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The Syrian refugee crisis has become the story of the week. The images of hundreds of refugees streaming off ferries, dozens in unseaworthy vessels, and endless lines walking along rail-line tracks toward Germany in search of a new life, have flooded our television news services.

In Australia, particularly on social media, the debate is in full swing. Will we accept our responsibilities and take some of these people? How many? How quickly? How soon?

Germany has lead the world in showing its concern for these unfortunate people caught up in a bloody conflict not of their doing. Now France and the UK have announced their intentions to follow Germany’s lead.

On Tuesday, a Newspoll peaked at 44% of Australians not wanting to take any refugees at all. They would sooner see these people starve to death or whatever, than let them come here.

That live poll result began to decline, however, once a call went out over social media sites encouraging fair-minded people to visit the website and vote.

A Channel 9 news poll showed 63% not wanting any Syrian refugees taken in here. As at this morning, Wednesday, the Channel 9 poll had risen to 66% preferring we took none.

I suspect Liberal party strategists were paying close attention to these polls with a third eye on the upcoming Canning bi-election.

abb Tony Abbott has already tried to make it a political issue. He said, “In the first full year we took 1000 and in the second full year, the last financial year, we took 2200 from the Syrian conflict,” noting that in Labor’s last year of office they only took 98.

Even in the midst of a humanitarian crisis, politics is never far away. Labor has moved for an immediate intake of 10,000. They have played their hand without worrying about public opinion.

It remains to be seen what assistance the government will extend but only the naïve could think it would be on the basis of true compassion first and politics second.

Over the next 10 days until the people of Canning vote, I suspect there will be a good deal of internal polling in Canning to determine what the “right decision” is and I suspect the government’s final decision will be delayed as long as it takes to get a firm grasp of the feelings inside that electorate.

Based on the government’s performance thus far, one can rightly expect they are looking for a wedge. Shorten has given them one. They can go higher or lower than 10,000. How much of their decision will be based on the results of their internal polling we will probably never know.

bern But if we are to take the likes of Cory Bernardi’s insensitivity as a guide, it could well be lower. Time will tell. A decision is expected today but whatever the decision is, I expect that much of the government script from here on in, will need to be interpreted with Canning in mind.

Call me cynical. Maybe I’ve been watching too much of “House of Cards” and distrust Tony Abbott as much as I distrust Frank Underwood, but following politics does that to you.


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  1. philgorman2014

    Such a parcel of opportunist rogues and ill informed bigots in a nation.

    Has the focus merely shifted from “swamped by Irish, swamped by Poms, swamped by Refos, Balts, Italians, Greeks, Turks; swamped by Asians to swamped by Syrians”? Does any one actually remember the furores over Hawke’s welcoming of Chinese, let alone Frazers welcoming of Vietnamese, or even Howard’s welcoming of Kosovars? Are we still feeing swamped? – NO. WTF!!!!!

    Are Australians really so stupid?? Not all of us, perhaps, but maybe three quarters; and that’s a BIG PROBLEM blighting our progress.

  2. philgorman2014

    Anyone Australian who’s not depressed has no idea of what’s happened to us.

  3. Möbius Ecko

    OK a couple of things have hit social media, one from an article in the Daily Telegraph behind a pay wall.

    One. Story is the Liberal party room has agreed to accept 12000 permanent Syrian refugees.

    Two, if true would be unconscionable at any level. The Tele has reported Abbott told Defence Chiefs he wanted at least one air strike by the end of the week. I hope that as is the norm from the Tele, this is bullshit. If true though Abbott has to immediately go. There’s no way the leader of a democratic nation can stay in power on the back of requesting military action for purely political purposes in light of an upcoming election.

  4. Möbius Ecko

    $40m for the UNHCR and 12,000 permanent Syrian refugee places.

    The choice of 12,000 is interesting in that it’s obviously political in the minimal amount to up Labor’s request for 10,000, and so will be used as a cudgel for that reason. It has nothing to do with being compassionate or generous.

