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The G G’s Diary – Where’s Cozzy?

By Kyran O’Dwyer

“The Administrator of the Government of the Commonwealth of Australia, Her Excellency the Honourable Linda Dessau AC, conducted a swearing-in ceremony of the New Leader of the National Party and Deputy PM Michael McCormack at Government House, Canberra.”

And so the baton was passed. The boy who ‘comes from country roots’ replaced the boy who allegedly rooted without regard for geography. There are several similarities between the ‘has’ and the ‘has been’. Both homophobes, although one is allegedly ‘reformed’ and the other appears to be in a ‘Twelve Step Program’ (the term applied to a number of spiritually based groups for recovery from addiction, compulsion, or other behavioral problems.) to amend his view of ‘traditional marriage’. Both have mastered (?) at least one of the ‘Three R’s’, the ‘rithmetic one (one being a reformed accountant, the other having presided over ‘census fail’.).

For all of their numbers knowledge, both appear to have an odd disregard for ‘value’ as opposed to ‘money’.

This is not like the uncanny ability of parliamentarians who acquire properties and forget about listing them, like Canavan, Cash, Feeney, etc. As they updated their member’s registers eventually, this is not a problem. Everyone forgets a million dollar property every once in a while.

No, not these two. Their specialty is rent. It would appear that one owns a property which he has had tenanted by a daughter who has only recently gained employment to enable her pay rent. The other has been living rent free in a ‘mate’s’ property. Both are arguing that, as no rent was paid, there was no ‘value’ or ‘consideration’. Anyone ever try that with the ATO or their local council? It would be as likely to fail as going to Centrelink and saying ‘my ‘knocked up’ girl friend is not my girlfriend, so leave me alone’.

This is before we start on the Department of Home Affairs ‘capital improvement’s’ on a rental property with only a six month non-tenancy agreement in place. It is being reported as less than $300k, and, like everything to do with ‘Home Affairs’, getting specific details will be like pulling teeth. The common narrative again reveals itself. When ‘Home Affairs’ are interfered with, both Joyce and Pezzullo’s goon, Dutton, demand their privacy be respected.

Does anyone else remember ‘The Goon Show’?

“The Goons included Spike Milligan, Peter Sellers and Harry Secombe. They burst onto the radio with surreal storylines, absurd logic, puns, catchphrases and groundbreaking sound effects. They ridiculed the pomposity of those in authority and laughed at the stupidity of mankind.

Characters such as Ned Seagoon, Eccles, Bluebottle, Major Bloodnok, Minnie Bannister, Henry Crun, Grytpype-Thynne and Moriarty all helped to create an alternative and ludicrous view of the world.”

Who would have thought that, all these decades later, the Antipodean colony would produce a sequel, ‘The Goon Squad’, which would celebrate (rather than denigrate) such laudable traits as high farce, unbelievable hypocrisy and outright, bare faced lying.

All these decades later, “surreal storylines, absurd logic, puns, catchphrases and groundbreaking sound effects” are either representative of the nightly news (now stretched to a day long event) or election campaigns (now stretched to the term of the ‘government’).

All these decades later, pomposity has replaced authority and our ‘leaders’ laugh at the voters. Any detractors are ridiculed as stupid. My, my, my. How far we have come.

And so the baton is passed. Within 24 hours, the ‘has’ and the ‘has been’ are identified as nothing more than a grotesquely mirrored reflection, the second verse is the same as the first, same old same old. Ya da ya da ya da.

What was interesting was that the G G didn’t do the ‘swearing in’. Admittedly, he’s had to do a lot of ‘swearing’ due to the government’s careless disregard for the rules. You know, losing ‘members’, shuffling ‘members’, losing some more, reshuffling what’s left.

The first thought was ‘The poor dear, his throat must be sore’. Or perhaps he’s simply become confused with the increasing frequency of the comings and goings and needed a cup of tea and a lie down. Given the new rumours abounding about another imminent reshuffle (or is that shuffle?), the pending trepidation must be palpable.

The second thought was that it was a masterful stroke of evil genius by somebody with a delightfully wicked sense of humour. By getting a female Victorian G G to swear at the incumbent, females across Australia have been ever so subtly avenged for the government’s entrenched misogyny and sexism, simultaneously giving Gnats ‘the bird’ for their mind numbing, inherent Queensland bias.

