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Gladys Liu And Other Unbelievable Fictions

If the electoral boundaries hadn’t changed, then I would have been in Gladys Liu’s seat. Then again, if the boundaries hadn’t changed, it might not have been Gladys Liu’s seat because, with the same boundaries, she may not have won! We can speculate all day but one thing’s for certain, Gladys was elected under a free and democratic electoral process.

OK, there was that brouhaha where a message was written in Chinese telling people that the only way to cast a valid vote was to vote Liberal… The fact that it had a purple background like the AEC was simply because the person responsible for printing had purple/blue colour blindness and to suggest that it was a deliberate strategy to mislead voters was quite frankly a disgusting smear and quite racist. There’s no evidence and any attempt to investigate and find evidence is an insult to the billion Chinese on the planet because no other races have ever been investigated for printing misleading material in Chinese…

Now some members of the Labor Party have tried to suggest that Gladys was a member of an organisation which seeks to spread Chinese propaganda just because her name was on the list of people in that organisation. As she explained in an interview, she has no memory of being in such an organisation and, in any case, she’s resigned from it. Clearly, the Labor Party are being racist by even suggesting that such an explanation doesn’t stand up to scrutiny and this deserves further investigation. But who would investigate this? The security forces are busy raiding the homes and offices of journalists so they don’t have time to waste on this witch hunt.

Obviously, the only reason Labor have gone after her is because she’s a Chinese Australian. Penny Wong wouldn’t be attacking an Australian Australian like this. How is Gladys expected to remember every organisation she’s been an honorary president of? As Arthur Sinodinos said to ICAC, how am I expected to remember my role in every $250,000 job I have.

And anyway, it’s quite likely that her name was added to the organisation without her knowledge by Matt Canavan’s mum.

I think Peter Dutton said it best when he said that he and Morrison were defending her and, if you had people like our PM and him defending you, then clearly you haven’t done anything wrong.

No, it’s clear that the only reason that Labor are hostile is because she’s raised a million dollars for Liberal Party. That’s even more than Channel 9. That’s the reason for their racist attack. If they really wanted to do something worthwhile why don’t they tell Dan Andrews to get on with the East/West link or do something about those African gangs?

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  1. Jack Cade

    Your post is spot on. And Peter Dutton is right – one stupid act of compassion for the losing candidate could bring the whole edifice crashing down.
    I will pray to God as soon as I have finished this post – and ask him to intervene.
    Done. God has spoken to me..

    SHIT!!! She was a commie!!!!

  2. What me carpe?

    Now I don’t want to seem a pedant about this but Prime Minister Morrison may have mislead Parliament in accusing the Opposition of having it in for Gladys Liu because she was born in China. That is a foul canard. Ms Liu was born in Hong Kong sometime before 1998 I believe and thus she was born a British Dependent Territory Citizen or whatever the POMS were calling that status at the time.

  3. Kerri

    Ross Leigh, spot on!
    I note too the emphasis in both Gladys and Joshie’s electorates (I am next door in Joshie’s) the word “correct” was used in Mandarin voting advice?? Seems a cultural emphasis there too! Not “best” or “appropriate” but “correct”. A bit like a school assessment? Not that there are any cultures in Australia who are obsessed with educational success. Just sayin’!
    Poor Gladdy is suffering the same racist overtones as Joshie has? How curious that both electorates sported the “correct” voting advice and both electorates are now subject to racism directed at their members??
    Besides Glad couldn’t remember being part of that organisation? And if she couldn’t remember then she couldn’t have been a member!! Right??
    Reminds me of someone…… mmmmm……… oh yeah! Arthur Sinodinos! He couldn’t remember accepting a donation from a company that he was deputy chair of, to a company that he was treasurer of. Hmmm?? Is this a pattern??
    But SERIOUSLY, as Andrew Bolt has pointed out (and I am loathe to give him credit) the only person raising race as an issue is Scott Morrison!! Gladys Liu has to go! She does not represent her community. How in the space of 10 years the electorate of Chisholm could go from Anna Burke to Gladys Liu is beyond comprehension.
    Stinks more than the Box Hill fish market.

  4. Phil Pryor

    The conservatives want a monopoly on filth, shit, bribes, donations, recruits, any assistance, some vague god, some vague ambition and doctrine and dogma and endless superstition.., what can be left for a democratic opposition? What? Opposition? It shouldn’t exist, in a righteous, superstitious, primitive, savage, mediaeval, backward dictatorship, the Abbott, Turnbull, Morrison shithead political act.

  5. New England Cocky

    Excellent Rossleigh!! This is why the Australian Constitution includes at s44 the ban on dual citizens. Once a member of the communist PRC organisation always sympathetic to the communist Party and their self-serving ideals.

  6. Terence Mills

    Tongues firmly in cheeks today !

    Can I just say a big thank you to those Australians of Chinese and Asian heritage who have done so much for diversity in this country going back to the nineteenth century and beyond : had it not been for the Chinese market gardeners the early gold diggers would have suffered the excruciating pain of scurvy.

    And thank you for putting meat and three veg firmly in its place in the order of things culinary.

    Not to forget the culinary and cultural contributions of those of Italian, Greek, Lebanese, Indian, Thai, Jewish and other global heritage.

    Hey, on this small planet we are a multi-cultural family : How good is that

    Memo to Scott Morrison : Stop the racist dog-whistling !

  7. Bronte ALLAN

    Typical bloody crap emanating from SloMo & the Dustman! Funny how when it affects their bloody mob, they scream like banshees & call “racist”? My understanding is that the Labor lot were not even thinking “racist” when they objected about this woman. She was a member of the Communist Party–or whatever it is called–even though she was born in what was then British Hong Kong. Trust this fcking COALition mob to do everything in their “power” to try & keep her in parliament, at all costs! Isn’t their idea of “Democracy” (?) just soooo fantastic? Yet another great article Rossleigh!

  8. wam

    Great word carp!!!!
    For me to carp is hardly a new situation but to seize the day my dear pedant:Carp E is it Eileen or Edward?
    As for ms liu she is no more or less a crook(dishonest) than the normal politician.of any description and is a below average crook in her party of crooks.
    Labor has many areas to attack scummo but all I saw was carp carp by finger pointing drips with mouths opening and closing like the pommie imported pest fish out of water but still trying to stir the mud. This is barely better than nothing Albo.
    Leave sino-sam and gladys to the msm and go for the important anti-workers shit they are doing whilst they spout through millions of dollar adverts on how ^@%^ good they are.
    Scummo FIGJAM.

  9. Perkin Warbeck

    People who support the Hong Kong rioters would do well to study how ‘democratic’ the place was before 1997. It consisted principally of a wealthy European hierarchy with an undergrowth of Chinese coolies.
    The ‘two cultures’ will only have one end, whether it happens sooner or later. The US still tries to paint Russia as a communist country, which has not been the case for 40’years. The West’s enmity for China is the same kind of enmity that caused WW1 – a rising power threatening trade.

  10. Matters Not


    tries to paint Russia as a communist country,

    Same can be said about Vietnam, China, … And well they may be. But, as always, it all depends on the definition employed. Lacking that, it’s all a nonsense.

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