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As game as Ned Kelly

By the living Jaysus Bloody Keerist, this needs to be put up again and again to remind us how those effing bastards in the “Born to Rule” class will stop at nothing and never cease to try to destroy our icons of cultural heritage and our heroes of rebellion against tyranny. The latest piece of subjective bullshit played out on the ABC (The legend of Ned Kelly: his life, his legacy and his representation in Australian media) by what I call a  “Janitor historian” (ie, those “approved” academics sent in to “tidy up” those grubby little corners of history that “blot the copybook” of colonialist tyranny … the “lesser scribblers” of the servile box-tickers)

Mongrels … the lot of them!

As Game as Ned Kelly

Every now and then, as if cue’d by the rising anger of the working classes against unfair social policies..there comes out an attack from the middle-class media barons with “sensational” revelations against this or that union leader/s or against leaders of the Labor Party detailing confected or constructed accusations of anything from outright thievery or even the most outrageous accusations (and this is rich, coming from that class of traitors to everything Australian); of a betrayal of the working class by their very leader … they tried it on every Union leader right up to and including the latest and before long, publishing houses bring out books detailing the “latest discovery” of new “evidence” against a working class hero.

Different views are one thing … but this “seasonal” attacking with intent to destroy with blunt accusations are another … A favourite ploy by the ruling class to demean and demoralize the general mass of working people so there is no “admirable struggler” to look up to or admire, save those “manufactured celebrities” concocted and gushingly promoted by the main-stream media as a kind of “1984 generic hero”, a pastiche of cosmetic good-looks with feet of clay.

The latest has been another attack on the credentials of Ned Kelly. Another “expert” detailing “new evidence” not seen before … to construct a new picture of the man as vulgar, small-time crook and horse-thief rather than the revolutionary, as his “Jerilderie Letter” and the resulting fight-out at Glenrowan showed both the revolutionary intent and courage of the young man. This idea of “analysis on the evidence” is a tad like the old adage of “knowing the price of everything and the value of nothing”.

The discussion in a recent article of “stolen mould-boards”, “heel-prints”, “stealing from the impoverished locals” … as if everything is in prime condition and nothing is laying around or given in sympathy … Why are some “heroic” persons allowed universal worship and yet others of lower caste disparaged and a weight of “evidence” found and used to paint them scoundrels and terrorists … Why was Nelson Mandela, of royal birth, a lawyer who survived many years captive of his oppressors and then worshiped yet Steve Biko,a commoner, who didn’t last a week in captivity, executed and scorned? Why was Martin Luther King held up (rightfully) as an idol, yet Malcolm X called a terrorist? Why was William Wallace butchered on the executioners block, yet Robert the Bruce held as heroic conqueror?

I’ll tell you why: Value.

What is described in the post above are the standard rules for valuing and de-valueing persons of influence. It was done to Kelly … is still being done to Kelly and it was done to Gillard, and is still being done to Gillard. It was done to that bloke who asked the simple question on Q&A a couple of months ago and the MSM and the LNP stooges tore into him, driving him to refuge away from the spotlight. It was done to Norm Gallagher and his BLF. It was done to Bob Hawke and Greg Combet and Sally MacManus … now it is being done to Bill Shorten. It is done to every Labor/labour leader by the Murdoch traitors and the MSM in general … a pox on them all!

It’s the standard procedure to demean and destroy any rising figure that can be held up by the working classes as representative of revolutionary protest. The Tolpuddle Martyrs. The Joe Hills – executed … the Che Guevaras – executed. Yes, and the Ned Kellys – executed. Not only executed, but then followed by the diminishing of the story … let not a myth be created that could be held up as iconic or worship as an ideal by the everyday people …

We … the ruling classes will decide who will be your heroes and how you will worship them”. That is how those cowardly bastards have come to take over and control respect even for the fallen in the wars they have started … claiming those many thousands of killed and wounded working people as their own, controlling every aspect of the tragedy to beat it up into a jingoistic parody of mockery and disrespect … which is why many ex-service-people do not attend Anzac Day celebrations.Destroy, destroy, destroy! … The stories, the songs, the myths … destroy!

