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The Fourth Estate: The Traitor’s Gate

In the light of many past revelations of crimes against humanity, the most common excuse uttered by the citizens and the common soldiery have to be; “We never knew it was happening” and “I was only following orders”. Both now known to be either untrue or operating in a state of deliberate denial. Whatever the reason, both are seen to be unacceptable to a court of human rights law.

The behaviour of The Fourth Estate (the mainstream media – MSM) within the Australian democracy is completely in keeping with the above excuses. Particularly and because of revelations brought to light by the recently empowered “Fifth Estate“ – social media/Twitter/blogs. The closing of ranks within the MSM since their many obfuscations and outright lying, has formed a cabal of behaviour and group-think reporting up there on a par with the worst of Nazi propaganda. The ownership/influence of much of the MSM by one corporation has infiltrated and infected all the other outlets even including the supposedly independent ABC, which has its commentators referring to that same tabloid press to legitimize their own prejudices on a daily basis.

This cowardice against their own principles was seen most clearly in the cruel degradation of the government of our first female Prime Minister; Julia Gillard. The vitriol, lies, defamation of both her, her ministers and her partner beggars belief in this twenty first century, except for the fact that most MSM editors are operating on a nineteenth century patriarchal platform, where any woman of independence and authority is seen as a potential threat and behaving “above her station” … and in due course, is treated with all the slighting and cruelty bestowed upon the “uppity niggah” of the slave plantations of that past century.

We have seen this cowardly treatment of women and governments from both genders of those MSM journalists. The most “in your face” example was the gross, cowardly and depraved treatment of Julia Gillard by the radio “shock-jocks” and through encouragement and deliberate strategy, the bringing into the Parliament … to the House floor, by the most craven coward ever to don the honourable mantle of “Member of the House of Representatives”, a slander confected and implied against the Prime Minister herself, purporting to be from the emotion of the Prime Minister’s recently deceased father, that he ”died of shame of his daughter … ”. A most depraved and disgusting piece of political strategy worthy of one of the most demented Shakespearean villain … but totally in keeping with the baseness of those who thought it up and those who spoke the words.

The resulting spontaneous rebuttal and excoriation against the Leader of the Opposition who spoke the words has become known throughout the world as the “Misogyny Speech”. An emotional rebuttal delivered impromptu with the knife edge keenness of the executioner’s blade … with the arrow-head sharpness and thrust to pierce the armour of a knave … and with all the measured aplomb, timing and dignity of the rhetoric of an insulted Regent.

Yet, the entire press gallery and the outlying MSM missed the gravity of it completely! Missed it completely! And not only THAT, while the rest of the world, millions of women in fact, were punching the air in simultaneous approval, the MSM in Australia to a person … were punching out press releases accusing the PM of … wait for it … “playing the gender card”!


And then, rather than admit their crass stupidity, the Fourth Estate, these “Protectors of Democracy” set about to destroy Julia Gillard and her government through vulgar accusation after vulgar accusation. She was; “barren”, “Bob Brown’s Bitch”, “A Liar – a witch” … who should be “taken out to sea and drowned in a sack” … ”kicked to death”, ” have her throat cut” … and the rest too numerous and repetitive to mention. Even her long-term partner was accused to her face of being a homosexual merely because of his skilled profession.

All this and not one … not one MSM journalist stood up for their trade ethics or their own professional integrity to denounce these most crude vilifications from the headquarters of a media outlet controlled by the most proven vile dirty old man in the whole world-wide industry … all done to appease a dirty old man’s vitriol. The shame is a disgrace, the professional stench is putrefying. The betrayal of our democracy is complete.

And the dying shame is that it is continuing. We all saw the treatment divvy’d out to an impoverished man who dared ask a simple, honest question on the ABC’s Q&A program. A question that caught the member of a lying government – favoured by the dirty old man – on the hop. No stone was left un-turned to get any salacious detail about that man’s life … Social Security details (normally a secure private, locked department, one would think), any police/court records, even dragging an estranged son from a previous relationship out into the public spotlight, just to vilify a private citizen … to vilify you or me … and if not for the spontaneous outrage of the now vociferous social media, I do believe the Fourth Estate would have without the slightest demurring driven the man to his death with all the glee of a Coliseum mob howling for the spurt of someone’s … anyone’s … blood!

