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Every now and then I can’t help but wonder about the attention span of politicians. It’s like they forget what they were saying just a year ago. Or even a week ago sometimes. You know the sort of thing. When the Liberals attacked Sam Dastyari for having his travel paid, did none of them think that someone would bring up the whole Rolex watch fiasco? (Yes, I know, one was a “payment” whereas the other was a “gift” which is apparently a very, very important distinction for some reason.)

Similarly, when Pauline Hanson made a few rather strange observations in her second maiden speech…

Second maiden speech, what next? A born again virgin?

Anyway, after Pauline’s maiden speech and her comments on Sky News that she placed all Muslims in the “one basket” because it was impossible to tell who was radicalised, we had various people telling us that we shouldn’t just dismiss her or ignore her, because, well, she’d got enough votes to be elected and therefore she had a right to express her opinions and that we had an obligation to listen, unlike those Greens who walked out on her speech.

Tempting as it is to point out that she got her votes in Queensland and I’m going to place all Queenslanders in the one basket because it’s impossible to work out who voted for Clive Palmer, such a thing would be unfair and I’d be guilty of what I find strange about Pauline Hanson… Although I did run into a Queenslander on the streets of Melbourne the other day and it did make me concerned that we Victorians may find ourselves swamped by them any day now.

No, what I find strange is that many of the people telling us all about Pauline’s right to be heard are the same people that have complained about governments paying too much attention to minorities. And let’s be very clear here, One Nation is certainly a minority – even in Queensland. (Is this the point where I should condemn other Queenslanders for failing to speak out and distance themselves from the actions of Pauline?)

And speaking of Queensland, did you notice that the Queeensland government is lowering the age of consent for anal intercourse from 18 to 16. The logic being that the age of consent for vaginal intercourse is 16, so it’s discriminatory against gay people. The minister announcing the change is Cameron Dick. Strangely, in spite of the print media’s obssession with using puns in their headlines, I haven’t been been able to find a single one about the minister’s name.

However, I did find a rather strange reaction from George Christensen:

“But we do know for a fact that there are old men out there who prey on younger men, groom them on the internet and seek to establish sexual relations with them, particularly when they are appear (sic) to be questioning their sexuality.”

Old George seems very concerned with this idea of older people taking advantage of younger people. If you remember he suggested that the Safe Schools program was like “child grooming”. So you’d think that he’d have a problem with the age of consent being as low as 16 and that rather than lower it for anal intercourse, a better solution would be to raise it to… let’s say, thirty for everyone, but no. It seems that it’s not a problem for straight people. As George tells us:

“For fear of being accused of being sexist – let me just say, it would be a great rarity to find a 16-year-old girl who would be willing to sleep with a 50-year-old man. Basically, anyone can have sexual relations with a 16-year-old – and I am just speaking in general here and stereotyping I suppose, or generalising … I would think that most 16-year-old girls would find it pretty gross to be thinking about having sexual relations with a 40 or 50-year-old man.”

How old is George again? Is he giving us the benefit of his experience here or is he just presuming this is the case?

Anyway, there you have it. Girls would find it pretty gross to think about having relations with an older man. But young gay men are apparently less discriminating and they would have no problem with much older men, so they’re more likely to be the victim of some predator.

And, if they are the victim, far better that it’s against the law, because then, not only can that old predator be charged, but that young man will be guilty of an offence too.

I wonder if he’ll move on from here – as part of the “civilised” debate on Same Sex marriage – and suggest that gay people shouldn’t be allow to marry because of all the marriages between young people and “predators” they met online.

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  1. Garth

    Thanks Rossleigh. However, pointing out George’s hypocrisy on any number of issues is kind of like coming to the stunning conclusion that water is wet. Yet, you make it a joy to read as always.
    If I can indulge myself and ask you to consider something for future writings, even given a lot of references to proposed changes to the Marriage Act are in terms of ‘Same sex marriage (SSM)’ I personally would be extremely happy to see any references in The AIMN as ‘Marriage Equality ‘. To me there is a real difference between the two and our focus should be on rectification of an inequality under the law rather than debating if same sex people have the right to marry (which they undoubtedly should but references of SSM feed into the LNP narrative which is to obscure what should be the true debate).
    Many thanks,

  2. Rossleigh

    Thanks, Garth.
    I’ll keep that in mind for future reference.

