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Grace Tame Snubbed Several Ministers!!

Well, we all remember how upset Jenny was with Grace Tame’s bad manners when she and Scott invited her to one of their several homes and she didn’t even smile after the Prime Minister whistled her over to be in the photograph with them.

Anyway, while a significant minority of people were upset with what they saw as a snub of the PM, little did they know that Grace was being ungracious to more than just the one minister.

No, Grace was also snubbing the Health, Finance and Resources Minister at the same time because, well, Scotty was all these things. He was another three ministers.

At least…

I mean, I’m not an insider and so I don’t know if he’d added any more ministries to his collection and completed the set, entitling him to shout bingo if anyone is running a bingo card on “What jobs have you done?”

For all we know, he may be Minister for the Environment, Education, Science. Arts, Sport, Foreign Affairs, Home Affairs, Close To Home Affairs, Immigration and several others that took his fancy… Maybe even Attorney-General, given his statements on the presumption of innocence, as well as Treasurer and Holder of The Perpendicular Rod…

I use the present tense because while it’s normal to relinquish your ministry once a new government is elected, there is nothing normal about Scott Morrison. Given that we didn’t know about the other ministries at the time, for all we know, he and the Governor-General may have had a private little meeting where he was sworn in to all sorts of secret jobs that have nothing to do with building contractors or private charities.

Anyway, back to Grace because if it was rude to snub one minister then how much ruder was it snub all those others as well. Why didn’t she just say how ambitious she was for the guy standing beside her?

So I’m calling Grace to apologise to all those ministers that she snubbed with one raised eyebrow…

And I think that she should do it just as soon as Scott Morrison tells us about every single ministry that he claimed and didn’t tell us about.


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  1. Kathryn

    The fact that the foresightful, intuitive Grace Tame snubbed Scott Morrison, who just happens to be one of the worst, most corrupt, megalomaniacal, autocratic political psychopaths in our history (the other two being the war criminal, John Howard and that swaggering, inarticulate misogynist, Phony Abbott), says SO MUCH about her high level of discernment! The recent scandal about the appalling level of narcissism, born-to-rule corruption and self-promoting dictatorial behaviour by Morrison where he “stole” the portfolios of so many of his colleagues in a bid to CONTROL everything in an arrogant act of undemocratic autocracy, is no surprise considering that Morrison (a man whom the NSW LNP Premier, Gladys Berejiklian, so aptly described as a “horrible horrible man”) is one of the most detested men in our political history. It is no secret that Morrison was universally despised by so many of his own colleagues!

    There is nothing good – absolutely NOTHING positive – one can find to say about the bone-idle Sloth Morrison who is a perennial political parasite who failed to hold down any job outside of his career as a vindictive, self-absorbed, lying, conniving, backstabbing political psychopath! Morrison is a man whom history has shown has failed to achieve a SINGLE thing to benefit the lives of ordinary Australians but who has, instead, ridden the coat-tails and taken credit for the achievements of OTHERS! Thank God, the huge overwhelming majority of Australians had the good sense and foresight to kick Morrison to the gutter because THAT is where he truly belongs. Morrison will only be remembered as one of the worst, most corrupt, arrogant (smirking), ultra-conservative politicians in our history – a pathological liar, a notorious white alpha male racist, a condescending misogynist and a callously inhumane sociopath who vilified the poorest most vulnerable people in our community. Morrison is incapable of learning from his mistakes; the fact that he continues (and fails) to hide his unspeakable depravity behind a thin, transparent cloak of bible-thumping hypocrisy makes him even more distasteful!

  2. Patricia

    Isn’t every ministerial appointment immediately published and then reported when relinquished? Aren’t all of our state pollies broadcasting their credentials, achievements and c.v.s in general on their own and party websites? Once elected and they’re on our payroll, surely we taxpayers need that info readily available. Where is the payroll printed out for all of us to see, for both politicians and public servants? I like to know where my money is going.

    PS Hard to find your comments box, too many ads and empty spaces!

  3. Kerri

    Omnipotent. Almighty.
    That eagle has a lot to answer for!

