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Giving Abbott a Serve

Since bringing down the budget a consensus has developed that even includes right wing journalists, with all agreeing that Tony Abbott has been an abject disaster as Prime Minister.

In little under a month the “adults” will have been in charge for a year. Abbott is a visionless leader lacking a narrative for our country; a leader unable to shake off a dour, negative, pessimistic personality, and someone who has never been held in high regard.

After four years of daily abuse, distortion and outright dishonesty, he forgot that once elected you are expected to come up with ideas and actually have policies that take the nation forward.

Paul Kelly of The Australian newspaper said this:

“Abbott is governing yet he is not persuading. So far. As Prime Minister he seems unable to replicate his success as Opposition leader: mobilising opinion behind his causes. The forces arrayed against Abbott, on issue after issue, seem more formidable than the weight the prime minister can muster.”

In this statement Kelly assumes that Abbott was a success as Opposition Leader. If one assumes that gaining office by deliberately lying to your fellow Australians and later denying it equates to successful persuasion, then he is correct.

Take this recent comment by Lenore Taylor:

“In the final sitting weeks of the winter session, Tony Abbott held an unusual meeting of his full ministry during which he was asked by a junior minister how the government was intending to deal with the widespread view that it had broken election promises. The prime minister’s response was forceful and absolute. The government had not broken a single promise, he insisted. There was nothing to deal with, no case to answer.”


Australia has never elected a Prime Minister so ignorant of technology, the environment and science, nor so oblivious to the needs of women. He is a man blind to inequality, and so out of touch with transparency, truth and decency. A man remote from a changing world in which answers to complex problems are more likely to be provided by science and logical critical reason than a belief that change should only ever be incremental at best.

Abbott is a man who seems isolated in a time warp, hungering for a past world long forgotten. He is driven by elitist, privileged ideology, the intent of which is vindictive punishment rather than inspirational leadership and governance for the common good. He is a man who only takes advice from those who agree and treats with disdain those who don’t. He appoints as heads of enquiries those who acquiesce the same view, thus divorcing the process from any real objectivity.

Abbott is a man with rich and influential friends, and it is from them that he seeks advice. Advice is a necessary function of competent leadership but when it only comes from those with wealthy vested interests, or from those who see life through the prism of a cash register, then it is born of self-interest and cannot express a common good. The same goes for those who seek power with manipulative words.

Last week we had an appalling example of this. In giving into public opinion on Free Speech legislation the Prime Minister at the same time found it obligatory to ring a Murdoch journalist, Andrew Bolt, to inform him that the legalisation would not proceed. It was as if Bolt was owed some sort of apology, needed to be pacified in some way, or was owed something for his biased support.

Abbott leads a men’s club who can be divided into four groups: the religious right; the corporatist dealmakers; those who resemble the American Tea Party; and the technological luddites who deny science. They are a ministry of aging men with little practical work life experience and obscure views often deep-seated in neoconservative principles. Conservative men who can speak at will about what they oppose but have difficulty articulating what it is they believe in, or when they do it is clouded in the hue of feral, often hysterical, extremist privileged morality.

What is our democracy coming to?

The first requirement of any Government is that it be transparent, because secrecy makes us less free. When politicians lie they deny us the truth.

The right to vote is the gift that democracy gives. When a political party deliberately withholds information that the voter needs to make an informed, balanced and reasoned assessment of how it is being governed, it is lying by omission. It is also tantamount to the manipulation of our democracy or, more bluntly, it is destroying the very democracy that enables it to exist.

Image from

Image from

This of course requires trust. “You can trust us” was Abbott’s frequent mantra during the election, but events since would suggest that the Prime Minister and his government can be far from trusted. It is a sad reflection on our country when its citizens cannot expect that their parliament will govern with trustworthiness.

We have seen what Rob Oakeshott calls “conflict theory” used by big business to destabilise government by creating the perception that the government is undemocratic. ‘We will decide how much tax we pay’ said the big miners, and daily the billionaires protested, supported by the Murdoch Empire, in turn subverting our democracy – and the conservatives acquiesced.

According to a recent survey by the ANU, most Australians no longer think it matters which major party is in government. It also revealed a significant decline in support for democracy over the past seven years. Nearly 20 per cent of eligible voters, about 3 million Australians, effectively opted out of the last federal election by either failing to enrol to vote, not showing up to vote, or voting informally.

