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Hanson displays her ignorance – again

By Jane Salmon

In suggesting that ‘autistic kids should be removed from mainstream classes,’ Pauline Hanson has reached a new low.

The view Hanson reflects is one of ignorant prejudice, scarcity and austerity.

Yep, my tackers with ASD are sometimes disruptive or especially emotional. They have painful struggles. This is easing with time, skill, therapy and care.

By embracing students with additional needs we all grow. We grow in empathy and we grow more taxpayers.

Teachers need the skills and training to support all kids who go under the radar in mainstream (as well as those who are diagnosed). Our kids have potential whether in the mainstream, support classes or special schools.

Too often the potential of PWD is wasted. Colouring-in and DVDs are no substitute for growing into the challenges of a mainstream cohort. Students with additional needs deserve stimulus and opportunity as well as specialised help.

That was the vision of Gonski for Disability. A whole generation is missing out on this. It benefits everyone.

The Finnish education model creates a global brains trust.

Our system creates a workforce that is less innovative, less capable and less competitive on a global scale.

We need to skill up, not down, if we are to meet the challenges of modernity and artificial intelligence.

My firstborn with ASD in Year 10 recently undertook a standard school occupational test. This child was segregated in an autism support class to start off. He often skips classes; volunteering to set up assembly, doing light and sound, going to TAFE automotive lessons, enjoying woodwork, doing group projects in the library. His citizenship is terrific. The Principal says he helps keep the school of 1600 running. I think having challenges as a family has taught him about what matters.

The occupational testers acknowledged that he wants to go straight into the workforce as a train timetabler or busdriver. However the same testers suggested that his Plan B should be something like aeronautical engineering. And both the Automotive Instructor at TAFE and the Modern History teacher have BEGGED for him to stay on for the HSC although he has chosen advanced maths, physics, chemistry, engineering.

I couldn’t be happier.

The struggle to cross from support classes to the mainstream has paid off. The special diet, the therapies, TLC and fuss have paid for themselves if he becomes a useful taxpayer.

Hanson is missing the point of the NDIS and much else. She misses empathy. She misses the value of us all rising on the same tide of opportunity.

We grow as a group.

Imagine if Hanson had enjoyed access to expert teachers interested in her intellectual and emotional development.


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  1. Freethinker

    Jane Salmon say, quote:
    “Imagine if Hanson had enjoyed access to expert teachers interested in her intellectual and emotional development.”

    Jane, Compassion and moral values are within the person, teaching will be no good.
    She is at the same lower lever than Dutton and others.
    Now, the question is, what the people that support Hanson think about this?

  2. Keitha Granville

    She missed the point because she has the intelligence of a gumboot. Not sure what school she went to but it failed miserably. I suspect she may have been a disruptive bully so they let her be and she didn’t learn a thing.
    All children benefit from sharing their learning lives with students of all capabilities. Let’s not go back to the days of streaming where classes were divided into “smart “kids and “dumb”kids. The former did science and languages and history, the latter sewing, cooking, typing and shorthand. (I was at a girls’school , guess boys did woodwork and mechanics) Presumably this ensured that the elite classes managed to stay above the typists and housewives on the social scale. Goodness knows why she would want to be back in that society – she would still be in the fish and chip shop.

    PLEASE, Queensland voters, get rid of this horrible woman.

  3. Joseph Carli

    Whichever way you look at Hanson and her performance and policies AND her fellow stooges in Parliament..: She’s as thick as dumb as a box of rocks and as predictable as a suburban street. As big a waste as a bag of picked chicken hopeless as lost love and as useless as a fifth wheel on a wagon. As foolish as a wet Labrador troubling as a bad gormless as a goose and as shit-brained as a drunken nun. As vicious as a wounded snake, as tenacious as a toothache and as promising as a drought-ridden paddock. As empty as a drum full of air, as difficult as a slippery stair, as selfish as Dickens Scrooge and as much use as a broken vinyl record. As politically appealing as a bowl-full of vomit, as vacant as an acre of blue sky and has as much chance of winning the Qld. election as a small basket of Flo’s pumpkin scones…

    I could go on, but I think you get my drift!

  4. Ian Ellis

    There is some evidence appearing that seems to indicate that Hanson callously speaks in this disgusting way in order to attract voters who have an even lower level of intelligence that she possesses. It is unfortunate that, now she has re-entered parliament, she now has enhanced media attention – which often seems to seek her out because of her extremes of bigotry and misinformation, and even seems to agree with her on occasion. This recent nasty rant, in particular, is obviously deeply hurtful to parents and children who are in any way disadvantaged by disability, and, it seems from her clumsy acknowledgement of this hurt, she says it anyway. There is absolutely no doubt that this awful woman is NOT, in any way, a ‘do gooder’, this childish appellation being one of her favourite ways of dismissing anyone who doesn’t agree with her ignorant poison. Nastiness is now firmly added to her other unpalatable characteristics.

  5. Roswell

    Hanson is indefensible over this. What a pity that the usual suspects will come to her defence.

    It is their right, of course, but their love for Hanson is stronger than their sense of morality.

    Such a shame. “Sad” even, some would say.

  6. Kaye Lee

    Feel free to leave a comment on Pauline’s facebook page. This was mine….

    Your appalling ignorance is one thing, your disgusting lack of empathy is another. You are utterly heartless and too stupid to understand the damage you do every time you open your mouth. Rather than removing children who need our help from mainstream education, it would be far more productive if you were removed from mainstream politics. Stop talking about things about which you know nothing….oh wait…that would be EVERYTHING.

  7. jamesss

    When you actually look into her eyes in the above picture, No One is home.

  8. Joseph Carli

    Kaye Lee…I’d put mine up, but it is a maxim that the stupid (her supporters) when confronted with their own foolishness, seem to gather strength such deeds and are soon impatient to move onto their next level of foolishness.

  9. Kaye Lee

    Pauline feels threatened by a lot of things because she doesn’t have the capacity to understand. She has attracted the worst in society and exists in that echo chamber of ignorance and fear. In amongst the furore going on on her facebook page and twitter, Pauline gleefully announced that she is introducing something in the house tomorrow about halal certification. She really doesn’t have a clue.

  10. Deanna Jones

    Where the hell does she get these shitty regressive ideas? The evidence is well and truly in that mainstream schooling leads to optimal outcomes for kids with additional needs. It’s about their basic human right to inclusion in education but it also makes sense because all of society benefits when people can achieve optimal outcomes. Autism Spectrum Disorder seems to be a bit of a hobby horse for the right wing industrial complex. I recall Miranda Devine writing something horrifying about it last year.

  11. Simon Green

    Maybe she’s still upset that Dorothy dropped a house on her sister.

  12. Carol Taylor

    I just wonder where Ms Hanson is going to send all the kids currently integrated into mainstream schooling? Which Special Schools might these be? Or is it that along with her plan to kick kids with disabilities out of mainstream schooling that she is going to build dozens of new Special Schools and of course greatly increase funding. I am appalled at the ego of Ms Hanson, that she believes that she has the ability to decide which school a child with a disability should attend.

  13. paulwalter

    They display all the hallmarks of the borderline personality…empathy free loci of brutality

    We have Dutton’s sadism re Mogjan Shamsalipoor, Hanson on autism and the Centrelink proposal for blood testing of people on welfare trying to recover from addiction issues.