The MSM has disgraced us as a source of information and news … the ABC has disgraced itself as a source of unbiased news and views … our democratic system has been corrupted by the Fourth Estate delivering misleading, lying, obfuscating and trivializing of policy through its various media platforms to a public. Policy information essential to the many trying to make a balanced voting decision for the good of the nation, rather than for the financial gain of a dirty old man from another nation.

The MSM has disgraced itself with now not one reliable, honest reporter that can be seen as supplying straight copy. It is no wonder many of the more decent graduates of journalism leave to seek employment in a more ethically salubrious country … in a more respected media landscape. For to thrive in the Australian MSM cabal, one has to don the pancake make-up of a thespian and deliver one’s confected lines with all the theatrical mummery of amateur stage-craft. One has to be as low as a pickpocket, as devious as a tax-dodger and as filthy as the Ebola virus.

The MSM has betrayed us as a nation. Has betrayed us as a people and has betrayed us as a confident in the maintaining of our parliamentary democracy … all for the glittering prize of money and a modicum of fame. The shame is theirs to wear no matter they hide from the public behind gated communities or a cover of inconspicuousness. The shame and disgrace is theirs as is the act of treason. And I for one pray I will never be suddenly accosted by any one of their kind less the temptation to spit in their traitor’s face be too great a temptation!


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  1. John

    And note that the same treachery can be seen in both the UK and the US, and whaddya know, that same dirty old man has a stranglehold on the MSM in both those countries.

  2. Andy P

    Well said Joseph. It is hard to imagine that that common decency, intestinal fortitude and pride in one’s profession seems to have been almost universally abandoned for the sake of sycophantic self-interest. I share your sentiments completely.

  3. Christopher

    The profession has been gutted, Joseph. When my Uncle worked for Rupert in the 60s (see A Fortunate Life, John Williams), they were unionised, earned a wage that could support a family and a mortgage. They had some power and the papers made most of their money off the classifieds). Now, AI can draft copy from whatever they pick up on the internet. Not a newspaper worthy of being read now, not one. And you are right about the ABC, but their independence was curtailed in the 90s when I had the relationship in Finance. Successive CEOs were told what the government wanted or else. 730 used to be worth watching, now they pretend to ask hard questions.

  4. ajogrady

    Thank you Joseph Carli. The Fourth Estate have so very conveniently forgotten that “so many owe so much to so few” who made the ultimate sacrifice for democracy.They in their corrupt cowardice, moral mendacity, poisonous pomposity and bilious biasness betray the memory of those gallant worshipers of “the fair go” and the true believers of the Australian nation. Not only are they morally bankrupt they are traitors to our country and the enemy of our democracy. The Main Stream Media are a criminal cabal who have stolen a prized gift, our democracy.

  5. Christopher

    well said aj

  6. Roswell

    Bravo, Joseph. An absolute cracker.

  7. Barry Thompson.

    In my opinion Julia Gillard if left in the job, would have made one of the finest PM’s this country has seen.
    Also, after viewing Q&A on Monday night I think we lost another potential great PM in John Hewson. He makes the current and previous LNP leadership look like cretins.

  8. Joseph Carli

    Barry..It has been my opinion that the nation needed at least two terms of a female prime minister to turn around the brutal “alpha male” attitude in the nation…and I also suspect THAT is why she was conspired against by both her own and the conservative parties.

  9. Warwick

    One of your best Joseph. Julia Gillard had so much potential but she was the wrong gender for the media. And yes that would be the same media going ballistic about Barnaby. I hope Barnaby stays as Leader of the Nats to the next election so that the MSM can really get worked up into a lather. There’s something endearing about watching children throwing their toys out of the sandpit when they don’t get their own way. Why bother with policies when we can watch MSM throw tantrums. This is getting funny.