  3. DisablednDesperate

    I have noticed Pollies remembering to say SSM rather than the equality word. They stumble all the time. Can’t say the E word. That would show it for what it is.

  4. Jaq

    Thanks Rossleigh! And for the record I would like to distance myself from those Queenlander Dualing Banjo types that voted for Hanson- and Palmer. Plus the ones that voted for the LNP.
    I would like to move to Melbourne…sigh…

  5. Adrianne Haddow

    Just watched Insiders and that revolting excuse of a minister for incarceration of refugees claiming Australia’s policy on refugees is the best in the world.
    Of course, it’s still all Labor’s fault, three year’s on, and the coalition (who are always quoting increasing numbers of those drowned, drowning or going to drown at sea) are working with other rogue government’s to solve the problem of resettlement for those poor unfortunates in PNG.

    Good on Barry Cassidy who kept pressing the issue for an answer free of the usual hypocrisy.

    Theses LibNits (sorry, Nats or is it gnats) are perfect examples for Hypocrisy 101.

    As for Christensen and Hanson, my blood pressure raises at the mention of their names.
    Respect their half baked, nasty, untruthful comments, and their right to say it.
    My mother brought me up to give respect where respect is due, and there is nothing in the posturing of these oiks that deserves respect.

    I agree with Garth re the reference to Marriage Equality rather than SSM.
    Let’s not give the bastards any fuel for their attempt to nobble the issue in the minds of Mr and Mrs “Normal”.

  6. helvityni

    I’m recking my brain, it refuses to connect sex and Christensen, full stop.

    It tells me to switch off, or to move on to make comments about the size of his jacket, beds, sex…no, no..

  7. Trish Corry

    I have read a lot of angry comments about this online, but you have written this in such a perfect way. Thank you.

  8. king1394

    Poor George, he’s obviously been knocked back a few times by pretty young things, and just as likely by raddled old things (like me) as well. Seriously, I have found that many people who worry about equal marriage, age of consent, and sex education in schools etc. also seem to be people with a very nasty and prurient attitude to other people’s sex lives. Why are they so interested in what adults do in bed? I suspect there is something rather wrong with them.

  9. @RosemaryJ36

    Jaq: You should move to Darwin! The NT has just wiped out the conservatives AND got a majority of women in the Parliament!

  10. Douglas Pye

    Thank you for your observations Rossleigh…. Hanson’s Second (born again virgin) Maiden speech … 🙂 …

    On the topic of ” the attention span of politicians ” …. one feels entitled to wonder about (perhaps) this displays depth of sincerity …. and the absence of it !! ….

    As an adult member of Australian society I am expected to cast a vote come election time – and in fact, will be fined if I fail in this duty !
    Yet, when I listen to proceedings at Question Time in the Federal Parliament, I wonder just who’s playing the fiddle and who’s dancing ? ! …. offensive & disrespectful conduct ….. offensive and disrespectful TO VOTERS !

    We’ve cut politicians far too much slack – whilst we (particularly in N S W ) are losing rights all over !

  11. Adrianne Haddow

    Totally agree with you Douglas Pye.

    If those from other states wish to see an example of the agenda the LNP and their buddies have in store for Australia, they need only look at what is happening in NSW.

    And to think we were sent to war in Afghanistan and Iraq and Syria to free the people from despots.
    Mike Baird must have taken notes from those guys.
    Two votes in council elections for businesses. No right of protest, heavy handed policing of demonstrations and the city of Sydney reduced to a casino precinct. Not to mention the sale of anything in public ownership.

    And thanks to a lack lustre leader of the opposition in Luke Foley, we have developers as administrators in local councils, and free reign given to developers in cities and resource thieves in the country.

  12. Howard smith

    Quite the conundrum, Newman

  13. Kaye Lee


    Re Darwin

    Ken Middlebrook, the former NT Corrections Commissioner who was present during the tear gassing of teenagers at the Don Dale detention centre, was sacked from his job and appointed to….wait for it….the parole board. The parole board just refused to grant Dylan Voller (the boy in the hood) parole. Perhaps the decision was justifiable but what message does it send to the boys who had the courage to speak out when they then must face the man who condoned their abuse.