But ‘where’s Cozzy?’ you ask. Well, our G G ‘has been a travelling’. His travels spell out the high farce, unbelievable hypocrisy and outright, bare faced lying that is this ‘government’. I’ll get back to the G G and his ‘Diary’.

You see, some really important stuff is happening on Nauru.

Nauru is a teeny weeny itsy bitsy little island made of bird poop where we warehouse people illegally, offering them no hope other than travel to the Grate T-Rump’s America (if they can pass extreme vetting and haven’t originated from one of T-Rump’s ‘banned countries’), or simply perish, as quickly and quietly as possible. But that’s not the important bit.

It costs us hundreds of thousands of dollars per person for this warehouse facility, which includes children (which Pezzullo’s goon, Dutton, lies about every time he says there are no children in detention). But that’s not the important bit.

There are constant claims of beatings, abuse and outright torture on a regular basis (or as often as the human rights groups or UN are allowed to visit). But that’s not the important bit.

The facilities are not only substandard, but sub human. Medical facilities are little more than clinics, living quarters are mould infested (tents, not air conditioned buildings, in a tropical environment) and food and water has to be freighted in. But that’s not the important bit.

According to the Australian High Commission – Nauru:

“On Friday 5th January the new Australian High Commissioner to Nauru, Her Excellency Ms Angela Tierney, presented her Credentials to His Excellency President Baron Waqa at the office of the President.”

Now that’s important. We appointed a woman to oversee our depravity, as if that will either excuse or forgive it, let alone erase it. And, even more important;

“High Commissioner Tierney gave a speech acknowledging the mutual and continuous relationship between Nauru and Australia, saying she looks forward to a successful tenure on Nauru in an exciting and significant year, with the 50th Anniversary of Independence and hosting of PIF 2018 Summit. The President also gave a speech welcoming High Commissioner Tierney to Nauru and expressing that he looked forward to working closely with the new High Commissioner.”

Ta Da.

Nauru celebrates fifty years of INDEPENDENCE. It’s not like they have been reliant on foreign aid or crime for most of that time, is it? It’s not like we pay them billions to keep our warehouse out of sight, is it? They are INDEPENDENT, and have been for fifty years. The Pacific Island Forum later this year will be a real hoot, won’t it? It will be a universal celebration of dependent Independence by all of the Pacific Island colonial outposts. That’s important. Oh, and don’t worry. The above post on the website finishes with;

“It was a very enjoyable night for all who attended.”

The venue was the Menen Hotel, which appears to be a luxurious, salubrious, air conditioned facility. That’s important.

The article does not state if any refugees attended. But that’s not important.

As for G G Cozzy, his Diary says he left Canberra, ACT for Yaren, Nauru, on Tuesday 30 January 2018. It has some funny bits in it.

the proclamation assuming the Administration of the Government of Commonwealth of Australia was signed by the Governor of Queensland, His Excellency the Honourable Paul de Jersey AC.

Tee hee. If only a male G G from Queensland was still there a month later. The Gnats would have been so much happier.

Anyway, our intrepid G G Cozzy went “on an Official Visit to the Republic of Nauru. In the afternoon, at Nauru International Airport, the Governor-General and Lady Cosgrove were welcomed by the Minister Assisting the President of the Republic of Nauru, the Honourable David Adeang MP.

Afterwards, at the Australian High Commission, Nauru, the Governor-General and Lady Cosgrove received a briefing by the High Commissioner to Nauru, Her Excellency Ms Angela Tierney.

In the evening, the Governor-General and Lady Cosgrove met with Australian Embassy Staff.”

As an aside, if you thought using the words ‘Honourable’ and ‘Dutton’ together was an offensive oxymoron, using ‘Honourableand David Adeang together is an outright obscenity.

Now what could be so important for our G G to travel all that way to visit with the newly installed High Commissioner to Nauru? Well, he’s ex military. He must have gone to see for himself the wonderful ‘Prisoner’s Of (Other People’s) Wars’ facilities we have built in partnership with the 50 year old independent state (that is now our dependent). He must have gone to see for himself these facilities and forever dispel the nasty lies and untruths told by those nasty detractors.

His Diary says he stayed in Yaren, Nauru:

“On Wednesday 31 January 2018, at the Government Offices, Nauru, the Governor-General, His Excellency General the Honourable Sir Peter Cosgrove AK MC (Retd), and Lady Cosgrove, as guests of the President of the Republic of Nauru, His Excellency the Honourable Baron Waqa MP and First Lady, Madam Waqa, represented the people and government of Australia at the 50th Anniversary of the Republic of Nauru Independence Day Flag Raising Ceremony.

