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Fraser Island: Senator Anning Responds to NZ Mosque Atrocity

Earlier this afternoon, over forty people were killed at two Mosques in New Zealand. This horrific tragedy is, of course, abhorrent, and has drawn the usual responses from the usual suspects. I want to respond to Queensland Senator Fraser Anning’s statement issued in response to the massacre. He has been rightly slammed for his vile comments, and I wish to add my voice to his chorus of detractors.

Anning’s Statement: Dog Whistle or Foghorn?

He starts out in the usual fashion by taking the stance that he is opposed to ‘any form of violence in our community’. Can you not see this next part coming? He says

‘However, whilst this kind of violent vigilantism can never be justified, what it highlights is the growing fear within our community, both in Australia and New Zealand, of the increasing Muslim presence’

Any statement that takes the form ‘this is bad, but (or however)’ rarely ends well. Think of statements like ‘I’m not racist, but’ – never ends well. Second, who is ‘our community’? Do Muslims not count as part of ‘our community’? Who are ‘we’ exactly? Careful, Senator, your dog whistle is a little low pitched. It is noteworthy as well that Senator Anning used the term ‘vigilantism’ to describe the actions of a man identified as white. Do you think he would have used a different term if the suspect had been, say, Muslim? I know he would have. Call this what it is, Senator: Terrorism!

As if he were not already a Liberal is disguise, Senator Anning then stokes fear around ‘the increasing Muslim presence’. Need I point out that the victims were themselves Muslims? Finally, that statement, whether he means it or not, is an endorsement of the actions of the shooter! Whether tacit or otherwise, even if he says the violence is not justified, he did say there was good reason to be afraid. People who are afraid do not think. They shoot first and ask questions later.

Easier to Fight Strawmen

The Senator proceeds with two pearlers that must be quoted in full before responding

‘As always, left-wing politicians and the media will rush to claim that the causes of today’s shootings lie with gun laws or those who hold nationalist views but this is all clichéd nonsense. The real cause of bloodshed on New Zealand streets today is the immigration program which allowed Muslim fanatics to migrate to New Zealand in the first place’

Ok, in order. Nobody, either on the left (whatever that means in Australia) has mentioned gun laws as having anything to do with this attack. You made that up, almost as if you are reading from the American right-wing response to any form of mass violence. No-one mentioned gun laws. Kindly cease setting up strawmen and knocking them down. Blaming those who hold ‘nationalist views’ is clichéd nonsense, he says. Alright, the shooter was white and the targets were Muslims. Looks pretty nationalist to me.

Next, as if to read off all the right-wing talking points in response to violence, Anning blamed immigration which allowed ‘Muslim fanatics to migrate to New Zealand in the first place’. Need I point out again that the victims were Muslims, and by blaming them for the violence against them, you are agreeing with the shooter? In addition, this bigot assumes that all Muslims are violent, as if this somehow justifies violence against them. Further, he also assumes that these particular Muslims, who, again, were the victims, were immigrants! Yes, because there are no Muslims living in New Zealand who have children! Mr. Anning is a clown.

Ignorance of Islam

Senator Anning then offers his ‘insights’ into Islam. These are every bit as informed as one might think. He says

‘While Muslims may have been the victims today, usually they are the perpetrators. World-wide, Muslims are killing people in the name of their faith on an industrial scale. The entire religion of Islam is simply the violent ideology of a sixth century despot masquerading as a religious leader, which…calls for the murder of unbelievers and apostates’

One would require a shovel to get out from under all those lies. Usually Muslims are the perpetrators he says, without citation. Muslims are by no means the only ones killing in the name of their faith, and given our technological age, murder on an ‘industrial scale’ usually means some form of extermination using machinery: gas or some other form of mass extermination technology. While there is certainly violence carried out in the name of Islam, it is not on an industrial scale. Even if it were, that would be a red herring, designed to distract his audience from the point that the Muslims were the victims here. Even if they themselves had done violence (no evidence for that) it would still not justify violence against them! So all these claims about the violence carried out by Islam are irrelevant.

Islam is, he says, ‘simply the violent ideology of a sixth century despot masquerading as a religious leader’. The prophet Mohammed died in the year the west calls 632AD. That was in the 7th century, not the 6th, you historical ignoramus. As for the calls to murder the non-believers and apostates, yes, the text does say that, but it also says in 109:6 in reference to the atheist ‘To you be your way, to me be mine’. The implication of peaceful co-existence is unmistakable. But Senator Anning does not mention that as it does not fit the narrative.