  5. kizhmet

    Thank you for the update ME. Totally agree with your assessment of the numbers.

    When this started, I actually thought Abbott could come undone. Yes, silly me. I suspect you may be right John, public reaction bears the hallmarks of a possible 9/11. Although there is still a significant number on social media who remain skeptical of anything Abbott says. I’m wary of polls. What demographic was polled I wonder?

  6. Kaye Lee

    And what of the hundreds/thousands of people who have been rotting for years in the hellholes we threw them into?

  7. Kaye Lee

    Is he still saying they have to be Christians?

    And if that is true, that Tony told defence they have to bomb something by the end of the week, that is outrageous. It once again shows he is willing to kill people for political gain. He has gone too far

  8. mars08

    My tolerance for the idiots, bigots, rednecks, bed-wetters and military junkies has dropped to precisely ZERO.

  9. Paddy Forsayeth

    A good article John Kelly.
    I wonder if all the refugees streaming into Europe and Germany are all intent on settling there…seeking a new life as you say. I wonder how many of them want to return home when the conditions permit? This point I think ought to be more strongly put and debated. To pose the question in a poll “How many Syrian refugees will Australia resettle?” is not the same as “How many Syrian refugees will Australia accommodate and care for while the Syrian mess continues?” Here’s a thought. If Gina Reinhart were (by a quantum warp) give all her money to these people she could pay 50 000 Syrian refugees $500 each per day for 25 years! The initial debate must be the difference (and then the feasabiliy) of resettlement compared with temporary protection. Both courses of action have their concerns, for the Syrians and for us. I am yet to be convinced that all people fleeing war and devastation don’t want to return home one day.

  10. Paddy Forsayeth

    Kaye Lee, I, along with heaps more people like you, am outraged by the lies, deceit and secrecy about the concentration camps on Manus and Nauru. I am deeply ashamed of this country for allowing this to happen. When will we have the parallel to the anti Vietnam protests of my youth? Who will walk the streets? Who will BANG THE TABLE? The whole thing distresses me…I could weep.

  11. Kaye Lee

    It is to be hoped that this will bring their plight under more scrutiny and our government under more pressure to stop their bloody mindedness.

    Those that have been in detention for years have suffered enough for their decision to ask for our help. Let them out. Let them build new lives. Even murderers are eventually set free.

    We have closed at least 11 onshore detention camps. These could be reopened for new arrivals as needs be. The community should also be included with a way for them to offer what help they can.

    Why must this be so hard?

  12. mars08

    And if those asylum seekers were blonde, fair skinned Christians…. would it still be a case of “f&#k off, we’re full”?

  13. jimhaz

    [My tolerance for the idiots, bigots, rednecks, bed-wetters and military junkies has dropped to precisely ZERO]

    If you had power, you’d end up a totalitarian. In the end the most polarised share a lot in common.

  14. Roswell

    It’s simple. People will die so that Abbott can win an election.

  15. jimhaz

    [Mr Abbott said Australia would “move quickly” to resettle refugees but they would be subject to regular security checks]

    That will be a good excuse to add another 1000 low paid Broader Farce jobs.

  16. Ross in Gippsland

    I have re-posted this comment because it’s funny and at this point in time a good laugh is what’s needed.