I will not go back over the history of the Kelly gang to acknowledge or refute the accusations … enough for the actions of the twenty three year old to defend himself … I just demand to know:Just what sort of action by a single person is deemed worthy of respect, we have a man who, in a age of ruling-class oppression of both bloodline and class-status to the point of authorised “police” beatings, abuse of office and rape against the poor and ethnic enemy of the ruling class, that one man, a young man, will confound, decree with a profound edict and then in absolute arrogance, openly in a letter declare war on his and his peoples oppressors and the ruling governance of a whole colony.

That in itself, is worthy of some admiration … the fact that he had a plan to carry it out and did back up his bravado with deed is worthy of some respect..and the fact that he took to the hangman’s gallows that same courage and rebelliousness to metaphorically spit in the face of his people’s oppressors even as the hood was placed over his head and the noose tightened … the utterance of those fateful words demonstrate that given the chance, would he not do the same all over again?

“Such is life!”

I say to those of all classes who would debase Kelly’s deeds and the courageous actions of our working class heroes; If you cannot find favour with such heroism, please do not offer to finish the dirty-work started by those most offended by the display of courage – the ruling class – and diminish or besmirch the ambitions of one of our best people … for he was one of us, and I hold him in the highest esteem, not for his public character, but for his courageous intent.

“As game as Ned Kelly” … will outlive all the bloody cowards!


  1. Don A Kelly

    I am currently reading “Mrs Kelly” The astonishing life of Ned Kelly’s mother, by Grantlee Kieza. also “Ned Kelly” by Peter Fitzsimons. I thoroughly recommend both of these books.

  2. Joseph Carli

    Yes, Don…the thing I find astonishing when I listen to or read transcripts like the “janitor historian” in that ABC pod cast above, is that in their keenness to dishonour the respect for Kelly they call him a “murderer” or a “coward” and proceed to paint him as both liar and thief into the bargain. That he was a horse-thief, I would not contest..that he had a reputation in the district as a larrikin and an adventurer I also would not refute..such is the personality of many mythological heroes..Ulysses for another!

    But what I do find galling is the accusation that Ned Kelly was less a revolutionary than a small time crook and cowardly murderer. The killing of Lonigan and Kennedy at Stringybark Creek, in 1878 was indeed a dastardly act by those so-called Irishmen who had joined with the arch enemies of the Irish Republic ambitions; the English masters and went to hunt down a fellow Irishman with intent to kill…THAT in itself was an act of was no wonder Kelly had little sympathy for them..

    And with The Jerilderie Letter : , we see the revolutionary intent of the man..a manifesto of a call to war against the Colony of Victoria…would there be a person alive today could produce such a striking and powerful statement against those who now sell our nation and our conscience to the most vile, putrefying depths as this LNP government.. as explosive as that statement ?…NEVER!

    And as for the ‘cowardice’…I would call for anybody to challenge these three truths..:

    A) With the arrival of the “special train” at Glenrowan, there amounted to no less than 30 troopers to attack the inn and capture The Kelly Gang…yet after a stalemate in the siege, the police resorted to burning down the inn because they lacked the courage to storm it! with four against thirty, wherein lay the courage?

    B) When Ned Kelly first confronted the police in his amour, he was hit with a fusillade of bullets that rendered him stunned for a while and the police advanced right past his inert body in the underbrush, so that when he awoke, he was behind their lines and he could have escaped, but he then stood to his full height and confronted the forces from their rear, because as he is reported to have said ..: “A man would have to be a dingo to run out on his mates”..and he was eventually wounded in the legs and captured.

    C) If one was to consult the wounds and the resulting dents from the troopers bullets in Ned’s Armour and his body, you will see they all were inflicted to THE FRONT of his body..hardly the result of a cowardly man..

    Indeed, if I were to point to any cowardice in that saga, I would lay the fault to those who would deny our culture that sense of excitement in the embracing of such brave actions against overwhelming odds and an inevitable conclusion. If our times had but a small battalion of such people, we could drive the thieves, opportunists and sadistic bastards that inhabit our government from the shores of this wonderful land once and for all!

  3. ranterulze

    Australian Son by Max Brown – rather hagiographic but a tremendous read, and Inner History of the Kelly Gang by JJ Kenneally who was at Glenrowan and Greta as a boy. True History! There are others but not Peter Carey, a sellout. To my generation and maybe you’re more or less my age, Joseph, there’s more than truth in “game as Ned Kelly” – its symbolic and poetic. Great article, written with passion!