    Not to mention the oafishness displayed as to the crass attacks on the Judiciary. That’s just in the last few days.

  14. Freethinker

    Just wonder if what you Paul are mention it is within Malcolm Turnbull interpretation of “Australian Values”

  15. kerri

    HAG! The word springs to mind every time I see her nasty, vomit-inducing face.
    HAG,HAG,HAG, there is no other description.
    Hanson cannot comprehend the concept that people who have issues with communication may just be that teeny weeny ENORMOUSLY more intelligent than she? Hanson is the classic Dunning/Kruger and the fact that people vote for her and support her is further proof of the failings of our education system. The sooner Hanson is permanently in the political rubbish bin the better the world will be.
    Her, and the current LNP’s belief that anyone who is not like them is by definition, not worth any form of support, is poisonous to Australian society.
    Hanson takes the dozen or more persons who speak to her as the majority of the Australian populous. Like the fish and chip shop represents the entire Australian populace.
    For Pauline the numbers go “1, 2, 3, lots!” So when she hears from a couple of people she takes it as the majority. No point trying to explain that to her, it is well beyond her comprehension.
    God how I hate this woman.

  16. Zoltan Balint

    Hanson should know since that is why she ended up in a fish and chip shop and initially in the Liberal Party. Thus she wants the good old days back.

  17. john ocallaghan

    You know a lot of people think i am crazy when i say that a very strong component of conservative far right ideology is that anybody who they ”deem” is not contributing to society,either in an intellectual or monetary capacity should be ”Retired” from said society in a humane fashion.
    Hanson and her ilk would have felt right at home in Berlin circa 1930,and i have no doubt she would have followed her orders with head and arm held high!

  18. Zoltan Balint

    As they say – there’s more than one way to kill a cat. Kill its feeder/helper or just make it not belong in the eyes of the ‘majority’.

  19. Helen Bates

    Whinge on you people but On Nation continues at 16%-18%-19% or thereabouts while you poor Greens slide into obscurity
    The result is a good deal worse for Labor than the last published state poll, which was conducted by Galaxy in late April, with primary votes after exclusion of the 6.7% undecided at 31.9% for Labor, 35.3% for the Liberal National Party, 17.0% for One Nation and 9.4% for the Greens.

    The report cites primary vote swings against Labor of 13% in north Queensland, 9% in the regional remainder and 5.5% in the south-east, compared with respective results of 4.3%, 7% and 6.6% for the LNP

    ReachTEL: 51-49 to LNP in Queensland

    Both Sportsbet and William Hill agree, however, that Pauline Hanson’s One Nation is the outsider and will most likely obtain between one and four seats.

    TThe primary vote was also level between the major parties, with Labor on 31.9 per cent and the LNP on 30.7.

    One Nation polled third at 16.1 per cent, while the Greens had 7.2 per cent.

    NORTH Queenslanders are losing patience with the State’s major political parties, with ongoing bickering and empty promises failing to address the region’s dire issues.

    This is according to One Nation candidates Allan Evans in Townsville and Sam Cox in the Burdekin, who say Pauline Hanson is resonating with residents because of her uncensored approach.

    It comes after a ReachTEL poll released at the weekend revealed North Queensland was favouring an LNP government, with minority party One Nation gaining momentum.

    If a state election were held today, 28.8 per cent of North Queensland residents would choose the LNP as their first preference vote with Labor trailing on 27.6 per cent.

    One Nation followed on 18.6 per cent, gathering disenfranchised major party voters.

  20. Kaye Lee

    Helen, I have asked you before, could you tell me which of Pauline’s policies make you want to vote for her? Or is uncensored ignorance what you think this country needs?

  21. Zoltan Balint

    it is nice to see the uneducated quoting figure and statistics. There is hope for you yet. Can you also quote the figures on the climate change impact, the cost of living, the suicide rate increase, under employment, the reduction in your living standards and the number of ill facts Hanson has opened her mouth with. Or is this too much for you to think about.

  22. Matters Not

    While I don’t want to give any form of aid or comfort to an intellectual cretin like Hanson, she (unwittingly for me at least) raises the question as to the purpose(s) of ‘schooling’. Perhaps, it’s a question of many dimensions?

    What is the aim of ‘schooling’? Is it about the ‘personal’, the ‘social’, the ‘economic’, the ‘religious’, the ‘political’ or whatever? Or perhaps a combination of many possibilities? And if it’s about this ‘multitude’, then when is it appropriate that ‘specialisation’ or ‘differentiation’ should begin?

    No easy answers I suspect.

  23. Zoltan Balint

    the question is not when schooling it should begin but when it should end.

  24. sandrasearle

    For those who would like to be more educated about the Autism Spectrum Disorder they can find a very good documentary on SBS called Living with Autism. I watched it with great interest last Monday afternoon as we have a couple of ASD young ones in our family. I thought I knew a lot about ASD, but the developmental psychologist Uta Frith showed that there was so more to learn about those living with ASD.
    Pauline Hanson has just lumped everyone living with ASD in the one basket. She is just such an ignoramus and should just shut her mouth. How dare she say that these kids should be kept out of mainstream education.

  25. Joseph Carli

    ” the 6.7% undecided”..That’d be your mob, eh, Helen?…”Duh..I don’t know where to put my “x”..’scuse me luv’..where do I sign my name for the free snag-on-a-bag for my vote?”

  26. Kaye Lee


    I am not sure what you mean by specialisation and differentiation. That is always ongoing as each child, whether they have special needs or not, has their own issues. I would say my job as a teacher entailed giving all children the confidence to try and the skills to improve their own personal performance in all aspects from academics to social interaction.

    Some kids will require particular help. Often that is provided by support teachers who assist and co-ordinate with the regular classroom teacher. If they have a severe disability then they may require something more but most autistic kids fit in quite well with a guiding hand. Early diagnosis makes an enormous difference. The earlier we can start helping them the better.

  27. Matters Not

    Yes the PHONs will win some seats in the coming QLD State election. They will do so at the expense of both the ALP and the LNP. That’s a given. But as what to do with that ‘win’ remains problematic at the very practical level.

    Any suggestions?

  28. Matters Not

    KL re

    you mean by specialisation and differentiation

    I note your response at 11:10 pm. An example of specialisation and differentiation?

    When should it begin? Because in the wider world it never ends. Not everyone gets a PHd nor becomes an Olympic cyclist.

    My question goes beyond the confines of classrooms.

  29. wam

    Draw a line of intelligence and mark yourself and hanson. Think of how many Australians are on a par, above and below?
    Think of the rabbott, a Rhodes scholar, where is he on your line?
    I know many Pauline Hansonites who believe the ABC is labor and the commercial TV stations are fair to both They cannot remember any labor commentators beyond Richo and latham and all read murdoch papers, bolt and listen to the radio shock jock(a few concede these go a bit overboard at times but none have ascribe any bias to them). I say just listen to the radio or watch the ABC before judging. But there is no interest and they stick to sharing any posts that sound good and write don’t read anything into FB wam I don’t care where they come from if the words sound good.

    Last year my grandchild(she has two austistic cousins) was good with an austic girl and the teacher was so grateful for the time to teach the rest of the class. Support cost money???