  14. helvityni

    Douglas Pye, I can tell you that Big Boy George must be playing the fiddle, coz for sure he ain’t dancing….

  15. Godwin

    wrong helvityni: I slept with Big Boy George one night and wow can he play the fiddle and dance .

  16. diannaart

    Chuckle; “born again virgin”

    Garth: Excellent point regarding Marriage Equality, SSM

    Gross Christian – just let the freak have more than enough rope – he is insulting everyone’s intelligence no matter which team, political stripe or gender.

    Projection mucho grande; Gross spends a great deal of time thinking about young girls and boys and older men, not unlike Bernardi and bestiality…

    enuff said.

  17. Deanna Jones

    Is George saying that young women are less vulnerable to sexual predation? He needs to check the stats around that. More likely, he doesn’t see an issue with 16 year old girls being penetrated by old men because hey, he probably thinks that’s what they’re there for anyway. What a cretinous oaf he is.

    On the subject of language, I would also like to see all LGBT people included in discussions of marriage equality, not just gay people. Is this reasonable?

  18. Peter F

    What is the attention span of two short planks?

  19. Harquebus

    I believe that “maiden speeches” not called that any more and that they are now called “first speeches”.
    That would make Pauline’s her “second first speech”.

  20. Kaye Lee

    Perhaps cricket should look for another term rather than maiden over too .

  21. brickbob

    Would be interesting to see what George cup cake Christensen has on the hard drive on his secret computer he keeps in his basement,me thinks old cup cakes is one very sick puppy.””””

  22. Carol Taylor

    That confirms it (same thought came to mind brickbob), Christensen is ‘one very sick puppy’. No, of course that never happens, older men grooming underage girls via the internet. Hence the reason the police force would never come up with the idea to set up a task force posing as young teenage girls in order to catch middle age creeps. Completely unnecessary because teenage girls never ever sleep with older men, so clearly that sort of thing clearly would only happen to young males if the age of consent is lowered to 16yrs, never happens now of course.

    Doesn’t make very much sense does it…

  23. wam

    the old method of surname first fits the topic?
    Dick Came Ron?????

  24. Garth

    @Brickbob & @Carol .. it’s all a bit of a head scratcher innit ?? As you, i’m also convinced I would not be comfortable having a tour of George’s inner thoughts – his outer thoughts are objectionable enough; I shudder to think what constitutes George’s ‘private’ moments. His logic and argument (such as they are) on the lowering of the Age of Consent for gay sex to 16 yo is strange … if an older someone is going to groom and hoodwink a young kid into unwanted sexual activity, do we really think the age of consent is a barrier ? It’s just weird thinking and an illogical argument once again being used as a Trojan Horse to push his own narrow-minded agenda through touting ‘concern’ for teenagers. Despicable, despicable ‘man’ !!! I just laughed when I first heard his attempt at a distinction between young females and older men as opposed to young males and older men – it really is a glimpse too far into George’s (possible) past experiences.

  25. SGB

    “The lady doth protest too much, methinks”

  26. Kaye Lee

    Poor old George hasn’t had much chance to experience life, devoting himself to public service as he has.

    George is the eldest son of a third-generation cane farming family and he has lived in Mackay all his life (and it shows). As both his parents were disability pensioners, he developed a strong sense of social justice (???), and he joined the Young Nationals at the age of 15 (wanna talk grooming?).

    He finished school (in Mackay) in the late 90s and did a journalism degree (apparently). George also worked as an electorate officer and press secretary for former Nationals Member for Dawson De-Anne Kelly for three years. In 2004, Christensen was elected to Mackay City Council and in 2008 gained a seat on the amalgamated Mackay Regional Council before, at age 32, winning a Federal seat in 2010 (forgetting to resign from Council first so could have been challenged).

    In 1998, George Christensen, as editor of the Student Advocate, expressed concern that new versions of the Bible were “removing accusations that the Jews killed Christ.”

