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Fraser Anning Is A Human Being!

Ok, I realise that’s a bit controversial at the moment. Last night, like anyone who read his statement I was ready to write something attacking him as scathingly as I could but I’ve had a night’s sleep and I’ve realised that like all human beings, Fraser is a flawed creature.

Ok, Anning is more flawed than most, but let’s take a big deep breathe and remember that – at times like these – we feel both compassion for the victims and enormous anger. That anger needs to go somewhere and it’s often directed at the sideshow and not the main event.

Fraser Anning wasn’t the one pulling the trigger. He didn’t kill anybody.

Ok, you might argue that his rhetoric, his use of the words “final solution” in the Senate when refering to Muslim Immigration, his dancing with devil in the form of neo-nazis all contributed to this. But, again, let me emphasis, he didn’t pull the trigger.

If you’re going to condemn Anning for his, “I’m not a nazi, but didn’t Hitler have some great ideas” stance, then we have to start looking at a whole range of people who are now peddling back as fast as there little legs can carry them. We’d have to blame a current politician who can’t be named because he’s now threatening defamation action over a story that’s frequently appeared in the past which alleges that he suggested to Cabinet in 2011 that the Coalition should be taking advantage of anti-Muslim sentiment or Peter Dutton for his demonisation of the other.

No, you can’t hold people responsible when other people act on their words. If you did that, you’d be also blaming Andrew Bolt and Mark Latham and Sky News and…

Well, the list is endless.

No, we need to remember that this is crime committed by one human… Ok, he may have possibly been part of a group. But they’re an outlier. We can’t hold all those responsible.

If we start holding people responsible for what they say, we’d start to blame polticians and not those who were the foot soldiers carrying out the orders of their extremist group. Their very small group, because the rest of us aren’t like that. But, I must say that if the terrorist turns out to have ever atttended a Christian church, I’m disappointed that church leaders haven’t condemned him yet.

No, at times like this, we need to remember that we’re all human beings. Yes, even Fraser Anning. A stupid, ignorant one who’s too weird to even get a gig on Sky After Dark when his Parliamentary term finishes… At least, I presume so.

Anger and outrage just feeds the publicity machine which sets an agenda of “us” and ”them”. It’s hard not to be angry, but it’s what the terrorists want. Anger stops us thinking.

And, if you don’t believe that’s bad, just take a long hard look at Fraser!


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  1. Keitha Granville

    The opening statement, Fraser Anning is a human being – that is debatable surely.

  2. Greg

    He is dangerous , out of control and inciting others to use acts of violence , he is a far right terrorist recruiter
    If this was a Muslim or mosques leader saying these words they would be instantly arrested by the Australian Federal Police

  3. Jennifer Meyer-Smith

    A good defence against the likes of Fraser Anning is to stay level-headed and forthright in showing the better, equitable, humane way.

  4. David Bruce

    I love your restraint Rossleigh!

    Hitler didn’t pull the trigger in WW II, as far as I know. ScuMo, Dutton, Anning and the rest of the Scumbags don’t go around pulling the trigger with hollow point (dum dum) bullets. They just lob verbal hand grenades into the midst of a nervous, highly agitated, trigger happy crowd.

    People in the public domain have a responsibility to promote “Australian values”, not create divisions and marginalize our “new Australians”!

    Britain and other European colonizers relied on a “Divide and Rule” strategy to control the masses. So it seems our politicians will have to repeat history to learn the same lessons our ancestors had to endure?

    While I am on it, when are you going to “stop the planes” ScuMo?

