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They only got the job because they wear headscarves – Bolt’s bombastic bullshit

To Andrew Bolt

What a condescending twat you are. You, who have no qualifications and no experience outside being a media whore, dare to criticise two admirable women, who are far more educated, credible and informative than you, just because they are speaking out.

For the vast majority of you who will not be aware of the Dolt’s latest offering, he wrote an article in the Telegraph titled “Fledgling Pundit is in over her headscarf.”

It begins…

“Why does the ABC hire and promote Muslim women in headscarfs, but not ones with hair free? And why is it exploiting Yasmin Abdel-Magied, who is surely too young for this?”

He suggests that Susan Carland and Yasmin Abdel-Magied are “vocal apologists for Islam and dress as identifiably Muslim, covering their hair in elaborate scarfs and turbans.”

“It seems to me like the ABC is using Carland and Abdel-Magied to proselytise for Islam – and for a conservative version. After all, in my view neither is particularly good as a presenter, yet is has showered both with opportunities.

But is the ABC unfairly exploiting Abdel-Magied to push its agenda? She is only 26. At that age, I’d just worked on a Labor election campaign and was about to start another. I was passionately for legal euthanasia.

Since then, with time, thought, and sometimes hard experience, I’ve changed those sympathies. I’ve grown.

I expect Abdel-Magied will too.

Will she even keep believing in Islam, with its apparent Jew hatred, rants against unbelievers and tales of Mohammed riding a horse to heaven from the top of Temple Mount?

Maybe yes, maybe no. But a woman of only 26 should be free to change.

Abdel-Magied must know that all of this – the money, applause – might go if she renounced her faith or the symbol of her submission.”

Where to begin with that patronising, jealousy-laden, bunch of crap.

How do you know there are no Muslim women with hair free at the ABC?

Perhaps Muslim women have felt it necessary to seek a platform in the media to counter the irrational hatred that is being spread by people like you, Hanson and Lambie – to show that not all Muslims are machete-wielding terrorists and that not all Muslim women are subservient victims of patriarchal abuse.

To trivialise these women, to suggest they have only been employed because of their headgear, is exactly the same as when you suggested that people were given jobs because they were Aboriginal. I hope they are consulting their lawyers.

Susan Carland completed a Bachelor of Arts and Science at Monash University. Her Honours thesis looked at women’s access to the mosque.

Susan teaches gender studies, politics, and sociology at Monash University, with a special focus on Muslim women and Muslims in Australia. She received a scholarship to do her PhD in politics and sociology, looking at the way Western Muslim women fight sexism within their own traditions and communities.

In 2004, she was named Australian Muslim of the Year. Susan is also listed as one of the international ‘Muslim Leaders of Tomorrow’ by the UN Alliance of Civilisations. She is the co-creator of the Victorian Convert Support Service, and has managed the Islamic Council of Victoria’s youth wing, Grassroots.

In 2003, she gave the International Women’s Day address at Parliament House in Victoria. She has also spoken at Chatham House in London, the Muslim Professionals Forum in Malaysia, and has been a panelist for Issues Deliberation Australia, a public policy think-tank.

Yasmin Abdel-Magied attained a Bachelor of Engineering (Mechanical) from the University of Queensland in 2011, receiving First Class Honours. She was a member of the board of Queensland Museum from 2008 – 2012 and is currently an ambassador for the museum. In August 2011, she was appointed to the Council for Multicultural Australia. She was part of the organising committee for the 2014 G20 Summit in Brisbane. In November 2014, she became a board member of ChildFund Australia.

In November 2015, she was appointed to the board of directors of OurWatch, an organisation for the prevention of domestic violence. In October 2016 the ABC program Australia Wide was recommissioned and is now presented by Abdel-Magied. In 2016, she was named an academic fellow of Trinity College in the University of Melbourne. She is currently a member of the board of the Council for Australian-Arab Relations. and a director of Youth Without Borders.

In 2016 the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT), sent Abdel-Magied to the Middle East to promote Australia. She visited Riyadh Saudi Arabia, Abu Dhabi UAE, Dubai UAE, Doha Qatar, Kuwait, Jordan, Ramallah Palestine, Israel, Cairo Egypt and Sudan.

Abdel-Magied was named as one of the Australian Financial Review’s 100 Women of Influence 2012. She was awarded Young Australian of the Year for Queensland in 2015. She was named in the top 100 most influential engineers in Australia by Engineers Australia in 2015.

