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George Pell’s Heart Shows How Quickly The Left Lack Compassion!

Shame on you!

No, really, really shame on you.

Some of you on the left have politics have been quick to make fun of Cardinal Pell’s heart condition.

I mean, one person was even as nasty as to suggest that while Cardinal Pell was quick to suggest that we should ignore climate change until we had more evidence, he was mighty quick to embrace his doctor’s suggestion that he should fly. No need for a second opinion there. No, happy to accept the “experts” on that occasion.

However, it must be pointed out that George’s heart condition is so severe that he can’t even stop his job, because the stress of doing nothing might kill him. So, even though a long haul flight is dangerous, continuing to work is just fine.

And let’s not forget how often that the witnesses in the Royal Commission have suggested that Cardinal Pell was in one place when the Church tells us that he was in another. It’s happened with such regularity that you have to wonder about the memory of the witnesses, because, well, the Church would never mislead and if they say they have evidence that he was somewhere else, then clearly he was because if you can’t trust an institution like that, then who can you trust? It’s not like they’ve ever tried to cover anything up!

Yep, it’s almost like the left want to kill him. I’ve even heard some suggest that he didn’t condemn the IRA when he they bombed London so that he should have his citizenship stripped. But we don’t do that sort of thing in Australia unless the people don’t embrace our values.

And George has embraced our values 100%.

So let’s all send Cardinal Pell a “get-well-soon” card and tell him that any day now Mr Abbott will be restored to the PrimeMinistershipthingy so he can come back and feel that there’s no way that his heart will be ripped out on one of those long haul flights.

Yes, yes, I know. May God forgive me, because I know not what I do.

And God seems to have done a lot of that with governments lately.



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  1. Wally

    Any truth in the rumour that George Pell has purchased a property in Majorca and applied to have his name changed to Christopher Skase?

  2. Kaye Lee

    Luckily the mansion he lives in isn’t in his name.

  3. Richard Kopf

    A get well card? Get well and truly f… George.

  4. David Tennant

    This is the first evidence I’ve seen that Pell actually has an heart.

  5. paul walter

    What about a conferencing link?

  6. Stephen

    Why does everybody doubt that Pell has a heart condition that precludes flying back to Australia to face the commission?
    Even if it seems not to affect his capacity to continue his current sinecure.

    The only question I see is whether the condition is physical or spiritual, or ethical?


  7. Peter

    He’s pompositivly got a heart. Just not a human one. Even swine have hearts.

  8. Sir ScotchMistery

    I wish to Vote 1 – Richard Head at 8:30 December 15.

  9. Mark Needham

    OK. Get that the bloody pope over here. Put him on a ducking board for a few hours. These mythological type people should be held to account for both their fables and fact.
    Also amazing, that the problems of these fanciful lying bastard people, become the children of a political party. Or is it, because no one wants to lay claim to them, that the task of ownership belongs to the other mob. Well done Rossleigh, but beware the Right, they will surely give unto you, on the 3rd day, a bastard child, born of a leaner, who is even worse.

    Just wondering,
    Mark Needham

  10. Peter

    @ Paul Walker
    I believe the commissioner rejected a conference line. Said Pell’s appearance was still needed. I think in February.
    The lying bastard will probably fake it again.

  11. John Lord

    He has a heart problem in spades.

  12. Kaye Lee

    John Lord,

    Not only does he have a heart problem in spades, so do many in his club because they are more interested in accumulating diamonds than dealing with a straight deck.

  13. lance

    The thought of even being so far away from the Vatican’s counting house –counting all the money –must have weakened the poor stooped man’s heart.

    i suppose the though of having to endure that long haul flight back —-only to be part of a commission that might in the end recommend huge payouts to the children of the flock who were so traumatised and abused by the frocked freaks Pell had power over –would be too much a stress burden on the great man’s heart .

    What with the thought of diminished and lessened funds to be counted $$$$ in the Vatican ‘s counting house—is there any wonder the grand frocked stooped man’s heart is amiss.

  14. diannaart

    February isn’t that far away… although, mid summer, even in Ballarat, temperatures get hot… too hot for Pell’s faint heart perhaps.

  15. Douglas Pye

    I used to believe the ‘ C ‘ in Church linked with Compassion … lately I would expect to be forgiven for believing that ‘ C ‘ is actually linked with CONTEMPT ! …it’s a long road to ….. ?…..

  16. Kyran

    My word, you ‘lefty’s’ are really heartless. How could you possibly distrust anything this paragon says?
    The initial hearing of Case #28 was in Ballarat and was scheduled to reconvene in Ballarat in November. George met with Brandis in the interim and the case was miraculously rescheduled to reconvene in Melbourne. Nothing suspicious there.
    A few people objected, so it was re-rescheduled for Ballarat. This was after George expressed ‘fear’ of the (possibly angry) victims. I can’t be sure if a lynch mob was waiting. But I also can’t accept the ‘victims’ (and their representatives) assurance that all they wanted was justice. That’s suspicious.
    George then exercised his right to cross examine witnesses, in direct contrast to his employer’s (as the church is not incorporated, I can only presume it was god (him/her/it self)) stated intent of not exacerbating their suffering. Nothing suspicious there.
    Some of their testimony became stronger through cross examination. That’s suspicious.
    George has a heart problem. Surely that cannot, under any circumstance, be argued. He offered, most kindly, to testify by video link. Winter in Europe was better for his heart than summer in Australia. That’s not suspicious.
    I cannot accept that his intent is anything other than honourable. In his testimony before the Victorian Parliamentary Inquiry he stated the ‘rooms’ in the Vatican were purchased by the Sydney Archdiocese prior to his tenancy! That’s not suspicious (for goodness sake, this paragon is looking after the Vatican’s finances).
    It is absolutely tenable he has varicose veins which may suffer a thrombosis if he is compelled to travel. I have no idea what that means, but I am certain it is not suspicious (and doesn’t preclude him from ‘normal’ work, in winter, in Europe, when blood circulation may be improved by warmer climates).
    Thank you, Rossleigh. I have a very special place for George. Take care

  17. aravis1

    His Master, Whom he dishonours, said ” Suffer the little children… ” This creature says, ” Let the little children suffer.” His judgment awaits.

  18. lance

    -His master ,Whom he honours is the $$ Almighty Dollar $$–and sitting in his counting house -counting all the money — he has become saintly –unto his deity–in denying and challenging those pesky wretched accursed kids

  19. mudlokate

    Well he is learning the true meaning of what you sow you reap. His lack of compassion for those he should have defended in his flock is being repaid in full by those incredulous folks, shocked, horrified and reviled that this man of the cloth at the time of his judgement here on earth is being defended as a sickly old man to be coddled into dotage.

  20. keerti

    pell has aheart problem! What aload of (w)offall!

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