  5. AJ O'Grady

    John Howard played the race card and opened up the Pandora’s box that is the Australian underbelly of racism. Howard stands condemned by real Australians who believe in a “far go” for all and live and let live. Howard’s shameful legacy of cynical and dangerous dog whistling and manipulation of the electorate is alive and well in the members of the L/NP today. Fraser Anning is just another L/NP wannabee that has achieved his objective in gaining notoriety and will probably be voted back in at the next election

  6. RomeoCharlie29

    Looks like the chickens are coming home to roost. Jacinta Ardern will be well within her rights to send this unconscionable bastard, the shooter, back to Australia where we should lock him up and throw away the key. We send people back to NZ. Why should they have to pay to keep this bastard in prison for the 49 life sentences he deserves to get? In the same vein we have an obligation to take back the ISIS wives, prosecute them but protect their children

  7. Alcibiades

    Hm …

    The corporate MSM and most definitely particular political parties clearly wish to divert attention to lowlife scum such as Fraser Anning.

    However, in the larger picture he does not lead a political party, he is an irrelevant substitute senator who has zero chance of re-election in ~8 weeks time.

    Surely the questions to be asked are accountability for our recent past first Law Officer of the Crown, former Attorney-General, George Brandis, and his “It is OK to be Bigot!” declaration on the floor of the House of Reps.

    Secondly, the current Attorney General, Porter, approved of and directed the members of the Coalition to vote for a resolution put forward by One Notions Pauline Hanson, “That it is Okay to be White!”. This was unanimously supported by all Coalition supporters as directed by the whips.

    The term is a well known phrase euphemistically used by White supremists and neo-nazi extremists to promote their views, agenda & incite violence.

    Furthermore, the PM Morrison, Minister Dutton, Christensen and so many others have gone out of their way to deliberately, knowingly use public declarations & statements that clearly incite Right wing extremists along race & religious lines.

    None of the current crop came about due to Fraser Annings quite recent arrival on the Public stage, in a quite limited capacity.

    We should be holding the leaders, ministers in government & major parties that have sought out the racist/extremist vote deliberately for two decades at least.

    Anning & Hanson are ‘Look over there ! It’s a squirrel’ diversions from those with true power, policy & legislative influence and authoritative platform, who at least since 2001 have actively enabled & facilitated disruption of a tolerant & cohesive society for political partisan advantage.

    Does anyone remember the highly publicised public operation by the then newly formed Duttons BorderFarce to conduct public stop, interrogate and search operations on Melbournes streets ? I do.

    To demand “Where is your Visa ?! Show me your papers ! Prove you are an Australian citizen/resident/valid visa holder !”. Citizen flash mobs, even VicPol quickly put a stop to it, but not the policies nor the intent …

  8. helvityni

    Rossleigh, you are saying what I was thinking; Anning is not the killer, nor is Hanson….

    Oz needs a better, stronger more compassionate leadership, it’s not all about border protection and profits…

  9. helvityni

    RomeoCharlie29, indeed, we don’t allow asylum seekers to go to NZ, yet it was OK for Tarrant to settle there?

  10. Lambert Simnel

    Alcibiades puts my view again, the real problem rests with people like Dutton, Morrison and Porter and the monstrosity employed as means for censoring or manipulating.

    When people grasp it is really about, the Reichstag Fire coldbloodedness as to response, they will realise the underlying problem goes way beyond noise bags like Anning.

  11. Andrew Smith

    Much dissembling going on amongst Nativist Conservatives, transnationally, in politics, media etc. desperate to deflect from their grubby (US Nativist movement inspired) efforts over past decades in developing antipathy towards non Christians and non Europeans.

    Abbott’s mate Brendan O’Neill, a supposed libertarian and editor of Spiked Online (with support from Koch’s), was quick off the mark in deflecting re. NZ in (almost) blaming minorities, targets and victims of conservative Nativist angst and antipathy, for having an identity and the encouragement of ‘identitarian’ politics by elites…

  12. Brendan Cox

    I admit this is crude, but Anning is someone my father would refer to as ‘Two Dicks’, because he is too stupid to be content playing with one.

  13. Kerri

    I am wondering how our policy of stripping citizenship from those who have committed terrorist acts in foreign countries applies here?? What a selfish shirking global citizenship will we look if we refuse to accept this piece of white trash as an Australian citizen regardless of his terrorist acts against our nearest neighbour?
    Let’s all just remember Fraser Anning was not elected. He too benefitted from citizenship issues.
    RomeoCharlie29 spot on! And I hope she does.