  30. Joseph Carli

    Go on, go and vote your head and that theoretical 20%..but remember there is at least 80% who don’t want a part of you and the white trash PHON…vote till you are blue in the face, you’ll still be out of office and you’ll still be part of that white trash…and then when your hero crashes and burns in a fire of her own making, just like Campbell Newman, Clive Palmer and Katter, remember this will be your one and only chance to have your moment in the sun before you forever sink over the horizon into the rubbish bin of history.

  31. Matters Not

    One of the major problems with IQ (regardless of measure) 50% of the population will fall below the finely tuned average. And if we confine those below to a special location and do the sums again – guess what? There will be another 50% who are again below this new average.

    Perhaps the solution is to do away with mathematics – and then solve the problem of below average entirely?

  32. Kaye Lee

    Sorry MN. I still don’t understand. Learning goes on for a lifetime. My husband and I often congratulate ourselves on our mediocrity. We are both ok at lots of things and world champions at none. We kid ourselves that it provides balance when you don’t put all your eggs in one basket. It probably just means we are lazy.

    Oops. posted that before I read your last comment. Maths is a wonderful thing that some people use for evil but it gives me a great deal of pleasure.

  33. Jason Howe

    To answer the stupidity of the Hanson, there will always idiocy in Government, from what I can tell looking someone being on the NDIS, I think it is a good idea I wish this was active when I was in high school..

    Sadly with the look NDIS and the DSC it was a mess,, When i started with the DSC 20+ years ago I wasn’t even covered in their spectrum of service requirement and I suspect I wouldn’t actually qualify under their current or existing guidelines..

    Sad to say it is easy to point fingers and not address the issues at hand..

    I suspect vocational training is a good thing in the short term though gaining meaningful employment is going to be a a bigger issue for the stigma attached to the disabled no matter of the form the disability it takes, my formal education I was in ESU and with a year 4-5 level education.. I would love to work though reality is once the Gov handouts stop no job..

    wow I’m very surprised that the child wasn’t in a education support unit rather than mainstream education..

    pretty much that we all know Pauline is an idiot like most politicians..

  34. Kaye Lee


    Your granddaughter has learned from the exposure to her cousins how to help her classmate. That is a positive thing in my mind.

  35. Steve Laing

    You won’t have seen me here for a while – I’m currently doing my DipEd to become a secondary school teacher (never too late to retrain), and am right in the middle of my first school prac. I’ve worked in all sorts of environments previously – as a management consultant, in the City of London, even owning my own business for 10 years, and hand on heart I have to say that this teaching malarkey is by far the most demanding gig I’ve ever had to do. Unless you’ve been a teacher, you really wouldn’t know the half of it!

    I’m currently teaching in a very good public school in a nice part of town. The pupils are from a very wide mix of social backgrounds, and nationalities, and there is a deaf school incorporated which means that a few of my classes have deaf pupils. This means that any video I show has to have closed captions, and I need to check every one before I teach it to make sure it is accurate, or I am not allowed to as such would be discriminatory. Is this an issue to me? Not a bit of it. A bit more work for sure, but I prefer the inclusivity.

    But I do have a couple of kids who definitely are an issue. They have no disability, other than an attitude they’ve developed from being mainly schooled at expensive private schools (till their parents realised that they were wasting their money, so pushed them back into the public system) meaning that they believe the world should adapt to their particular needs and wants, and sod anyone else.

    There are plenty of disruptive kids in schools. They are disruptive for all manner of reasons, including some often highly traumatic home lives. To single out children with a disability and ignore the vast majority of the disruptors is exactly the type of attitude I would expect from One Nation, and particularly our Porlean. Putting more funding into schools to help deal with those kids that need the extra assistance and attention to keep them on track and to let the teacher focus on the majority is what Gonski was really all about.

    One key thing I do know, however, is that simply by dint of having attended school at some point in their lives, a large number of people believe that they have an educated opinion on how education should be conducted, despite really not knowing the first thing about it. And Hanson is the walking, talking exemplar.

  36. Zathras

    Divide and discard, divide and discard and continue until eventually the only ones left will be people just like her – a nation of paranoid, spiteful, inward-looking “victims” with no imagination or joy in their lives.

    The reason they don’t like difference is simply because the lack the capacity to understand it – a bit like algebra perhaps?

    Leave her there long enough to keep coming out with ill-informed comments and maybe some of her supporters will be too embarrassed to admit ever voting for her. It’s happened before.

  37. paulwalter

    Hi Freethinker.

    Just back after watching Pauline Hanson and I really do wonder at her. She knows full-well that funding cuts to education for tax cuts for the wealthy.have meant staff numbers cut, hence not enough attention available for each student.

    She is either pulling people’s legs, which should be resented or thoroughly stupid, in which case those who voted for her should be brought forward to explain this vandalism of politics.

  38. Sir ScotchMistery

    I don’t see Helen as “stupid” even if she does try to put that across. I just don’t see her as politically very insightful and from a nationalist standpoint, she’s just another discarded LNP voter.

    What intrigues me though is how she seeks some sort of imprimatur here, among the fallen.. “you people….” is just a lovely sentiment to use because it separates poor old dopey Helen from the shining examples of humanity that we all appear to be, based on the erudite notes we pass around here in the daily politics class, led of course by the wildly talented Taylors.

    Helen will find her Rubicon one day and finally work out that it wasn’t fake news when that little tramp Ashby, (he who was until recently on the desk in Slippers office, but now performs between the ranga’d thighs of the fish shop woman), were discussing people just like her, when trying to work out how to make their candidates pay $250K if they changed their minds later.

  39. Joseph Carli

    “Sir ScotchMistery”…..I dips me lid…

  40. Helen Bates

    Kaye Lee
    “Helen, I have asked you before” and I’ve told you before it isn’t Pauline or Ashby I’m voting for and last I saw Ashby wasn’t a candidate. I an voting for ONE NATION and they have a whole team of good candidates here in QLD who listen to people.If we get some of those into Parliament along with some Katter candidates we might get some representation for ordinary people.The Greens have been around since before I was born I think and all they do is yell and not represent ordinary people that is why they are stuck way down on 8%.Labor did real good in the QLD floods way back but then they tend to get scared off by the Greens screaming on one side or the Liberals/National Parties if polling doesn’t go their way.One Nation at least will be in there giving ordinary people a voice.
    Don’t rant on about Hanson or Ashby as last time I saw they weren’t running for the QLD Parliament just a good bunch of local candidates all over the state who are out there listening to people now and will at least give us some thought and represent what we want not big business,not screaming southerners US we the people
    That is why One Nation continues to be a real force in QLD and everywhere else going by the polls.
    Kaye Lee I have asked you before you Greens are down in the single digit rating and have been forever with no improvement and not many listening. Have you ever bothered to consider why your lot are so much on the nose with the people
    To use “fact” Joseph Carli argument “.but remember there is at least 80% who don’t want a part of you and the white trash PHON”
    There are over 90% “who don’t want a part of you and the Greens”

  41. Michael Taylor

    … the wildly talented Taylors

    An apt description of Carol. ?

  42. Kaye Lee

    “Don’t rant on about Hanson or Ashby….”

    Hanson has even changed the name of the party. It is “hers”, lock stock and barrel. It’s HER money spinner which is why she sacked the long time Treasurer and installed her brother-in-law.