  4. andy56

    A truly incompetent man promoted way way beyond his abilities. Oh how Karma finally catches up with nasty people. He is a proven devious arsehole. Maybe being expelled from parliament before his pension is due could appease my anger. These bastards are overly reward for their Machiavellian behaviour. Hell, put him on the dole.

  5. Canguro

    Dinner time conversation around the table with Jen & the girls:

    A daughter: ‘So, how was your day, Dad?’

    An ex PM: ‘Pretty good, nothing much happening. Boring actually, sitting up at the back. Can’t wait to get out.’

    An ex PM’s wife: ‘I saw you were in the news. They found out about all your other ministries. Someone squealed. Bastards.’

    An ex PM: ‘You’re not wrong. They don’t understand how difficult my job was. Someone had to be in charge, and that rabble of deadheads in my cabinet couldn’t suck a sav to save themselves, useless pricks. Stuie was okay, I liked him, but the rest were as weak as a paper bag around a six-pack of coldies.’

    A daughter: ‘Dad, the new prime minister said you were weird.’

    An ex PM: ‘Hah! He’s a loser! Don’t listen to him! He’s the weirdo. Look at him. Living in sin. His wife left him. He’s not even married and now he’s with another woman. What does that say about him? A sinful man. God will wreak his wrath come the day of judgement on that sinner.’

    A daughter: ‘But all the newspapers are saying you behaved like a paranoid autocrat. I don’t understand. I looked those words up on Google; for paranoid, it said that you were characterized by or suffering from the mental condition of paranoia. I had to check that word too, and it said that paranoia meant a mental condition characterized by delusions of persecution, unwarranted jealousy, or exaggerated self-importance, and that it may be an aspect of chronic personality disorder, of drug abuse, or of a serious condition such as schizophrenia in which the person loses touch with reality.’

    An ex PM: Don’t you worry about that, my dear child. You know I’m not a drug user, and you know I don’t have schizophrenia. The newspapers lie. They do it all the time. Let me tell you, the only news you can trust is the news that I tell you. Everything else is a lie.

    A daughter: ‘And for autocrat, it said ‘a ruler who has absolute power’, or an ‘imperious person who insists on complete obedience from others’.

    An ex PM: ‘Yes, well, I’m the prime minister. I do have absolute power.’

    An ex PM’s wife: ‘Did’

    An ex PM: ‘Sorry, what did you say?’

    An ex PM’s wife: ‘Did. You lost the election. You’re no longer in charge.’

    An ex PM: “I’m still number one in this household, by the divine rights conferred on me by God’s wise teachings and my glorious wisdom as leader of this nation and example to the world as a herald of God’s kingdom to come.’

    ex PM’s wife and daughters: ‘All hail to our father and leader.’

    ex PM’s daughters: ‘Great curry, Dad. Thanks.’

  6. Patriciawa

    PS to my comment above. I was annoyed while its publication was being moderated, ie as yet unpublished, no problem with that, but by meantime, instantly as it were, being contacted by Grace Tame’s team and urged to subscribe to her site, i.e. she already knew I had written to you. Sympathetic as I am to victims of abuse, my own sense of exploiting one’s victimhood for publicity or other gain is not a useful way of dealing with the harm of of many of life’s pains. Confrontation and exposure yes, and reparation if possible. After that, personal and private growth, coupled with political action and good journalism, powered by life experience, makes more sense to me. Agony aunts might listen to you and exploit you for a while, but soon another victim claimant for media attention will appear, and the real attention the issue needs evaporates. News of the World was writing stories about girls like Grace Tame when I started reading about them over eighty years ago! I have my own opinion on how to become a free standing human being who can fight back when attacked, but I’m not sure Grace and I would entirely agree on that.

  7. Roswell

    Funny and clever, Rossleigh.

  8. Phil Pryor

    Ms. Tame ignored the presence of the recently departed defective crooked, insolent egotistical superstitious P M, as one must. Morrison is one of many conservative political perverts still a’roaming around, looking for insertion and imaginary relevance, who need some treatment of the Colt, Noose, Guillotine or Lethal injection type, just to cure OUR problems.