A quiz (with questions one would think most Australians should know) on the link provided highlights the political ignorance of voters and the Coalition have an interest in keeping it that way. Less informed voters unfortunately outnumber the more politically aware, and therefore the conservatives feed them all the bullshit they need. The menu generally contains a fair portion of fabrication.

If our democracy is not in crisis it is fast approaching it. All parties are responsible, but none more so than the Prime Minister who has sought to trash the parliament and its institutions.

Having said that, and if the Polls are to be believed, around 48% of Australians are happy to see the poor supplement the advantaged rich and be governed by a group of middle aged men whose sole aim is self-interest.

People no longer trust political parties and the parliament. A Monash University survey found that trust in the Federal Parliament has fallen from 48% in 2009 to 27% in this year.

Is it any wonder? Politics is rife with scandal and corruption, and rorting of expenses is commonplace: particularly by a Prime Minister who thinks he and his ministers should be immune to such things.

To quote Mark Latham:

“The famous formulation of ‘government of the people for the people, of the people’ has been replaced by ‘government versus the people’.”

The malaise in Australian politics is comprehensively demonstrated by the fact that after three years of insisting he would restore popular trust, after Abbott was elected leader the polls very quickly reflected the fact that the people recognised they had voted for a dud. He never had the honeymoon period usually given to incoming leaders.

Whilst in opposition, Abbott could have formulated some policy instead of spreading negative propaganda. However, he has shown by the frequency and blatancy of his lying that it was all about self-interest.


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  1. Dan Dark

    Great article about the human wrecking ball Tony/the Trojan horse, and the amount of damage he and his Friends have done in a short time for their own self interest and at the countries expense.

  2. Anne Byam

    Your article, John – is excellent. Democracy is in dire danger, and your article should be seen as widely as possible.

  3. Wayne Turner

    Abbott’s always been like this.he just had the MSM promoting him to get in,and enough ignorant non-thinkers in the public to follow said MSM.

    The MSM proved what I already suspected – They could take any idiot,promote them enough and get them into power.

    Labor’s leadership fighting, was always going to be better than LYING Idiot Abbott and his puppets for their big business mates at the expense of the rest of us.

  4. brickbob

    This is a very well written article on Abbott and Co,enjoyable but disturbing also. ” Well done.”’

  5. Stuart Dean

    The LibNats didn’t even have any policies – they did a copy/paste right from the IPA wish list. Remember Abbott didn’t reveal any policy before the election; he just stood before us and told us all lies. I was relaxed, thinking the Australian people would see through the lies – I was wrong.

  6. O'Bleak

    Just demonstrates what I’ve long believed. You don’t need brains to succeed in politics. Just some luck and the cunning of a shithouse rat.

  7. Terry2

    Now I’m totally confused, having heard on the radio news that the Yazidis on Mt Sinjad in Northern Iraq don’t need saving and I then hear that Abbott is prepared to accept up to 4000 of them for resettlement in Australia (or was it Manus/Nauru/Christmas Islands). Then our erstwhile Defence Minister informs us that our C130’s will commence aid drops any time soon (whether they need them or not).
    I see that Julie Bishop, in the meantime, is still throwing hand grenades at Putin.

    Is there something going on here, has everybody in the government abandoned poor Joe Hockey to sell his dog of a budget on his own while the others go off on their own romps ?

    This has to be the most uncoordinated administration ever and it’s about time Peta pulled them into line.

  8. Anon E Mouse

    Doesn’t anyone find it strange that Kevin Rudd was the most popular PM, and it was self-interested power brokers who bought him down.

    Since then, the electorate seems to have turned its back on the self-serving political class.

    All of those things Kevin told us would happen if Abbott was elected are happening – the lies, the cuts, and we are moving into a recession.

    Perhaps the ALP should be looking at why Kevin was actually popular. Was it because he was smart, because he was not part of the factional games, or was it because he remained grounded to his ordinary poor-folk origins?

    They might also look honestly why he was ousted, was it because he was a hard worker, or not part of the factional games, because he was not of the political class but of poor-folk origins?

    Labor would do well to select a leader that the people want, not the factional power-brokers.

  9. stephentardrew

    Great article John.