    On another page, he tells jokes about AIDS:

    “A homosexual walks into the Doctor’s office, sobbing. ‘Doctor, Doctor’, he says ‘ think I’ve got AIDS. ‘Well,’ replied the Doctor, shocked ‘Who gave it to you?’

    ‘I dunno, says the homosexual. ‘I haven’t got eyes in the back of my head.’

    He doesn’t restrict his venom there either. In an article about the Hollywood actor Will Smith, whom the currently unmarried Christensen felt was over-rated by the ladies, he expressed his thoughts on women:

    “Most Aussie men often try to crack onto good-looking women and neglect the not-so-good looking (read fat) ones

    Perhaps it’s the intelligence of women or, rather, the lack of it?

    My thoughts: the truth is women are stupid and that’s that. So on behalf of you, me and the guy that’s shrugging his shoulders in bewilderment after reading his sister’s copy of Dolly, let me just say: Will Smith, you’re lucky God gave women no bloody brains.”

    Other contributions express concern about the special privileges being bestowed on Aborigines, the transgendered, republicans and so on. He is even critical of former Prime Minister John Howard for being a sell-out to aboriginal interests. He argues that there is an Australian system of “apartheid” which benefits Aborigines through land rights, Abstudy and so on.

    He also advocates the death penalty “for terrorists and for those found guilty of the most heinous of crimes – murder of a child, particularly those involving rape, murder of an elderly person or a person with disabilities, again particularly those involving rape.”

    I think George needs to get out more.

  27. helvityni

    “I think George needs to get out more.”

    Disagree, he should not be let out too often.

  28. townsvilleblog

    Firstly, living only 400 klm’s away in the neighbouring electorate of Herbert (based on Townsville) I’s like to assure the writer than Queenslanders in general are not dim enough to vote for Hanson en mass.

    George is a typical LNP imbecile coming from a cane farming family, even though his parents were on DSP they would not have wanted for much, that taken into account, I can’t see why he hates disabled people who survive on DSP? In fact George seems to me to be unbalanced in many ways, including sexually?

    All conservatives hate immigrants, Aboriginal and Torres Strait people, though some pretend not to. George in his current form is unlikely to attract many female sexual partners, if he is not asexual he must pay for sex, the poor sex worker! We do have a large hillbilly element in North Queensland, who like Hanson have no time for facts and figures and rely on what ‘they believe.’ If fat George was married to a woman God help her, she certainly made the correct decision

    Apart from the fact that I don’t believe in God I find his statement -. you’re lucky God gave women no bloody brains.”to be absolutely offensive as if not for my long suffering wife, I would more than likely be dead. It is she who does ‘most’ of the housework because I am disabled with fibromyalgia, and she works part time as a Registered Nurse to help the family cope financially. These ‘tories’ seem to have never had things ‘tough’ as their families or investments have always seen them life a good life, if not a high life. Struggle St is a foreign concept to them.

    With ‘people living below the poverty line’ seemingly being one of few growth industries in Australia with close to 3 million Australians suffering that existence due to unemployment said by Morgan Research to stand at 10.4% in August, down 0.01% from the July figure (govt says the figure is 5.7% lol. 35,000 people in Townsville population 196,000 approx.has had to rely on the Salvo’s, St Vincent de Paul and other charitable non profit organizations to feed families and pay household bills, as well as try to provide temporary accommodation.

    Please Australians be in no doubt as to where this LNP government has lead us in the past 3 years. Our jobs are being taken by 457 visa holders working as scab labour on minesites and depriving Australian families those jobs..

  29. townsvilleblog

    Please pardon my ‘typo’s’

  30. diannaart

    Something about the deep north of Australia…. is it in the water? Something a few are immune to (our welcome QLD AIMers), but the rest from Bjelke Petersen through to Christensen….. something those of Dutch heritage are not immune to? Gawd this is sounding racist. One of my best friends is Dutch, but not overweight….

    My head hurts. But there is something about the deep north of Australia…

  31. helvityni

    Joh Bjelke Petersen background is Danish, I believe he was born in NZ, George Christensen also has Danish ancestry, but was born in Oz. Names are Danish, not Dutch.

  32. diannaart

    Apologies, I meant no offense to the Dutch… or the Danish… but there remains something about the deep north of Australia…

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