    Those “good candidates” will be doing exactly as they are told or they will very quickly be shown the door.

    “They’ve joined Pauline Hanson’s One Nation and I’ve said right from the very beginning, I will run this party, meaning right from the top … who stands, policies, preferences,” she told 7.30.

    “Now, I have to make the decisions, I am leader of this party. If they’re not happy with it, everyone has a choice, don’t stand under my name.

    “Don’t stand for Pauline Hanson’s One Nation, they have every right to go and stand as an independent under their own name.”

  43. Michael Taylor

    Helen, you surprise me.

    It was only a month or so ago that you timidly came here confessing your political ignorance and sought our help in ‘teaching’ you about the political parties and their policies. You were undecided who to vote for.

    Then almost overnight you sprang into life as a Hanson tragic. Your ‘behaviour’ was one of a long-term political tragic and put a lie to your earlier ‘appearance’.

    I am surprised by the apparent transformation – within days – from a political novice to a fanaticical supporter of a particular part. You were clearly having us on.

    Your continued “political ignorance”, however, doesn’t surprise me.

    By the way, in your rush to gloat about Hanson (and mock everyone else here) you failed to mention a single word about the topic.

  44. michael

    Hanson should understand the word “FAIR” it mean’s treating every one equally , not some better than other’s. Turdbull should also find out what the word “FAIR” means.

  45. Kaye Lee

    With all the important issues facing this country and the world, Pauline will be introducing something today about halal certification which will just waste everyone’s time and has no chance of success and why should it? You can’t dictate to people what they must eat. Hanson was made a fool of in Senate Estimates when she tried to grill the experts about halal certification. It was embarrassing to watch. She better be careful how she phrases things too or she will find herself joining that bimbo Kirralie Smith in a defamation case who, by the by, has joined Bernardi’s party and will no doubt run again for the Senate. (She is desperate to join the gravy train)

    What a waste of space she is – even worse – she stirs up hatred with ridiculous lies. She concentrates on crazy stufff whilst having no clue about the substantive issues facing the country.

    Which is why I keep asking Helen about policies. Apparently they are irrelevant to PHON voters.

  46. Joseph Carli

    I take it, Helen, that YOU are one of those citizens who are not being “listened to” you are ..and here we got a platform here with this got your audience here with us..and you know we read your posts like we read all the other posts, it’s the kind of folk we here you Kaye Lee said above…state your wishes for “good government” and policy..come on..don’t let this golden opportunity slip by..WE all say our bit for what we like or dislike in governance..You’ve had a decent enough education. you’ve shown you can string words together and you’re not afraid to speak your mind …so here..go for it!..THIS forum is democracy in action..YOU can be the “voice” of the “forgotten” show us your honourable intent and honest policy wants or as they say in that other democratic ritual…”forever hold your peace”.

    We call your bluff.

  47. Joseph Carli

    Now..will she answer, or will she, like havana’s gerund, be a “lie-down misere”?

    ( To the grammar police: yeah, yeah!..I know I’ve “butchered” the correct usage principle..but hey!?..there’s gotta be some fun in English usage..)

  48. Barry Thompson.

    Good post Steve. All the best in your new career.
    Pauline would have thrived in Nazi Germany, eliminating all those who did not fit the ideal mould.
    Her lack of intellect is sad but dangerous. It is a pity that she gets so much media attention, but then again give her enough rope and she will hang herself.

  49. Sir Scotchmistery

    @Joseph Carli – here I was, waxing lyrical about Helen’s lack of skill in the process of politi-speak, and you drop Havana’s Gerund like a spicy apple on a bed of chocolate and hazelnut with a hint of toffee.

    In the school of hard knocks you just earned a jersey my boy.

    Life’s too short to hate so Helen can f*** off and go back to what she was doing with Ashby. You and I need to do coffee.

  50. Sir Scotchmistery

    @joseph Try explaining post hoc ergo propter hoc to the likes of Helen, in an understandable sentence of less than 25 words.

  51. helvityni

    LOL, Joseph and Sir Scotch… 🙂

    I will not miss Havana or Helen, but have wondered what happened to Steve Laing, always enjoyed his ‘straight-talk’ posts.

    We need a bit more fun here, not so much misere/ fighting…

  52. Joseph Carli

    “post hoc ergo propter hoc”…To quote the erstwhile Bertie Wooster when confronted with a Latin maxim ..: ” …I shouldn’t wonder..”…(actually, I did translate it..the old Latin being a bit rusty [thank you Mr. Google] and could be rather confusing to a tunnel-visioned pragmatist).

    And thank you for the “jersey”…a known producer of delicious creams…and the most gorgeous eyes for a cow…I’ll keep her for close company on some of those cold days!

  53. helvityni

    I look into Hanson’s vacant eyes, and wonder who needs people like her, Dutton or Trump in politics….?

    Oops, obviously people like our own PM.

  54. Helen Bates

    Joseph Carli Good morning” fact” I want government representatives that listen I want decent hospitals and waiting times I want people to work for their local communities I want our elderly to be cared for I want a stop to immigration to the driest continent on earth I want people to accept some responsibility for their own welfare and future not sponge on taxpayers I want Australian jobs protected and an end to this farce of 457 visas I want lots of things ..but I am not big on politics and all I have seen is the 2 major parties and the Greens don’t listen or don’t act
    I have 4 kids a business and little time but “Fact” I will get involved more so my guarantee to you is that for one hour everyday I will phone as many people as I know or even don’t know and encourage them to give One Nation a chance in the QLD elections as I have met a couple of their candidates and they seem good caring people.
    All I have to do is point out how many chances the others have had to make a difference or even listen and their big fail.Even you “fact” must realise when something isn’t working and there doesn’t seem any hope of fixing it you turf it out and get something new and give them a chance.That will be my message
    I have a lot on today so I am not avoiding you -just busy which would probably be a new experience for a lot of the keyboard experts idling their time on here agreeing with each other and patting yourselves on the back while the real world moves on

    p.s. I forgot strong action on terrorism in my I wants

  55. Joseph Carli

    Ah!…the school of hard knocks..the old Alma Mater..I know her well..; stern, brutal and so unfair!..but hey..those who “graduate”…

    Proverb : Knots well tied are easiest undone.

    Parable : Richard Hocking gingerly poled the punt off the bank of the Murray River with the butt-end of the oar. The Mid-wife comforted and settled Mrs.Grace Hocking as best as possible in the cramped craft. Considering the advanced state of her labour, this was no easy task for either woman.

    Grace groaned with another prolonged contraction.

    “There, dear..It’s near now, we’ll soon be over the river and at the hospital”. The mid-wife soothed.

    Now, in those days, the government, in its’ kindness, gave a family an endownment of five pounds for every child born. In the years of the great depression, five quid went a long way..with the Hocking family, it went the whole hog!..Fivers wern’t something you came across every day, so it had already been earmarked for some desparately needed items for that family that lived in a wheatbag-tent on the” wrong side of the river”.

    Richard Hocking was standing in the punt as he rowed across the river, so he hadn’t noticed the mid-wife subtly cajole his wife into signing a document that granted the said five pounds to her ; the mid-wife, for “services rendered”…never mind that she was already in the pay of the government hospital ! Grace hocking was in no state of mind to contend what she had groggily signed her name to.

