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Gina’s Right. Axioms for the New Age.


There was a bit of discussion on a Facebook page where some people expressed concern at others who were attacking Gina’s weight and appearance. The general gist of them was that the Right won’t be defeated if we all emulate them. The “be the change you want to see in the world” philosophy.

Others seemed to think that if it was good enough for the Jones and Bolts to engage in vile comments about Julia Gillard then Rinehart was fair game. After all, the argument went, when a woman of Gina’s appearance starts talking about people not working hard enough, it’s reasonable to ask when she last saw the inside of gym.

But after a while, the discussion started to remind me of “The Life of Brian” and the various Palestine Liberation Groups. So I thought that I’d leave the Left to their silly brawling and join the side of politics that doesn’t question anything and come up with a few axioms for the country.

Let’s see:

Lately, Abbott has said that timber workers were the “ultimate conservationists” and “the environment is meant for man and not just the other way around”. He’s also been concerned about wages growth and red tape. Just today, I heard that were removing union red tape on 457 Visas. To stop people coming into to the country, if I remember Rupert correctly – was “disgusting and racist”. Sorry, that was to stop “workers” – it’s not racist to stop boat people.


  1. Information just helps the enemy. Therefore, anyone who gives out or asks for information is probably an enemy.
  2. Employees were meant for employers and not the other way round.
  3. God gave us everything to use as we see fit. Us, not you, so stop with this class warfare!
  4. Taxes are passed on to everyone that’s why the Liberals only ever apply levies.
  5. Unions oppose slavery because slaves don’t need unions.
  6. A thing is only a lie if you knew at the time it was a lie and there’s no need to correct it unless you are almost certain to be found out.
  7. One-off weather events are not evidence of climate change, but a cold spell disproves global warming.
  8. The IPA’s views are self-evident and only a fool would disagree with them. Anyone who disagrees is obviously stupid and not entitled to an opinion.
  9. Everyone on our side of politics has an interest in making money, so there is never a conflict of interest with any of our MPs, supporters or staff members.
  10. Supporting companies with money just encourages inefficiency, but giving money to stage a car race in Victoria stimulates business and enourages employment.
  11. If you can exploit it, you can exploit it.

If you keep these axioms handy, it will help you understand the current political situation.

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