But maybe she’ll grow up to be a pretentious puppet of the IPA just like you Andrew, a champion of ignorance and bigotry, a conservative pretender and paid mouthpiece for corporate greed and pious hypocrisy.

Somehow I doubt it though, These women have already contributed a great deal more to our country than you ever have or ever will.


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  1. MichaelW

    Go Kaye Lee, Andrew nut Bolt is an imbecile, moron, racist, false news, piece of shit. Yet his adoring followers sadly laud him, just shows the mentality of some right wingers.

    Not sure who despises him the most you or me.

  2. @RosemaryJ36

    Kaye – I understand your frustration and anger at the attitudes which Bolt displays and plays to. Sadly, those with unfounded prejudices against any group, cause, religion, etc are promoted rather than silenced by criticism. Like climate change deniers, they believe their opinions are valid and they lack the willingness to examine them closely. Look at all the people who remain faithful to the Catholic church after all the evidence of its failure to recruit priests who can follow the church’s teachings – faith is blind and hard to shrug aside. Just state the facts about these splendid women and ignore the stupidity of Bolt and his ilk!

  3. Michael Taylor

    Neither of you, MichaelW and Kaye. That’d be me. ?

  4. Richard Creswick

    A passionate supporter of legal Euthanasia, but then I grew up. Well, Andrew that and participating in a couple of election campaigns certainly qualify you to comment on these two young women, each of multiple achievements compared to your…what?.. mouth frothing and often mindless bile? Saw Susan with Julia Zemiro and, apart from being exhausted by her (freely admitted) talkativeness liked her thoughtfulness. Good on both of these impressive young women and good on you Kaye Lee.

  5. Carol Taylor

    That is exactly the same sort of accusation that lost Bolt his racial vilification case, that certain people only identified as Aboriginal so as gain advantage. This time around, Bolt is saying that Muslim women were only able to gain employment by being easily identifiable as being such. And, being the same as Bolt’s lost case, he ignores the massive disadvantages of the same thing; being easily identifiable as Aboriginal or as a Muslim woman.

  6. Michelle Petrat

    Guess what, when I come home from work, I need to get my thoughts away from the daily problems which occupy me even in my spare time. To get side tracked, I switch to Sky and listen to Andrew Bolt, Paul Murray, Alan Jones or whoever is on.

    After approximately 5 minutes, I am so fired up with the lies, insensitive, populist neo-con BS, that I have forgotten all about work and am cleansed to switch off and have happy conversations with my family.

    I can’t stomach the crap which comes out of their lying and trivializing mouths.

  7. Steve Laing

    Female, successful, educated, AND Muslim. No wonder Bolt despises them. What is it with Bolt that he hates himself so much? How did this third rate intellectual get to the position he has today? By lying and being provocative. That, it would appear, is all that you need to get Murdoch’s seal of approval.

  8. Harquebus

    Any good that religious women do is outweighed by the harm done when they brainwash their children.
    We should be trying to break the religious cycle, not perpetuate it.

  9. Michelle Petrat


    I didn’t know you are in the Hanson camp. What you are suggesting is akin to demanding a Royal Commission into Islam.

    But why stop there? Get the Jews, Buddhists, the lunatic US Christians, the Catholics and I apologize to every fringe or non fringe religious group, I may have left out.

  10. Terry2

    Yasmin Abdel-Magied is a much better presenter and camera presence than Andrew Bolt and together with Susan Carland would be excellent alternative anchors on the Bolt report : he may even learn something and Sky may improve their ratings !

  11. Harquebus

    Michelle Petrat
    I agree. Denigrate and humiliate all religions at every opportunity and relegate their practitioners to the lunatic fringe where they belong.

  12. Florence nee Fedup

    Bolt needs to look again. These women highly educated including engineering degrees. Which is more than Bolt has.

  13. Arthur Chance

    Re Andrew Bolt tale is rather Hiter’esk. Apparently The Theatre was his one true love. And as boy at school he came on stage dressed in a tutu; at his drama tutor suggestion. And the whole school howled with laughter at him. And being an oversensitive lad he ran off stage and has never returned to the theatre again. Apparently he keeps his tutu in the attic under lock and key and no one is ever allowed to see it. Had he only got over this rejection the world would be in a happier place. Andrew could be working for good not evil.

  14. Kaye Lee

    “the ABC is using Carland and Abdel-Magied to proselytise for Islam ”

    I have never heard either woman ever even vaguely suggest that others should convert to Islam – they are too busy having to defend their own choices – but I have heard Bolt rabbit on incessantly about some mythical Judeo-Christian heritage and belief that we all must bow down to.