  10. Joseph Carli

    Warwick..agree..and it is when you lose someone or something so valuable because of the vicious, vindictive actions of people so much of lesser intellect or decency to those they seek to destroy, that the loss and hurt becomes so intense…The fact that once lost, it can never be returned and yet we see those same low-bred, slithery-mouthed criothans like Kenny, Albrechtsen, Ullman, Jones and the rest of those bottom feeders (in every sense of the word!) still in-situ sprouting their valueless filth while WE as a nation have lost so much due to their dirty handi-work, you would be excused in wanting to take a horse-whip to them all !

  11. stephengb2014

    The media like the democracies of the so called major democraies, have been corporatised down to the (no longer) ‘frank and fearless’ reporters, as indeed the public services in those democracies, have now been reduced to a bunch of ‘yes men’.

    This exactly what Lewis Powell Jnr, said had to be done in his 1971 memo to the USA Chamber of Commerce

    I believe Julia Gillard was far to far to the Left for the neolibs eyes (including the ALP) to leave her there. She showed all of them for what they really are, and they did not like what they saw in themselves, so they removed her!
    What a sorry bunch of bully boys we have as elected representatives of us!

    A pox on the windsor system now that it has become the fully functional lacky of neoiberal agenda, the corpocracy of the west, Australia, the UK and that sess pit called the USA.

    The windsor system has broken down under the might of greed and depravity, we are fast heading for Dickenson times, the future is grim.

    World war is almost a fait accompli (in Australia we are now building arms ‘for sale’, but in my opinion this is an excuse to build up arms. Full stop).

    The real power lies in the 1%, they know that the world population is growing at an unsustainable rate. I believe the fix has been determined by the faceless – (a) war, a nuclear exchange in the most densly populated land masses of the world. (Mmmm I wonder where that will be? – (b) population destruction by climate change.
    I think (a) is the preferred option. The USA is almost certanly on that page and I think Australia (who’s inexplicable desire to join the arms peddlers) is doing what it is told by the USA.

    I am 70, I am not going to be around, or of I am I won’t be for long, I just hope I go quick.

    S G B
    (Damn and Blast that Black Dog)

  12. paul walter

    They are part of the system.

    They turned on the public a long time ago.

  13. Warwick

    Joesph, to force wisdom on others is a fool’s errand, good luck with that.
    Life brought us to this point, a point where MSM is acting as an anchor on progress.
    They didn’t want a woman as PM, they don’t want anything to upset the status quo, they want to call all the shots and dictate who should be in this job or that. In 2018 MSM is a legacy of immaturity.

    Qantas pays no tax over 10 years on some $106 billion income:

    Yet what are we treated to? Shouts of ‘ADULTERER’ from the Press Gallery pulpit. See through their regressive and moralistic agendas, that’s all that needs to happen. Disconnecting from their agenda is freedom. MSM as a tribe – milkshake ducks walking, their turn is coming.

  14. Joseph Carli

    ” Joesph, to force wisdom on others is a fool’s errand, good luck with that.”…..I just want to horse-whip the f#ckers!!

  15. diannaart

    Hmmmm, Murdoch – this name springs to mind, I’ll think of why and get back.


  16. Adrianne Haddow

    Earlier today, I noticed two excellent articles on the ‘corporate tax cuts’ by Emma Alberici on the ABC news website. They have been overridden and pushed down by the Barnaby farce, they will probably disappear soon, and we will continue to be force fed the ‘will he, won’t he go’ saga for the next few news cycles.
    So the informative news will be sacrificed to the salacious news. Although I would like to see the toad be held accountable for his greed, laziness in checking his eligibility to stand for government, his extra-marital misbehaviour and dodgy dealings.

    Meanwhile, in other pockets of the world, awards are given for ‘international integrity’.
    Check out the video on the Allard Prize

    I wonder if any of our ‘Fourth Estate’ would be eligible……. maybe Miranda Devine?

    Excellent article, Joseph.