    The rush by some to call Abbott a sociopath or psychopath is glazing over the fact that he exhibits something much more insidious than strait imposition of unfounded and misleading psychiatric labeling. What can be clearly determined is that he is a compulsive liar with a hidden and unspoken agenda covered in misspeak, lies and obfuscation. He is not, in the real sense, insane and this is the real dilemma because he uses methods developed by propagandists to remain doggedly on message regardless of evidence or poof to the contrary. He is blind to criticism even from within his own party. In short he is an ideologue in the worst tradition of those who use judgement, blame and retribution as a weapon against anyone who would question his ethics and motivation.

    Abbott is a dangerous troglodyte and oligarch immune to the facts of science, driven by some aberrant interpretation of Christianity which many Christians do not share. Most alarmingly you never get to see the real Tony Abbott because he is hidden behind a veil of lies, media cronyism and corporate vested interest. Joe Hockey is simply his alter ego on steroids so he lets Hockey play the inside game while avoiding direct responsibility. It seems like a strange and twisted sort of good cop bad cop in which both are really rotten to the core.

    They have surely lost the next election however the damage they will wreak upon this country will take some time to repair. Labor must go on the attack simply because they lost so much credibility before the last election. They must take direct action to counter general disillusionment with politicians by the general populace. Labor needs well founded policies to demonstrate they are ready to govern again and that they, unlike the LNP, have a comprehensive plan to repair the economy and get people back to work. Waiting in hope that the LNP will fall on its own petard is a fools errand. You cannot trust compulsive liars and only the simple minded would live in hope. I am not enamored with the major parties however there is one that is truly beyond the pail and the task should be to unseat them, with all haste, at the first opportunity.

  10. Roger

    “Less informed voters unfortunately outnumber the more politically aware, and therefore the conservatives feed them all the bullshit they need.” Here starteth the lesson – there is something for the ALP to learn from the LNP: 3 word slogans! I believe it is irrefutable that the use of such slogans is all you need to engage the non-interested portion of the public. I think that 3 words are about all the engagement that the majority of the population wish to have with politics.

    The bigger lesson to learn from this though is to have a policy position of your own to back up such slogans. The media allowed Abbott and the LNP to get away without questioning what they were asserting or whether they had an alternative position.

    The ALP need to pick up on the use of slogans to either back what they are proposing or to ridicule the many thoughtless policies of the LNP. Don’t pussyfoot around the “class” issue either. The class war is being successfully waged by denying and decrying any use of the term. Tell it like it is, I say. Maybe then people will realize how they are being deceived.

  11. Dan Dark

    This was in my email today, what was tones saying about all them jobs he was going to create…… pffftttt

    Sign this petition
    with 4,208 supporters
    792 NEEDED

    Petition by
    Peter Weissbacher
    Airport West, Australia

    Australian manufacturers are struggling, with unemployment on the rise we as a nation cannot afford to have more businesses going bust. The government has recently awarded a major contract against an Aussie company Rossi Boots which has been making boots here for over 100 years.

    The government elect are selected by us to govern in our best interests, it is unacceptable that the government award government contracts to overseas manufacturers who make no contribution, financial or otherwise to Australia.

    I call on my fellow australians to demand the government reconsider the illogical decision to send 15 million dollars of OUR money overseas instead of supporting aussie manufacturers.It is bad enough that they tried it with the army uniforms and that our police uniforms were all manufactured overseas, enough is enough.

    I am a father of four young children and wish my children to grow up in Australia with a bright future, and I expect the government to act in the best interests of Australians EVERY time they make a decision.

    If the government itself cannot support Australian business then what hope do we have?

    Sign this petition and share with your friends so we send a message to government that we the people have had enough.

    yours in solidarity

    Peter Weissbacher

  12. Royce Arriso

    Have a neo-con agenda and want to get into govt? Continual lying and obfuscation is the only way to achieve it, because nobody in their right minds would vote for policies as bleak, divisive and inequitable as those of the current govt. Unless of course you are part of the minority which benefits from said policies. And as Abbott appears to be an habitual liar anyway, it may as well be him telling the more outrageous porkies. How in God’s name do we ever move on from this disaster?

  13. Kerry Wright

    Sounds like Murdoch did his usual job on a free nation, and did it well.