    Take this offering from Bolt….

    “War on Christianity is fuelled by ignorance”

    (or stop picking on the pedophiles and their enablers)

    “Yet another church in Melbourne was burned to the ground last month and four in Geelong have been torched in six months — arson attacks that got a fraction of the media attention given to the burning of a Geelong mosque (Police say the mosque may have been mistaken for the church this bluestone building originally was).

    These attacks are part of a disturbing pattern. Everywhere Christians are being harassed out of the public space.

    True, attacks on the church are nothing new. What is new, though, is the ignorance of so many about what’s at stake and their indifference to the fight. How many young Australians, even young journalists, understand just what Christianity teaches and inspires?

    The media is particularly hostile to Christians, using the sex scandals of churches last century as an excuse to smash the churches today.

    …Christianity profoundly inspires the values of those societies, even if many of their citizens despise it.

    I am no Christian, but I do have a faith in Christianity. Will we be this safe once it’s gone?”

  15. jimhaz

    To me both Bolt and Carland are traitors to the common good. I’d not employ any of them.

    Abdel-Magied, her mom seems more sensible to me (so yes, I agree with Bolt). The young firebrand female muslim type turns too many people off, so she is likely to perpetuate dislike. She might be a good role model in some specific areas, such as car racing.

    Carland I totally ignore as I view her as as only a believer due to the love of her husband.

  16. Kaye Lee

    ” Carland I totally ignore as I view her as as only a believer due to the love of her husband.”

    Carland became a Muslim when she was 19. She also clarifies that she had converted to Islam before meeting Aly, her husband of 14 years who is also Muslim.

    “I think people cannot believe that a woman would choose to become Muslim,” she said.

    “They cannot believe that someone, especially an educated woman, would possibly choose it for herself.”

  17. Zathras

    I’ve never known a Muslim to actively proselytise. I don’t think it’s even permitted for them to do so.

    In fact the only people who come physically knocking on my door have been Christians trying to sell me pamphlets and lure me into their chosen sect and become fellow fans of their particular version of Sky Santa – not through a personal compulsion because it’s their religious duty to do so.

    Christians have an inbuilt persecution and martyrdom complex as can be witnessed every single Christmas and Easter when they claim to be under some sort of threat.

    Bolt should be more concerned about the recent news of Christian Nuns dumping 800 dead children into a septic tank specifically installed for that purpose and as recently as 1961 than what women choose to wear on their hair.

    It is rational to insist that the White House is now being cleared of curses and demons placed there by Obama or that a Satanic child-murdering cabal is leading a coup against Trump? Or maybe God wants Christians to be rich so that Jews will become jealous and convert? That’s just some of what the American branch of Bolt’s Right Wing tribe believe (and much much worse).

    If Bolt wants to use the statements and actions of a tiny minority to generalise about an entire religion – then so can I.

    I am therefore offended by his choice of ties which obviously reflect the corrupted ugliness of his mind and he’s just a token Danish apologist white man who is pimping for the views of his financial sponsors and interested only in self-promotion by any means necessary.

  18. helvityni

    Both Susan and Yassmin are very suitable for working on TV, they are intelligent, well educated, and they are also very presentable…

    Maybe Bolt would prefer Pauline on his screen.

  19. Kaye Lee

    And say, The truth is from your Lord, so whoever wills – let him believe; and whoever wills – let him disbelieve. (Surat Al-Kahf 18:29)

  20. Kaye Lee

    If someone is forced to wear a headscarf, that is wrong, If someone is forced not to wear one, that is also wrong.

    The story in your link is very sad DA but I don’t think you can equate growing up in Afghanistan to here.

    I have listened to many Muslim women give their views. For some it is indeed a symbol of oppression. I feel the same way about high heels but it is not my place to tell the women who choose to teeter round on the bloody things that they are being oppressed.

    Carland says “I see a lot of wisdom in the Islamic value of modesty in terms of behaviour and dress. These are very much decisions people have to make for themselves and neither can be enforced.”

  21. guest

    What you have clearly demonstrated, Kaye, is Bolt’s ignorance of just who these Muslim women are and what they have achieved. We see a similar kind of attitude in the comments by jimhaz. Women, according to some, might be seen but not heard and are merely an accessory to the husband because they have no intelligence of their own. Isn’t that exactly the kind of thinking that non-Muslims attribute to Muslims?

    Bolt attacks Islam for its attitude to Jews, its attitude to unbelievers and the story of Mohammed going up to heaven on a horse.