  4. Christian Marx

    Great article, but I don`t think Shorten deserves any praise. He is Neoliberal to the core and part
    of the wealthy establishment. His best mate is none other than John Roskam from the Fascist, Institute Of Public Affairs.

  5. Joseph Carli

    Christian Marx…I am well aware of Shorten’s shortcomings…and I have voiced my doubts on his middle-class credentials and the failings of that status..but unfortunate as that is, I cannot see any other political party realistically gaining office and implementing at least a modicum of social change..But you are indeed correct.

  6. Joseph Carli

    ranterrulz..thanking you..and makes my blood boil to read those who in soaking themselves in the luxuries of sanctimonious patronising opinion, would curse and spit on one of the great mythological stories of our culture..I have penned a play on those last moments of the Kelly Gang ..It is here if you are interested (though I will not vouch for it’s theatrical value 🙂 )

  7. susan

    Good article, the facts don’t lie but trying to understand “aspirant” people who go against their own interests is just too hard.

  8. Joseph Carli

    The comment below from Dr. Morrissey (author of the ABC podcast topic above) in an article he posted on the “Honest History” site demonstrates his attitude toward certain elemants in society.. ;

    ” In today’s world, Ned would not have been hanged for his deplorable crimes. Instead, he would have been granted leniency by a legal system and parole laws that put a violent serial rapist like Adrian Bayley back on the streets, to rape and kill Jill Meagher. Deceased celebrity criminal and media personality, Mark ‘Chopper’ Read, bragged he had committed numerous murders and was the successful author of crime novels and a book for children selling in excess of 500 000 copies. Ned the triple murderer would no doubt have been eventually released, a ‘reformed’ character to pursue a lucrative literary and media career.”

    Such attitudes are quite legitimate to be embraced by any citizen as personal opinion and even shouted out as so..that’s an opinion..But it is another thing to use such to “qualify” one’s historical perspective on such a subject and still be taken seriously. Unfortunately, such fanatical certainty is now in everyday use to not only deliver judgement, but to pre-empt and steer opinion BEFORE evidence is placed.

  9. wam

    When I was old enough to vote for or against tom playford or mick o’halloran. (What a pair of contemporaries with the latter of ned helly background and ‘game as’ life) there was an article about a doctor who stole 100s of thousand of pounds(from memory but biggest mobs of cash anyway) from the government whom the judge gave no penalty because ‘he has suffered enough to pay for his crime’ in the back of the paper on the court’s page there was the case of a woman stealing ten quid from the government and she got six months.
    That defined judges and lawyers as arrogant turds and in meeting plenty of both over the years a large majority have confirmed my opinion.
    (just over 60% yes::)) )
    The protestant scots and the popeless catholic english isolated the papes in northern ireland to create ulster. The same group operated in australia and the papes were third class behind the poor. Sadly, in the main, they were also poor.
    Eventually communism awoke the papists who joined the european migrant protestants in fearing the commo influence in the labor party to form the dlp.
    That strategy of the invocation of fear has been critical to win lnp lose labor through santamaria to the current no vote idealism. The leaders who overcame such fear were charismatic not a word one would use for shorten.

    The big tragedy for me is the rise in power of keating’s unrepresentative swill with their money grabbing ‘cabinets’, ‘committees’ and ‘calumnies’. Oh how I would like to see them and state governments disappear.

  10. James

    The politicians of today are the biggest criminals this country has ever known, they shot and hung Ned for his lesser crimes….I cant see why politicians like these grubs shouldn’t receive the same sentence, I utterly despise them all for what they’ve done, or haven’t done

  11. Joseph Carli

    wam..about time you turned up!..where the hell’ve you been!!? …too right..they didn’t like the “Carflicks” in those days…it is why they sent three Irish troopers to Stringybark Creek to capture those Irish troublemakers..
    Here..from a play about the incident at Glenrowan..Superintendent Hare gives the order to burn the inn…

    ” Sup’:” Then damn the whole lot of you….(shouts out the door)BURN THE INN…BURN THE BLOODY LOT OF’ THEM…BURN THEM I SAY!!!”

    intense volley of shots followed by a fiery explosion. Priest rushes out with sister, both cry “NO. NO! wait!” priest suddenly stops and addresses superintendent’