  14. Peter Anson

    “Whilst in opposition, Abbott could have formulated some policy instead of spreading negative propaganda.” He couldn’t because he hasn’t any idea of the meaning of policy. All he could do was talk this nation and it’s people….down. and that’s where he intends to keep us. If he can’t, then his masters will choose another grovelling, puppet to push their totalitarianism. Democracy is finished. Money rules.

  15. Trevor

    Great article john. And the sooner that Abbott is correctly defined, the sooner the remedy can be found.

    Great commentary from all. Stephen Tardrew thanks for the breakdown.

    Abbott is a dangerous lunatic and a power hungry mongrel.

    Labour betta wake from its “we will not block supply” mentality and show some balls before it is seen only as a real part of a solution less problem.

    Thanks to all here for the input.

    The Abbott rabble: can’t govern, can’t count, can’t serve, can’t stop lying.

    Export Abbott not refugees.

  16. Chris Degan

    ‘Vindictive punishment’, yes that’s his game….it’s stems from his blind faith; original sin; the only true church (the pedophile specialist church); he’s just doing god’s work, give the bastard a break.

  17. Sir ScotchMistery

    @Peter W – I visited garden city Mount Gravatt this week where there is construction happening. A lot of it.

    Can somebody tell me how an entire construction crew were Chinese with no sign of any Australian workers at all?

    Abbott the prick said he would create thousands of jobs in all areas but he didn’t mention be would outsource the effing things to China.

    We are a race of morons to not all be on the streets. The turd has sold us all out.

    If we elect the mongrel again in 2 years we deserve him. As for the companies bringing coolies in – boycott them. Mongrel bastards.

  18. Möbius Ecko

    There has been a couple of articles recently on Abbott’s stinginess. You can add it to his long list of personality flaws.

    By the way that law firm he’s getting a discount from is a US one known for its union busting.

    Tony Abbott gets discounted legal advice in Frances Abbott scholarship dispute

    Prime minister says he is paying reduced fees over a complaint brought by an academic at the Whitehouse Institute of design

  19. Kaye Lee

    From John Hewson….

    “Don’t get me wrong, it is unnervingly easy to make dumb statements in politics. Often attempts to make points with the best of intentions fail to strike the desired chord – indeed, they can easily offend.

    One of my classics was to suggest that “you can always tell the rented house on the street”, made towards the end of a very long speech to the Housing Industry Association in 1992. The line, originally written by my then press secretary, Tony Abbott, was moved in and out of the speech by various advisers before being finally reinstated and was only noticed by one journalist at the time. But that was enough. The media bushfire was ignited. I was very soon flat out back-pedalling.”

    Read more:

    With statements like that, one wonders why the Liberal Party would choose such an elitist to be their leader….or maybe not.

  20. Anon E Mouse

    The thing is that John Hewson accepted that statement in his speech – he delivered it, so therefore it must have rung true for him.

    Libs are elitists: snobby, wannabe upper-class, elitists.

  21. Kathryn

    So now, at last, the horrid Murdoch rag, The Australian are FINALLY criticising the loathsome, despicable and supremely arrogant Abbott and his cabinet of psychopaths! Well don’t expect a pat on the back because it was YOU lot that helped this crawling, inept, inarticulate bogan to FRAUDULENTLY cross the electoral line on a platform of reprehensible LIES and broken promises! Thanks for nothing … you can share the BLAME with Murdoch and his fascist IPA for backing the most infamous, internationally condemned and reviled prime minister in Australia’s political history!

  22. Ross

    Good article John,
    When a government not yet a year into its first term is generally considered “gone” at the next election then something fundamental has changed. The bottom of the barrel, politically speaking, has been reached. The current crop of politicians are seem as lying, vain, corrupt, inept and not worth a pinch of the proverbial goat shit. A period of one term governments, both state and federal appears to be in the offing. This may not be a bad thing as the voters will then have the upper hand. Safe seats would be hard to achieve as it should be. Lets face it, it would be hard to get any worse

  23. Denisio Fabuloso

    ‘Whilst in opposition, Abbott could have formulated some policy instead of spreading negative propaganda. However, he has shown by the frequency and blatancy of his lying that it was all about self-interest’.

    As Tony Windsor so elegantly pointed out… before the election! I have lost faith in my fellow Australians to understand either politics or greater good. The Right seems to have easily and effectively seduced at least half of the population. Self interest and short termism – the reason d’etre of the Right – now defines us. Clever country… oh please! More like the pathetic country.

