must switch to clean, renewable energy sources like solar and wind power.”

The letter will call on the NSW Government to take the following actions:

  • Phase out gas in all new homes and buildings by 2025.
  • Provide financial assistance to households on low incomes to switch to clean energy.

Retrofit public buildings, including hospitals and schools, to be gas-free.

“We need to act now to protect our health and our environment,” said Ms McDonald. “The time to phase out gas is now.”

NSW based nurse, Sarah Ellyard explained, “I signed onto the letter because gas is a health hazard in our homes, increasing the risk of asthma and exposure to toxic benzene and carbon monoxide.”

“Furthermore, the extraction and burning of gas poses unacceptable risks to communities and is driving the climate crisis, which is a health emergency” Ms Ellyard said.

The open letter will soon be delivered to the NSW Minister for Health and Environment. In the meantime, Healthy Futures and NSW Doctors for Environment call on health professionals and the public to sign the letter supporting a gas-free future.

To sign the letter, please visit Healthy Futures.


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  1. Harry Lime

    You might as well write a letter to Santa, or the tooth fairy never mind gas,just phase out our pathetic political class,then we might get some results.

  2. Phil Pryor

    We watch some cooking shows, partly for atmosphere, scenery, ideas, and to avoid extreme rubbish and repeats on commercial channels. All the shows feature skills with gas based cooking, and some oven usage. Gas, flaring, flaming, flipping, quick temperature changing, instant starts, all suggest gas is naturally reinforced as the way to cook. How can that be “beaten?”

  3. Barry

    I have to agree Phil. Keep gas for cooking, maybe mandate solar for hot water. The plan to shut down Oz gas for the public, on ‘health grounds,’ while continuing to export the rest to China, Korea and Japan does not stack up. It is one thing to want to improve the environment but if that comes at cost of driving the economy back into the 1930s, what’s the point?

  4. Michael Taylor

    How can that be beaten?

    Easy, Phil. Our wood stove on the farm on Kangaroo Island was unbeatable. 😀

  5. Phil Pryor

    M. T., a wood stove on Kangaroo island.., who would not believe in such marvels? I took my wife there for a birthday promise, 2013, a huge round touring trip (4,400 kms) and we enjoyed it all greatly.

  6. Michael Taylor

    Phil, the stove had other purposes as well: it was a kitchen heater, the stove top was perfect for heating up the old iron, and the coals doubled as a toaster.

    PS: I’m glad you loved the island. It’s a unique place.

  7. Phil Pryor

    M T. I’m aware of the versatility of the old stoves, long ago. They did an economical job all round. Much of the world still cooks and warms with traditional fuels and thus resultant emissions. On Kangaroo island (four days) we stayed once in a chap’s rental house on the north side, lovely peace and views. He was a park ranger, getting a little extra income. Great local produce…

  8. Canguro

    M.T., wood stoves are particularly dangerous if you happen to be a callow 17yr old ignoramus; I personally knew such a person – hah! – who was charged with keeping the homestead’s AGA stove on the go in the Xmas absence of the property’s manager & his family. Said youth stoked the firebox with kindling over the previous day’s coals, and closed the door. Looking through the viewing window, he could only see smoke, but no flames. Impatient, he opened the door and tossed in half a soup can’s worth of kerosene.

    Still no flames. Lots of smoke. Still impatient, he opened the door and threw in a lighted match.

    An explosion of heated kerosene fumes, a roar of flames out of the opened door, a blast of fire that singed all the hair off the front of the youth’s face. Wow! He never did that again!

  9. Phil Pryor

    That’s a tough way to shave…

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