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1 I have no doubt that had a Labor government committed just one of the more severe misdemeanours l mentioned in my previous series of articles, they would have been hounded from office by the feral Murdoch media.

In that series, l totalled 79 reasons why people shouldn’t vote for this conservative government. A figure any government should be ashamed of, but as is the case with this government, bad governance doesn’t stop at the end of my astonishingly long list, of which many remain unresolved.

Is it any wonder that the government refused the Auditor-Generals Department’s request for additional funding in the last budget?

Now my list increases to 80. This time, it is a follow-up to the “Sports rorts affair,” except this time it’s for “Car parking at suburban” train stations. Labor MP Andrew Giles can claim the credit for exposing both rorts.

Headlines around the country Tuesday morning read similar to this (except for Newscorp, that is):

Auditor-General slams government’s latest secretive grants scandal:

“The Auditor-General has blasted another federal government grants program, criticising a car park construction fund that heavily favoured Coalition-held seats, and ignored the areas of most need.

It has been revealed more than half of the grants were chosen the day before the government hit caretaker mode in the 2019 election, and more than three-quarters of the projects were mooted for Coalition-held seats.

Labor has already branded the latest scandal “car park rorts”, with the Auditor-General finding that 10 projects under the commuter car park fund weren’t even attached to train stations.”

An election that with God on his side Scott Morrison was desperate to win.

The Auditor-Generals report also revealed that more than three-quarters of the sites selected were in Coalition held seats. Not only that, but he also found that ten projects under the commuter car park fund weren’t even attached to train stations. No kidding.

I have always believed that less informed voters, unfortunately, outnumber the more politically aware. Therefore, conservatives feed them all the bullshit they need. And the menu generally contains a fair portion of untruths. I don’t know whether to laugh or cry at their stupidity, but I’m sure they will continue with it into the next election.

As sure as night follows day, the opposition leader, Anthony Albanese, as usual, demanded that Minister Tudge – then-urban infrastructure minister Alan Tudge, at the centre of the rorts – resign, saying that it was “sports rorts on steroids.” However, resigning is an outmoded term in Coalition morality, so there is little chance of that.

I am talking, of course, about the Coalition’s $660 million Commuter Car Park Projects.

The ABC’s Sian Johnson summed it up succinctly:

“A $660 million Commonwealth government spend on train station car parks leading up to the 2019 federal election was not based on need and focused on Liberal-held or marginal seats, a review by the auditor-general has found.

The review of the program, part of the $4.8 billion Urban Congestion Fund (UCF) established in the 2018-2019 federal budget, showed just 11 per cent of 47 project sites had started construction by the end of March this year.

The projects, which were mainly based in Melbourne and announced in the months prior to the 2019 Federal Election, were mainly in Liberal-held seats, with some in marginal seats.”

Of the 47 projects, the “most successful electorates” were all Liberal held.

The New Daily reports that:

“Six were in the seat of Goldstein (held by Liberal Tim Wilson), five in Deakin (Assistant Treasurer Michael Sukkar), four in Kooyong (Treasurer Josh Frydenberg) and four in Banks (Mental Health Minister David Coleman).”

Not only does the Auditor General’s office provide a mountain of evidence (worth reading for its comedic value), but it more than adequately portrays a party so desperate to win the 2019 election at any cost that it would stoop to such desperate measures to do so. Sound familiar?

What a joke this Government is. It couldn’t lie straight in bed so long as it gets the headline. Creates panic and confusion, as it is doing with the vaccines.

Most laughable is that only two of the proposed 47 car parks have been finished and only 12% of the proposed funding spent.

It goes without saying that if the Prime Minister needs to explain his involvement in yet another misuse of our money for election purposes.

Labor’s spokesman for urban infrastructure Andrew Giles tweeted:



Watching the current Urban Infrastructure Minister Paul Fletcher on morning television news wiggle his way through an explanation was equivalent to watching Scott Morrison doing the same thing and reaching the conclusion that one of us is unstable. So confusing he can be.

2 Nationals MP Darren Chester is our local MP (Gippsland) and enjoys an excellent reputation in the electorate. He is a likeable fellow.

