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From Authority to Power

From privilege to command to expectation to demand.

How many of us ever obtain an edge of authority? Of course, as a citizen in a perceived democracy, we each of us have a certain amount of “authority” to demand our rights as a citizen … but in no way do we have authority to command. Yet there are those among us who through one set of circumstances or another see themselves as having that expectation to demand certain beliefs, rules, actions and cultural principles from those around us.

Once, Christian religion would claim it had “Authority from God” to proselytise, but that was when it didn’t want to be seen competing with vain Emperors for divine power. Once it was adopted (after much political lobbying) as the State religion supplanting Paganism, it suddenly claimed that it now had the “Power of God” to demand certain behaviours from the brethren … and anyone else that could be forced or coerced to “believe” or suffer the pain of death upon refusal.

Likewise in our democracy, we, the people, have seen those we have voted to Parliament morph’ from being “humbled beyond measure” to be granted the authority to serve “this great country” and everybody in “this great country” for the good of all” … and after all, isn’t that what democracy is all about?” … To using false data, false flag events, contrived terrorism scares to now “demand” by the power of the State  invested in me” … and so on and so forth … to inflict the most restrictive and oppressive burdens on the most vulnerable. We have gone from Authority to Power without any sort of oversight or sunset clause. From a granted privilege to command to a perceived right to demand!

How does authority segue from rule of law provisions to dictatorship by decree? Where does this self-proclaimed tyranny arise from? Not surely from a doting parent’s spoiling of the child, for that would only go so far in any company … Not from one’s workmates in the field, for that would only meet with derision and ultimately a kick up the arse. So it must come from another source that can educate into a child’s mind all the nuances of expectation of a certain class of society … and that would have to be where many of those receiving similar indoctrination would not feel out of place believing and indeed, practicing a form of “rule by tyranny” on those beneath both their contempt or seniority.

The private/elite school education system … Where the wealthy and the many wannabe hopefuls send their children to obtain instruction in the gentle arts of bastardry: Supercilious authority, sneering condescension, vainglorious belief in self, total respect for the rule of capital over the rule of law. And entrance into a vast network of like-minded, small-minded middle-class wankers unfit for most useful though complex activities like the boiling of water and best slotted into positions of authority where such concentrated psychosis is put to the worst use … perhaps to even become a LNP Prime Minister … like Malcolm Fraser (traitor to our democracy) … the wannabe; Alexander Downer (career wanker) … John Howard (crimes against humanity) … Tony Abbott (trousers man), and finally now the creme-della-crème of shit for brains – jelly for backbone Malcolm Turnbull ( … what!?). And remember, these are the finest representatives of such concentrated psychosis … the worst has been spared this nation (so far) and inflicted upon America!

These “Great Colleges” have been spewing out the most gormless (by percentage) “consciousness of kind” arseholes for more years than there are excuses for their incompetent behaviour. These “Great Colleges” have been taking public monies of more billions than the tax-breaks for the parents of the kids who attend their privileged halls. But what have they really given the nation in return? If we were to go by the above list of LNP Prime Ministers … and that is the usual channel that those hungry for power row their canoe down … then we can claim to have been seriously dudded. If we look to the majority of LNP ministers currently in the House of Reps, then we have been taken for absolute fools! If we look to the “leaders of industry”, then you need look no further than the list of court proceedings and current and future goal inmates.

Time to be rid of this pestilence … I call on a future Labor government to seriously restrict Private School funding to no more than “pencils and ink” support … and direct public monies into public education. I call on a future Labor government to stop giving tax exemption to the religions and to investigate the networks that fast-track “old school tie” graduates into positions of authority. I call on us citizens to isolate those graduates from such elite institutions we meet in our lives that demand the rest of us follow their every diction and “informed” direction in both our opinions and lifestyle.

I have noticed that this segue from a position of authority to a attitude of power has even infiltrated onto social media … where we are slowly being restricted to blogs, commentary and views of the educated elite … their “in-house opinions” gaining ascendancy over the more “aggressive radical ”, the more “difficult” and the more “ intuitive” of those from working-class environs. One can pick the “set pieces” that allow a “safe” letting off of steam but never go too far to demand total radicalism or far-left change. One can often find the “tch tch” of the waving finger of self-proclaimed authority reprimanding those running too close to stepping over the imaginary boundary of middle-class cultural decencies … To the ultimate castigation that casts one into the wilderness of “not-amused” silence … That supreme weapon of dis-approval inflicted almost as a unanimous and instant mutual agreeance “murmuration” that has been educated into those minds by their tutors as “not deserving of comment” by a “better class citizen such as yourself ” … well suck eggs! Social media now has a reach open to every individual with many free blogs where one can voice one’s opinions and a twitterverse where one can promote one’s blogs with a freedom of speech never more available to everyperson. If one “cannot stand the heat, best stay out of the kitchen”, because with elections coming up this year, it is going to boil over very soon! I am ready for it. ARE YOU?

I call for a revolution against upper middle-class tyranny!

I call for political governance by the educated working classes!

“Away with all pests!”