  14. Diannaart

    Agree Rossleigh. Anning is a very flawed human being, along with Dutton, Morrison, Hanson, Bolt, Devine, Christensen … and so on.

    What does Australia, Britain and the USA have in common? Incompetent governments. What else? Rupert Murdoch.

  15. Andrew Smith

    Diannaart: I’d like to see those usual suspects along with reps from NewsCorp (after dark), other commercial media, IPA, Abbott, Howard, Liberal and National Parties et al. on a panel, e.g. The Drum, being interrogated or asked ‘please explain your narratives of past decades’ by Fanning et al.

    From SPLC which knows these types, their US based swamp, ideology and PR well:

    ‘As the horror of the killings spread across the world, on the far right, reactions were a mix of celebration, victim hood and warnings that events such as these are the first steps toward a race war.’

  16. Diannaart

    Andrew I couldn’t keep reading that link.

    I protested Sky News, Channels 9&7, yesterday, for showing footage of killer’s rampage.

    Words fail

  17. Gangey

    This entire episode is just further proof that some people are just not being charged anywhere close to the correct amount for their oxygen.
    Anning.F is a prime example.
    He should be given a bill for his recalcitrant amount, and his supply removed until he has come forward with the necessary readies.
    That should shut the bastard up for a while.

  18. Jennifer Meyer-Smith

    Andrew Smith,

    I think the New Government should be obligated to hold those MSM propagandists legally liable for the havoc they have promoted by their extreme rhetoric and promotion of hate speech.

  19. Phil Gorman

    You are right about Mr Anning Rossleigh; he’s just another fallible, fearful, ignorant human being. Nevertheless it’s difficult to apply the, “To know all is to forgive all” principle to the willful ignorance of such bigots.

    You are absolutely right about today’s woeful penchant for putting feeling before thinking. As insecurity and prejudice cloud our judgement we seem to be falling back into pre-enlightenment habits.

  20. Rossleigh

    Oh dear, Senator Anning had an egg squashed on his head. He responded by slapping then punching the kid. While I don’t condone violence, I feel that it was all the fault of Fraser for being there.
    As Matthew 26 tells us, “Those who live by the egg, often end up with it all over their face…”

  21. Kronomex

    I feel sorry for the egg. Humpty will be very upset that one of his relatives was wasted on Anning.

  22. John lord

    Rossliegh. I believe an even dozen might have prevented further retaliation.

    Why do people only read the headline.

  23. Patagonian

    Morrison did more than suggest, if the report is correct. He urged Cabinet to pursue his idea. In 2011 all Shadow Ministers were asked to bring three ideas for issues on which the Coalition should concentrate its political attack during the current parliamentary term. Julie Bishop, Philip Ruddock and some others strongly disagreed with his suggestion. He is an inveterate liar who will say anything (or not say it, as is currently the case with the word ‘coal’) to advance his own cause. He has no interest in anything but what’s best for Scott, after all, his god has ordained it. I thought A.Bott a loathsome creature, but Morrison is far worse.

  24. jake

    i hope a lot of the disgusting devisive remarks made by morrison and dutton (primarily because they are government), anning, hansen, lyingtoad (can’t spell his name so just spell it phonetically) plus the deplorables on skew news come back to bite them on the bum

    the concepts they have loud mouthed are being torn to shreds overseas, australia’s name is mud due to their small minded bigoted comments broadcast widely by murdoch and co and i am really annoyed to be lumped in with them

    hopefully the majority of australians are not like these cretins – you look at jacinda adern and you see (and hear) an intelligent, knowledgeable, coherent, caring person, you look at morrison and see (and hear) a smug, shouty, arrogant, close minded, pig ignorant, incoherent, brain washed, dangerous nonentity –

    which country would you be proud to be part of – it’s certainly not australia if you go by the ones who get the most media noise

    the elections cannot come soon enough – surely enough voters have seen enough and heard enough to remove this dreadful government and especially certain members of it because they do not represent the australia i believe still exists under the greed and the ‘mine, all mine’ attitude currently shown by too many, i include the lnp, the ipa, the business association, the big banks, the msm

    just an idea for comment – most of the concepts relating to companies are/were based on when a company was privately owned. now that everything seems to be owned by the shareholders and paying a dividend is the only reason for existence – is this why staff are now an unwelcome expense instead of the reason a company was doing well and hence well looked after and appreciated??

