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Groundhog day…but who’s the hog this time

Nothing shows a Coalition government in trouble more than playing the national security card, but even Tony Abbott wouldn’t go this far.

Malcolm Turnbull is “planning a major shake-up in counter-terrorism and domestic security.”

“Mr Turnbull has held high-level talks with cabinet colleagues about a new ­department and ministry to form a co-ordinated counter-terrorism effort. It would be similar to the Home Office in the UK and Homeland Security in the US. It would bring together the AFP, ASIO and Australian Border Force into one agency, where they could better engage, communicate and share information to tackle terror threats.”

Hang on. I’ve heard this song before.

In September 2014, Foreign Minister Julie Bishop pushed back strongly against the idea.

“If there were such a proposal, it would have to demonstrate any current failures in co-operation between the intelligence agencies, federal and state police and ­Defence and I am not aware of any such failures,” Ms Bishop said.

Michael Wesley — professor of national security at the ANU and formerly assistant director-general for transnational issues at the Office of National Assessments with responsibility for intelligence co-ordination — argued that following the lead of the “$38 billion bureaucratic monster” in the US would be a “bad idea”.

Professor Wesley said there seemed to be growing momentum to build on the success of Operation Sovereign Borders and create a single security portfolio, bringing together Customs and Border Protection, law enforcement, security intelligence, and disaster management under the direction of one minister.

“This is an extremely bad idea, and is likely to decrease Australia’s security readiness,” he wrote.

“When the US set up the DHS, there was clear evidence that American security, intelligence and policing agencies were not working together. Nothing could be further from the truth in Australia today.”

In October 2014 we were told this plan had been scuttled.

“A move within the Abbott cabinet to establish a homeland security super-ministry drawing together several major departments and functions looks to have been scuttled because senior figures viewed it as an attempt by backers of Immigration Minister Scott Morrison to elevate him to future leader status.

The entire issue is tied up with the timing of a reshuffle that will eventually be necessary one way or the other because of the temporary and possibly permanent vacancy created by the absence of Assistant Treasurer Arthur Sinodinos.”

What a difference a couple of years make.

Tony Abbott said there was no need for Australia to adopt a US-style homeland security super-ministry because he had ultimate responsibility for national security. He saw this as an empire building attempt by an ambitious opponent which he quickly quashed.

Will Brandis head to London to replace Downer? Will Ley say buy buy? Will we have a reshuffle?

As Abbott wanders the world giving advice to all and sundry, we can only speculate on who may be Turnbull’s hog.



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  1. longwhitekid

    Simply to distract from the Parliamentary Allowances scandal. Such bullshit. SACK THEM ALL.

  2. paulwalter

    They have come out in the new year very, very weird. I think it is to do with the US elections..they imagine they are running Texas or Louisiana. People may laugh at the pathology, but it is there alright, both pathetic and alarming and the last fortnight has really bought it out into public display.

    People don’t want to take these people lightly. They are definite reactionary modernist, a fascist tendency and too many mistakes will have this country in a situation it might not be able to break free from (as with the USA).

  3. Florence nee Fedup

    Only shakeup needed is in their front bench from PM down.

    Suspect not all corrupt or stupid. Simply just inept.

  4. John Brame

    What the !! I thought all is good with our ring of steel. I hope we are using aussie steel for that matter.

  5. Cleanlivin

    Florence, which one is not corrupt or stupid?

  6. helvityni

    Cleanlivin, I was going to ask the same question…

  7. Florence nee Fedup

    Have no idea but all definitely inept and useless. None worth feeding let alone paying.

  8. helvityni

    Shake-ups will not improve their performances, they need to be ousted…

    If they are going to build high brick fences on Oz beaches to keep us safe, they better be quick, CC might interrupt their activity and wash their bricks into the rising seas…

  9. Terry2

    Just heard Steve Ciobo ,Trade Tourism & Investment minister trying to justify charging taxpayers over $1000 to attend the AFL Grand Final as a guest of business interests and ‘stakeholders’ whoever they may be.

    So he was invited, he got an invitation so surely those inviting him should facilitate his attendance and cover his expenses. Why is it assumed that the taxpayer will always foot the bill ?

  10. Bill bloggs



  11. Graeme Henchel

    Welcome to Arsetralia
    Land of the arseiose
    Led by fools and f*ckwits
    Known as the LNP

  12. Matters Not

    All hail the rise and rise of the Dutton ! There’s a Bad Moon Rising going From a Jack to a King .