More Islamic Insights 

Senator Anning then suggests that Islam is ‘the religious equivalent of fascism’. While it is true that Islam does have some concerning practices concerning its treatment of groups such as women, homosexuals and Jews, and it has been used to establish (still-existing) theocratic regimes, this is by no means unique to Islam. Indeed, medieval Europe was by and large a christian theocratic state, with what we would now call Roman Catholicism being the only legal religion until the reformation, and many punishments (and indeed crimes) being based on religious teachings.

Religions are very much like the humans that are involved in (or, according to some circles create) them. They go through an innocent phase, parallel to childhood. Then they become teenagers, with all the self-righteousness and ‘you can’t tell me what to do’ that goes with that. They often obtain some sort of state power during this phase, and become very sure of themselves. Later on, in the case of Christianity this took a very long time, they mellow and lose their state power (albeit reluctantly) and learn to integrate into society as just another element. Think of this as the reformation and its aftermath. Political Islam (to separate it from the garden-variety believers) is very much still in its teenage phase.

A Final Islamic ‘Insight’ and A Lack of Self-Reflection 

Anning said ‘Just because the followers of this savage belief [Islam] were not the killers in this instance, does not make them blameless’. Sigh. Islam is not, for all its flaws, a savage belief system by definition. He made that up. Religions contain texts written by humans. Whatever their source of inspiration, there is inevitable human contribution, and the resultant flaws, in many religious texts.

Also, when he says that even if the Muslims were not the killers in this case, they are not blameless. That is exactly what they are. A nut walks into their house of worship and targets the worshippers based on nothing other than their religion even though there is no evidence of any of them having done anything wrong. They are blameless. To put this nonsense to bed, let us grant his premise. Even if they had done violence, that is a job for law enforcement, not a random bigot with a gun.

To end, Anning quotes from, of all places, the Christian New Testament: the gospel of Matthew, 26:52 ‘all who take the sword, shall die by the sword’ and then he says ‘those who follow a violent religion that calls on them to murder us, cannot be too surprised when someone takes them at their word and responds in kind’.

Ok, first of all, it is unwise to quote a religious text when arguing against a different religion. This makes you look like the foolish hack that you are. Second, if those who ‘follow a violent religion’ are not allowed to be surprised when someone kills them whether they are violent or not, by that logic all members of the Dahmer family should be killed because of what Jeffrey did, whether they supported him or not. As a principle, this is called guilt by association. But once again, these particular Muslims did not do violence! Even if the text does call for this, they did not do it!

Mr. Anning is an ill-informed bigot who has no place as a Senator in the Australian Parliament.

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  1. andy56

    How this misfit ever got in on a handful of votes has me beat. What kind of mal adjusted individual has so much racial hatred that he blames the innocent for their own deaths? Hopefully he gets shown the door in may. We dont need sick people like this running the country. I am shocked that anyone can be so callous.

  2. Patagonian

    To paraphrase David Marr on his view of the Faiths: My contempt for this worm is depthless.

  3. Jon Chesterson

    Right behind you Tim –

    My god this senator, this man is an embarrassment to our democracy in Australia. He needs to be sacked and stripped of his Parliamentary position. His ignorant lame excuse in response to this tragedy today is shameful and dangerous. It is just a stone’s throw away from inciting religious and racial hatred, from encouraging terrorism and vigilantes.

    He shows a fundamental disregard for the constitutional principles and beliefs of our democracy, the Rule of Law and reason, that you are free in our country to follow your religious beliefs without fear or reprisal whatever your religion. He demonstrates gross ignorance of our democratic beliefs and way of life, and as such is utterly unfit to be in Parliament, whether elected or not. I am not Muslim, nor am I christian or Jew, but people who follow these faiths in good faith, are my brother and sister.

    Someone please expel, excommunicate, deport and throw this thug out of Parliament and any other misinformed misguided Liberal, National, PHON or right wing extremist who wishes to stand by him and sing the same stupid sick delusional chorus.

    At least 49 people, 49 Muslims and likely more lost their lives today, many more seriously injured and their families tragically in mourning, we stand and weep with them. They have every right to be here or in New Zealand and every right to the protection of our community. They are part of our community and we share the shame and the grief of their tragic loss. This is no time for political motivated irresponsible ignorant bigoted falsified ‘free speech’ sermons. You senator are the one who doesn’t belong in our community and I call for your immediate removal from Parliament. In fact I think you should be ordered to do community service and be banned from standing for Parliament for life. We the people do not want the likes of you representing us – You do NOT speak for us!