  17. lunabone

    Spot on Joseph! What more can one say…

  18. Freethinker

    For few weeks I was refraining to comment here, but today I cannot resist.
    I guess that many will categorise my posts or views as coming from an old bitter man, because very few reply to my posts.
    I am not bitter, old yes, just realistic or not prepared to leave out in the comments the reality of the situation.
    What Joe have written it is correct but some very important point have left out.
    For all of us or at the very least the majority of the bloggers and readers here the behavior of the Coalition and the media was plain unacceptable ( to be gentle here) but not for the majority of the electorate.
    MSN for once have done a majestic job in continuously displaying, publishing and approving the repugnant behavior of the Coalition members and also the people within the media.
    Doing this not only fulfilled their agenda but also increased their business and showed the values of the majority of the Australian electorate.
    Not only Abbott and his team was elected but also his team which shared his views was re-elected again.
    That is what the Australian electorate asked for and wants more.
    Today, the MSN which includes Foxtel still in business, even people that regards Murdoch and the MSN as very low in values are very happy to come back home and watch Foxtel, paying that company to propagate more their repugnant behavior.
    The some people will read today’s news about the corporate tax avoidance by Foxtel and will not call Foxtell to terminate their contract/subscription.
    This make me wonder if people are hypocritical or prefer to ignore the reality to be able to enjoying their TV.
    Yes Joe, all what you have said about the MSN and some repugnant individuals it correct but you have the add also the Australian people that approve and support this behavior.

  19. Joseph Carli

    I have to agree with you, Freethinker..and I just wonder on HOW anyone of the Left would keep their Foxtel account or ANY thing to do with that vile pustulance of the Murdoch media…We saw (if only for a short moment) that suck-hole Kenny on Q&A demonstrate why he is kept on the payroll..and now we have any number of ex-Murdoch filth coming over to the ABC to make their vipers nests in the heart of the national broadcaster..

    When Labor gains office, I will be calling for a tribunal to be set up to investigate any collusion between the Murdoch media and the LNP / IPA /ABC….as an imperative..and push for the sacking of that Murdoch stooge currently in-situ on the 14th floor!

  20. Freethinker

    Joe, is another point that we have to take into consideration when people blame MSN as one of the main reasons why we have the Coalition in government.
    IMO the influence of the media have part of it but to a large percentage, to me are the Australian people values.
    Here is an old bad good article about the influence of the printed media and Alan Jones.

    Which newspapers most influence public opinion?

  21. Joseph Carli

    Machiavelli wrote wtte.. “A corrupt people can be easily led by a corrupt leader”…The recent result of the New England by-election that not only returned that most decadent member, but gave him an increased majority…and even yesterday, some constituents interviewed saw no reason for him to step down even after the most indecent behaviour!..This tells us that the above statement by Machiavelli rings true…

    I have difficulty with many lefties who claim that we ought to pursue the rorts not the “roots”…in criticism of Barnaby’s behaviour…I disagree entirely…The betrayal of community is best exampled by the depth of depravity a person who stands as example of integrity to make that community proud and to emulate…Sure, there is the rorting, but that can be excused, covered-up, passed off as legitimate expenses and a host of other “incidentals” WHICH we have seen…BUT…the obvious display of sexual indiscretions that have betrayed a Partner, children, family on both sides, including grandparents…the acceptable standards of the community and the wider country is the primary debt owing to a community…and if and when any community excuses such behaviour, then THAT is the standard that one has to look upon as that community’s ideal.

    We quite often read about some suburbs that are notorious for crime and when a person from such a suburb is caught or convicted by the police, we tch! and sigh and note that it can be expected from such a we stand..with the Deputy Prime Minister of the country…who has behaved in a most cowardly and degenerate manner yet is still embraced by his community as a “good man”…a ” fine representative of the party”..a “worthy member of the Govt’ “…and so there it is..

    “A corrupt people can be easily led by a corrupt leader” …. Bend your neck to the yoke of depravity, New England…you have earned it!

  22. Freethinker

    I agree 100% Joe, the the New England it is a good example because the have the choice between two politicians and the by huge majority selected the unethical the dishonest one because they can relate to him, he is a “Good Bloke”
    The results in that electorate and many others backing up my argument very well.
    It is time to accept the reality.