    The scene, the PMO, sometime in the near future.
    Tony: Right, Joe this is an old trick I picked up in the seminary. We tell Liberal Party HQ that I’ve gone insane, and I’ll be invalided back to England before you can say “Woobble” — a poor gormless idiot.
    Joe: But I’m a poor gormless idiot, Tony, and I’ve never been invalided back to England.
    Tony: Yes, Joe, but you’ve never said “Wooble.” Now, ask me some simple questions.
    Joe: Right. What is your name?
    Tony: Wooble…
    Joe: What is two plus two?
    Tony: Oh, wooble wooble.
    Joe: Where do you live?
    Tony: Canberra.
    Joe: Eh?
    Tony: A small village on Mars, just outside the capital city, Wooble.
    Peta: (enters) All the cabinet present and correct, Tony. Ready for the off, eh?
    Tony: I’m afraid not, Peta; I’m just off to Hartleypool to buy some exploding trousers.
    Peta: Come again, Tony — have you gone barking mad?
    Tony: Yes, Peta, I have. Cluck, cluck, gibber, gibber, my old man’s a mushroom, et cetera. Go send a runner to tell General Cosgrove that your PM has gone insane and must return to England at once.
    Peta: But, Tony, how utterly ghastly for you! I mean, well, you’ll miss the whole rest of the election!
    Tony: Yes, very bad luck. Beep!
    Peta: Right.
    Tony: Beep!
    Peta: Joe, I’ll be back as soon as I can.
    Tony: Pah-pah!
    Peta: Whatever you do, don’t excite him. (leaves)

    (With apologies to the lord of adders black).

  17. Möbius Ecko

    Don’t have to be Christians according to Abbott, but Bishop states they will work with agencies closely to prioritise the most persecuted minorities, who according to one Liberal yesterday were Christians.

    Correction $44m to UNHCR after not giving a single cent to them since they first savagely cut the aid budget. Why not have continued to fund them in the first place?

    Tim Dunlop has hit the nail on the head. 12,000 was chosen as it was above Labor’s 10,000 but not close to the Green’s 20,000 for people to say why haven’t they gone the whole hog.

  18. donwreford

    If forty four % of Australians do not want any intake of these refugees and how many more who who do not want to state they want these people? surely Abbott is keeping in line with what the voting population wants? and that is what the Liberals and most parties want is to stay in power regardless of morality, many Australians cannot afford moral considerations although Australia is thought to be a wealthy country, most people I know are struggling to keep up whilst a few do make big money as in the coalition of the imperialistic financial forces.

  19. mars08

    In the past couple of days, one thing has become very clear… many (most?) Australians don’t care how many innocent Muslim men, women and children are slaughtered or suffer hardship. In fact, I suspect the idea of RAAF jets dropping bombs on Syria makes them quite happy…. simply because high explosives are being dumped on Muslims… any Muslims.

  20. G Moss

    Any actions taken by Tony Abbott (on any issue really) are cast in the light of pure self-interest and whatever it would take to hang onto power. I suspect that he sees his colleagues in the same way – a means to his ends (unfortunately not his end). Tony Abbott – a very un-christian man.

  21. kerri

    I made two comments online recently regarding these refugees.
    1/ how long will it be before the refugees on Nauru and Manus riot (and rightly so) because they have been at best pushed further back in the queue and at worst forgotten/disregarded/politically expedient?
    2/ what will Abbott do if his errand boy Dutton comes back with the message that what Australia could best do to help in this humanitarian crisis is to take care of the refugees in it’s own region so that other countries currently picking up the slack for Aus can do their best for the refugees in their region?

  22. kerri

    If Abbott is going to announce 12,000 does that mean Shorten has finally figured out how to wedge Abbott??
    And why won’t Bill add a codicil that those on Nauru, Manus and Christmas Island must first be absorbed itno the community?
    Also I suspect the polls regarding f**k off we’re full, were targetted to unsympathetic audiences!

  23. jim

    Just how anyone can take this sick Liebrial government seriously is beyond me.

  24. stephentardrew

    Immoral cynicism and delusions of grandeur once again coming before the lives of the suffering and disenfranchised.

    They know not tears of grief only tides of war.

  25. keerti

    australia likes to think itself the land of the “fair go.” The land of “F==k you I’m alright Jack,” is more accurate. 66% of them would happily leave millions of people “living” in thousands of tents in the wasteland .

  26. diannaart

    I am an atheist, who happened to be born in Australia, and am now feeling very persecuted as only Christians from Syria will be rescued by Abbott government – should I leave?

    Where will I go?