    We can all respect each other in peace, that is what civil society is, civilisation is. You senator Anning shall not speak to destroy the peace we and our forebears have all fought for since federation in 1901. Two world wars and many since and you have learnt nothing.

    Reform camp somewhere in the outback for this village idiot. Someone needs to teach him some manners, some respect, empathy, humanity. Someone needs to teach him what it means to be Australian.

  4. New England Cocky

    Our prayers are with the families of the victims and injured. That one nutter was identified as an Australian does me no favours. Most impressed by the response from NZ PM Jacinta Adern. It reminded me of Bill Shorten after the Beaconsfield Disaster.

    Another reason why education standards in regional centres must be improved now that the private schools are spending up big on Principal SALARY PACKAGES ($600,000+ PER YEAR) while the Roman church has over $1.2 BILLION in assets and so can now afford to pay for their own education system without parasitising the state.

    What’s ‘is name is irrelevant …. He fails to acknowledge that Pope Innocent II caused the Crusades for imperialist domain, so by his reasoning “Christianity is a violent ideology of an 11th century despot” and Opus Dei is “the religious equivalent of fascism”. Indeed, he is “an ill-informed bigot who has no place as a Senator in the Australian Parliament.”

  5. Diannaart

    After an appalling day, still trying to parse the news of another pointless mass murder by terrorists, enter Fraser Anning blaming immigration for a group of white people shooting Muslims at prayer.

    Anning must go, not at the approaching election, he must go now. He is inciting further hatred and further violence.

    We have records for paedophiles we need one for fascists.

  6. Alcibiades

    Each of Annings ‘points’ coincidentally align with the stated objectives of the 73 page ‘manifesto’.

    Another was to provoke a backlash, in response to the terrorist attack, so the State could then ‘justifiably ‘react’ & ‘finish the job’.

    Annings family history and how they obtained their property and wealth tells one all you need to know regarding where Annings ingrained racist views come from. Likely indoctrinated from birth.

    However, Anning is disposable small fry, outrageous though he is.

    The true roots of all this start with Howard, Ruddock, Brandis, Abbott, Dutton and the rest going back to 2001.

    Concurrent and prior is the so called falsity of the ‘War on Terror’. False flags and creation, financing, arming, training, direction & use of proxy terrorist forces for plausibly-deniable State aims.

    Al-Qaeda ‘the base’ and the Mujahedin in Afghanistan, elements of the latter transforming into the Taliban, were all the creation of the US to give the Soviets their own Vietnam.

    Where & how did the ISIS in Iraq & Syria get those armadas of brand new Toyota utes from, hm ? How did they obtain MBRL, AD & medium/heavy artillery from, and the training & logistics support necessary to field them ?

    The POL, ammo, spare parts and materiel alone for the ISIS & ‘rebel’ forces required the dedicated logistical train of a major nation State, and very large flows of dollars, billions upon billions. All unnoticed ? Really ?

    Curiously, the need to defend & incite against ones own manufactured, yet controlled boogeyman, brings the bonus of Billions upon billions in expenditure on ‘security’ & technology & weaponry from a militarised police to enhanced & expanded ‘counter-terrorism’ units, and even more money thrown at ‘Intelligence’ units and Agencies from State to Federal/Commonwealth, let alone the Military.

    Quite handy to compensate the war profiteers post the end of the Cold War. What ever happened to our ‘Peace dividend’ post USSR ? Seems to have gone the same way as the $550 Tony owes me …

    Political bonus .., fear of the controlled boogeyman allows incremental encroachment of ever more authoritarian laws, breaching privacy, human & civil rights, in the name of ‘security’, for 18 long years now. Not to mention the dog whistling playing to the racist vote, strong in Oz it is.

    Which both divides and disrupts society, all the easier to ‘manage’ vox populi.

    Of course, another consequence is the nurturing and pseudo-legitimisation of extremist violent white supremists to challenge, even incite the boogeyman.

    Anning is small potatoes, not even a dog soldier, just another extremist nobody given a voice in support of the wider ‘narrative’.

    Just sayin’.

    PS When is a Guerilla an insurgent as opposed to a rebel ? When does a government become a regime ? When does an elected leader become a dictator or usurper.

    PPS Do clutch your John Howard issued fridge security magnet tight, so very tight, be alert & vigilant, but not alarmed.

    Just sayin’.

  7. Yvonne Robertson

    People like Anning, Leyonhjelm, Hanson and Latham, have to say stupid and outrageous things in public spaces so that their names hit the news and people know who they are. That way they can garner another handful of votes at the next election from other right wing nut jobs and hopefully scrape over the line into a parliamentary pension. The Senate system needs overhauling.