  23. Glenn Barry

    That’s an interesting article on the influence of newspapers.

    My memory is a little fuzzy on this so some elements may be mis-remembered or completely wrong, so please keep that in mind.

    I do recall many years ago reading a good analysis on the reason why Murdoch maintains his print empire, when so many run at a loss or barely make ends meet, so they are effectively subsidised.

    The conclusion was so that he can maintain political influence.

    Now the analysis differed in that it did not have a trust coefficient and didn’t make broad statements based upon audience size.

    It did allow, perhaps questionably, for a large influence based upon just headlines and front pages.

    Those are both favourites of Murdoch when in full attack mode upon specific politicians.

    The key point being that whilst the papers may not have even been purchased or let alone read, the front pages and headlines still exert great effect in the same manner in which propaganda and slogans have increased impact.

    The entire phenomenon is not very different from shock jocks, there are plenty who listen to be outraged, however I would say that they are immersing themselves in a toxic environment, some of which will undoubtedly be absorbed.

  24. Joseph Carli

    No..I think it is time to change that “reality” and to do that we have to change the message that is being delivered to any community through the community leaders and their associated affiliates…and the LNP’s affiliates are the corrupt and treasonous MSM…it is THEY who have to be brought to answer.

  25. Joseph Carli

    Glenn…I know that I would glance at those news-posters outside the newsagents when in a hurry and from there would get a gist of the story of the day…THAT is where the filth promote their lies and propaganda.

  26. Glenn Barry

    Joseph, precisely, and the more outrageous the headline, the more likely it is to get noticed.
    People with a general sense of dissatisfaction, unhappiness of anger are easily corralled into focusing upon specific politicians or other tagets – haters gotta hate

  27. Freethinker

    The posters mean nothing if the reader has good moral values, on the contrary they help the reader to get to know those media outlets and politician that they support.
    Joe, there are two ways to make a change, one, effective but slow is education of the new generations even at primary school level and the second which it is faster is let the people suffer the financial pain, let them learn what it is poverty, the lost of material things.
    The extreme right will never do the first one, on the contrary they will like to have uneducated people under them and the second option without knowing the extreme right is implementing the foundations to it.
    In some cases, like in Latin America, the combination of the two was what has made changes in some countries but the right do not give up easy and the struggle continuing.

  28. Joseph Carli

    “… and the struggle continuing.” …Mao and “permanent revolution”…

  29. Roswell

    It’s good to see you back, Freethinker. You’ve been missed, far more than you’d realise.

  30. Freethinker

    Thank you for your kind words Roswell, I guess that you know why I left and only my hot Latin blood forced me to debate in this very interesting topic with the hope that this time I will have some replies to my comments.

  31. Roswell

    Freethinker, replies are not always important. Having your say is far more important.

  32. Freethinker

    Roswell, yes you are correct in that point but the problem is when a blogger ask questions to the authors of the articles and is ignored.
    Replies in a debate, an exchanges of ideas with the purpose to make a positive difference are important, and I hope that it is one of the purpose of this blog, the authors and the bloggers.
    If I am wrong, well, I should start talking with my dog.

  33. helvityni

    Freethinker, many ‘real’ Australians, even many of the educated ones still see Oz as the bloody best country in the world… Also many see that they are the only ones who can criticize possible short-comings of the place, the critique from the foreign-born is not necessarily welcomed…

    Loving your Father Land and wanting to improve it can go hand in hand… Willingness to learn from other countries which are more progressive is a proof being grown-up, and please, don’t just narrow yourself to Anglo nations…

  34. Freethinker

    helvityni, thank you for your inputs.
    I do not asking you to elaborate on the “real”Australians because I think that I know well what your mean going by your posts in this site.
    If those that you are referring, considering themselves the “real Australians” and the only ones that can criticize the way that the country is going then I would not put them on the category of “educated” and more towards as ignorant and perhaps racists.
    Yes, Australia it is among the best countries in the world but it is losing his position very rapidly in many points.
    We not only have to look on the other progressive countries to learn from them but also paid attention to those left behind by domestic policies and external influences.