    The mistake the mid-wife made was to hold the freshly signed document away and up to the sun for the ink to dry and in doing so inadvertantly displayed the treachery to the curious gaze of Richard Hocking, whose face was only inches away from the paper as he rowed the punt across the river.

    “Five quid!” He cried as he snatched the paper.

    The mid-wife froze with her arm still outstretched, mouth slightly agape and a sharp gasp sprung to her lips.

    “Mr. Hocking!..Now give that back this instant. That is a legal document and it is mine!” She demanded.

    Richard looked at the document, then at the mid-wife. An angry smile came to his lips.

    “Then swim for it!” and he screwed the paper up and flicked it into the river.

    “Ahh! You can’t do that!” the midwife cried and with both hands gripping the gunwhale, watched the ball of paper drift away and sink.

    “Consider it done!” Richard smiled gleefully.

    “Then..then I’ll not attend your wife!”

    “Ohhh!..” groaned Gracie.

    Then we’ll stay right here on the river!” shouted Richard as he flung the oars into the punt.

    “Ohhhh….” wailed Gracie again..and at this point nature intervened and a baby girl was born in the punt on the middle of the murray River.

    Five quid went a long way in the great depression.

  56. Joseph Carli

    Helen’s policy wants:
    1) Politicians that listen.
    2) Decent hospitals and waiting times.
    3) People that work for the local community.
    4) Elderly to be cared for.
    5) Stop to immigration.
    6) People to accept responsibility for their own welfare and future not sponge on the taxpayer.
    7) Australian jobs protected / stop farce of 457 visas.
    8) Strong action on terrorism.
    9) Lots of things.

    Responses welcome.

  57. Helen Bates

    “Fact” my case in point someone with too much time on their hands.Oh the good old days! ever thought of volunteering or getting a few others who seem to delight in living on Newstart and wanting the world to “provide” for them to give something back to their community? It seems most of you are old and probably not too mobile but you have had your chance and look where that got us.Time to accept your lot blew it and change is needed

  58. Kaye Lee

    I just read One Nation’s health policy for Queensland.

    They want to reduce the size of hospital management staff.

    They want to publish the state of repair and maintenance schedule for hospitals and medical centres

    And the next four points are ALL about medicinal cannabis.

    That’s it.

    Is that what you were looking for Helen?

  59. Michael Taylor

    Helen, before you mock us as being stupid, have a look at the credentials of the writers here:

    About The AIMN

    Note the number of scientists, people with a PhD, lawyers, educated people, people with a trade.

    No, we’re not has-beens. We’re not stupid. If you want to treat as such then do so at your own peril.

  60. Joseph Carli

    Helen..I can’t help but notice that “wants” : 1, 3, 4, 6, and 9..come into the category of the general list of wants and wails of the greater lament of humankind..That leaves ; 2, 5, 7 and be addressed.

    In SA, the Labor govt’ has just completed (against the Lib’s opposition) a brand new spanking hospital right there on the banks of the beautiful Torrens River…say no more.

    Stopping Immigration would mean stopping or stalling growth in the nation as immigration has been and still is the most important building block for future development for the nation.

    Well..We saw how well the LNP govt’ “did for” Aussie manufacturing jobs in the auto industry when they came to power..and going by PHON voting with the LNP policies over 80% of the time, you can almost guarantee where they will sit on Aussie jobs.

    Hey..don’t we all…trouble is, The LNP and PHON cannot seem to identify just who are these “terrorists” in Australia…I would suggest, going on the just paid out $75 mill’ compensation to those they cruelled on Manus Isl’ …the govt’ and it’s sympathisers would have to wear THAT brand!

    There..I hope that address’s some of your concerns.

  61. Jack Straw

    Pauline Hanson’s comments are like uncontrollable farts. She eats rubbish.And she stinks to high heaven.

  62. Michael Taylor

    Helen how did you vote in the poll at the end of this article? Do tell us.

  63. Freethinker

    Michael Taylor, perhaps Helen think that this site is an extension of Face Book.

  64. Johno

    10) Southeners (you lot) to stay out of QLD’s business.

  65. Joseph Carli

    You know Helen..being a “girl of the farm”, I’m sure you were taught how to shoot a was I and the first lesson was ; “Never close your eyes when you shoot the gun off”…I would suggest you follow that good advice and apply it sideways to here when you “Shoot your mouth off”.

  66. helvityni

    Parents of autistic children need help, not Hanson adding to their woes; are all Right- wingers suffering from empathy- bypass ?
    Punishing instead of helping?

  67. Anna

    Thanks, Steve Laing “Putting more funding into schools to help deal with those kids that need the extra assistance and attention to keep them on track and to let the teacher focus on the majority is what Gonski was really all about.”

    As usual MSM has used the faulty logic of some politician to get a rise.
    MSM could have given insights into the problems of schooling autistic children and held out possible solutions.
    Instead of that, they’ve used PH to go on a trolling exercise to see how much righteous outrage they can generate.
    Sales are so important to MSM, fixing any problems less so.

    As for PH, why attack her personally? Answer: practice.
    Practice personal attacks rather than create a society where understanding is seen as the first option.
    This attitude helps to maintain an environment where dysfunction thrives.
    Sad to say, this is the neo-liberal agenda and many of you are as if useful idiots if you fall for it.
    They want you arguing about stupid statements and not addressing any problem.
    MSM – a hand-brake on evolution.

  68. Kaye Lee

    Helen, as you are against people wanting the world to “provide” for them I assume you would take issue with Pauline’s plan to make wealthy farmers eligible for the aged pension.

    “The men and women on the land are poorly treated when it comes to the aged pension. If you own acreage then the family home and the immediate 5 acres are free of an asset test. The rest of the land is valued and if over the threshold then you will not be entitled to the aged pension. This also affects their entitlement to health care assistance. In fairness, if someone can own a home worth millions of dollars and collect the aged pension, why is the man on the land persecuted.”

  69. Johno

    11) Climate change…. UN hoax, not happening

  70. paulwalter

    The world provides for the rich. Why not the working people also, is that ok?

  71. Mick Byron

    It appears that Helen is a young mum and all I can hope is that as she experiences life she will come to the realisation that most important structures put in place to cater for most of her wants were in fact Labor initiatives.I do some volunteering with a number of community organisations particularlywith the young in my region and find that Helens views are more common than I feel confortable with in the under 30s.I hold only a personal view that unemployment at such high rates amongst them and their peers drives and fuels part of this resentment.
    Rather than scoff and laugh at One Nation we need to look seriously at just what drives 18 to 23.5% of people out in the community to be drawn to a no real policy no real hope Party.
    We can scoff call them clowns and insult their heirachy and leadership but that seems to further entrench the battle lines and empower them as they see the “establishment” afraid of change and protecting their entrenched interests. or that was how it was explained to me .
    My major concern is that with even 10 to 15% of the vote One Nation could be game changers and kingmakers, all to our peril
    I don’t know the answers but I wish someone smarter than me did because it seems we are losing the battle and One Nation could be balance of power brokers in States and Federal politics

  72. Kaye Lee

    Oh and Pauline wants nurses to stop doing nurse education and to get their training on the hospital floor.