  8. Michael Taylor

    Anning has made me feel sick in the stomach.

    I don’t dare go to his Facebook page because I’m likely to see hundreds of comments from deranged idiots who agree with him.

    I’d probably want to instantly migrate.

  9. Phil Gorman

    Instead of offering them comfort and fellowship an Australian politician reviles the victims of a terrorist atrocity. Unhappily he is not alone in the willful ignorance, fear and hatred of “the other”. Our multicultural democracy has endured decades of such sniping by shock jocks, the gutter press and bottom feeding populist politicians putting power above principle. People like Anning sow the seeds of hate; now scores of innocent New Zealanders are caught up in the whirlwind of that hate.

    How will they respond to the inevitable copy cat attempts by other fascists in our midst?

    It is time Anning and his disgusting ilk were held to account for their conduct. They are unfit for any public role and should be called out by their colleagues for the low life that they are.

  10. pierre wilkinson

    and this bigoted fool gets air time, publicity and acclaim from the rest of the RWNJs out there looking for their 5 minutes of fame


  11. Kelvin

    Please sign the petition to SCOMO to recall the senate to censure Fraser Anning.
    Can people across the globe sign this petition too!sign and share thank you

  12. whatever

    Someone put a microphone in front of Dutton and get him to condemn this.

  13. Alcibiades

    In the wake of the New Zealand terror attack in Christchurch today, which has left 49 dead and dozens wounded so far, Scott Morrison has pointed the finger at Right wing extremist leaders.

    The Prime Minister claims they’re not doing enough to stop extremism, criticising the racist white community for “making excuses”, dog-whistling, looking the other way and ignoring potential grave security risks & disruption of social cohesion.

    “I won’t cop the excuses,” Mr Morrison said on Friday, doubling down on his attack.

    “For those white Right wing extremist leaders who want to stick their head in the sand, for those who want to make excuses for those who stick their head in the sand, you are not making Australia safer.”

    The words above you will never hear from Scummo or his ilk, yet, in the recent past he did shout almost the same words as above.

    PS his staff had ensured all mirrors and reflective glass in his vicinity had been removed or covered in advance of his shouty ironic speech…

  14. Kronomex

    And the 2019 Rabid Right Wing Racist Scumbag Award unanimously goes to…

  15. Lambert Simnel

    On a very brief look, all I can say in response to Anning is, “well, who has stirred up all this vigilantism”?

  16. Lambert Simnel

    The other thing, were these crackpots on a watch list?

    If not, why not?

    Were they too busy trying to scan for Muslims upset by Dutton and Morrison and forgot the home grown terrorists again?

    As if the Australian name is not bad enough in Enzed already.

  17. John

    its High time we stopped tolerating idiots like this. Our government is being run by people with extreme views and we just sit back and let it happen? Fraser Anning, the conservative extreme right of the LNP, Pauline hanson, how we treat refugees on manus and Nauru. It all adds up to inspire something terrible and appealing like we saw today. Australians. Stop being so apathetic, get off your ass, get informed and vote properly.

  18. Matters Not


    Our prayers are with …

    Perhaps that’s where the problem really begins. You know – magical constructions of reality … widely shared …

    As an aside – Anning didn’t pen those words. (Not that it matters in the whole scheme of things.)

  19. Jon Chesterson


    ‘We demand the Australian Electoral Commission to make Senator Fraser Anning to resign after his hateful and Muslim-o-phobic tweets when a minority community of New Zealand was trying to come to terms with one of the biggest acts of violence against them.

    49 Muslim mosque-goers lost their lives to three right-wing white supremacists when they entered two mosques in Christchurch and started firing indiscriminately. The shooters made no effort to hide their bigotry towards Muslims. To make matters worse, an Australian senator, Fraser Anning made a series of hateful tweets using this event to spread his anti-Muslim immigration propaganda. He has since deleted four of his tweets but many of us were horrified and can’t unsee his tweets. Instead of coming out and showing support to the victims, he stomped on the dead bodies of the victims who have left wives, brothers, mothers, fathers and children behind who will never see them again.

    Australia has no place for bigots like this, our world has already suffered a lot and is likely to keep suffering violence as long as people like Senator Fraser Anning occupy powerful positions. Let us stand together and say we do not want people like Senator Fraser Anning in our senate’.

  20. Alcibiades

    Lambert Simnel

    No they were not. Why not ? Because they are not Muslim, not ‘others’, not ‘brown’, they are good ol’ white boys …

    Hm, fast coming to the conclusion there is likely only one shooter … he produced his personal go-pro footage, he uploaded his manifesto.