  35. Kyran

    It wasn’t just that the MSM were caught out. It was THE Federal Parliamentary Press Gallery. The ‘crème de la crème’, the best of the best. From their website;

    “Since the first day of the first sitting of the first Federal Parliament in 1901, the members of the Federal Parliamentary Press Gallery have watched and recorded the activities of the nation’s elected representatives.
    We are still doing the same job today, although Twitter, the Internet and 24-hour TV news have changed the way we do it.
    The Press Gallery plays a vital role in the life of the Parliament – the written and spoken word, the photographs and the images are the means by which citizens can be informed about the activities and decisions of their elected representatives and their Government. The importance of the media is recognised by the use of the term the Fourth Estate.
    The media is an essential part of democracy and something we should not take for granted. Public understanding and trust comes from the coverage and scrutiny the media provides. Even the politicians themselves rely on this scrutiny. An informed electorate is essential for democracy.
    Most Australians may only visit Federal Parliament once. Some will never visit. The way they observe what is going on is through the lens of the media. The Press Gallery is the eyes and ears of the people.”

    They were caught out by their open declaration that democracy (as opposed to politics) can only be sustained by coverage and scrutiny allowing an informed electorate and then ignoring their own raison d’etre. Instead of being the eyes and ears, they became the sunglasses and ear muffs. A filter, rather than a conduit.
    Our Press Gallery states “The importance of the media is recognised by the use of the term the Fourth Estate.”
    The concept of the Fourth Estate was created in the late 1700’s as an addition to the pre-existing Three Estates, the ‘Clergy’, the ‘Nobility’ and the ‘Commoners’. Naturally our Press Gallery would use such history as a matter of distinction. The Fourth Estate was created when the first two estates came into conflict with the third estate. Think of when the French revolution occurred and the reasons for it. The fourth estate was created to be an overseer of the transgressions of the first two against the third.
    How’s that going for us?
    From the Guardian feed yesterday afternoon, the staff of the APVMA are being billeted, at tax payer’s expense, at McGuire’s ‘Powerhouse’ in Armidale, pending the completion of their office and more permanent accommodation. And we are not yet allowed to know if McGuire is tendering for the office construct or refurb. The MSM want to worry about baby photos and ignore the unbelievable corruption that is Bananas and everything he puts his grubby little mits on.
    Fourth Estate? It’s a bit like a ‘deceased estate’. Like Monty Python’s parrot. Sold as a going concern, only to find out it’s deceased, no longer in working order, is no more, has ceased to be, bereft of life, it rests in peace. This is an ex-parrot.
    The ‘Clergy’ are in a spot of bother, due to their own transgressions of their own morals. Churches are losing their ‘moral’ authority. Whilst more than 60% of Australians identify as ‘religious’, church attendances are ‘down’. The cadaver who walks, Phil the Ridiculous, is conducting an enquiry to enshrine the rights of the institutions, not those who are ‘religious’.
    The ‘Nobility’, once comprising ‘bloodlines’, now comprising the corporate and political elites, are doing everything in their power to protect their troughs and enshrine their rights, to the detriment of the Third Estate.
    The Fourth Estate has insinuated itself into the first and second estates for so long now, its bias has become undeniable.
    When the first two estates realise that the fourth estate can no longer cover their ‘misdemeanours’ from the third estate, it will be fun.
    This whole ‘estate’ thing is so passe!
    Thank you Mr Carli and commenters. Take care

  36. ajogrady

    The Liberal/ National party coalition government and the Fourth Estate or more commonly known as the Main Stream Media have proven to be corrupt and traitorous to the people of Australia and are “not fit for purpose”. Australians want a refund.

  37. diannaart

    The Fourth Estate has insinuated itself into the first and second estates for so long now, its bias has become undeniable.
    When the first two estates realise that the fourth estate can no longer cover their ‘misdemeanours’ from the third estate, it will be fun.

    Well said, Kyran. Not forgetting eligious institutions are also a part of the “fun”.