    Does anyone have a boat?


  27. mars08


    If you had power, you’d end up a totalitarian…

    Cool. In that case, I’d be perfectly suited to 21st century Australia!

  28. Davdi Bruce

    A three year old Syrian child was drowned and washed up on a beach in Greece.The controlled media had pics on the 6 pm news around the world, After 2 years of refugee crisis we now have to ‘DO SOME THING’
    is there a war?
    There will be when they send ground forces into Syria. Russia has 10,000 paratroopers waiting to greet them. Mr Putin had some choice words for the President of Turkey, something about facing your Stalingrad! (smile emoticon)
    Now we are just bombing by NATO (or Nato now) planes. Britain, Canada and Captain Chaos, in Australia, have been asked to help now
    USA was told to get control of central Russian oil, gas and minerals
    But they have to destroy, Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya and Iran first
    Simple, huh?
    But they are running out of time…

  29. mark delmege

    Scum bags the lot of them lib labs and greens – after 4 years of various covert ops finally an ’emtionalism’ that hit the spot – organising Turkey to release all those refugees onto Europe was a master stroke in perception management. Emotionalism being the propaganda tool of choice. But for a little understanding read this – a declassified document from uncle samuel that shows just how they lined up with al qada from day one.

  30. mark delmege

    I’ll be very surprised if it doesn’t morph into an expressed effort at regime change – which was of course the original plan. This is imperialism at its worst.

  31. Margaret McMillan

    I don’t know why you include the Greens in your ‘scum bag’ description Mark. Surely the Greens are the only ones so far who have consistently called for an end to offshore detention and a better, fairer asylum seeker policy.
    I’m with philgorman – the last couple of years has left those who have watched closely what the Abbott government has been doing are feeling under attack, desperate and very, very concerned that those who have less interest or who are guided by Murdoch might just vote this joke of a government in again.
    We are in danger of losing all hope that Australia will ever recover from this assault on our freedom and parliamentary democracy.

  32. Ian D

    It is difficult to decipher what ‘persecuted minorities’ actually means. With the Liberals it probably mostly means Christian without saying so explicitly – although they have mentioned other minorities. (though some of their more right wing members have made facebook posts etc. claiming it represents christians)

    As I understand it the people most targeted by Assad are sunnis – and they have suffered the most harm. The sunnis however are the majority (60% of population). Besides shia muslims, minorities include Christians, kurds, atheists and some other small groups.

    When there have been large numbers of refugees escaping war in the last fifty years, many of them have ultimately wanted to return home when it is safe to do so. This is unlikely in Syria, as before the current conflict escalated they experienced their longest and most severe drought – Syria is a global warming hot spot. The result of the drought was a large migration to urban areas and the collapse of local farming. This was one of the big factors in the start of the current conflict. It means for many people who have sought refuge, there will be no desire to ever go back.

    Many of the forecasts about the impacts of global warming predicted mass exodus of people from the middle east and Northern Africa to Europe fuelled by global warming and local conflicts exacerbated by global warming. Perhaps this is partly the story here.

  33. mars08

    @Ian D…. surely a persecuted minority, by Australian standards, would be any asylum seekers entering Australian waters?

  34. mark delmege

    Margaret because they are blaming the victim and failing to explain why all this has happened. just like when Bob Brown supported the destruction of Libya. I haven’t heard them once criticising the US and others for running covert ops – for arming training and coordinating terrorists in their attempt at regime change. Syria aint perfect but it doesn’t deserve this. I have put up enough articles and links here over the years to explain this but the Greens have failed to show any leadership. They have become just another middleclass vote grabbing party.

  35. Ian D

    @MARS08 – mostly agree mars08 – the term ‘persecuted minority’ was one the Liberals chose to use when announcing the increased intake. The decision has not gone down well with a lot of nasty right wingers – the Liberal pages are full of racist bile – much of it directed at Tony Abbott. Ironic.

  36. mars08

    Ian D… i was just having a dig.