    We might ask the same kinds of things of Christianity: such as the attitude of some Christians to Muslims and to unbelievers – and whether he believes the story about the great Creator of the universe coming down to Earth as a baby.

    When I read the populist rubbish that informs the wider population, I despair that it even gains any traction. But it can be seen in the way Hanson vacuums up every crank non-rational idea floating about and airs it as something to be researched, as if it is worthy of investigation against people who have spent their lives studying the subject. Bunkum!

  22. Christian Marx

    Andrew Bolt is a deranged psychopath. I find it astonishing that he and his vile
    cretin puppet master, Murdoch are even permitted to spew their bullshit. Bolt is a very dangerous man.

  23. Derryn

    Love him or hate him, John Howard joining in with a Union protest, bet he’s still laughing.

  24. Terry2

    I note that Andrew Bolt wears a necktie, is it purely a decorative accessory or does it signify membership of a secret society or does it have religious significance ? It doesn’t keep him warm or dry, and certainly does not add comfort.

    Perhaps it’s an IPA thing and maybe that’s why he was chosen for his job with News Corp : Very strange,

  25. Wayne Turner

    Bolt “projecting” – ONLY got his job because he is an ultra right puppet for the establishment.

  26. Lance

    The most spiteful dispicable things written about Trump( name calling ) pre election USA
    was by Bolt.
    When Trump unsuspectedly won or should i say -was awarded the Presidency-(Popular Vote ???)
    Bolt become a one man hero worshipper saying “i told ya so” and owning Trump’s win as a triumph for the coming and far off sound of the arrival of his beloved glorious jackboot conservative claque marching ever so closer .

    The same thing with Pell this time last year –the man give it to the frocked freak –the day before he interviewed the demon -but -come the interview -he turned into a sycophantic lickspittle -calling for fairplay

    Says all really –Cash for comment -wheather it be Rhinehard or Murdoch -as long as the $$$$$$$$$$$$$$
    are agreeable
    The ratings though suggest -the big end of town who prop this popinjay up -are not getting their money’s worth because no -ones watchin’

  27. MichaelW

    Very funny I’m still laughing, if you don’t mind a bit of plagiarism I will post something similar at the mudrake press.

  28. MichaelW

    Michael Taylor, It would be a close call, maybe a dead heat.

  29. will

    Andrew was just busting to use a new word he’s discoverd (proselytise). Because he figures it will make him look intelligent. But your not fooling anyone Andrew, your still a convicted racist!

  30. jim

    Harquebus I agree why must they insist that their fairy tale is the only real fairy tale, and thats no fairy tale. Cheers.

  31. iggy648

    I think all forms of bigotry – ageism, racism, sexism, xenophobia, have their fundamental origin in “my mummy said so”. People like Bolt should haven’t been able to think beyond what mummy taught them.

  32. havanaliedown

    Where are the Buddhist presenters? Bigots!

  33. Arthur Chance

    Re Andrew Bolt tale is rather Hiter’esk. Apparently The Theatre was his one true love. And as boy at school he came on stage dressed in a tutu; at his drama tutor suggestion. And the whole school howled with laughter at him. And being an oversensitive lad he ran off stage and has never returned to the theatre again. Apparently he keeps his tutu in the attic under lock and key and no one is ever allowed to see it. Had he only got over this rejection the world would be in a happier place. Andrew could be working for good not evil.

  34. Kaye Lee

    I dare say if Buddhists were being belittled and persecuted as some are doing to Australian Muslims, they would speak out too.

  35. brickbob

    These highly intelligent educated women have more degrees than a compass and Bolt is insulting them and running them down?… as well as being a racist andwomen,so he lashes out at them as if they are attacking him… bloody pathetic Andrew you idiot…………………

  36. Gangey1959

    Mr??? blot.
    You are a dickhead.
    A self important, over-opinionated, arse licking effing moron.
    Do you have children? I hope not, because if you do the most difficult hurdle they are going to have to climb is escaping you as a parent.
    As the sports-coach of juniors, I always found that the mindsets of their parents was most kids biggest problem. You are the warning picture on the classroom wall with the big red circle and line.
    I’ll just bet that when junior blots start ragging on some kid for being ”not one of them”, all the victim has to say is ”yeah, but your dad is andrew blot” and your kids run home screaming.
    When are you going to give up and retire from life, throw yourself under a bus, or realise that you are WRONG and do something productive? (OK, the last is not likely because you are a brainless prat with his head so far up his own arse there is hardly any room for lord voldemurdoch to slide you a quick one every now and then but still.)
    It is time you left your betters alone, and you just concentrated on patting your mates on the back. It will lower your blood pressure, and waste far fewer column inches of valuable newspaper.
    In the meantime, when we want your opinion, we will ask. Hold your breath.
    Eff you.