  38. Chris Rand

    Diannaart, it would appear the ABC have actually buried those Alberichi articles completely, I get a page not found from that link and a search for the topic on the ABC site comes up with nada.. we have seen this censorship before, in direct connection with liberal policy. Not at all a good look in a democracy with a supposedly independent national broadcaster.

  39. Freethinker

    Chris Rand, this is the Crikey page news :
    The ABC has quietly killed a controversial piece on corporate tax
    The piece, by Emma Alberici, was heavily criticised by the government and businesses.
    End of quote

    Food for thoughts…….

  40. Chris Rand

    it is indeed food for thought, I would say it is also a call for action. Once again direct interference with editorial content, somewhat similar to the debacle that ended up with a sledging from the floor of the lower house, directed against Nick Ross, whose commentary regarding Turnbull’s NBN has proven to be quite correct. Shame Turnbull, shame (to coin a senator)

  41. paul walter

    Freethinker, isn’t that Guthrie’s ABC?

    Scum they are.

  42. paul walter

    This, from the ABC site after trying an “unavailable” link from elsewhere.

    Is it the one referred to?

    Crikey and others agree that an Emma Alberici piece has been pulled.

    Ps, at the bottom there is a sneaky comment from the ABC saying the piece has been “updated” followed by a tame Dixer comment from the ATO, but methinks it is Alberici who has been “updated”.

    This sis the sort of substantial thing that goes under the radar because of the governments infantile internal childs squabblings.

  43. Freethinker

    Perhaps AIMN can invite Emma Alberici, to publish articles here, the ones that ABC reject……….
    She is not going to be censored by the admin of this site.

  44. Joseph Carli

    Freethinker…don’t be too sure about Emma…remember when she wouldn’t back Nick Ross on that ABC censorship of his NBN article?

  45. Freethinker

    No, I was not aware of it, Joseph

  46. Roswell

    Freethinker/Paul, I see that John Menadue’s site operates under what is called ‘Creative Commons’, meaning anyone can republish their articles as long as they acknowledge the source. So in effect The AIMN could republish Emma’s article here.

    Independent Australia republish Menadue’s articles now and again, so I guess The AIMN could if they wanted to.

    It’s not my call though.

    However, I reckon the writers on this site are damn good (even Joe 😳) and it’s a great mix. Can’t envisage Michael or Carol wanting to change it.

  47. Joseph Carli

    Freethinker…She did the dirty on Nick Ross when he sought back-up from other ABC staff…she sold him out from fear for her own job…a cowardly act in my book!

    Roswell… I admit to struggling with your English!

  48. Freethinker

    Joe, is my “spanglish”better than Roswell “Queen’s”English? 😳

  49. Roswell

    I speak in my native tongue: American.

  50. Joseph Carli “Spanglish” is a damn sight better than my “lingoish”…if it wasn’t for spellchaeck …

    American!!…Hell…that’s not English! 🙂

  51. Freethinker

    Good to know Roswell, now we are few “new Australians” here, but my English still shows like a sore thumb 😳
    That reminds me when some non very well educated people used to tell me “speak English bloody wog” I used to respond, I can, I have being to long in Australia.

  52. Rhonda

    Bland as, rightie, Patricia Karvelas has been given a new telly slot on the ABC. Ergh!

  53. diannaart


    PK, very wisely in retrospect, praised Michelle Guthrie when Guthrie was “magically” appointed CEO or director or whatever it is for public broadcasters these days. PK could do this to all of the RN audience, I was one of them and have since reduced listening to her. She is not as vile as, say, Janet Albrechtsen.

    It is one thing to want to save your job, such as Emma Alberci did, quite another to exploit national radio to do so. Although when I compare PK to the likes of Andrew Bolt…

    If all Emma did wrong, was save her job – I do not know her personally (she may have had little choice) – well, all I can ask is:

    Who is sooooo effing perfect – not yours truly and not anyone at AIMN (except for Michael & Carol of course).

  54. paul walter

    Roswell, too right as to John Menadue. Worth his weight in gold.

    diannaaart, that is the feeling i have also..that it is run on fear, now that the union is no longer strong enough to represent the workers there.

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