Afterwards, at The Menen Hotel, the Governor-General and Lady Cosgrove, as guests of the President and First Lady of the Republic of Nauru, attended a lunch with other Heads of State and Heads of Government from around the Pacific.

In the afternoon, at the High Commissioners Residence, the Governor-General and Lady Cosgrove, as guests of the Australian High Commissioner to the Republic of Nauru, Her Excellency Ms Angela Tierney, attended an afternoon tea with Australian High Commission staff and local community members.

In the evening, at Centennial Hall, the Governor-General and Lady Cosgrove, as guests of the President and First Lady of the Republic of Nauru attended a State Banquet.”

Ok, no reference to his inspection of the PO(OP)W facilities, but at least they collectively raised a flag. It must have been outside, which would have been unbearably hot for the poor little dears. Hopefully, the G G’s vehicle (and the other dignitaries’ vehicles) was as well air conditioned as their ‘retreat’, the Menen.

Lunch with dignitaries, afternoon tea with the H C, state banquet for dinner.

How he could possibly keep up such a hectic schedule in those incredibly adverse conditions is a testimony to the calibre of ‘our government’ and all who represent them. It must have been dreadful. Positively dreadful. What a man.

He must have saved his PO(OP)W inspection for when he had suitably recovered from his arduous schedule. He was still in Yaren, after all.

“On Thursday 1 February 2018, at Nauru International Airport, the Governor-General, His Excellency General the Honourable Sir Peter Cosgrove AK MC (Retd), and Lady Cosgrove, were farewelled from the Republic of Nauru by the Minister for Health, Education and Home Affairs, Ms Charmaine Scotty MP, and the Secretary of Foreign Affairs and Trade, Mr Mike Aroi.”

Ok, so there was no mention of his inspection of our PO(OP)W facilities. Well, it’s a teeny weeny itsy bitsy little island made of bird poop. He must have been able to see the PO(OP)W facilities from his facilities. He would most certainly be able to attest to the conditions to anyone who would care to listen. Even Pezzullo’s goon, Dutton, assuming he ever cared to listen to anyone other than his master.

Our intrepid Cozzy had to steel himself for the further demands of his rigorous schedule.

“In the evening, at Manuka Oval, Canberra, the Governor-General as Patron, and Lady Cosgrove, as guests of the President of Lord’s Taverners ACT, Mr Richard Smith AO PSM, attended the Prime Minister’s XI 2018 Lord’s Taverners Dinner.”

Such stamina. What a man. All of this in one day. It was days before he had suitably recovered and was well enough to travel again, albeit only locally. He didn’t leave Australia until the 22nd February. He didn’t make it to Geneva, Switzerland, until the 26th February. As the Human Rights Law Commission reported:

The Turnbull Government will tonight begin Australia’s first ever session as a member of the United Nations Human Rights Council, the UN body responsible for protecting the rights and dignity of people all over the world.”

Daniel Webb, a Director of Legal Advocacy at the Human Rights Law Centre, went on to say;

“There is an absolutely staggering gulf between what the Turnbull Government has been saying on the world stage and actually doing at home,” said Mr Webb.

“The Turnbull Government told the UN that it ‘believes that all people are entitled to respect, dignity and the protection of their rights.’ I can only imagine how those words must sound to the 150 children the Turnbull Government has left languishing on Nauru for almost five years.”

Mr Webb went on to detail things like our treatment of our First People, the muzzling of the press (what little is left of it) and all sorts of spurious things.

“If we genuinely want to see a world where people are treated fairly and humanely – where victims of injustice are not just abandoned by the international community and left to suffer in silence – then we desperately need Governments like ours to act honestly and responsibly on the Human Rights Council,”

Who could truly represent such a reprehensible ‘government’ to the UNHRC with any credibility? Nearly direct from the teeny weeny itsy bitsy little island made of bird poop, having raised a flag to celebrate 50 years of dependent independence only weeks before, the intrepid Cozzy, ex military, G G of Australia.

“Australia’s Governor-General, Sir Peter Cosgrove, is scheduled to deliver a statement to the Council on behalf of the Turnbull Government tonight…”

Well, at least he will be able to give first hand testimony as to the conditions at the magnificent PO(OP)W facilities. He is ex military, so there’s nothing farcical about our intrepid Cozzy. He is ex military, so there won’t be any of this hypocrisy nonsense. He is ex military, so lying is out (and any suggestion to the contrary is simply unconscionable, un Australian even).