    As for the fools demonising the refugees on social media… there’s a question that’s bugging me…

    Those mongrels make it very clear that they don’t care how many innocent Muslim men, women and children are slaughtered or suffer. In fact they often demand that someone sink the boats or nuke the whole Middle East.

    Soooo…. why do they still go to the trouble of making pathetic excuses or creating lies about Islam (and asylum seekers) to justify their murderous attitude. Why do they deny their racism?

    They certainly seem to be in the majority. So why not just proudly admit they fear/hate ALL Muslims and want them dead?

    Can someone please explain the psychology behind that behaviour?

  37. corvus boreus

    mark delmege,
    The Greens may not have raised such allegations, but they did put up the proposal (last year I think) that any decisions for overseas military combat deployments be run by parliament first.
    Of course, the motion was voted down by the major parties (bipartisan), but I give them points for trying.
    Richard Di Natale has yet to earn my disgust.

  38. mark delmege

    with respect corvus you are not paying attention

  39. corvus boreus

    Was the recount of events within my statement incorrect?

  40. mark delmege

    not that I know but that kinda misses my point. That document i linked to above made it quite clear that the ‘west and others’ were in cahoots with the likes of al qaeda from the very start – and if you remember the other day a posted a link showing British and French discussions years before the so called arab spring. I would say the Yanks and Israel have been planning on this for a decade or more. but you won’t get any of that from the Greens. They seem more than happy to ignore the role of empire in this catastrophe – which was my criticism. They are just another vassal party in a vassal state – with a few minor quibbles.

  41. Lizzie

    Came across this today. It’s the second time I’ve seen a report about this.

    Israel Grants Oil Rights in Syria to Murdoch and Rothschild

    Explains why Murdoch was soooooo desperate to get this shower elected. I have no doubt this has been in the planning for sometime. Some comments have been that the report is 2 years old but Murdoch’s propaganda machine takes time to come to fruition?

    Along with drilling in the arctic, amidst reports of rapid climate change due to increased methane release, these greedy, corrupt, billionaires will not stop until there is nothing left to pillage.

    We are in desperate, desperate times.

  42. Lizzie

    Thanks Kaye. Where does this fit with everything? Make the area safe enough to start drilling for oil?

  43. Annie B

    Good article John …

    Cannot quite follow, the wavering thoughts of debate on this thread – but then that’s debate – it can go all over the place.

    Would like to know how anyone could establish who is Christian and who is not ? in regards to refugees …. Mind you, ( I think ) there would not be too many Muslims who would proclaim their allegiance to christianity … however it leaves a sombre thought that some ISIS might be riding on the backs of refugee-dom – to gain access to other countries to continue their vile work. … That could be a big worry.

    While I think wholeheartedly John, that you believe the stats – e.g. “Channel 9 poll had risen to 66%” – link that you posted in good faith – I frankly think the numbers have been well and truly, fudged. I have googled till my head hurts, and can find nothing that underscores the huge (shown) percentage of Aussies who do not want Syrian refugees ( or refugees of any calibre ). Also, I ‘voted’ for the 20,000 intake, and on repeated revisits, nothing has changed – on any level.

    66% of Australians allegedly polled as ‘NO’ is a stretch way too far. Channel 9, while occasionally having a bit of a ‘go’ at the incumbent government, is largely pro-conservative > to extreme right in its’ reporting. … and the bogan numbskull responses underscore it all. … Of course, we all know things can be edited out to justify !!! Maybe there were other comments put there, not commensurate with the intended thrust of the article and the poll ‘graph’.

    I do not believe it – that 66 % of Australians are against refugee assistance.

    Not wishful thinking on my part, either.