Given the sack by Barnaby Joyce, he rightfully decided not to let the matter rest, instead deciding to vent his spleen calling the now Deputy Prime Minister “incoherent” while adding:

“I have no personal relationship with Barnaby, I don’t seek a personal relationship with Barnaby,”

“I’ve been screwed over by the National Party twice in the last three years.”

“I wouldn’t normally comment on private conversations, but I’m gonna say the conversation I had with Barnaby was so incoherent yesterday, I couldn’t actually explain what he was even saying to me…”

“People of Australia, brace yourself, there will be more conversations like that,” Mr Chester said.

All this suggests to me is that Scott and his acolytes must spend more time praying about how to right their wrongs than managing the country.

With Joyce back in his old job, we can only imagine what we will face in the coming weeks.

3 Former Liberal leader John Hewson writes a timely piece for The Saturday Paper (firewall) titled “On shame and politics,” from which these quotes are extracted:

“It is most disturbing how genuine compassion has been lost from our national Government.

Even worse, they seem so shameless about it.

Concepts of government responsibility, integrity and accountability are increasingly downplayed, even ignored. A sense of shame is essential to an effective moral compass.”

4 I suspect the reason behind the Prime Minister’s statement regarding under 40s approval to take the AstraZeneca vaccine (after consulting with their GP) is that in doing so he reckoned on this disgraceful situation being with us into the new year.

Better to get as many people vaccinated between now and then.

And that Pfizer will only become progressively available.

Life is about perception. Not what is but what we perceive it to be.

All this, unfortunately, means that this deplorable messaging will continue for the balance of the year, as will the media coverage that goes with it. At this point, leadership is everything. Scott Morrison is in a position where having stuffed up the original purchases; he cannot afford any more. This one has the hallmarks of a captain’s call. So, taking out insurance with an election in sight is a valuable thing to do.

My thought for the day

Sometimes, I allow myself the indulgence of thinking I know a lot. Then I realise that in the totality of things, I know little. I feel a sense of shame.

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  1. Bert

    “I have always believed that less informed voters, unfortunately, outnumber the more politically aware” This says exactly what the problem with Australian voters is.

  2. leefe

    47 grants were approved and announced in 2019. Of those 47 projects, two (2) have been finished and another three are under construction.
    In the same time, our local council has managed to replace a bridge, upgrade over three kilometres of our access road and seal five kilometres of a nearby minor road. And this is just the nearest work.

    Can we swap? The council isn’t the most efficient mob around, but they’re doing a few hundred times better than this disgraceful federal misgovernment.

  3. Lawrence S.Roberts

    I doubt a Labor administration would or could fix any of the problems that you have highlighted. Unless they had a landslide victory in both Houses of Parliament. A prospect which does not look likely.

    The current Labor manifesto is a conservative affair, a reduction in reform from the previous one but the times have changed and will change even more before the next scheduled election.

    It is significant that that Labor’s primary vote is a dismal 30% and fluctuates only marginally. The message is not getting through because there is no positive narrative.

    Carping is seen as a negative. We need some Vision.

  4. corvusboreus

    Alan Tudge, as minister for Human services, ignored credible, legally validated advice that robodebt was illegitimate in process (completely flawed algorithm) and illegal in enforcement (ignored presumption of innocence).
    He also chose to ignore reports that the illegitimate and illegal scheme that he was responsible for was driving people to suicide.
    The sleazy hypocritical philandering prick has thus far escaped any semblance of consequence for his role in breaking the law and causing numerous deaths. I am not confident that he will face any real repercussions for a bit of blatant pork barreling

  5. Bronte ALLAN

    Another great article Mr Lord! You have highlighted once again just how crap ALL the COALition mobs are! I am truly fearful of this lying inane mob getting re-elected at the next Federal election. The labor lot are as weak s piss, Albo is just far too soft & quiet on anything that matters in Australia! If we still had Julia gGillard I reckon that we would be hearing about a lot more “wrongs” etc being committed by this lying fucking liberal/national lot than we have been from Alb o & co! We NEED a MUCH stronger Oppositiont han we have at present, they are almost silent on nearly every thing that this liberal mob has done. We stand to have a huge loss in the next elction if Labor does not lift its game!