    “In years gone by, nurses were trained on the floors of our Australian hospitals. But that changed, with the thought of progress, and hope of a better outcome, so the teaching of the nursing profession was taken to the computer and classrooms.

    Now we have nurses who find it difficult to advance from the computer and classroom to the reality of dealing with sick people

    One Nation advocates the training of our nursing profession back on the floor of our hospitals.”

    Call me picky, but I would kind of like my nurses to pass competency tests before they start injecting me with stuff that could kill me.

  73. Kaye Lee

    On employment….

    “The ideal age for an apprenticeship is after the third year at high school, at the age of 15-16 years, an age receptive to discipline and learning. The majority are now forced to stay another two years at school, at which time it is usually too late for them to successfully enter a trade.”

    Pauline, of course, left school at 15 and had her first child at age 16 and look how well she has done just by being paid for running in every election known to mankind for the past twenty years. Not that she is being “provided for” in any way.

  74. townsvilleblog

    I apologize in advance for adding ‘reality’ to the discussion, not that I have any time for Hanson.Having seen my own child’s education fall short due to ‘a special needs’ child’s disruption of the classroom and threats to her person I find myself in the very uncomfortable position of having to agree with Senator Hanson on the matter of segregation of autistic children from regular classrooms.
    Teachers are in an impossible position these days, not being able to control students as no discipline exists with which to punish unruly students. My daughter has been subject to flying chairs and desks launched by an autistic ‘special needs’ child who managed to completely disrupt the class. Queensland Education ‘special needs’ students need more supervision than the everyday child in all situations including education.
    The ‘special needs’ child who disrupted my daughters classes has gone on to a career of crime, appearing recently in the Townsville Bulletins pages after assaulting a ‘friend’ of his.

  75. Kaye Lee

    townsvilleblog, I would suggest that the teacher and school failed both your daughter and the autistic child. Autism covers a very broad spectrum of behaviour and to lump them all in together is just wrong. I have seen very poor behaviour from kids with no diagnosed disability and bullying is a real problem that must be addressed. I don’t agree that discipline is necessarily the most effective strategy. Fostering mutual respect and compassion for others is much more likely to effect real change. We need to understand the frustrations and fears that all children feel and help give them the skills and support to overcome them.

    I realise not all teachers are perfect – some of them are just not capable of doing the job.

  76. Matters Not

    townsvilleblog, your sentiments are widely shared. Look at the growth in private schools.

    There are concerning implications, for schools and communities, of the flight to advantage. In a broad sense we are adding to social class hierarchies amongst our schools and students. The school sectors are enrolling an overlapping but measurably different student clientele – and there are socio-educational hierarchies within each sector. For two-thirds of our schools the local community is increasingly not the community of the local school.

    And yet the schools that are in the greatest need for better funding are again being bypassed. Gonski 2.0 is proof of that.

    As I suggested above, we need to define what schooling should be about.

    CHRIS BONNOR AND BERNIE SHEPHERD. PART ONE: Losing the game? Do we now have another chance to lift school equity and achievement?

    CHRIS BONNOR AND BERNIE SHEPHERD. PART TWO: Losing the game? Do we now have another chance to lift school equity and achievement?

  77. helvityni

    Years go by and nothing changes; would Hanson like to lock those autistic kids up in some hideous institution, run by untrained volunteers; maybe the time has come to change our ways, have a good free one-tiered education system, with only well trained teachers, maybe with extra teachers with special qualifications on call for extremely difficult cases….

    Where there is a will, there’s a way to find better solutions…

  78. helvityni

    Matters Not, I listened to Emma Husar, and I also follow Menadue’s blog.

    ( LOL for the latest Mungo posting, he called Finkel’s efforts wishy-washy…)

  79. Zoltan Balint

    terorists are made not born. If you exclude or vilify and individual and refer to them as ‘not one of us’ what options do you give them to live and behave around you. If you listen and accept them for all their differences they will accept and wecome you in return. The problem with PHanson is she excludes a select group of people so she can win power. Twenty years ago it was Asians now it is Muslims. Hansons attitude is that she is hard working and anyone that is not working is just a dole bludger spending their time using drugs, and, she also sees that others in this comunity that think this way most likely will vote for her if she voices this opinion. Is she listening to the people and thus representing them or is she using a negative part of this society to gain power.

  80. Michael Fairweather

    If I didnt know better I would say Hanson is the daughter of Adolf Hitler.

  81. Kaye Lee

    Don’t forget Pauline’s opinions of Africans

    “We’re bringing in people from South Africa at the moment. There’s a huge amount coming into Australia, who have diseases; they’ve got AIDS,” Ms Hanson told AAP.

    “They are of no benefit to this country whatsoever; they’ll never be able to work.

    “And what my main concern is, is the diseases that they’re bringing in and yet no one is saying or doing anything about it.”

    or her opinions about Indigenous people…

    “Along with millions of Australians, I am fed up to the back teeth with the inequalities that are being promoted by the government and paid for by the taxpayer under the assumption that Aboriginals are the most disadvantaged people in Australia.”

    “Flying two Australian flags is extremely divisive. We should be united under the one flag, the Australian flag. We as Australians have never been asked in a referendum whether we endorse or recognise the Aboriginal flag,” Hanson said.

    She must be horrified to find that, under the new citizenship test, applicants are asked to describe the Aboriginal flag.

  82. wam

    Our family is proud of her and her efforts are noted by other parents.

    The point I was unable to make she, her classmates, the teacher and the austistic child will benefit greatly from her experience and that is positive.

    Matters not is apt. Education, schooling and intelligence are intertwined but depend on the bell curve.
    The year 12 exams are irrelevant because the results fit the curve which is squewed to the right in maths/science and the left in art/craft. At least maths2 exams in my era, were so hard that one of those who got 100% thought he had failed because for the first time in his life he couldn’t answer all of the questions and he completed less than half.
    But do you not consider intelligence to be a factor in effectiveness? Do you know people who think she is honest, informed and speaks for them by words and thoughts, straight from the heart with no dissembling?

    Clearly not all her supporters are ignorant of politics but they have an agenda of vested interests.

    ps Steve educating kids is the most rewarding job in the world. In my day it was easy:
    An exam system that excluded at 15 or 16. A tertiary system that accepted the rich in cash or intelligence. Aworkforce system that train skilled workers.
    A highschool teacher had a program set by a senior master using textbooks with a weekly evaluation on your efforts to teach the work. Once a year an inspector would watch a lesson and assess you and the staff awarding skill points which affected pay and promotion. Every teacher worked in the staffroom where the experienced could and would offer advice. However the greatest advantage was status we had to be so hopeless as to lose respect, you will need to earn it with a new class full of knowalls, every 10 weeks. Be free enough to teach with an open door and be happy.

    The 105-115 were catered for, the 100 and under(whether true readings or not)were dumped as quick as possible and the higher were lauded or got scholarships to Saints, bishops alma mater, PAC or Sacred Heart. (2017 much different?)

  83. Zoltan Balint

    you can also add – don’t start a fight holding feather with someone who has a cricket bat.

  84. Kaye Lee

    Pauline’s latest facebook post is screaming at the media for taking her out of context and exhorting everyone to contact the Courier Mail and complain so, in the interest of fairness, I read her whole speech.