  9. New England Cocky

    ”The Shovel” has an interesting view.

    Scott Morrison denies he secretly took on role of Prime Minister during pandemic

    Other News
    Barilaro withdrew from NY position because Scott Morrison was already in the role QANTAS DECLINE EXPLAINED: Scott Morrison secretly took on CEO role 2 years ago Scott Morrison denies he secretly took on role of Prime Minister during pandemic

    Liberal backbencher Scott Morrison says reports he secretly led the nation during 2020 and 2021 have no basis in fact. Responding to claims he privately worked in the role without notifying the public, Morrison said there is simply no evidence to support the claim.

    “If I had held the Prime Minister position, you would have expected to see me leading the nation, solving problems, constructively working with my peers. But none of that happened. So I’m not sure where the media is getting their information from, frankly,” he said.

    Morrison pointed out that if he had secretly taken on the PM role, he would have been spotted visiting disaster zones and providing support to those affected.

    “But of course no-one is able to provide any evidence of that. While Australia was contending with a pandemic, bushfires and floods I was constructing a chicken coop. I was very, very committed to my Instagram account during that time. I certainly didn’t have time to take on an extra role as Prime Minister”.

  10. Terence Mills

    The former PM together with his then Attorney General – don’t overlook the role of Christian Porter – conjured up a scheme to give Morrison more power. Their attitude was that democracy gets in the way of governing.

    Senator Concetta Fierravanti-Wells was on to him when she described the leader of her party as an “an autocrat” and “a bully with no moral compass who pretends to be a man of faith”.

    In their wisdom the Australian electorate also twigged that this man was a danger to our democracy and they (we) dumped him.

    He should leave parliament immediately he is surplus to our requirements……………. and we need to have a chat with the GG too !

  11. Harry Lime

    “Secret Squirrel” Scottie strikes again,just when we thought the constant barrage of bullshit was behind us…the gift that keeps on giving.Where was the Governor General in all this?Complicit in the secrecy?Is Hurley another like minded happy clapper? Another compelling reason to grow up and become a Republic.
    Canguro…a nice description of the Gaslighter in Chief.

  12. GL

    Scottie Amin Dada Morrison: The emperor of everything, and then the ruler of nothing.

  13. Richard Tay

    It was reported yesterday that when approached for comment Morrison replied, “I haven’t been involved in ‘day to day’ politics since the election”.
    I wonder what the electorate of Cook think about that? Beyond disgraceful?
    “Classic” Morrison, still not holding a hose since 2020!

  14. Alotl Axolotl

    The grifter that keeps on grifting.

  15. Gangey1959

    Justt think. The PM of Australia is the highest paid freely erected national dealer on Planet Earth. It’s an earner worth just over half a mil. How many extra shekels was the day-dream believer receiving for holding all of those extra portfolios?
    The GG’s diary would be an interesting read too.
    Brekky. Met “x”. Opened “y”. Swore pm in as minister for some stuff. Lunch. Went to inspect new boat. Swore pm in as more stuff. Dinner with “z”. Check tomorrows diary. That bloody pm is back for some more swearing’s in. Fuck me, the dumb bastard can’t hold a hose as it is. Bed time.

  16. leefe

    That’s the only photo of ScoMoFo I like to look at. Grace Tame is a champion, and the more LNP twonks she snubs and side-eyes, the better.

  17. New England Cocky

    UPDATE 160822 SMH Scummo had five (5) secret portfolios including Treasury & Home Affairs

    Would you trust Scummo with Treasury? Only to further his own pecuniary interests …. time for some serious forensic auditing.

  18. Eric

    NEC, yes, every document signed during his power trip needs a review. This is the kind of thing I would expect of a country like China, Cuba or Russia. He set a high bar for cronyism that will be hard to top, but then look at who is following in his footsteps.

  19. Kathy

    The audacity of Morrison who thought he was God’s gift to humanity and that he was so protected that only he could be chosen for the multitude of ministries. no less than 5 of them too. No wonder I kept referring to him as a ‘One Man Show”.

  20. Lucifer

    Empires have Emperors, Kingdoms have Kings and our Country had a …

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