    The other two detainees may well likely be Kiwis who had capable firearms in their vehicles, legal or illegal, and were caught up in the quite professional Kiwi police sweeps, vehicle stops & searches.

    Have seen very few indicators in reports that suggests otherwise so far.

    Having properly reread his ‘manifesto’, it appears he is an ‘almost’ clone or part copycat of Norways Anders Behring Breivik, who massacred children and adults using similar neo-nazi/anti-immigration/anti-muslim rationals, on 22 July 2011.

    Further, even to the operational similarity of dispersed IEDS as a diversion &/or multiplier, and planning for multiple sequential targets.

    This fella has made very specific references in his manifesto to Breivik as well as ‘white’ victims of attacks by radicalised muslims using knives and vehicles.

    This fella went thru the same determined, isolated, covert process of detailed thorough planning & preparation over months as Breivik.

  21. Matters Not


    demand the Australian Electoral Commission to make Senator Fraser Anning to resign …

    While one may applaud the sentiment … (what can one say re the … futility and misdirection of such a petition …)

    About as useless as thoughts and prayers ..

    But whatever floats your boat.

  22. Michael Taylor

    Or in the case of Donald Trump, MN:

    My warmest sympathy and best wishes go out to the people of New Zealand …

    Yes, he really did tweet that.

  23. Ibn Al Khatib.

    Timothy McVeigh comes to mind as to this type

  24. Matters Not

    MT – and he has his finger on the button.

    Tomorrow of course, he will argue that he was talking about something else entirely. But I don’t think he will claim he was referring to the All Blacks and their Rugby achievements. The black bit might be a bridge too far.

  25. wam

    There are tens of thousands of warped christians(they misinterpret mattew 26:52) who would shoot and murder muslim men women and children
    Heard of the PDLA?
    “…our government is in bed with Islam it is up to us to fight them deport them or kill them why is our government so bent on bringing more and more Muslims into Australia”
    Many of my retired public servant friends share fanning and far right white supremist christian sites like PDLA plus the pommie and republican hate sites.
    Perhaps you’ve seen descriptive demeaning posts like:
    It is a fact that women look like goddesses and leftist women look like shrek?
    Even with such crap daily shared on my page, I never thought fear generated would drive christians to the murder in christchurch.

    The picture of Bud Dajo will always haunt. This sickening and shows maybe we have not progressed over the last 100 years and
    Instant communication peddling fear and hate could easily spark ‘lynch mobs’.

  26. Alcibiades

    The shooter had upwards of seven AR-15 style, close quarter combat(CQB) configured, assault rifles. Each with high capacity multi-magazines, for rapid reload.

    Estimate 800-1000 rounds, preloaded, on hand.

    Was extremely deliberate, unnaturally calm, absolutely emotionless, casual even, unconcerned as to his own safety.

    This fella was exceptionally determined to ensure maximum fatalities, regardless of personal risk re being against the ‘clock’ in terms of an imminent police response. In such circumstances it is natural for people, completely defenceless, to ‘play dead’. He very deliberately took direct, coldly calculated actions, to reduce any such likelihood.

    Unfortunately, that has directly led to the high fatalities.

    This fella, may not have fired upon or even fired at back at police, upon being run off the road and briefly attempting to flee on foot.

    In his manifesto, he repeatedly declares his support for the ‘State’, and had no desire to engage police or ‘lawful authority’ … delusional in believing his and the NZ governments views/beliefs/policies were in some way in sync ?

    Brievak, IIRC, was not declared mentally incompetent/insane. Likely the same for this extremist supremist.

    Unusually, he had no radio nor phone communications with others during his footage. Probable single shooter.

    Bizarrely, had the names and dates of battles between Europeans (white civilisation?) & various Islamic forces through history, written in white marker all over his longarms.

    He is definitely Australian. The stryne is strong.

    Conclusion: Highly probable lone shooter. High confidence a Breivak clone/copycat, based on the info available to date.

    Peace. Salaam. Shalom.

  27. Patagonian

    My thoughts exactly Lambert SImnel. If this lunatic had AR-15 style, close quarter combat(CQB) configured, assault rifles, how the hell did he get hold of them without the Australian security force spotting it? If I was Ardern I would be demanding to know! J. Edgar Tuber’s Border Farce fucks up again.

