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Frydenberg Removes Level Crossing And Possibly Simon Holmes a Court!

You may not have heard the news but the Kooyong level crossing is going to be removed thanks to Josh Frydenberg. But not only that. Josh, apparently removed Simon Holmes a Court from a function.

To be fair, I haven’t checked this story with the Treasurer, but I’m pretty sure he’d be too busy telling me that when Bill Shorten runs out of money he’ll come after mine because he repeated that several times in his press conference.

It’s interesting that when Labor spend any money it’s always a waste, but the Liberals are doing us all a great service when they do it. Take the Kooyong railway crossing, for example. Here, in Victoria, the Andrews government has made a big thing out of removing our “most dangerous level crossings”. Apparently, the Kooyong one wasn’t on the list, but hey, it is in Josh’s electorate and there’s nothing more dangerous than a threat from an Independent and a high profile Greens candidate.

Of course, it does beg the question that, if the Liberals are going to suddenly take over level crossing removal, why only the one? I mean, surely there are plenty of others who are even more dangerous. And by that, I mean in dangerous marginal seats.

But I still give the quote of the day to the National’s leader, Michael McWattisname, who said today:

“The fact is that the National Party policies, probably closer align with One Nation, than they ever will with the Greens or Labor.”

Given the recent resign of Steve Dickson after his drunken strip club visit, I’m sure many would agree. Barnaby? What do you think? Do you think that your party has more in common with a party that has a member who gets so drunk they don’t remember what they’re doing and behave like a total sleazebag than Labor or the Greens?

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  1. New England Cocky

    Now Rossleigh, that is a very unfair question to as Barnyard. You know that he has difficulty remembering that he met Angus Taylor before Taylor entered parliament, forgot his marriage vows, and practised misogyny son too many inappropriate occasions. As for the Nat$ …. Tamworth women supporting adultery support Nat$.

  2. Diannaart


    Good points all … but … Andrews government does plan to remove the Kooyong level crossing with overhead bridging fitting in with nearby overhead freeway (going underground would create a very expensive roller coaster). This was announced in December 2018, so there Josh Frydenberg.

    Of course, concerned citizens want the rail underground, because it is prettier and the concerned citizens believe overhead rail is for those poor suburbs (who should be bloody grateful they get anything) and also prefer out of sight out of mind.

    When one is a Liberal in wealthy eastern suburbs, expectations of government service is high, except for anyone else.

  3. Rossleigh

    Diannaart, I believe that the state Labor government are removing one near the freeway exit. This is the Glenferrie Road one which holds up all those Scotch and St Kevin’s parents picking up their kids and stops them from getting back home in time to meet their tutors.

    To be fair, most students at those schools do take public transport because their parents are too poor to own cars.
    From what I understand, parents at these schools, like those losing out under Labor’s retiree tax, have some of the lowest TAXABLE incomes of anyone working full time!

  4. New. Bruce

    When one D Andrews announced that level crossing removal, kooyong went spare.
    How come young joshua didn’t fire off a quick email to da and let him know that he, jf, had that covered already as part of his re-election strategy, so Victoria could thus save a few shekels, or spend the money elsewhere.
    Must have slipped his mind.

  5. LOVO

    Just sayin’… 😯 I live in a city with 4 sets of traffic lights and 2 level xings (and gawd they piss me off ☺). I live on the other side of town and it takes me 8 minutes to get to work, but it only takes me that long because I call into the shop to get the paper on my way (and an Ice Coffee). 😎
    Underground rail upgrades…Freeway exits??? WTF are they?? 😜

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