The SBS reported on it:

“Australia’s Governor-General Sir Peter Cosgrove has made the country’s first address as a UN Human Rights Council member, saying Australia is “deeply committed” to promoting equality for all.”

There you go. What a man.

He went on to give a lengthy dissertation on the humanitarian and caring way ‘our government’ observes its obligations to the various UN treaties and charters, how we would never put those in our care in harms way, how we would immediately (without regard for expense or embarrassment) rectify any transgressions, however small, to preserve our firm belief that human life, all human life, is precious.

That last paragraph was false.

The only bit SBS reported was this.

“We have a duty to promote the rights of the most vulnerable, oppressed, discriminated communities, and to seek universality of human rights to all parts of our world,” Sir Peter said.

Some 26 days after he left Nauru, he addressed the UNHRC in Geneva, Switzerland, and lied.

What a man. As the Queen’s Representative, she must be thrilled. The little Antipodean outpost has grown up and started its very own penal colonies. What a fitting ambassador for the Queen, and for our ‘government’, to stand in front of the UNHRC as the first of the Australian representatives and lie, just like Proud Old Mother England has done for decades.

What a man. What a ‘government’.

What a disgrace.


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  1. Freethinker

    Seems to me that he is well within the acceptable grade of integrity of the Australian government.
    They are all the same and the sad part it is that represent us, yes, you and me if we like it or not.

  2. Geoff Andrews

    Mark Antony: “So are they all, all honourable men-“

  3. Peter F

    We actually enjoyed the Goons, and listened to repeats for decades after – which can’t be said of these criminals.

  4. Christopher

    Thank you Kyran, disgrace doesn’t even describe it. Yet the UN has been as such for decades. Used to think PC had some integrity. I guess the money and power won over. They stopped the boats, but at what cost? Out of sight… move on nothing to see /s

  5. John O'Callaghan

    Great piece of writing Kyran and you point out the failings and hypocracies in a clear precise manner!

  6. johno

    Well written Kyran, Hypocrisy and deceit is what makes our government tick.

  7. helvityni

    Do we still look to Mother England for guidance; the length of the skirts for our Private School girls, the thickness of the heel of their shoes…or maybe the mother country has already stopped that nonsense…?

    You are so right Kyran; we have finally got our very own penal colonies…

  8. helvityni

    Good news for ‘ Thousands of poor and orphaned children who were sent to Australia from Britain after World War II are likely to be compensated for the abuse and neglect they suffered.’ ABC News

    Better late than never, put yourself in their shoes (if they had any, maybe here in Oz, they did not need them…. just looking for some positives in this sad saga…)

  9. etnorb

    The “list” of Goon “titles” seems to be that of our “beloved” (NOT!) inept, obscenely over-paid, lying, so-called “liberal party”! The exception no women listed on the Goon show, but surely, Jewelry Bishop & the Cashless woman would get gongs for sure!. As for our “hardworking” (?) Governor General, what a busy, busy & tiring schedule he has to keep? As for Australia being on the UNHRC, how is this even possible, given our horrendous “treatment” of all these refugees , especially on Nauru? It does not make any sense to me, but then, none of what Talkbull or his incompetent idiots do makes much sense to me!

  10. Phil

    what an excellent article….should become the new dictionary definition of hypocrisy.

    “What a man” – ouch!

    “The little Atipodean outpost has grown up and started its very own penal colonies” double ouch!!

    It’s taken just four years of putrid conservative government to reveal the ugly face of Australia….a pissant colonial outpost of indulgent, self absorbed wankers.

  11. Jon Chesterson


    Yes it is a disgrace and more salience bias, but now coming from the Governor General’s mouth too. He has been gagged and scripted.

    Now if I were the Governor General, I would be speaking to the Queen. There is a hierarchy here isn’t there? I

    f I were the Governor General I would be saying to Turnbull, “I will not be swearing in your deputy PM, and here is why…” and I would follow this up with, “Turnbull, old mate, you find someone who is worthy to carry that office, and if you cannot find someone then I will dissolve your government under the powers invested in me under the Constitution of Australia, and let the people decide their fate” And I would remind him of the catalog of evidence that would have enabled me to declare ‘no confidence’ in this government a long time ago… you’ve had a good run old chap, working backwards from the Barnaby Joyce bi-election cover up to save “your cliff edge marginal voice… Do I make myself clear Prime Minister?”