  6. Ross

    Mr Lord, you say don’t vote for the federal coalition, which is excellent advice. But what to do if your ballot paper has no one you could vote for. The gnats could put up a dead flathead and it would win by a country mile here in Gippsland. Sure you could put Labor first and LNP stone motherless last whoever the candidates are but realistically the major parties are just not worth your priceless vote. You’ve seen some of the Muppets people have elected to federal parliament,it’s a wonder some sitting politicians are allowed out in public without adult supervision. A reasonable independent is preferable to both Labor and the LNP but few reasonable independents will put their hand up so what is a person to do?
    It’s a quandary that many people face with a ballot paper these days, any suggestions?

  7. Williambtm

    Another excellent article Mr. John Lord.

    A question of significance to the AIM network… is there any prospect of all the independent media networks across Australia sharing among each and the other… their splendid fact news-laden articles for the benefit of the greater number of Australia’s citizen readers and subscribers?

    There is the knowing that Australia’s ‘Mainstream Media News presentations’ are frequently found to be misleading, also that fact and or truth news is being covertly omitted.

    it is a given that many of Australia’s independent proprietors and editors are 1st class in presenting important informative news stories, otherwise, these newsy articles would be shoved under a cloak of Scomo government suppression.

    This “act of suppression and or censorship imposition” is leveled against the best interests of the Australian people (being non-constitutional) thus abhorrently detrimental to the competent intelligence held by the majority of our nation’s citizens.

    I ask is it probable that Scomo and co are inclining themselves in the direction of an implied Joseph Goebbels re-election strategy?

  8. Phil Pryor

    Progressive types generally take it as an honour to serve while enjoying the prestige and ways of office. Conservatives are the basic wrong types, greedy anuses coveting a cheating go, a rigged rails run, a sponsored jump up the ladders. My repulsive old classmate Jack Howard was such a one, desperate to be noticed, heard, made real and obvious, a turd done up in imaginary silks. He found salvation in debating, where the joking lie, fabrication, painted story, contrived position was enough to do well and make an appearance of reality or actuality. Conservatives are happy to live in a world of fantasy with uniforms, flags, rituals, traditions, solid evils as precedence. A military, banking, diplomatic, political, colonial life was great, all egofixated pomp and utter murdering bullshit. No truth or decency ever hindered them and the Bogshit Johnson, Dismal Trump, Snot Morrison, Ogre Bolsonaro, Benito Erdogun are typical of the take it and take more “successes” of conservatism at the expense of most citizens. If you want to be a bleached and coddled crim or crook, be a conservative “success” and shove it up the world. Then they’ll notice your magnificence…And, this stinking federal government is poxed and plagued and riddled with them…UUGGHH. Tudge, the diarrhoea dollop you never touch…

  9. New England Cocky

    Uhm ….. John Lord, Scummo does NOT do leadership, only smirking, confusing and singing with the Hell$ingers Choru$ of the Cult for Greed & Paedophile Protection, a group it was alleged Scummo ”requested” be allowed to disembark from the Ruby Princess to start the COVID-19 pandemic.

    Australian conservative politics has down graded from an Abbott & tow Bishops to a Clown & his Barnyard. Now, when will Australian voters demand accountability from these heathen politicians runnung our own Parliament ”Taminy Hall” government.

  10. wam

    A ‘god’, freudian slip, start, lord, the morning shows will pursue controversy and you have given albo plenty of examples rorts, lies and errors to use.
    There is no shame in not being able to exceed your limits, lord, at least half of us are below average?
    The easiest way to improve choice is to abolish by-elections and just distribute the retiring members 1st preferences and re-run the program. This will force the selection of two candidates by the major parties.
    Splitting the vote could let minor parties or independents into the election?
    Hah just a silly dream.
    Scummo is so bad that labor could win the next election?
    But the odds say, if we are to have labor we, sadly, must say goodbye to albo, billy and, happily bye bye to fitz… after the next election and hope a new team can roll the lnp in 2025.

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