    Couldn’t make Police Commissioner but now has his own Force(s). No talent required.

    BTW the Ciobo defence will be the new line. Sure to catch on.

  13. Kaye Lee

    Speaking of groundhog day….the Coalition just keep doing the same thing over and over and over

    Australia to get its own homeland security unit

    By Mark Riley and AAP
    May 23 2003

    The Prime Minister, John Howard, will set up a new office of security and counter-terrorism to co-ordinate his Government’s actions on homeland security.

    The unit will have the main responsibility for national security, counter-terrorism and border protection.

  14. silkworm

    “Stakeholders” is a weasel word that means vested interests.

  15. minbani

    Does anyone else suspect we are being interfered with again by the CIA and US Foreign policy?
    I feel like I’m a victim of a political pedophile.

  16. Kaye Lee

    The Ciobo defence can be, and is, used in any circumstances. Have a chat with a voter, bob’s your uncle. The fact that you choose to chat on Hamilton Island, or at the polo or the football, is just happenstance.

    These people really are beyond the pale.

  17. Klaus

    Terry 2

    Dead right. This does not work in the private world nor anywhere else I know of.

    I suspect none of these incompetent, malicious ministers, seem to have had real world experience. I also heard Ciobo (in my federal seat and of Islamophobia fame) saying that an invitation is good enough to use tax payers money, fly first class (or better charter) to/from a game out of reach for most Aussies and have the time of the life.

    He also said that industry wanted access to him. I call that professional lobbying and accepting bribes.

    He also said, that they didn’t invite Steve Ciobo (who in his right mind would) but the Minister for Trade. Possibly the only truth he has spoken in a long time.

  18. Matters Not

    The strategy is called: Feed their Paranoia .

  19. wam

    deflect deflect is the plan of a struggling trunbull make us reflect reflect is the job of little billy So far one is taking all the running.
    Where TF is the opposition? Make us LAUGH at these clowns. They are NOT your f u c k i n g colleagues they have crossed the boundaries with centrelink and we deserve your efforts to rid us of this flawed scheme.
    Time to publish all meetings where who why how long

  20. Kronomex

    To paraphrase a line from an old Goon Show: “Hold them up to the light, not a brain in sight.”

    The sock puppet is just following unspoken LNP policy that when things are going wrong for them use the hoary old “terrorism threat” to try and dampen the self lit fires of disaster. Duncehead has one of the most vacuous faces I’ve seen, original thought is not something he has to worry about.

  21. Gangey1959

    I don’t know why they are worried about border protection.
    The people outside Australia trying to get in, (f*ck knows why atm) aren’t the ones that our llustrious dealership have to concern themselves with, it is We the Voter, and sadly for them WE’RE ALREADY HERE GUYS.
    What I think they have all forgotten is that although they can change all the laws they like so that we can be locked up for being Green supporters, or being members of GetUp, or not believing in a flat earth, or having a 500 year old Holden in the shed, or what ever else bullshit they try and spin us, even in gaol WE STILL GET TO VOTE.
    Haha. Payback is still like aunty bronny after all.

  22. Wayne Turner

    They are so boring,predictable and desperate.

    One of the main LNP’s “Weapon Of Mass Distraction”.

    The masses need to wake up and stop fallling for this pathetic crap.

  23. David1

    Such an insane scheme and sure to bring the country to the notice of ISIS and mark us as fair targets., How bloody stupid is Turnbull? Fekin stupid.

  24. Roswell

    Gangey, they’re not interested in border protection. They’re interested in ‘protecting us’, or more to the point they want us to perceive that they are protecting us.

    They really don’t give a shit what happens. They just want to win elections. As Matters Not said, they want to feed the paranoia. Paranoia that they’ve help create.

    Heard a funny comment the other day: 2016 will be remembered as the year when all your paranoid friends were right.

  25. crypt0

    Look up “pathetic” in the dictionary …
    You will find a photo of the entire LieNP …
    Look up “stupid” and you will see all the voters who put them there.

  26. Deanna Jones

    The people we are in most need of protection from are these criminal, greedy dinosaurs in the government. It would be a joke if there were not so much at stake.

  27. 245179

    Arrrrr crypto, Libs did get in with a majority….just, so following your logic, about half of oz is stupid. Bit hard pal. Turnbull is smart, we expected fresh air, we were hoodwinked, we’re not stupid tho. We wanted better, we got same as. What pisses me off, I have nothing but wankers to choose from, vote for a bunch of independents, as if that would work, yea right…too many cooks in the kitchen. I fear for us.

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