    Of course if I were the Governor General, I would have done this a long time ago and I would be echoing my deep regrets over my glass of Barossa heritage vintage drought Shiraz.

    And if I were the Queen, and gender is no impediment here any longer… (stay with me here), I would be summoning the Governor General for a private head to head, and ask him what he intends to do. I would be reminding him of his responsibility not just to her subjects in Australia, but to the reputation of the Commonwealth, ‘my Commonwealth… our Commonwealth’. And then I would be sending him on my behalf to Nauru if he had any doubts about what I was talking about. I’d tell him privately, “It would not be dignified of me to go to Nauru, Sir ‘Major’ General Cosgrove, this is why my government in Australia pays you vast sums of money to keep you and your esteemed wife in antipodean luxury. Do I make myself clear, Sir ‘Governor’ General?”

    “One last thing ‘General’… Do you think Nauru will survive another 50 years or will they become wards of State? You know refugees? Perhaps you could put that question to your Minister for Home Affairs, what’s his name, that potato head chap?” and then I’d wave him out with or without his half empty glass of sherry, with my head waiter holding a silver tray at the door of the end of corridor.

  12. stephengb2014

    I would like to say that as a British / Australian dual cotizen, had I known the fate of many of those unfortunate children, one of whom A B Facey wrote”A Fortunate Life’, I wpold not have come to Australia back in 1978.

    What surprises me is the fact that Australians do not think that the way they treat Aboriginals and Children in this day and age, is somehow justified.

    Britain of course must answer to the facts about what happened to these British children, just as the Australian government must redress its terrible treatment of Aboriginals and especially the stolen children, but lets just remember it was Australians who enslaved, used and abused the British children not the British Government.

    What about the Australian Government redressing that terrible history too.

  13. stephengb2014

    Oops sorry folks, I did not see the spelling and other errors – can I repost?

    I would like to say (I am a British / Australian dual citizen) had I known the fate of many of those unfortunate British (and Aboriginal) children, one of whom, A B Facey wrote, ”A Fortunate Life’, I would not have come to Australia back in 1978.

    What surprises me is the fact that Australians think, even now 2018, that the way they treated the Aboriginals and their children, and the British children, was and is somehow justified.

    Britain of course must answer to the facts about what happened to these British children, just as the Australian government must redress its terrible treatment of Aboriginals and especially the stolen children, but lets just remember it was Australians who enslaved, used and abused the British children not the British Government.

    What about the Australian Government redressing that terrible history too.

  14. stephengb2014

    This GG, is an absolute disgrace to his office, he displays all the attributes of a sycophantic yes man.

    Whilst I understand he has special powers to disolve the government, I am sure that there are some pretty heavy problems to overcome prior to the execise of those powers, so I realise that sacking a governmet is a serious event.

    Seriously blind Freddy can see that this government is a selfserving rabble of privileged elites rorting the public purse and creating chaos, but we have to remember that the GG is representing very very privileged heredity elites. I don not think Lizzy would authorise the GG to exercise powers to dismiss a government who’s born to rule views are closely linked to her own very elite accident of birth.

  15. Kyran

    You’re right Freethinker to the extent that they represent us. The only prospect of change is the next election. Whether this issue will even rate a mention is hard to know, given the number of issues this ‘government’ has stuffed up. The pressure has to be put on the incoming government, as this lot are, clearly, not up to the job.

    Mr Andrews, didn’t Mark Antony leave his wife (and his rather upset brother in law) to flee to Egypt with his lover, Cleopatra? Under the circumstances, a suitable quote indeed. If memory serves me, the two absconders committed suicide. Such is life.

    Peter F, I hope your memory of the Goons isn’t sullied by the reference. It was intended more as one of those observations, like ‘1984’ being intended as a warning, not an instruction manual.

    Christopher, the massive cost hasn’t stopped the boats. We just turn them around now. Pezzullo and his minions get caught out regularly in Senate Committees.

    Thankyou Mr O’Callaghan and Johno. What is most galling is that they no longer even pretend to care about the lies and hypocrisy. To these people, it’s just another day at the office.