  37. Kaye Lee

    We should take our lead from our children who couldn’t care less about their friend’s ethnicity or religion. My son played cricket with some relatively devout Muslim kids. All he cared about was how well they played. You would be very hard-pressed to find a kid in Sydney who did not have friends from a variety of ethnic and religious backgrounds.

    It is a real shame that it is the older Australians that seem to be, by and large, holding us back with their fear (and with some, their greed). As I progress through my 60th year, i look with pride to our children. May they show us the way.

  38. Deanna Jones

    Nice, Kaye. I think Mr Blot is feeling a bit threatened, a bit inadequate, which is understandable given his possession of a penis has always been enough of a qualification for him to have a public platform.

  39. Kaye Lee

    It really does smack of jealousy Deanna. Steve summed it up well when he said “Female, successful, educated, AND Muslim. No wonder Bolt despises them. “

  40. Reddog

    There is a reason most Australians have nothing to do with the ABC and the reason is all written here. Go Pauline ?

  41. wam

    have you tried 2004 christian of the year or Aborigine of the year or the 2005 muslim of the year?
    Turkey was a secular state that banned hijabs in public institutions like universitries but women can now wear them everywhere except the military
    “The military has traditionally been seen as the strongest bastion of secular Turkey and had been hostile to any perceived Islamisation of state institutions. But not for long.
    Headscarves have been seen in parliament since October 2013, when four female AKP MPs wore them in a session. In 1999, a headscarf-wearing MP from the now-defunct Virtue party had been heckled out of the chamber.
    Soon covering will be compulsory for women.

    So, spot on harquebus!

    Sadly culture masquerading as religion is dangerous both are male led, male organised and male enforced but culture, once under the umbrella of religion, is accepted, with very few exceptions, as valid in Australia.

    Countries like iran, afghanistan and Australia were culturally able to accept women’s uncovered hair outside places of worship. Why has that changed? Why would Australia accept the cultural changes in those countries? 2015 celebration in gallipoli showed a segment of a children’s holiday in the town nearest the battlefield the men and women were happily playing with their children not a hijab in

    As an old cynic I would ask christian women how can they respect much less worship a god whose church who knowingly put children at risk by exposing them to abuse by men and women who have confessed their guilt and who forgives men who murder women and children

    At the risk of being banned(or purged), I would ask cartland, yassmin and muslims what constitutes a martyr(christian martyrs die not kill for their god) and what rewards their martyrs get in heaven.

    Our beliefs and prejudices are past on from birth so your ‘our children’ are not their children and many of our children are not ‘our, our’ children! They are the children of the listeners to bolt, jones, sam, koch, karl baby.\, lisa, and liz hayes who can’t tell the difference between a burqa and a niqab and knows nothing of their cultural significance, they are supporters of the loonies left and right. they are black white and brindled
    oops come to think of it, sorry kaye, they are our Australian children and bolt attended the school around the corner from my place which was given to the christians,.(5 public primary and secondary school have been given away over the last 20 years).
    After 6 years of religious upbringing in the home our pollies attend private religious schools and, in the main, rule as they were taught.
    christians believe boys have a god given right to ‘priest’ over women – for my old faith we begin our indoctrination at birth and culminates in the white confirmation dress at about 12 and for mormons the male ‘rite/right culminates on the 12th birthday which is the end of childhood.

  42. Phil

    Good slap down of Bolt there Kaye Lee – damned good. Adroitly undermining himself Bolt has inadvertently and indirectly revealed so much more about these remarkable Muslim women.

  43. Terry2

    Driving home last evening, listening to the news I heard that the Jehovah Witnesses, appearing before the Royal Commission into child abuse, said that they did not report claims of abuse – or even give them credibility – unless substantiated by two witnesses : presumably one would be the abuser and the other an observer.

    This from a Christian religious group who claim that their approach is in accordance with biblical teachings.

    And we think that wearing a head-scarf is offensive……….hellooo !

  44. Kyran

    Just a couple of questions, if I may, Ms Lee.

    Firstly, the glaringly obvious one. Why are you writing to him? Perhaps if it was in crayon with plenty of pretty pictures you may get through. He has many deficiencies, intellect and comprehension at the fore. Writing an intelligent appraisal of his stupidity and bigotry and sending it to him with any expectation of self appraisal or epiphany, is akin to asking a toddler why they pulled the dog’s tail.