  28. Alcibiades


    The weapons were, in all probability, likely purchased or ‘acquired’ locally in NZ (speculative). Even silencers, for example, can be acquired with only relatively moderate difficulty in NZ. NZ firearms laws are quite permissive. IIRC only ~15% of firearms are even registered … and the NZ police do not know, what they do not know …

    Extremely unlikely, well nigh impossible he would have been able to evade both BorderFarce & NZ Customs re export/import of said firearms …

    He also initially used a single(?) CQB configured pump action shotgun. Appears he carried an AR-15 equivalent & said shotgun simultaneously. With multiple prepped weapons, also likely he swapped out/exchanged weapons from his vehicle between mosque attacks(speculative). He did drop/discard a weapon on the street/driveway apparently at the second mosque, Linwood(?), possibly upon receiving return fire from two armed civilians after the initiation of the second mosque attack.

    Does not appear the ARs were automatic fire capable, semi-auto only. However, there is little recoil with such a weapon and rounds can be fired as quickly as you can literally pull the trigger. In addition he was a personal fitness trainer/instructor, fitness nut, so would be more than physically capable of controlling the weapons recoil effectively at a high rate of fire. The banned footage shows this is the case.

    He has been to Pakistan and is known to have visited Europe, South-East Asia and east Asia. As well as proven to have visited Nth Korea. All said travel apparently sometime between 2012-2018. Duration etc unknown.

    The breadth of travel & in particular Pakistan & Nth Korea, alone without well established legitimate reasons/justification should have placed him on at least a low level alert/watch list. And flagged as the subject of an initial if even minimal inquiry/investigation.Did such ever occur ?

    Yet, it appears, he was apparently completely unknown, a cleanskin, off the radar.

    This is despite frequent active participation on 8chan with other neo-nazis and radicals.

    He in fact posted prior to the attacks in social media he was going ‘active’,and received encouraging responses from fellow-travelers in return.

    How did he stay off the radar as a potential risk given his travel and participation in extremist forums ?

    He has clearly acquired more than basic proficiency in weapons handling somewhere … how so ? when ? where ? provided by whom ?

    ASIO, AFP & BorderFarce each have some very serious questions to answer, methinks.

  29. Patagonian

    All good questions Alcibiades. The degree of proficiency he exhibited was bone-chilling. Perhaps he wasn’t on a watch list because he wasn’t a brown person? Perhaps because only brown people are terrorists, whereas white people are freedom fighters, liberators or vigilantes? Are Border Farce now watching his fellow travellers? If not, they should be.

  30. Patagonian

    Just an observation – the UnAustralian – which I monitor daily on the basis that one must know one’s enemies – has four stories up on the terrible events in New Zealand, all open for comments for over two hours. Apart from my comments – only two of which were published – there is only ONE other comment. The usual suspects, always so eager to put the boot into Yasmeen Abdel Magied and any other Muslim who dares stick their head above the parapet, are utterly silent.

  31. Greg

    as for as I am concerned people like Anning and Hanson should be arrested , tried and jailed for being Terrorist Recruiters
    their far right extremist rants have no other justification other than to incite others to hate and violence .

  32. Alcibiades

    Sadly, can but concur … 🙁

  33. whatever

    I suspect the shooter, who is a ‘personal trainer’, is a Steroids Gym Junkie as well. The Weekend Nazis of the recent St Kilda Nazi rally, where Anning appeared, all exhibited the Steroid abuse physique.
    A lot of journalists seem to be very familiar with the Alt-Right social media.

  34. John Lord

    Using such tragic events to promote one’s own nefariousness reveals a greater sin.

  35. David1

    As a Kiwi I am deeply shocked by the hateful, disgusting, immoral, barbaric murders by a terrorist on the Muslim community in Christchurch. I join my fellow New Zealanders in condemning the evil perpetrated by a male who has deliberately chosen a peaceful, fully integrated society to spread evil and death.

    My thoughts are with the grieving families and the people of Christchurch and New Zealand as they come to terms with this invasion on their way of life.

    I am full of praise for the way the young Prime Minister of NZ Jacinda Ardern and the Mayor of Christchurch City Judith Dalzeil have responded to the attack. Their words were of comfort and love for the Muslim Community specifically and the country as a whole.

    As Jacinda said of those killed or wounded “This is their home, they are us” of the terrorist “he is not”.

    As always the vast majority of Australians are quick to support their close neighbours, that is the difference between us and those who follow the path of hatred.
    Take note Morrison, Dutton, Anning and your type you are not us either.

  36. Kaye Lee

    Annings’ own forefathers were involved in hunting Aboriginal people (Gudjal people) in the 1870’s, with one extract from the Frank Hann diaries noting that “John Anning just come back from hunting blacks.”

    I have reported Anning’s facebook page for containing hate speech. I would encourage others to do likewise. We need to shut this moron down.