    As an observation, helvityni, good old Mother England presides over the Commonwealth, which includes Australia, Papua New Guinea and Nauru. I wonder if our two penal colonies will send asylum seekers to bolster their teams at the Commonwealth Games in Queensland later this year. With regard to the compensation paid to the orphans entrusted to Australian care, it will likely rival what was paid to the asylum seeker class action of $70mill. There is another class action already filed as well. Pezzullo and his goon, Dutton, will spare no expense to maintain the delusion of their illusion.

    Etnorb, farce seems to be the only word that covers all of the bases from inept through to corrupt.

    Thank you Phil. I agree with the reference to the ‘putrid conservative government’, but I think a lot of Australian’s don’t believe the government spiel. If you look at the response to groups like the ASRC, the RAC, Amnesty, etc and the 100’s of thousands of people who start and promote petitions on and the similar numbers that have participated in various GetUp campaigns, it is a much kinder Australian face on show.

    Mr Chesterson, you may be interested in Major Bloodnok who may or may not have been on my mind when referring to ex military G G.

    As for Nauru in 50 years, they may well pay attention to the Pacific island country of Kiribati, which is the first to trial legal action for escaping the effects of climate change as a ground for asylum seeker or refugee status under the UN charters. Irony would be too strong a word for Adeang seeking asylum in Australia.

    Stephengb2014, there does seem to be a pattern of recidivism there. As they say in the classics, it is the victor who writes the history.

    By way of an up date, this is from The Guardian (the ABC, our ABC, doesn’t seem to be reporting on this. That’s not to suggest our ABC has been politicised);

    “Australia’s first in-session week on the UN human rights council has been undermined by a scathing report that has implicated its migration policies as part of a global “escalating cycle of repression and deterrence” that has caused “massive abuse” of migrants.
    Australia, which campaigned for three years for a seat on the council, has also been a global promoter of its hardline policies designed to deter irregular migration, including boat pushbacks, mandatory and indefinite detention, and offshore processing.
    The 20-page report to the human rights council, from the UN’s special rapporteur on torture, Nils Melzer, said the major reason migrants were exploited and abused was the policies of states that sought to deter people from migrating and punish those who did.
    “The primary cause for the massive abuse suffered by migrants in all regions of the world, including torture, rape, enslavement, trafficking and murder, is neither migration itself, nor organised crime, or the corruption of individual officials, but the growing tendency of states to base their official migration policies and practices on deterrence, criminalisation and discrimination, rather than protection, human rights and non-discrimination,” Melzer said.
    “States have initiated an escalating cycle of repression and deterrence designed to discourage new arrivals, and involving measures such as the criminalisation and detention of irregular migrants, the separation of family members, inadequate reception conditions and medical care, and the denial or excessive prolongation of status determination or habeas corpus proceedings, including expedited returns in the absence of such proceedings.
    “Many states have even started to physically prevent irregular migrant arrivals, whether through border closures, fences, walls and other physical obstacles, through the externalisation of their borders and procedures, or through extra-territorial ‘pushback’ and ‘pullback’ operations, often in cooperation with other states or even non-state actors.”
    Migration policies that expose migrants to foreseeable risks of torture or ill-treatment “are conclusively unlawful and give rise to state responsibility for the ensuing harm”, Melzer said.
    Last year Australia agreed to pay $70m in compensation and damages to nearly 2,000 asylum seekers it illegally detained in its detention centre on Papua New Guinea’s Manus Island. Australia did not admit liability in the case.
    To mark the start of Australia’s three-year term on the council, governor general Sir Peter Cosgrove said Australia was “deeply committed” to promoting equality for all.”

    It should be remembered that the three years of campaigning, including Ruddock’s part (at a cost of several hundred thousand), didn’t amount to much. We were gifted the seat when France withdrew after Turnbull and Macron shared a flight to Paris after the G20. They discussed the $50bill contract for submarines, apparently, and France withdrew a few days later.
    As for our commitment to those in our care, Pezzullo recently fronted a Senate Committee regarding the absence of a chief medical officer in the Department of Home Affairs bureaucracy. Big surprise here. He lied. He was so bad at it the reporting lists it as ‘Pythonesque’.

    When estimates go Pythonesque

    Thank you AIMN for the opportunity, and commenters for your interest. Take care.

  16. Tom

    Fantastic piece. We are %^&&** ‘d and the lunatics have really taken over. How on earth can these people keep this farce going. No question that the masses don’t get it or even care. We as a nation are stuffed.

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