    Secondly, does it not strike you as odd that this fools primary readership/following is bordering on the insignificant, yet he continues to be of significance through secondary articles, such as this, that seemingly amplify his significance? When he had the Bolt Report on Channel 10, his following seems to have varied between 104,000 to 172,000. It was axed by Channel 10 due to its production costs of $2mill not being warranted due to its poor following. He migrated to Sky and now appears to have an audience of 23,000 to 42,000. His 3AW show, with Steve Price, was a commercial disaster and axed. He writes for rags that are so unpopular, they are reliant on being given away at fast food outlets and grocery stores, to inflate their circulation figures.

    As to the ‘substance’ of what he wrote, you have eloquently pointed out the deficiencies in his alleged thinking process. Out of curiosity, perhaps you could help the poor git to expound on his thinking.
    If he had a voice at the age of 26 and was politically active, but realised in later years that he had changed his views, is he suggesting that people under the age of (say) 40 should not be listened to? Or that only his transition was worthy of scrutiny as a journey of significance? Or that only males can evolve and grow in any meaningful way?

    As you point out, his utterings are incoherent with regard to the women he is picking on. No one could be sure if he considers them unqualified to comment because they are Muslim, or visibly Muslim; because they are female, or visibly female; because they are young, or visibly young; because they are feminists, or actively feminist.
    In the interests of parity, Emma Watson did a photo shoot with Vanity Fair. Her attire, or lack thereof, has been roundly condemned as it has ‘sexualised’ and ‘demeaned’ the female form, making it cheap and tawdry. The criticism has been vocal as she is an open advocate of ‘feminism’ and this is somehow a betrayal of such values. Ms Watson’s credentials are every bit as exemplary as these young women. She is a young, confident, intelligent person and has stressed that it was her choice of clothing.
    “I really don’t know what my tits have to do with it” (‘it’ being feminism). The fact that she wasn’t even really showing her breasts though just makes these articles even more ridiculous.

    The Attack On Emma Watson Is An Attack On Us All

    So women continue to be judged by the likes of Dolt due to their apparel, when the only question to be asked is whether they have had the right or the opportunity to choose their own apparel. Gender is decided for all of us prior to our arrival. Age is what happens to all of us along the way. To suggest that either our age or our gender should preference ones value or opinion over another is ludicrous.
    Our education, religion, attire, profession, whatever, should be choices freely available to all of us, for us to make. It is the disparity in the availability of those choices that is the issue here. The ‘opinions’ of Dolt and his ilk do nothing other than serve as a distraction.

    In case you missed it, there was an article on ABC about the Indian government using proselytising as an excuse to restrict the influence of foreign NGO’s or aid agencies.

    “India’s home ministry has barred Compassion’s local partner organisations from receiving money from sponsors like Mr Kirk, alleging two tried to convert aid recipients to Christianity.
    Home ministry officials who did not wish to be quoted said the charity’s foreign donations were blocked because it was registered as a “social, cultural, economic and educational” organisation, and permitted to carry out religious activities.”

    “Organisations like Greenpeace and the Ford Foundation have been targeted for funding campaigns deemed “anti-national”, but larger aid programs like Compassion’s have not been affected until now.
    Ms Mohan said Compassion may be a victim of the Government’s desire to see Hindu-based charities doing more aid work.
    “Along with anti-development, anti-national kind of rhetoric around NGOs, I think there is a larger sense today that Hindu organisations are somehow more objective and non-religious than Muslim or Christian, which is ridiculous,” she said.”

    Who would have thought the Indian government would be subscribers to a dolt.
    Thank you, Ms Lee and commenters. Can someone please push the ‘full flush’ button and be done with this turd once and for all? Take care

  45. Keitha Granville

    all of everything that everyonehas already said. Great piece Kaye

  46. Zathras

    Traditionally women entering Christian Churches are supposed to cover their hair (and shoulders) and men removed their hats.

    In Jewish temples, women were not permitted to cover their hair but men had to wear yarmulke caps.

    When I was growing up it was common to see widowed European immigrant women dressed entirely in black and they would continue to do so for the rest of their life.

    Were all these things forms of religious oppression too?

  47. Kaye Lee

    My grandmother made me wear a lace hankie on my head when she took me to mass. I really wanted a proper mantilla. I didn’t feel oppressed though looking back it was rather silly.