  24. Phi

    Great opinion piece. A vote of thanks.

    The Murdoch press is culpable – it has a virtual monopoly on the news cycle – even the ABC stoops to following the Murdoch narrative every morning. If Murdoch was not the partisan propagandist that he his, and his vast stable of news media operated as a legitimate fourth estate, then Abbott would not be in power. Even if he had won office by some incredible off-chance, then he’d have been dumped by now.

    Murdoch’s contempt for wider society and his hatred of progressive voters and the ALP, ensures that Abbott is never held to account and that Shorten will never get copy space other than in the form of diatribes from Murdoch’s toady journalists.

  25. Keith

    Great article John, thank you.
    I cannot remember a week where some sort of crisis has not happened. With Hockey’s apology, though pushed into it, I believe he genuinely believed what he was saying. The very huge but though, it couldn’t be any bigger; is that Hockey has absolutely no insight into living conditions of a huge number of citizens. The budget says it all, a cruel document.
    There were certainly things I did not like about Labor; though, the one thing that stands out more than ever is that Ministers in the Gillard Government were on top of their portfolios.
    Wayne Swan had accolades about his ability as a Treasurer, the only accolade Hockey might aspire to is the worst Treasurer in the OECD.

    Abbott has picked reviewers to scuttle anything that might be considered to be good or fair. Newman has just come out and completely misrepresented a climate scientist; apparently Newman’s brief is to do great damage to the renewable energy sector.
    Having been thoroughly caught out in misrepresenting a scientist, we can conclude that any recommendations he might make are not worth anything. Though many already know that.

  26. lawrencewinder

    This policy free rabble is only being the office boys for the IPA’s (Coots-with queer-ideas-from-a-parallel-universe) theoretrical free-market agenda who are the actual, unelected rulers of the country.

  27. Douglas Evans

    “In the final sitting weeks of the winter session, Tony Abbott held an unusual meeting of his full ministry during which he was asked by a junior minister how the government was intending to deal with the widespread view that it had broken election promises. The prime minister’s response was forceful and absolute. The government had not broken a single promise, he insisted. There was nothing to deal with, no case to answer.”

    This has long been Abbott’s standard technique for dealing with criticism. The critics are wrong move on, the critics are wrong, move on, the critics are wrong, move on. Just keep repeating the mantra and eventually sure enough, the caravan moves on.

    Adolf Hitler understood this. Make the lie big enough and repeat it often enough and it will be believed.

    In Mein Kampf, vol. I, ch. X he wrote:

    “… in the big lie there is always a certain force of credibility; because the broad masses of a nation are always more easily corrupted in the deeper strata of their emotional nature than consciously or voluntarily; and thus in the primitive simplicity of their minds they more readily fall victims to the big lie than the small lie, since they themselves often tell small lies in little matters but would be ashamed to resort to large-scale falsehoods. It would never come into their heads to fabricate colossal untruths, and they would not believe that others could have the impudence to distort the truth so infamously. Even though the facts which prove this to be so may be brought clearly to their minds, they will still doubt and waver and will continue to think that there may be some other explanation. For the grossly impudent lie always leaves traces behind it, even after it has been nailed down, a fact which is known to all expert liars in this world and to all who conspire together in the art of lying.”

    Of course it didn’t end well for Hitler and as the polls suggest the fall for the Abbott government when it comes will be catastrophic. If the Labor opposition weren’t so pathetic (especially but by no means only Shorten) perhaps this might occur in 2017. But Labor is still riven by the problems it displayed so clearly in government. For them nothing fundamental has changed, (and in my opinion nor will it). Public confidence in their competence and trustworthiness has not been restored and the current rash of ICAC revelations that the Libs are just as bad does not alter this. So I am not confident that this appalling government will be held to a single term. Even if they are, in the remaining two years of this term enormous damage can and will be done to the institutions of our democracy. At the top of the current hit list is surely the ABC which along with the CSIRO is seen by the lunatic right as constituting an unacceptable limitation on the profit making potential of the big end of town.

    It may be that in 2017 Abbott and his band of orcs are deposited in the waste bin of history but who here is confident that Labor can or will undo the damage done? Poor fella my country indeed.