    Priest: “Sup’ I implore you…the hostages let me…”

    Sup’:(grasps priest by his cassock and hisses into his face)” Victoria has a parliament full of Catholics. a countryside full of Irish, and a bureaucracy full of protestants I am a protestant and a loyalist, Priest!… but I am loyal to the Crown before I am loyal to the church. The Crown has no need of Priests nor Irish. (releases Priest and cries out of the door) BURN THEM….BURN THEM I SAY !”………” ( )


    Christian Marx. Shortens rise to prominence has been rapid and is cause for some suspicion particularly given he is a person without any degree of charisma, without any coherent policy position or any rhetorical and articulatory skills. No doubt his associations and family connections are due to this. He is also an allumni of the jesuit education system that has produced more than its share of office holders in this country. i agree adulation of shorten should be restrained and his real motives and values have yet to be revealed. At this stage he is certainly not even at the level of corben and merely sounds like a soft centred neo liberal.

  13. Edward Kelly

    Why did the traps acknowledge more than once that they had been given Orders by seniors to kill the Kelly’s and then cry stop. History will show as it does in many of the literature about the Kelly’s that those at Stringybark creek were given the same orders. If Ned had been given a jail sentence instead of being hanged, would he still be the hero/legend he is today. Police were corrupt then as they are now. I find it amazing that there a very few if any books on the police of the day and their actions, To me Ned has been removed from unconsecrated land ( Pentridge) to consecrated land at Greta, this makes him a free man and as such a pardon should now be issued.

    So it has come to this


  14. Joseph Carli my research for the play I wrote, I came across orders given to Superintendent Hare to search out , charge and convict “on any evidence possible” and send to Pentridge all the Kellys and any other potential Irish troublemakers who could become leaders in the community…

    “..Sup’. Hare :” I did have a report from Superintendant Nicholson that, among other people, most strongly recommended the (gazes quickly to Judge Barry) “rooting out” of the Kelly family from the district and to (if I may quote)”send them to Pentridge even on a paltry charge” to take them away from the community and to reduce their influence in the area so, .yes, Sir, in some ways it was a deliberate “set-up” as Judge Barry mentioned, though I must admit that it did not go always as planned and I think it was our good fortune that there was not a general uprising at the siege of the Glenrowan Inn!..and if they had succeeded in the derailment of the troop train…?(he finishes with a nervous swig of wine)…thank heaven for the schoolmaster”.. ”

    The rising Irish rebellion back home was unnerving the colonial administrators and they were enacting all possibilities short of martial law to suppress any Irish troubles in the Victorian colony..Ned Kelly was trying to recruit from the “home counties” around Greta to get reinforcements to come to the stand at Glenrowan..But he failed..after all, most of them were just dirt farmers..

  15. wam

    I had a rest joseph as I couldn’t stand the arseholyjoes no voters or the silly yes extremists. As for some foreign country claiming people born in aust are citizens of that country is crazy, To have judges so far upthemselves as to agree is believable because their arrogance in making their rectum decisions. I hope peterson passes a law making all who set foot on nz soil is a kiwi.

    OTMP I thought little billy strong in beaconsfield but you are right in his insipid demeanour and lack of making hay from the rabbott’s shiny bum.
    But how right you are over the santa naria babies. There are 4 jesuits schools and the top boys shorten, the rabbott his joey and the pynenut with bullock thrown in were all jesuit graduits add albo, trumball, cash, the incredible twit religionist wowser andrews plus the pope knows how many other and it looks, sounds and is, like a parish.

    How great is over 60 and under 40??? But to thge rabbott and his arseholes it was nearly 40 which is nearly 50 so it is a draw.

  16. jimhaz

    [True History! There are others but not Peter Carey, a sellout]

    Was it really? Nah.

    Too many years since I’ve read this book or any books on Kelly to say much. Scanning the Jerilderie letter I suspect he was somewhat of a rationaliser. Still I’ll assume the casual chain links most strongly to the oppression of the Irish. I much prefer to view Kelly as a hero.

    I used to love singing along to this Redgum song at their concerts.

    Poor Ned

    I recall in my home town in primary school when a family of Kelly type hillbillies came in to enroll. Within 15 minutes two of the young boys got into fights with students just for looking at them. Never saw them again.

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