    It was a tirade against Labor and our education system in general, full of totally false statements like “And maths is not a prerequisite in every classroom. They cut out maths. In some schools you do not necessarily have to learn maths, science or even English.”

    Wrong….but it really made me guffaw when, after railing about how kids can’t add up nowadays, she said “The Labor Party have been talking about there being a cut under this bill of $22 billion. My understanding is that it is a lie. There is no cut of $22 billion. It is like Labor have gone out there and promised: ‘We were going to be putting an extra $30 billion into the educational funding. Now the government is bringing it back to $18.6 billion, so therefore Australians have lost $22 billion.’

    Want to borrow my calculator Pauline 🙂

  85. Johno

    12) All people must get off their keyboards and do something else for a while (preferably work)

  86. Matters Not

    Yes Hanson’s speech is hilarious. This bit provides evidence that she simply doesn’t ‘know’

    The government is going to give non-government schools 80 per cent of this funding—they do not get state funding—and the state schools will be getting 20 per cent of the funding

    The claim that nongovernment schools do not get state funding is just wrong. Non-government schools get both recurrent funding and grants for infrastructure from both the State and Commonwealth governments . Unfortunately, most people don’t realise that approximately 90% of the monies used to run Catholic schools comes from government. Private school fees are just the cream on the cake. An effective means to keep out the riff raff and maintain privilege.

    93% of Catholic schools fall in this range and they receive not 60% but between 90.8% and 99.5% of the public dollars going to similar public schools. 79% of Independent schools fall in this range and they receive between 79.5% and 94.6% of what goes to similar public schools.

    So should it matter that governments are now effectively paying for the running of public schools and the ‘private’ competition? Leaving aside all the other oddities of doing this the problem is that each system has very different obligations, accountabilities and operational rules. Aside from fees, private schools can impose other criteria for admission or exclusion of students, on grounds that aren’t (and shouldn’t be) permitted in the government school system.

    They can apply additional discriminators in the form of entry tests, previous school reports, test results and other restrictive (including religious) criteria. As a general rule, they also have a statutory exemption from a range of anti-discrimination provisions. They can hire and fire staff, and refuse admission to students on various grounds including sexual orientation, sex, age, marital or domestic status. They are not ‘government agencies’ under Freedom of Information (FOI) legislation.

    They are ‘private’ in name only.

    CHRIS BONNOR & BERNIE SHEPHERD. The vanishing private school

  87. Zoltan Balint

    but then Johno you might have to do some work as well, and stop reading this stuff – bugger …

  88. Kyran

    Thankfully, the ABC have found a suitably qualified person to write a deep, insightful, thoughtful and well considered opinion piece extolling the virtues of appalling’s latest rant to us lesser qualified mere mortals.
    I’m not sure if Pobjie is a philosopher, a psychologist, a psychiatrist, a medical practitioner, a social worker, whatever. He explains, in great detail, how we have all misunderstood appalling and how she is merely speaking truths that we all need to heed.

    “We have created a world of low expectations, sending our offspring out wrapped in cotton wool in order to cushion them from the constant barrage of trophies we hurl at them regardless of whether they’ve earned them.
    When I was a child, my parents wouldn’t even speak to me unless I’d topped my class that week — or at least beaten up the child who had.”

    “Senator Pauline Hanson, so often the Voice of Reason in our body politic, put it well this week when she pointed out that teachers today are “do-gooders” who refuse to make children compete, to everyone’s detriment.
    “The kids are not competing in the classrooms, and they’re not competing when they get out of the classrooms either,” Senator Hanson said, before proceeding to argue that children with autism and disabilities should be removed from mainstream classrooms.”

    “Instead of trying to boost students’ self-esteem, teachers should be fostering every child’s natural self-loathing, to the point of total emotional breakdown, so that the kids are willing to do just about anything to gain even a minor temporary sensation of self-worth.
    Rather than toys that teach their owners that everyone is beautiful in their own way, we should be making even less realistic dolls that set even more ludicrously unattainable benchmarks.
    In addition to having perfect bodies and fulfilling careers, Barbie and Ken should have lucrative real estate portfolios, no fear of public speaking, and both be athletic and generous in the bedroom.”

    Get off your high horses everyone. The truth has been said, and should never be unsaid.

    Oops, my bad. “Ben Pobjie is a writer, comedian and poet with no journalistic qualifications whatsoever.” Ah well, he’s as well qualified to support one notion education policy as a journalist is to support their climate change policy. It’s not like all the experts agree on an opposing plan, is it?

    Perhaps it’s just a cunning plan to shift the political reliance on spin doctors for policy development and explanation, to a political reliance on comedians. Goodness knows, if you don’t laugh at the exploits of the current crop of political miscreants, the only alternative is to shed tears at their misadventures.
    Thank you Ms Salmon and commenters. Take care.
    PS Helen. How are you? All going well? Be kind to yourself.

  89. helvityni

    Yes Kyran, Ben Bobjie is good value; I used to comment on ABC’s Unleashed, and I was always pleased when a Pobjie post popped up on the screen, it was good to have some light relief among all the political arguing….

  90. Imogen

    Kryan “the ABC have found a suitably qualified person to write a deep, insightful, thoughtful and well considered opinion piece”. Ben’s style is sarcasm which, if based on a genuine understanding of the weak points in PH’s speech (in regard to taking care of autistic children at school), could have cut through the rot. This time Ben missed by a country mile.

  91. Sir ScotchMistery

    @johno – are you Helen’s wife?

    Also, can you please put those beer cans in the rubbish? You know how Helen gets.

  92. paulwalter

    Imogen, Kyran was being ironical, as was clear from his comment as it developed.

    As Helvi also observed, ABC 7 30 continued its alarming descent into partisanship this very night and is no longer worth the watch. It is Murdoch tabloid, not the ABC reality based broadsheet TV of old.

  93. Johno

    If I was Helen’s wife I would be in the dog house 24/7. Why you may ask, cause I vote green and come from the deep south.

  94. Helen Bates

    Gee I’m cracking up with laughter from the comedians …not
    A: I’m not gay but if that is how you two get your rocks off go for it

  95. Johno

    Some people say laughter is the best medicine. To be sure, it could be true.

  96. Matters Not

    Hanson excels in identifying the gap between people’s espoused ‘beliefs’ and their lived behaviour. What people privately whisper about, Hanson shouts loudly to all and sundry. And in so doing she wins votes.

    Australians are racist, xenophobic and ethnocentric to a greater or lesser degree. While they want the very best for their own, they have quite a limited view of what that ‘best’ might be. (Not that Australians are unique in that regard. After all, the concepts identified can be generalised across all developed societies.)

    When it comes to ‘schooling’, parents want the very ‘best’ for their children and that’s invariably defined in terms of academic success. (Sure there are parents who want broader outcomes – but more often than not such desired outcomes come after the likelihood of academic success is a given.)

    In terms of academic success, probably the most successful school (over time) is James Ruse Agricultural High School – ranking 1st out of all New South Wales high schools in 2016 for the 26th consecutive year since 1991, as well as 1st in the national government NAPLAN tests across Australia since establishment. At James Ruse, there’s probably only room for well behaved, academically oriented students. Not too many autistic students in their classrooms I suspect. I also suspect that most parents would give an arm or a leg to have their child selected as a student.