  28. corvus boreus

    I reckon the next stage of action against the ABC will come after legislative weakening of our cross-spectrum, foreign ownership and monopoly laws and regulations on media(otherwise Rupert couldn’t reap full rewards and complete his life’s work).
    I think the underlying interests and agencies are probably feeling a sense of urgency about ramming through their agendas as the jug-eared marionette fronting the show becomes more and more obviously unhinged.
    I too, am uninspired and sceptical of Labor’s current viability, they seem immersed in their own factionalised variation of the LNP’s croney games, witness their practical disavowal of a federal corruption commission.

  29. Kathryn

    Due to Abbott’s cuts and their undemocratic loathing of any criticism of their woefully fascist styled government, the ABC have been forced to shut down EVERY single COMMENTARY on their ABC COMMUNITIES web page! This is an ABSOLUTE TRAVESTY AGAINST FREE SPEECH! This is the type of underhanded, despicable things that are going on in the BACKGROUND because of the neoliberal LNP! They are RANSACKING our democracy in small, incremental steps. WATCH OUT!

    This is SCARY stuff! Abbott is on a MISSION to bring down every venue of free speech which has the opportunity to criticise him, his loathsome party and the fascist IPA. Abbott, like Hitler, wants NOTHING but pro-LNP propaganda to be churned out on our airwaves and throughout our newspapers. This has long been part of the Murdoch/IPA/Abbott agenda because they want to DUMB DOWN the Australian public and censor what we hear, what we read and what we say! The LNP are compulsive LIARS and pathological in their desire to muzzle ANYONE that has the AUDACITY to criticise their despicably cruel and dangerous policies!

    The LNPs growing lack of transparency gets WORSE every single day. Every day they are undertaking ghastly steps to tear back our democracy and inhibit our free speech … these are the things our fathers/grandfathers fought for in TWO world wars! Its SO ironic that Abbott has the nerve to stand, beating his chest in phony support of our ANZAC soldiers when it is HE who espouses the same hideous control over human rights that our fathers/grandfathers fought AGAINST!

    Thank God we have independent papers like INDEPENDENT AUSTRALIA, Crikey and GetUp otherwise Australians will be SWAMPED with LNP/IPA propaganda. This is a dangerous situation especially if it continues and worsens up to the next election. The thought of this horrific, corrupt, regressive Neanderthalic pack of dogs crawling across the electoral line AGAIN is too awful to even contemplate! Imagine what they can and will do if ill-informed, manipulated Australians consolidate and reinforce their fascist agenda by voting them in AGAIN!

    Abbott/Murdoch/IPA are a very dangerous trio that lack the democratic transparency to allow the public know of the crawling evil steps they are taking in the background to undermine and destroy EVERYTHING Australians hold dear! This country is being held to RANSOM by these disgusting bastards and Labor is just standing by watching it happen!

  30. Anne Byam

    Now he’s gone and done this !!!!

    There are many links to the coverage this latest ‘gem’ has been given. His comments have been labelled many things among which, from the BBC News :

    “Scotland’s first minister has said the Australian prime minister’s comments on Scottish independence were “foolish, hypocritical and offensive.

    Alex Salmond was speaking after Tony Abbott told the Times it was “hard to see how the world would be helped by an independent Scotland”.

    ………………. and more ! Much more.

    @ Douglas Evans : It is alarming to read that Hitler wrote what he did – about liars and lying and the collective effect it has on a populace. It is alarming because it seems to being followed – by our PM and his cohorts. That gives me the shudders, and a nasty cold feeling inside. It is to a degree true maybe … one only has to observe a small part of the tens of thousands of comments made against this aberration in power here, to see the incredulity in the comments. So many people cannot believe what is happening here. So there would be a good % of them who would try to look for reasons … for credibility, for something that’s positive. I have tried to see what value there might be myself – and have found nothing. Am not looking any further. We’ve got what we’ve got and we have to deal with it – in no uncertain terms.

    It can be rather like looking at the aftermath of a massive storm. It happened – all we can do is try to gather what of our possessions remain, and then rebuild. There is a quiet acceptance to it – ultimately. ” What else can we do ? ” is so often the question.

    That’s the scariest part of all this. Will we be forced to swallow it all, hook – line and sinker ? Or will we continue to fight Abbott’s claims that all criticism’s are wrong, all advice is wrong – everyone is wrong except him and his spokespersons ( with one exception – Hockey’s gaffe last week – but that was Abbott protecting himself, nothing else ).