    1 Corinthians 11:3-10

    But I want you to understand that the head of every man is Christ, the head of a wife is her husband, and the head of Christ is God. Every man who prays or prophesies with his head covered dishonors his head, but every wife who prays or prophesies with her head uncovered dishonors her head, since it is the same as if her head were shaven. For if a wife will not cover her head, then she should cut her hair short. But since it is disgraceful for a wife to cut off her hair or shave her head, let her cover her head. For a man ought not to cover his head, since he is the image and glory of God, but woman is the glory of man. …

  48. Kyran

    Terry2, the reports on that are indicative of how different religions are viewed. The evidence given was that the 2,000 year old scripture was to take precedence over the ‘law of the land’.
    “Justice McLellan: “If the organisation doesn’t acknowledge that they were abused, that imposes a great burden on them, doesn’t it?”

    Mr O’Brien: “We don’t disbelieve a person who makes an accusation. That’s why we investigate every accusation brought forward by the elders.”

    Justice McLellan: “Yes, but if there are not two witnesses you don’t accept it, do you?”

    Mr O’Brien: “Because scripturally we’re not able to.”

    With all of the hoohaa over Sharia law taking over Australia, there were statements by Muslim leaders, and Muslims in general, stating that they accepted the law of the land as the ‘primary’ legal system and Sharia law could only exist as a subset of those laws.
    Here we have a church openly stating their 2,000 year old scriptures were binding and took precedence over the law of the land.
    Thank dog they don’t dress funny, or else we would really be offended by them.
    PS, Ms Lee, my little brother got in trouble once for ‘borrowing’ one of those hankie’s to blow his nose. His defence was that his cleanliness took precedence over the poor girls godliness. True story. He couldn’t sit for a week.
    PPS, if we do flush the unflushable turd, will newscorpse write the headline as ‘Dolt gets a Viking funeral’?
    Take care

  49. Kaye Lee

    My husband, as a 9 year old altar boy, walked into the vestry at the end of mass only to be punched in the face so hard by the priest he hit the wall. Apparently the priest thought he had “pulled a face” during Mass.

    As for the turd, I wouldn’t bother discussing anything with him and I am certain he and his followers would never read anything I write. But he makes a good straight man 😉

  50. Florence nee Fedup

    I often wonder why one would employ Bolt. No education or life experiences. Focus on one narrow topic, which never changes. His shows are the same things over and over. Full of complaints, whinges and poor me.

  51. Maeve Carney

    Kaye Lee: Surat Al-Kahf 18:29 is a Meccan verse and therefore an abrogated one. You are quoting a verse that every moslem, and people who have read more than the quran, knows no longer applies. Find a Medina verse about peace and tolerance because they are the relevant ones.

  52. Kaye Lee

    Maeve, quite frankly, quotes from religious texts written thousands of years ago are of passing historical interest only to me. Why would Meccan verses no longer apply? Why did they dump St Christopher and St Anthony? Why do people think laws made by men centuries ago are even applicable to today’s society?

  53. Rais

    Maeve Carney Meccan verses are not abrogated verses. No verse, Meccan or not, is abrogated unless specifically ruled to be so. I heard that particular verse quoted in my local mosque by a very academically distinguished imam.

  54. Tim Doherty

    Really Will? The “big words” trope? Surely you can do better than that.

  55. crypt0

    Remember when the judge in the “bolt case” found racial hatred proven by the sheer number of malicious lies Bolt had concocted?
    You gotta wonder about his “audience” although there is one explanation …
    If you consider the Australian of average intelligence, we must always remember that 50% are below that level …
    I wonder which newspapers they buy ?

  56. Voisof Reezon

    Postmodernist hangout here obviously. Thank God you are all here to save the oppressed. Today’s group, educated Islamic female academics based in western democracies. Among the most oppressed people on the planet.

    “if you consider the Australian of average intelligence” … oh please, wise one, tell us how we should think and act and speak. Penalise us for transgressions. Lead us to Utopia.

    My experience at universities is there are a lot of educated idiots in the world. A gender studies stream will definitely lower your IQ for example. Stop it with the intellectual superiority. It makes you look like tools. People know right from wrong.

    On the topic, if anyone in this thread is actually interested in the truth on this topic, Ayaan Hirsi Ali is coming to Australia next month. Go and see her and your mind will be changed. Watch a video of her and that’d do it. Why don’t you rally to have these supposed powerhouse Muslim women from the ABC debate her … dare you 🙂 They won’t of course, because she’d eat them all for breakfast intellectually. She tells the truth … which you don’t want because it doesn’t fit in with your nice little narrative of Muslims as an oppressed group.