  25. Matters Not

    As I suggested elsewhere, in many important ways Anning is not driving his own political bus – just a sometime passenger. In his maiden speech (which he clearly didn’t write) Anning made reference to – the Overton Window. Described by him as the:

    term coined to refer to the politically acceptable limits to public discourse, … argued that ideas and policies falling outside that window would always be called “extreme” and politicians advocating them would find themselves either unelectable or driven from office. Yet, seemingly paradoxically, the window of what the political and media consensus would consider “acceptable” and “mainstream” tends to change over time.

    .While the concept’s been in political discourse for a few years. it’s (seemingly) not part of mainstream discussion here in Australia. Here’s a You Tube clip of about 5 minutes that uses the rise of Trump to explain that ‘Overton Window’ titled – How Trump makes extreme things look normal’.

    And Anning’s article which he also didn’t write.

    Sometimes of course, there can be significant over-reach as Anning now knows – I suspect.

  26. Christina Heath

    Patagonian, I agree with everything you say about Morrison. Since 2011 he has continued his anti-Muslim political strategy and demonised asylum seekers at every opportunity. In 2012 he said asylum seekers might cause a typhoid outbreak. He has continuously criticised Muslim leaders in Australia, the latest for not doing more to stop the Bourke Street shootings. He supported Peter Dutton’s claim that the men on Manus and Nauru were likely to be rapists, murderers or paedophiles. He supported Dutton’s claims if these same men were medically evacuated to Australia, they would take housing and hospital spots from Australians. Peter Hartcher of the SMH once stated that Morrison was the “greatest grub in Federal Parliament” for stoking xenophobic and racist fears for political advantage. Morrison, Anning et al are not killers, but they have fostered the rise of hate culture and they all deserve to be equally condemned.

  27. Maria

    Your article is very immature and naive. Based on your logic, the terrorists are just Human beings. All the rapists and killers are just human beings. Spreading stupid comments can jeopardise unity in Australia or anywhere else.

  28. Rossleigh

    Maria, I would argue that terrorists are human beings. As are all criminals, and as such, they are very, very dangerous. However, it’s also dangerous to demonise people and take away their human rights just because they are dangerous. This is exactly the argument that enables people to commit atrocities like the one in NZ.
    This is in no way an endorsement of any of Anning’s views. Indeed, if we compare the response of people to his egging to the vegemite sandwich that was thrown at Julia Gillard when she was PM, we see a very clear difference in the sort of people they are. But what makes one ok, and another reprehensible?

  29. Kronomex

    Maria, if they aren’t human beings then what are they? Vegetables? Minerals? Animals? Aliens from another dimension? They are all together all too human. Don’t call them animals because that is just a stock answer for almost every ill deed by some maniac. Name a serial killer wombat or a bank robbing mouse with a cheese fixation? You can’t can you?

    Your whole comment is stupid unless you can back it up with evidence to prove otherwise. Or is it that you are just a bit peeved because someone picked on Anning who deserves all the opprobium that’s being heaped upon him for his behaviour.

  30. DrakeN


    humans are some of the the nastiest creatures on the planet, they kill for amusement, send others to fight other humans for profit and power, happily make life difficult for others of their species by insisting that they work for profiteers to get a living, then limit the number of paying occupations, and after that, refuse to grant them adequate sustenance.

    They are one of the few species who prey on each other for the sheer joy of it.

    Presently, they are displaying all the symptoms of a virulent cancer, overtaking the world and destroying in the process.

    Of course, this could all be put right by chanting A-OO-MM over a few rose crystals, a garland of marigolds and a Tibetant ringing bowl.

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