  37. terence mills

    You don’t have to stray too far from home to see where this is coming from :

    Pauline Hanson has compared Islam to a disease Australians need to vaccinate themselves against
    March 2017.

    One Nation leader Pauline Hanson has taken to social media to once again call for the Muslim faith to be banned in Australia.
    March 2017>

  38. helvityni

    We are told that asylum seekers on Nauru and Manus are terrorists, murderers and ,wait, paedophiles…

    Yet it is an all-white Aussie bloke who is the murderer, a man from Grafton…

    We don’t lack paedophiles either, some of them in high places….

    Let’s put the blame where it belongs…

  39. Michael Taylor

    Dr Tim, you have a hit on your hands.

    I see that on one Facebook page alone, this post had over 1.5K likes, 138 shares, 571 comments, and almost 66k views.

    Fantastic stuff, Tim. Well done.

  40. Alcibiades

    Exactly helvityni.

    Am absolutely revolted by the sudden, all white teeth broad smiles, pleasant demeanor of the Coalition reps already doing the rounds this morning, declaring, oh yes, those extreme right wing extremists, over there, not near me, not us, not in our parties, are all very naughty, aren’t they, and, uh, we won’t stand for it … anymore …

    My farkin’ arse. I remember. I have not suddenly developed amnesia, Bridget McKenzie. Contemptuously disingenuous indeed.

    None, none of this, none of it came about in a vacuum.

  41. Kaye Lee

    Message from Fraser…

    “Twitter has banned me from posting for allegedly breaching their “community standards”.”

    Message from Facebook regarding my complaint….

    “We reviewed Senator Fraser Anning and found content on the Page that doesn’t follow our Community Standards. We removed that specific content”

  42. Kronomex

    Scummo has made noises about Arsenning but that, I expect, is about as far as it will go, he still needs his Senate vote to keep going. Duncenuci has been rather quiet about the massacre, no doubt thinking of some way he can use it to attack Labor and scare voters even more. Do we expect anything different from this pair?

  43. Lambert Simnel

    On watching 2 this morning, I observed that the conservative response is going to be about backward claptrap like, ” can’t we defend our way of life against people whose values are different than ours”. The whining will grow loud.

    The nativist imbecility is going to get unbearable- best invest in a set of earplugs.

  44. Patagonian

    Helvi – Dutton and fellow travellers have accused Nauru and Manus detainees of heinous crimes such as paedophilia and used this as a reason to open Christmas Island, because god forbid we do not want those people here posing a risk to our Australian children. Yet they have allowed the children of other Nauru and Manus detainees to be locked up with those same
    alleged paedophiles for MORE THAN FIVE YEARS.

    Those same alleged paedophiles are now able to mix with the local Manus and Nauru children. Yet nobody from the media has asked Dutton why it is has been, and continues to be acceptable to expose detainee children and local children to this risk.
    Kronomex – In 2011 Scott Morrison urged the shadow cabinet to capitalise on the electorate’s growing concerns about “Muslim immigration”, “Muslims in Australia” and the “inability” of Muslim migrants to integrate.

  45. Terence Mills

    Morrison and Dutton constantly use the detainees on Nauru and Manus islands as political punching bags. Implying that men held on Manus for approaching six years and in need of medical treatment are in all probability paedophiles, rapists and murderers – without a shred of evidence – and are thus not deserving of medical attention : they didn’t say this about Tony Mokbel when he was rushed to hospital after being stabbed in jail.

    At leas this tragedy in Christchurch may pull back the right wing nut jobs in the coalition and PHON who, I have no doubt, were going to include some racist and religious dog-whistling in their upcoming campaigns.

    Already Mark Latham in, seeking a cushy job in the NSW upper House, has said, of aboriginals, the other group that usually get a kicking before elections :

    “Australians are sick and tired of seeing people with blonde hair and blue eyes declaring themselves to be Indigenous, when clearly they have no recognisable Aboriginal background and are doing it solely to qualify for extra money,” One Nation’s policy statement says.
    “We will tighten the eligibility rules for Aboriginal identity to require DNA evidence of at least 25 per cent Indigenous – the equivalent of one fully Aboriginal grandparent.”

    Mr Latham said this to a media group in company with a smiling and nodding Hanson : no doubt he will get to win a seat it’s exactly what the red-necks and loonies want to hear.

  46. helvityni

    Patagonian, their reasoning does not make sense to me; trying to convince us that Manus is full paedophiles, yet keeping the kids there…

    Good to see you here.