    Yasmin Abdel-Magied was appointed to “the board of Queensland Museum from 2008 – 2012” … so she’d have been 19 or 20. What a boost for that board! No doubt a second year engineering student has everything they are looking for. It’s an objective fact that the positions she’s been given (which you list) have little to do with her ability or qualifications. If you were cynical, you’d say race and gender … but that could never be it.

    If you block out 50% of the relevant facts, you aren’t right. If you repeat something over and over and over it doesn’t make it right.

    Currently, 90% of the people of the world do not live in western democracies so if you don’t like them, there’s plenty of choices.

    “Kaye describes herself as a middle-aged woman in jammies.” … that would have been my guess.


  57. helvityni

    “She tells the truth … which you don’t want because it doesn’t fit in with your nice little narrative of Muslims as an oppressed group.”

    Ayaan Hirsi Ali and Yassmin Abdel Magied, have their truths to tell, so have you.

    Oh dear , Sharia law says that a man can discipline his wife, our laws don’t say that you can kill your wife/ partner;yet our men folk do it almost daily, don’t they. If not always killing , there’s still plenty of Domestic Violence for us to be concerned about.

  58. Alan Baird

    And as I was saying about when we were young we were told if we walked on a crack in the pavement your mother would die. She did but it took over 90 years. ‘struth! What tosh religion is! When you walk into the toilet which foot do you use to step IN and which OUT (er, I mean into the CUBICLE, not the actual whatsie) . Does this also influence your mother’s health? People say (and I don’t watch FOX) that Muslims follow the above toilet routine. I have never loitered around ANY toilets, let alone Muslim ones. They are all potentially smelly.
    My guess is that at some point in the distant future, the sun will burn the earth to a crisp and all these important religious strictures will be mildly irrelevant what ever they are/were and whatever arcane/obscure arguments happen to be raging at the time. My preference is to leave them ALL to get on with these important battles. Om, om, om, om….

  59. jimhaz

    [Ayaan Hirsi Ali and Yassmin Abdel Magied, have their truths to tell, so have you.]

    All things being equal, Ayaan’s view will win over the long term – could be a century.

    If muslim women suffer in the meantime due to well off western women supporting religious stupidity for some vain concept of equality it will be because of false arguments.

    No fundamentalists should be allowed to vote though as it makes them into mere children, which leads to a corruption of democracy which harms us all.

    You SJW’s are committing self harm with your support of fundamentalist practices, which is not fine by me as it has a negative affect on other innocent Australians. Some of you are actually fundamentalists yourselves – trapped in the dream of perfect equality and endless government funds.

    With the usurping of politics here in Australia by religious sects (half the LNP ministerial team) we are in danger of establishing a base group of DEPLORABLES that will always vote against their own best interests as they know no better and are impossible to educate.

    There is little difference between an evangelical type and a typical recently migrated Muslim – their religions have the same mandatory nature. We don’t want to add to these numbers here in Australia and for those already here, we must refuse fundamentalist advances of all kinds – the deeply religious, neocon based right wing, far left wing, anti-science fools like Roberts, aggressive misogyngists/misandrists or whatever.

    In the US, these idiots gave us Bush and now Trump. Here we got Abbott and his squad of deplorables. It is bigger than that though as their stupidity shifts the political playing ground to the right on both sides and has been doing so for decades.

    I would advise everyone to read this article

    An Insider’s View: The Dark Rigidity of Fundamentalist Rural America't-problem

    “Religious fundamentalism has shaped most of their belief systems. Systems built on a fundamentalist framework are not conducive to introspection, questioning, learning, or change. When you have a belief system built on fundamentalism, it isn’t open to outside criticism, especially by anyone not a member of your tribe and in a position of power”

  60. Kaye Lee

    “You SJW’s are committing self harm with your support of fundamentalist practices”

    I have heard no-one supporting fundamentalist practices. What I have heard is people asking for tolerance and pointing out that Muslims are not all the same and that the overwhelming majority should not be condemned for what the minority do. I have heard people trying to explain that many of the ‘fundamentalist’ practices that we abhor are more cultural than religious, confined to certain geographical areas. I have heard people asking for context to be considered and for threat levels to be put in perspective.

    “When you have a belief system built on fundamentalism, it isn’t open to outside criticism, especially by anyone not a member of your tribe and in a position of power”

    The same could be said of the ideology of political parties.

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