  44. Annie B

    As for Cory Bernardi … what could anyone expect from a crocodile but an aggressive gutteral grunt. That comment he made shows an alarmingly decreased degree of intelligence and brain power ( did I say ‘intellegence / brain’ ?? ) … and he has decidedly stepped big time on his own horrid foot, by denouncing ‘political favour’ in using the poor young boy’s demise as ‘political garner’ . “Speaking in parliament last night, Senator Bernardi said it was “a bit sanctimonious” to call for a more generous refugee program by using the image of drowned Syrian toddler Aylan Kurdi.”

    But – I suppose it is ok for the pee-em of this country to use the death of this poor little boy – to ‘prove’ his much overstated mantra – “that’s what happens when you don’t stop the boats”. He did say this, but I cannot find the link at this time …. I did however, find the following :

    “We saw yesterday on our screens a very sad, poignant image of children tragically dead at sea in illegal migration,” Mr Abbott told ABC radio. “Thankfully, we have stopped that in Australia because we have stopped the illegal boats.”

    This from the mongrel that leads our nation ( at the moment ). He made political kudos out of the death of an innocent little boy, to push his personal mantra of ‘stop the (f*cking) boats” ….

    I saw that ‘deliverance’ from the incumbent, and felt sick to my stomach. …. That he – or anyone – could make political inroads, based on the death of a young boy who had no chance of life – there, or in a better place on this earth. ( if there is such a thing at this time ).

    Disgusting beyond belief.

  45. Denis Bright in Brisbane

    Thanks to John Kelly for not under-estimating the brash cunning of the LNP’s communication machine in election mode.

    The LNP sensed a change in the popular mood during the week. A refugee intake of some 12,000 Syrians from camps in adjacent countries helped to soften the decision to send the RAAF into Syria.

    All this was achieved with bipartisan political support.

    I think Prime Minister Abbott comes out of the mix with some net positive affect for the Canning by-election on 19 September.

    By taking the Syrian refugees from camps adjacent to Syria, even the Prime Minister’s Stop the Boats Strategies are intact.

    In a more informed electorate, the Australia Government would have done more to steer the Syrian crisis through the Security Council some years ago.

    Now mainstream news networks can focus on Daesh and Assad as the only causes of the Syrian crisis.

  46. Annie B

    @ Denis Bright of Brisbane –

    Interesting comments … but have to disagree with a couple of them.

    The LNP ( and others ) sense changes in mood every half day at least – they pounce on electorate ‘moods’ and take advantage to any degree they can, which of course includes a whole heap of lying through their collective teeth. …. But then – that’s politics !!!

    I doubt that accepting refugees could ‘soften’ the idea that we are again ‘at war’ by employing the RAAF to drop bombs in the Syrian region. …… But of course, that WAS the political ploy.

    Aiming at specific ISIS targets, is one thing – getting it right, is another. Heard on a programme just today – ” how typical !! … U.S. pilots cannot figure out the difference between a chicken farm and an ammunitions factory” …. and in that dreadful muddle in Syria – how could anyone be assured, that they ( any of the bombers ) will hit the right target ( considering ISIS will hide itself amongst civilians ). Nice ? – NOT.

    And I certainly hope this does not impact in any way, on the outcome of the Canning by-election, which is not looking good for abbott and his cronies. … We can hope this by-election results in a screaming heap for the federal guv’mint. … am kind of thinking it just might !!! 😉

    Frankly, I think the pee-em’s “Stop the Boats” policy is in tatters. It has been slammed internationally and here, which actually says a whole lot. …. Whether Australians have SEEN those slammings, is another matter though. … One can only hope we are all up to speed on the current situation with Nauru and Manus Island, and that we see through the intent of this government, in regards to detainees in those horrid places. ….. Their intent is gross, to put it mildly.

    As for the MSM – unfortunately, they won’t be bothered with concentrating on the Daesh and Assad – even though that WOULD be preferable. …. MSM like and report on, only ‘what bleeds’ and attends to its’ ratings audiences’ preferences, for kudos. … So they will give their audiences what they think they want. … Never mind the facts – show only the dramatic and sensational.

    The whole damnable, bloody thing, is making me – and many thousands of others, unutterably ill.