  1. Sarah Lawson

    All I can say is thank whatever Deity you believe in but thank it for the AIMN. As a product of both a Country State School in the 70’s where the Protestant v Catholic divide was alive and kicking ( much to my utter bewilderment) then onto a private girls Boarding School, and an on Campus College at a very prestigious University in Melbourne at a ripening age I remain stupefied that the prevailing rule at Private School educated Dinner parties is to never discuss ‘Religion or Politics’ as it is ‘Simply Bad Form’. Needless to say I am less and less asked back go these mind numbing, alcohol and white powder fuelled events.

    I applaud your sentiments in your article and truly hope the privileges, entitlements, accrued power, and ignorance accrued by the Private School Attending Upper Middle Class is one day totally shattered.

  2. Angry Old Man

    An excellent article, including sensible suggestions for keeping the gormless, chinless, witless, pampered, selfish, self-indulgent, privileged, mendacious and immoral wankers away from government. I have more epithets, but I don’t want to overdo it.

  3. Joseph Carli

    Yes, Sarah…regardless of whether some or many are of honest intent, it is now too late for even them to redeem the situation when the overall distrust of the class is complete..there has to be a purging of the whole structure of Australian politics..Why should so many of us who are from another ethnic group than the ruling Anglo culture have to plead our loyalty to nation when so many of the upper middle-class sell the nation out to the highest international corporate bidder?..The treason sits at the feet of that very class that pleads for continual political control….f#ck them I say!

  4. Sarah Lawson


  5. Freethinker

    ” ……..because with elections coming up this year, it is going to boil over very soon! I am ready for it. ARE YOU?”

    I have been ready since I was able to vote, then I voted to remove an “elite educated” traitor politician , Fraser unknowing that I was going to vote for another educated in privileged OS university, because perhaps for him the Australian education was good enough for others but not for him.
    Yes I was ready, but since then I run out of options and I cannot see one now.
    The “pool” of candidates are coming from the same incubator formed by the same brainwashed teachers/professors and institutions that formed the ones from the past.
    The ones that come from working class families were send to education institutions to prepare them to get out of that “class” and the ones in the middle are sent to go few steps higher on the step leather of greed.
    It is not longer a case of classes is a matter of the ones with strong moral values which will be not for sale and the weak that are ignoring the voice of their conscience to satisfying their need for more.

    We need more options and very soon.

  6. Phil

    Go Joe! Great stuff – you sure as hell say it in ways I can’t, other than to say screw them all, the long, the short and the tall, and I mean that.

  7. Joseph Carli

    The distrust of “the elite political class” has led to some extreme elements of the Right-wing to try to claim the high-ground on the issue and try to lure the discontented to vote for them…and use the MSM and selective polling to pump up their profile..but when we see the actual results in recent elections, those same RWNJ fringe parties are lucky to get even one seat…so the discontent is not going to their camp…likewise the LNP is struggling to gain support..So there is an opening for the Left to do what they should do best…bring down policies that are strong on the side of worker support and cultural sympathy along with a strong representation for multicultural equality…

    The public are begging for support and fairness..Time to deliver.

  8. Freethinker

    Yes Joe, but what it is needed is for those with the potential to make a difference to put their ego of leadership on one side and unite with the others that have the same goals to make a front.
    Can it be possible?
    Can those with progressive ideas leave their comfortable position in political parties move on?
    Are they going to realise that by being inside of that parties are not going to make changes within?
    Time will tell, but until I do not see a movement by people like Sally McManus or Lee Rhiannon making the move I will not have much hope. The neoliberal or semi-conservative people in the ALP and now in The Greens have control or are controlled by the factions and changes will not happen soon enough.
    I am disappointed with what happen with the NSW greens and Lee and only can hope that the Left Renewal say enough and move on.

  9. Joseph Carli

    The last piece I put up..: “Rome must Fall”..demonstrated with historical example that it may already be too late to stop such forces that may become inevitable…The govt’ is provoking many ethnic groups and cultural groups with threats and intimidation..even the indigenous peoples are being snubbed while the right-wing politicians are making deals with international corporate identities..

    The nation is being sold out by such groups as the IPA and their prompters while their back is being covered by a compliant Main-stream media…including our own ABC…We have already been is now time to bring such people to justice..Public justice.

  10. Matters Not


    call on a future Labor government to seriously restrict Private School funding to no more than “pencils and ink” support

    Why not pursue the highest possible standard and offer zero support?

  11. stephengb2014

    I was a tradesman and first went intoo the public service in 1986 ish, I left a year later, it was a slow, ponderous, bureaucracy that was full of hurdles to get anything actually done.

    Ten years later and having been made redundant twice I got back in to the public service but now it was a government instrumentality, and things had changed dramatically.

    Gone was the ponderous bureaucracy, gone was the hurdles to get things done. The mmss middle manager senior specialist now had delegations as an officer of the crown, instead of the senior management.

    So where am I going with this – delegations were real power, and I saw a number of my so called peers revel in this power and yes acted ultra vires (beyond power) on numerous occations, (these were and remain the classic bully boys within my peer group) my point being that once in government parliamentarians feel the rush of real power, and like many bully boys and girls exercise power beyond their right (ultra vires).