    I go for the latter option. To fight hard against this Government’s ideologies and fascist inclinations.

  31. Anne Byam

    @ Corvus ….

    it is however interesting that quite a few of Murdoch’s media, have taken the bull by the horns, and are reporting much like the media not owned by Murdoch. I think that is a very telling situation. Murdoch might think he’s God, but he can’t be everywhere at once … so he leaves decisions up to his chief editors etc., and they have turned on him by reporting the way they have. This from the Australian newspaper :

    It is even MORE specific and detailed than reports from the BBC news ?? That’s not the only article by the Australian in recent weeks that blast this Government … there have been several.


    @ Kathryn …. while I agree with every description you have given of this abhorrent mob in Government … I have to somewhat disagree – on one point.

    The ABC Communities – to which I belong, indeed have closed down some of their forums. The moderators do that, as is shown on many of the forums on for instance, “Australian Story”. But searching other topics, will bring up a variety of forums still open, and if searching a particular topic which may not have a discussion going – you will be redirected to the ABC News – which they cannot stop or interfere with.

    So … I searched “The Abbott Government” and that had an option to link to ABC News. There I found at first port of call ” the Fact Check “. I then returned to the “Four Corners” forums and randomly clicked on one topic …..The discussions shown are “does the Government need to hold a judicial inquiry …. etc. ” This one goes back to 2009 / 2010 … and many of the forums on THAT page are also closed. They were closed at the time, by the moderators. While not in ANY way sticking up for this vile mob in power, these forums were closed long before idiot-features came into power. And the topic was to do with the Labor party at the time.

    This link – is where I have posted a rather lame comment about renewable energy, and how I think the Liberal Government should reconsider it all … etc. etc. I will wait and see if my comment is indeed printed. The last comment on the subject was late July – about 3 weeks back …. so we shall see.

    Keep going to ABC Communities and see what you can find. And use everything on every page that you can, to track down any information you want. I think you WILL ultimately find it. And IF my comment is accepted I will let you know.

    Good luck.

  32. John Lord

    Inclined to agree with you Doug.

  33. Anne Byam

    @ Kathryn ….. said I would leave a msge here for you, if my post was published on the ABC Communities board.

    Well it was – as of 2.50 pm today ( Monday 18th August ). How long it remains there is anybody’s guess. Here is the link – …. and my ID there is Annie_Bee41 ….

    You will see when I posted it …. it takes moderators up to 48 hours to show a comment – after consideration.

    You would have to most likely log in, when accessing this link. If you lose your way, just look for “Four Corners Open Letters” …. and it will be the most recent comment ( most likely ).

    Good luck – ( if you want to pursue this, that is ).

  34. Kathryn

    Anne, when I went on to the ABC Commentary section, there was a comment by an editor within that section that said that comments are going to be closed down and strictly monitored. He said that if comments strayed off the subject, they would be shut down. This is a comment made DIRECTLY from the ABC. He said that it was “beyond their control” which, by definition, means that it comes from a political source of power.

  35. Anne Byam

    @ Kathryn … that seriously astounds me. I have just clicked on the link again, and my comment about renewable energy came up immediately. It was a comment ‘gently put’ but made clear enough what I thought about this current Government – ( although perhaps one had to read between the lines !!! )

    The site retained my log-in, as I had not logged off since accessing it again. I just wish I knew how to post an image of the page here, by screen capture. I have noticed that others can post images and videos, but I really don’t know how to post – just an image from my own Documents. Damn. Doesn’t seem to be any option ( probably a good thing ??? ) ….

    You have caused me to pursue this – for my own personal gratification. I will go to the ABC Commentary section ( which is not where I successfully posted my comment – it was specifically on “Four Corners Open Letters ) …. and see what happens.

    Am wondering if it’s the differences between browsers ??? I use Google Chrome myself. Internet Explorer of any version, has it’s problems. I have no idea what it is you might use.

    This is all very strange !!! Can’t wait to see what is said by any editor, anywhere on ABC. I will certainly put in my two-pennyworth, if I don’t like what I read as a reply …… you can bet on that. !!!

    If successful – at anything, will let you know.

    p.s. I have had an idea … to post my captured image onto Facebook – and then ( maybe ) repost it here …. watch these spaces 🙂


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