  47. mark delmege

    just watch the mission creep by that other creep bush oh sorry Obama.

  48. Roswell

    Abbott could be getting us into more than he bargained for.

    US Secretary of State John Kerry suggested as much Saturday, Sept. 5, when he expressed concern over reports of Russia’s “increasing military build-up in Syria” in a phone call to Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov. The State Department reported: “The Secretary made clear that if such reports were accurate, these actions could further escalate the conflict, lead to greater loss of innocent life, increase refugee flows and risk confrontation with the anti-ISIL coalition operation in Syria.”

    Kerry was referring to potential Russian interference with US-led coalition air strikes against the Islamic State in Syria.

    Russia sends world’s largest submarine, with 200 nukes, to Syria

  49. mark delmege

    maybe only russia can stop syria being overtaken by american/gulf death squads

  50. Annie B

    So – we are on the brink again ?

    Much like the rabbut governments’ constant rant “It’s all Labors’ fault” … the U.S. Secretary of State is now going to preach that it is “all Russias’ fault” ….

    Well – that’s path he is heading down, isn’t it.

    Political rhetoric, accusations and gaming gain.



    The link Roswell posted, mentions the worlds’ largest submarine – the Dmitri Donskoy (TK-208), Nato-coded Typhoon – has set sail for the Mediterranean. …. To flex Russias’ muscles no doubt – and heaven knows what else.

    Who would’ve thunk it —- somebody has something larger than the U.S. can boast about.

    Just sayin’.

  51. John Kelly

    Annie B, I don’t believe the 66% either. But if some of the right wing rhetoric flowing from conservative social media sites is any indication, the number is significant.

  52. lawrencewinder

    Watching Leigh “Hissy-Fit” Sales allow Rabid-the-Hun to dismember what was left of his mortally wounded ruling rabble. If he had been cogent in his right-wing and fascist views one may have been hateful, but this interview showed him as a bumbling, incoherent dissembler who is, like the rest of the rabble he leads, totally clueless about running this nation and where all you could feel watching this pathetic thug, was sorrow for the nation. Sales also made a fleeting reference to refugees on Manus and Nauru only to have Rabid aver to them coming to Oz as that would “reward the people smugglers.”
    His twisted logic and perverted thinking must, like the rabble he leads, be expunged soon.

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  54. corvus boreus

    mark delmege,
    The link you left at 5;49 reads like a brief summary situation report. As far as I could surmise, there is no direct admission of complicity or collusion with al qaeda or others within it’s pages.
    It is not that I think the US incapable of such actions (I know something of their history of pullng similar stunts), but credible political accusation needs a lot more corroborative evidence than does personal opinion, especially with a minority party that struggles for public credibility as it is.

  55. mark delmege

    (WTF is this ….personal opinion, especially with a minority party that struggles for public credibility as it is)

    I’m a little staggered at you inability, corvus, to read the document. It says quite clearly that al qaeda was part of the Syrian opposition from the earliest and that it was backed by the US and others.
    Classification; Secret (declassified)
    To Washington DC
    August 2012,
    The general Situation
    A. Internally, events are taking a clear sectarian direction.
    B. The Salafist, The Muslim Brotherhood, and (AQI) Al qaeda are the major forces driving the insurgency in Syria.
    C. The West, Gulf Countries, and Turkey support the opposition; While Russia, China, and Iran support the Regime.
    B. Alqaeda supported the syrian opposition from the beginning, both ideologically and through the media ….
    C. Alqaeda conducted a number of operations in several Syrian Cities under the name of Jaish Al Nusra…
    D. Alqaeda, through the spokesman of the Islamic State of Iraq…

  56. kizhmet

    Interesting article on Quartz – amazing how “facts” find their way into reporting – as we regularly see on AIMN – and when not subject to muck we tolerate from MSM. This is how our PM and Australia are viewed internationally:

    Far from Abbott’s boast we “lead the world” resettling refugees, we are ranked 22nd overall, 28th per capita and 46th (!!) relative to total GDP. So much for Australia’s generosity.