  47. John Hermann

    It should also be pointed out that the histories of both Christianity and Judaism are replete with terrible violence, going back before the crusades – and ever since. Not only that, but their holy books (especially the old testament) contains what I regard as horrific passages seeking to justify violent atrocities as being the will of the Almighty, or at least in accordance with God’s teachings. So in this context it is hypocritical, in the extreme, to point a finger of blame at another religion.

  48. Patagonian

    Good to see you too Helvi, and Paul Walters too! Nothing the COALition does makes for a coherent narrative – free marketeers but bent on taxpayer dollars being poured into filthy coal-fired power stations; privatising power generation then railing when the private sector gouges profits; attacking ‘welfare cheats’ and other vulnerable Australians while giving the big end of town all sorts of hanoduts, subsidies and tax loopholes; condemning the actions of terrorists such as this latest piece of dirt, yet frantically dog-whistling – or in Morrison’s case, actively promoting the exploitation of ‘Muslim concerns’ among some areas of the populace to increase votes for the COALition; and locking up children with alleged paedophiles for years while at the same time trumpeting about how they will protect Australian children against said alleged paedophiles by denying them decent Australian health care to treat the illnesses that the COALition has inflicted upon them by locking them up in such deplorable conditions.

    The phrase “Whatever it takes” springs to mind. Whatever lies, whatever vilification, whatever twisting of the truth, whatever backflips are necessary to retain power and carry on their unprecedented rorting and vandalisation of our country. I’ve been around for a while but I cannot remember a COALition government this nakedly destructive. They are truly the vampires in charge of the blood bank.

  49. Kaye Lee

    Prime Minister Scott Morrison has announced the government will censure Queensland senator Fraser Anning over his comments about the mosque shootings in New Zealand.

    Mr Morrison said there had been discussions between Senators Mathias Cormann and Penny Wong about a bipartisan motion when Parliament returns in April.

    August 2018: “Senator Anning made his first speech on 14 August, sparking debate and the passage of a motion affirming Australia’s non-discriminatory immigration policies, which repudiated part of the senator’s speech. A proposal from the Australian Greens to move to censure Senator Anning in relation to the matter did not find broad support.”

    They always act too late and with too little. We ask the Muslim community to tell us when they are concerned that one of their own is speaking inappropriately yet our parliament allows endless hate speech, specifically designed for political purposes, to spew forth unchecked.

  50. paul walter

    It is a good site Patagonian, you will love it.

  51. paul walter

    Same old, same old..censuring only keeps the publicity machine running on an issue of the government’s choice, highlighted by the megaphone.

    It won’t bother something as thick skinned as Anning.

  52. terence mills

    Shorten called out Dutton in the parliament on comments he (Dutton) had made on the Bolt Report on SKY :

    Peter Dutton has suggested that the former prime minister Malcolm Fraser should not have let people of “Lebanese-Muslim” background into Australia [in the 1970’s] – citing as evidence a small cohort of individuals who have been charged with terrorism offences.
    Dutton: “The advice I have is that out of the last 33 people who have been charged with terrorist-related offences in this country, 22 of those people are from second- and third-generation Lebanese-Muslim background.”

    Peter Dutton November 2016.

    You can always tell when Dutton is lying he prefaces his remark with the advice I have.

  53. paul walter

    Indeed, terence mills. You can sheet home dozens and dozens of such comments to the likes of Dutton, Morrison and Abbott over time.

    But they are in a hole now because the provocation did not inspire the expected retaliation from riled Muslims, but an act of egregious brutality from a white, right-wing crank from our very own country, that has us now despised throughout the world.

    Of course, with fifty dead in Christchurch, the more militant Muslims may feel inclined to take up the challenge here on home turf later, but will anyone remember who stoked all the anger in the first place?

  54. Patagonian

    Hi Paul Walter! I’ve been reading this site for a while, probably since not long after Bob Ellis’ site closed, and it IS brilliant.

  55. Kaye Lee

    Ignatius Teo,

    Did it ever occur to you that you have no idea of the source of that rubbish? It could be a teenager in Macedonia giggling away at the money he makes from clicks from gullible people. It certainly looks fake to me.

  56. Kaye Lee

    Your link doesn’t lead anywhere Ignatius – just like your attempt to stir up hatred and fear with spurious facebook stories.

  57. Kronomex

    “Fraser Anning registers own political party, will run candidates in ‘most’ lower house seats.”

    Insert your own comments, crude or otherwise, about the thug and cretin after the tone…Beeeepp.

    I make no apologies for the next bit. Sad part is that the rednecks, nazi types and just plain inbred thickheads and hillbilly types will probably vote for him.

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