    I am retired now, but I see the same ultra vires behaviour in many of our elected representatives.

    S G B

  12. wam

    A fair dose of drivel today, Joseph, from me at least..

    In Australian society doesn’t our third have automatic authority over the other two thirds?

    In religion the authority becomes power? In politics authority becomes power? In education authority becomes power. In hollywood success descends into power?

    That is surely our input to the survival of the species?

    Do you consider the difference between schooling and education?
    In my day these were the 4 important schools. Adelaide boy’s High and the religious boys schools, SPC, PAC, Sacred Heart, (other catholic Scotch and Pulteney Grammar were close with a couple of associated girl’s schools. (My school had macpherson easily the best tennis player in South Australia and he took us to the lawn courts of memorial drive where I was number 2 macca always won and I always lost, he won the doubles as I changed ends beaming at the frustrated stars who were good but not in his class.

    My fear is the front line authoricals from the least educated sections of society who are placed between the unauthorised seeker of help/knowledge and those with the power to help, being given power of decision.

    It is nearly impossible to avoid the frustration of the corrupt ‘it is not what you know but who you know’.but without it we will be barred from knowledge by people, who are mindless in their zeal to serve, with the power of a locked door.

  13. Joseph Carli

    Wam…working for the Greeks taught me their twist on that old maxim.. ; ‘It’s not what you know…NOR who YOU know..BUT; WHO knows YOU.”

  14. wam

    hahah the greeks know the truth of democracy.
    an old politically incorrect joke
    The greek politician holidayed in rome with an italian pollie. The huge house was dripping with gold taps and luxury. Wow said the greek how did you get this? He pointed out the window and said see that two lane bridge well europe paid for 4 lanes.
    5 years later the italian was shown through the greek pollies mansion unbelievable wealth. The greek said see that bridge, the italian said no? QED Greece is out on its own.
    That kind of corruption is possible, the bjelke and wran corruption was real but today’s computer driven rorting needs an ICAC.

    I will be driving down to adelaide perhaps next month.any chance of a beer at your pub??

  15. guest

    Joseph, you continue your attack on private schools. But there are very few really ‘private’ schools any more.

    It is interesting to see how private schools have been able to suck more and more on the public teat. It began with Menzies in the 1960s during the Cold War. Menzies made sure there were science laboratories in all schools. It was an early example of Building the Education Revolution.

    Then some Catholic schools in Goulburn went on strike because they could not afford to pay for teachers at the lay rate paid in public schools. Catholic schools had relied on the cheap labor of nuns and priests, but after WW2 the population increased and so did school populations. The teat to close the schools made the government very nervous and it resorted of giving financial help in order to avoid having to supply new schools. This is the argument that supporting private schools saves the government money.

    Then Whitlam, being a good socialist, decided to help all those who provide education. And private school supporters said that was a good idea because private school supporters are also tax payers and deserve to have a slice of the public money to support their private enclaves. So our ‘private’ schools are in fact government-subsidised schools. Some of those are highly financed by endowments and investments, consequently receive much more public money than they deserve. Try to take some away from them and see what happens.

    The idea of ‘needs-based’ funding is an old one. But what we find is that a large amount of money is given to an educational institution which then distributes it among its schools. What has been revealed is that the money is often not distributed according to need, such as remote rural schools, but goes to the big flagship schools in the cities which do not really need it. Parents are paying fees as high as $25-30 000.

    So what is being achieved by the drift to private schools? At present there is a big kerfuffle that standards in international PISA tests are falling here in Oz. Is the drift to ‘private’ schools not working?

  16. David Bruce

    Over the past 40 years, I paid $250,000 in income tax. It doesn’t seem much, unless it was in my bank account now! I didn’t attend private school and managed to get a “free” education up to post graduate level. Five years ago, I turned off my TV and radio news. It seems irrelevant today as the world faces at least 3 ELE (extinction level events) from Fukushima, Gulf Oil spill (and still leaking), and the forest fires in Borneo and the Amazon rain forests. Stephen Hawking and others have advised us to “find another planet”. The UN 2020 program has been rescheduled for 2030 so we get some idea of our time remaining?

  17. Freethinker

    David do not forget the Marshall Island concrete dome. It does not look good for my grand children.

  18. Jack Russell

    If you remember the CES (Commonwealth Employment Service) you might recall the Job Search file cabinets where you could browse the “treasure trove” of jobs, the job descriptions, the qualification criteria, the contact details, etc, etc. Everything you could ever need to either apply, or information on what you needed to do before you could.

    Under the job title Politician there was NO qualification criteria. The only one without. Says it all really.

    Would we be in this mess if there had been criteria, and that criteria stated that only the educated working class may apply, then gave a clear definition of working class parameters . . . ?

    Anyway, here’s hoping for that monster king tide we need at the next election.

  19. Joseph Carli

    Wam..I sent you an email..

  20. wam

    Dear guest,
    I drive to adelaide melb and balina every year. Since gillard’s gifts there has been a ‘plethora’ of small church schools even in small towns. They exist to indoctrinate the kids by rorting the Aboriginal schemes and government subsidies.
    ta Joseph!!!!!

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