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The G20 Is There To Help Us All, Myra Gold!

A few years ago I wrote a play that examined the taking away of some of our rights in the wake of the September 11th attacks. My stage manager’s parents came to see the show – they were from Czechoslovakia. The next day, my stage manager informed me that they thought that I was “very brave”.

They don’t understand, I thought at the time, I’m hardly likely to be thrown into a re-education camp over a play.

Of course, they would remember the liberalisation in the Prague Spring where the Czechs got a taste of freedom before the Russian tanks reminded them exactly who was in charge, so I could understand how people with that sort of background could misunderstand that Australia is the sort of country where freedom is not just valued but is so much a part of our “fair go” ethos that anybody speaking out against Australian values will be sent back where they came from jolly quick. No Australian government would ever take away our rights! Well, certainly not by Liberal Government, although Labor keeps chipping away at our freedoms to abuse non-Australians or to horse-whip our children into sensible behaviour.

But the price of freedom is eternal vigilance. (Mm, who said that? Possibly the same person who said that the wages of sin is death, but the working conditions are good…) And given the raising of the alert level, we all need to be on the look-out for those who seek to destroy our way of life.

Which bring me to Myra Gold. Because I’m not sexist, I’m not going to mention that she’s a sixty-year-old grandmother, I’m going to go straight to the heart of the matter. A few days ago, the police became aware of her activities. (At least, I’m presuming it’s a few days ago, but for all I know there may have been a surveillance operation going back to the turn of the century.) While Mr Abbott said his government had no specific intelligence*, I just wonder if it was her activities that led to the raising of the terrorist threat from “Medium” to “Well-done”.

You see, Myra Gold had hatched a plan to disrupt the G20. Thankfully, the police stopped her in time. (I’m tempted to say in a dawn raid, but the article only said that she was asleep at the time and I know that people of my age can drop off at all hours of the day.)

You see, Ms. Gold had printed stickers.

Of course, you’ll say that there is nothing wrong with printing stickers and I’d have to agree with you there. It’s like being a bigot – people have the right to do so. But this is not merely about the printing. Apparently, she planned to display them. IN PUBLIC.

The stickers said: “G20 benefits the 1%”

Now, if any of the world leaders happened to spy that, then they’d have to shut the whole G20 down and send all the world leaders home. (Except for Putin, because, of course, Abbott is going to let him come…)

I just find it strange that in today’s environment we didn’t have this success of our police force splashed over the front page of the newspaper.

Perhaps it’s an operational matter…

*This is similar to his lack of specific knowledge about James Ashby, not a comment on the lack of intelligence in his government. He doesn’t often point that out, although he did say when talking about the lack of women in his Cabinet that none of his female MPs had the ability of people like Barnaby Joyce or Christopher Pyne.


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  1. Kaye Makovec

    What is the world coming to when these old people think they have the right to speak out against a government action or even the government itself?

    Shouldn’t you be doing the ironing while you listen to Bolt and Jones?

    Go back to being seen but not heard Mrs Gold. Next thing we know you will be thinking about joining a protest march!

  2. halsaul

    If this Abbott government is acceptable to the majority of Australians, then I despair. Perhaps the problem is that we have never actually had a war fought on our soil? Like the G.F.C._ most weren’t affected, thanks to Labor, so it sort of “didn’t happen”. A couple of be-heading atrocities on t.v…..yeah! bomb the b..tar.s! Not much between the ears or in the hearts of so many Australians it seems to me.

  3. Kaye Lee

    I keep telling them not to piss off the grandparents. Angry grannies are mean! Thank goodness Tony spent millions on a fleet of bomb-proof BMWs to protect him from people like Myra and me.

  4. Kaye Makovec

    And me, plus a lot of used to be LNP voters 🙂

  5. billy moir

    be fair he made it clear that they were not YET pynebarn ready. Sharman stone showed women are likely to be argumentative and unable to hide their intelligence. They require the training that enhances the ‘yes, dear. What ever you say dear’ attitude in the rabbott’s meeting and releases the nastiness of mirabella on qanda. The aptly named michaelia is close but her nastiness may be too zealous even for the rabbott..

  6. Hotspringer

    More power to you, Myra Gold. Wish I knew how to print stickers.

  7. Kath Malcom

    Captain Cockhead will need more than a couple of bomb proof BMWs to keep him safe, he is doomed, yes doomed and a couple of German made cars will not save him, the polls are sooooooo bad lol lol
    His popularity has never been any good since he lied his way into power, just going down down and down, it’s a terminal bleed out lol
    jumping in the deep end of a war with the yanks will be another fark up on Phoney Tonys list of not what do do to piss off the Aussie voter when you lie and deceive your way into the lodge like old toxic tony and his crazy balding cronnies,
    old fart men that are well and truly past their use- by date should be banned,
    bring back the women, long live women, god save the queen, women are great, women are smarter than the average dumb male politician, bring back Julia even, but geeez this pack of fark knuckles have to go ASAP…

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