    The rascist bile in the comments following a Canberra Times article, was disturbing to say the least.

    SMH comments seem more balanced, definitively supporting refugee intake. I do not understand how the 66% opposition to refugee intake is justified.

  57. virtualnonsense

    Has Abbott found his 9/11? He absolutely has. This is just what he’s been waiting for, to detract from actually governing which he is clearly incapable of doing. What a distraction. A couple of points I’d like to make Firstly, I’ve noticed that in my FB feed, not all voices are happy about the intake of the additional 12,000 Syrian asylum seekers with calls about ‘why aren’t we looking after our homeless, aged, unemployed etc? Why should we take them in when we need to look after our own first’. This is odd, as those same voices don’t really give a hoot at any other time about the homeless, aged, unemployed… And secondly, I truly believe the only reason why an additional 12,000 Syrians are being accepted in Australia is for the sole purpose to allow Abbott to get the big guns out which is all he’s ever wanted. Abbott et al don’t care about the Syrian crisis or any of the other humanitarian crises, he just wants to bomb the baddies. In fact, I’m surprised that’s not one of his 3-word slogans…Bomb the Baddies.

  58. virtualnonsense

    Oh my, I’ve just caught up on the news that Abbott is not releasing the Syrian asylum seekers already in detention. That man has not one iota of humanity, compassion or empathy in him.

  59. mars08

    For me, the story about Abbott accepting 12000 Syrian refugees is further proof that he is NOT racist. He is simply a dishonest, heartless, unscrupulous idiot who will bully and betray anyone who threatens his position as PM.

  60. jim

    Hell no Abbott isn’t racist? Bullcrap, here he talks about his Jesus not being for the Liberal party poor sod,and also his catholic view on asylum seekers.

  61. mars08

    @jim… so racist AND an unrestrained, shameless, opportunistic thug?

  62. Mark Needham

    “”diannaartSeptember 9, 2015 at 2:04 pm
    should I leave?
    Where will I go?
    Does anyone have a boat?

    Only because I owe you one,diannaart,
    Yes, I have a boat.
    It is yours.
    I will supply petrol and food.

    Feeling real clever,
    Mark Needham.

    PS. As I have always said, the level of conversation, is rather drab and now I have joined in.
    Does it make me feel good?
    Not in particular.
    Does it help?
    But sometimes I really want to kick the dog.
    I just can not understand, all of the “ditch the witch and Skidmarks”
    We really are animals, Hey!

  63. diannaart


    You would risk incarceration as a people smuggler for l’il ole me?

    Be still my beating heart.

  64. Mark Needham

    Don’t you go getting soft on me, now.
    Mark Needham

  65. Pingback: Has Abbott found his 9/11? | THE VIEW FROM MY GARDEN

  66. Michael Taylor

    The attacks in Paris yesterday most certainly would have been used by Abbott as his 9/11.

  67. DC

    Damn straight he would have. I think we dodged a massive bullet not having him in the top job to exploit our fears at this time for his own job security. Abbott must have been crying all day yesterday even harder than he cried when he got shirt fronted by Diet Tony Turnbull. But his tears wouldn’t be for the people of Paris, just for himself and his missed opportunity

  68. Michael Taylor

    Too true, DC. I’m betting now that he’ll get a lot of exposure via the shock jocks and Bolt. They’ll want to give him a microphone as quickly and as often as they can.

    Already the Abbott propaganda machine is in full swing:I saw a poster with a picture of Abbott and the words “This man tried to warn Europe two weeks ago”.

  69. Chris the Greatly Dismayed

    Michael it would be interesting to know if Abbott has been hanging out with Mark Textor or that Paul Staines of ‘Guido Fawkes’. I imagine he is canvassing the dirty tricksters right about now.

  70. Michael Taylor

    More than likely, Chris.

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