    But should James Ruse be the school we want for all Australians? Should James Ruse become the model we should aspire to? That it achieves outstanding results is without question – but what should schooling be all about?

    (Perhaps I should add that 94% of the students at the school have a parent whose first language is not English and many of the conversations in the playground are not in English either,)

  97. Zoltan Balint

    Good point Matters Not – glad you included the term ‘academic success’. But there is a problem, kids learn how to think (all kids) and how to approach and solve problems in future life by the age of 5 or 6. It does not make any difference what school you send them to after that and how much you pay for it. The other problem is socialisation skills and the one thing that stands out is not only that the parents select the school that they believe will give their kids the social circle of friends but the schools that sell them selfs as the best for this and charge for it. These schools lack one thing – diversity – the diversity that the kids will face in the outside world and will have to face every day.

  98. Sir ScotchMistery

    Hey Johno, which deep south? Brisbane?

    I see Helen picked me in a nerve-ending with her “I’m not gay” swipe at us. Lordy, what will happen if that one gets out and the Pauline hears? I shudder to think. And while on that subject, thank goodness Helen isn’t gay. She’d have no idea what to do with herself among all of us old people with our zimmer frames and intellectual repartee.

    There was a rumour that James has told her she can use that (gay) in her next iteration. I hear it now after ’96 “we are being over-run by Asians, this time “we are being over-run by Muslims. Now with the Ashby imprimatur “we are being over-run by pooftahs, including Asian and Muslim ones”. It reminds me I have a couple of really nice photos of James when he was in university. Can’t put them up here since they are a bit risque, but nice to have anyway.

    And also, Johno, a reasonable Scotch is better than most medicine, for most things. Though Pauline is a malady that will take a bit more.

  99. Roswell

    Scotchie, I think Helen was on the phone to Hanson last night. “Hey, Pauline, I’ve found our next demographic to attack: old people”.

  100. Deanna Jones

    The Helens are capable of learning and developing sharper political chops, over time. I’ve seen it. She is at least engaged with her political context, which is a start. There is hope.

    What I find genuinely worrying is the amount of energy that has gone into either correcting or mocking Helen, while casual misogyny and homophobia goes unchallenged by apparently otherwise progressive minded peoples. I don’t think there is any hope for that to improve.

    It is also very sad to see out-dated, non-inclusive language come up over and over in relation to children with Autism, children with disabilities etc. we no longer say “special needs” or “autistic kids” or “disabled kids”. This is exactly the kind of harmful language being used by Hanson herself, and it is being repeated here. Same with the universalising of personal experience ie. “I knew this one autistic child in my child’s class…” which is the kind of individualism usually relied on by Hanson supporters, rather than evidence, empirical data etc. in order to refute progressive and inclusive attitudes. Seriously wtf?

  101. Helen Bates

    There are always 2 sides to an argument as this dad points out in the Courier Mail
    PAULINE Hanson is on the right track with the autism debate.

    I have an autistic daughter named Imogen and as a father of four girls, I agree with Hanson’s comments that children with autism spectrum disorder should be removed from mainstream classrooms.

    Children with autism have behavioural issues that in order to address, takes up a lot of their parents’ time, while taking attention away from their other children. So you can imagine what it must be like for teachers who have to dedicate extra time away from their classroom of neurotypical kids.

    School teachers shouldn’t have to deal with these issues and are not equipped with the skills set to help them. Autistic children learn differently and they require professional help, behavioural therapists and child psychologists. This is indisputable fact.

  102. townsvilleblog

    I have had practical experience with an autistic child in my daughters classroom, who constantly disrupted her class, sometimes by throwing chairs and desks and generally putting the other students on high stress levels, and when we complained the school could do nothing because he was a ‘special needs’ child. The schools do not have any disciplinary measures that it can enact to stop this bad behaviour, the teachers are powerless and the whole class suffers. This boy went on to threaten my daughters life, he told her that he would burn our home down while she slept, would rape her then let her burn. The police couldn’t do anything because he was a ‘special needs’ child. Well that was 5 years ago, he recently made our local newspaper for assaulting his ‘friend’ with a sword. No discipline at home or at school leads to these people growing up and taking up a career in crime. Sadly all the bleeding heats only have theory as to what should be done, they don’t have to live with ‘reality.’

  103. zoltan balint

    Dear Towsvilleblog sorry for the ordial but you forgot to add what started it and why it was not stopped from the beginning.

  104. Rossleigh

    I understand that there are many people who believe that senators like Pauline disrupt Parliament with their constant demands for attention. They would be better off in a special parliament where their behaviours can be better managed and that the politicians who want to get ahead in leaps and bounds wouldn’t be held back because too much time has to be devoted to Hanson, Roberts et al.

  105. Kaye Lee

    townsvilleblog, I too am sorry for what your daughter endured but it is wrong to say teachers or schools can’t do anything.

    Rossleigh, you Queenslanders give us a disproportionate number of nutcase politicians. Maybe we need to build a wall 🙂

  106. Stephen Brailey

    The Nazi’s put people with disabilities into their death camps right along with the jews, gypsies, communists and trade union leaders!

  107. Zoltan Balint

    And the rest of the world steralise and segregated them. I should have said the disabled but I’ll let my comment stand.

  108. jim

    “Your appalling ignorance is one thing, your disgusting lack of empathy is another. You are utterly heartless and too stupid to understand the damage you do every time you open your mouth”.
    So obvious hanson loves appeasing the LNP @ every level, the gravity of Kayes statement goes to each and every one of us because she’s an idiot led by ………
    How can you make any reasoned practical decisions when you listen to the LNPs ideology, remember folks a vote for hansons ON is a vote for the losers the LNP.

    “The meek shall inherit the earth” thats bullshit , the meek need the strong to look after them.

  109. Daniela

    Pauline is not a bigot she is in fact right in saying that autistic children should be taken out of mainstream classes as non autistic children don’t learn properly as they are 1. Held back in order to teach the slow ones. 2. the non autistic children can’t concentrate as they would be distracted by the autistic children and 3. it is not fair to the autistic children to be “educated” by hapless teachers who can’t cope with their behaviour and 4. It is not fair for parents of autistic children to fork out school fees, uniforms etc in exchange with very poor education by teachers not qualified to deal with autistic children. The AIMN most definitely is the bigot here.

  110. corvus boreus

    Autism (more accurately known as ‘Austism spectrum disorder’) is not a simple ‘one size fits all’ diagnosis.
    As a ‘spectrum disorder’, it can vary enormously in severity, and encompasses a wide variety of manifestations, from the quiet and intently studious types, through people showing varying degrees of social reticence and awkwardness, to the uncontrolled yelling that is so group learning.
    Would you automatically ban the quietly studious child diagnosed with autism from mainstream classes whilst permitting disruptive children with, say, Tourettes, ADHD or ‘Oppositional Defiance disorder’ to remain?

    There is certainly a valid and coherent argument for any child who consistently disrupts the learning of others to be removed from ‘normal’ classes, but it has not been made by the bigoted oxley-moron.
    As is her wont, Hanson has, in her incoherent ignorance, completely failed to make any educated distinctions and has arbitrarily vilified a broad swathe of people for the behavior of a few, whilst completely ignoring the transgressions of those outside of her prejudices..

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