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Flags and Rhetoric. Abbott’s crackdown on Islamist centrelink paedophiles.

“Crackdown.” It’s like a breakdown, only on crack.

It certainly seemed that way today when our beloved PM stood in front of no less than six Australian flags and addressed the nation on the stalwart topic of national security.

His speech contained all the usual rhetoric we’ve come to expect from the Liberal propaganda machine, including gratuitous references to a “post 9-11 world”, “foreign fighters”, “border protection”, “attacks on Australian soil” and the Bali bombings. There was even mention of a “free and open society”, which I must admit threw me for a bit, but the overall effect was to deliberately conflate the three things your average Liberal voting Aussie presumably fears most: Paedophiles, dole bludgers, and Muslims.

Among the issues covered was the appointment of a new National Terrorism Coordinator (sic). Yep that’s right. Not an anti-terrorism coordinator. Not even a counter-terrorism coordinator.

“Australia has entered a new, long-term era of heightened terrorism threat, with a much more significant home-grown element,” he said. ”We need to take action. The people of Australia refuse to stay terrorised. We must redouble our efforts to keep the population afraid at all times, and that’s precisely what the newly created position of National Terrorism Coordinator will be responsible for.” He implied. ASIO’s new Violent Jihadist Network Mapping Unit is already investigating 400 high priority cases, he said.

In his speech, which lasted an excruciating 10 hour-long minutes, Abbott also managed to alienate five hundred thousand Australian Muslims by saying. “I’ve often heard Western leaders describe Islam as a ‘religion of peace’. I wish more Muslim leaders would say that more often, and mean it.”

He made the most of the opportunity to plug his contentious data retention bill, calling on all Senators to support legislation now before the Senate, in the interests of national security and preventing crimes against children and not to worry that the most intimate details of our daily lives would probably be outsourced, though a ‘competitive evaluation process’, to a publicly owned enterprise in Cloud province, southern China, there to be stored in perpetuity. He spoke, in loose terms, of “strengthening our immigration laws” and “removing the benefit of the doubt for people who are taking advantage of us.”

The words “Islamist death cult”, or “death cult” occurred a whole seven times in Abbott’s address. He spoke of the need for “stronger prohibitions on vilifying, intimidating or inciting hatred.”, but did not mention his government’s call to water down section 18c of the racial discrimination act. He gave a shout out to the “Martin Place murderer”, but spoke not a word of the six police bullets which had ended the life of Katrina Dawson. He described crimes against children as the most abhorrent of all, notwithstanding last week’s condemnation of Gillian Triggs’ Forgotten Children report. “We are a country built on immigration”, he said, but did not mention having been once, and possibly still, a British citizen.

The words spewed out of his mouth like so much dog’s vomit which he eagerly licked up and spewed out again, before finally getting to the truth of the matter. “People feel like we have been taken for mugs,” he said, possibly referring to his own core voters. “My Government will never underestimate the threat (of the electorate finally realising how rancid it is.) We will make the difficult decisions that must be taken to keep your family (and our jobs) safe.” etc etc, blah blah blah.

All of which leads me to wonder, how long can a dog survive by eating its own vomit? Patriotism is the last refuge of the scoundrel, according to Samuel Johnson. This would also seem to apply to failing politicians.

“To carry out an act of terrorism, all you need is six flags, a camera, a podium, bad polls, a dog-whistle and a nation of gullible victims…”


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  1. Matters Not

    Sean Stinson wrote:

    no less than six Australian flags

    Noticed that. When he wants to ramp it up, the number of flags will increase to 8 and when the gloves really come off, 10 will be a minimum. Plus a miniature version on the desk of each and every invited member of the audience who will again remain struck dumb by the power of his oratory.

    He really is a joke.

    But he was ‘elected by the Australian people’ and therefore must remain there.

  2. Blanik

    Paedophiles??? This man has the gall to preach about Paediphilia when his own religion ‘endorses’ it by protecting paediphile priests. What can we expect from such a person?


    Does he deserve the privilege to represent our country to the world? Clean up your own rotten religion prior to persecuting a few renegade muslims, ‘prime minister’.

  3. mars08

    “Those who can make you believe absurdities can make you commit atrocities.”
    ~ Voltaire

  4. Andre Poublon

    Stop wrapping yourself in the flag mate, you are dirtying it

  5. Annie B

    “………calling on all Senators to support legislation now before the Senate, in the interests of national security and preventing – -crimes against children – -”

    First and foremost, he should prevent ‘crimes against children’ that he and his Government are perpetrating on child asylum seekers. …….. That just might be a good start.


    His speech ( as usual ) was empty. …. Held nothing.

    Can’t remember a politician so adept at filling the air-ways with rhetoric and inane ( oft repeated ) crap, while at the same time delivering absolutely zero, zilch, nix, nothing.

    ” We will be looking at ……….. a, b, c, d, e, f, etc ” … has become his latest mantra. …

    Means diddly squat !

  6. xiaoecho

    We are a nation of gullible victims alright and Abbott and crew know it. We got taken in and like mugs we believed the press when they waived him through.
    Like the Bully he is, his rhetoric is reminiscent of the abusive parent doling out yet another unwarranted beating “This hurts me more than it hurts you”

  7. paul walter

    Having watched tonight’s 4 Corners on the so-called employment system, I’d be in no mood for more of Abbott’s nonsenses as to persecuting more unemployed.

    The entire treatment of ALL people on the bottom tier of welfare in this country is corrupt, sleazy and inhumane. I want to know what they are going to do about REAL issues, not fantasies.

    But I actually suspect, what is going on is yet more Manus- isation of the entire country and its people rather than obtaining a fair go for refugees OR local unemployed.

  8. CMMC

    Apart from everything that is wrong with him, in the political domain, he is just a f*cking dag.

    You got that, Peta? He is a complete dag…..like your husband, but you already know that.

  9. Bilal

    Thanks Sean. This speech did not offer any new ideas on combatting terror and what was mentioned was basically dealing with it through security measures with no attention to combatting the marginalization of the Muslim community, which pushes some personality types into the arms of the extremists.
    Stronger measures against “preachers of hate” appears to focus on the marginal Hezb ut-Tahrir but it is not clear if the extremists targeting the Muslim community with their hysterical nonsense will come under this. Some of the imports of the haters, people like Geert Wilders, have been contributors to feelings of siege in some parts of the Muslim community. These idiots are helping the extremist criminals in their work of radicalisation.

    That the Prime Minister can reveal such ignorance of Islam is a reflection on the inability to date of the Muslim community to pass the message of Islam to Australians. Criminals, described in Islamic law as “muharibs” (those who fight against society or criminals) are being described in the mass media as “jihadists” and Daesh, which has been denounced as a criminal organization by every leading Islamic scholar on earth, is consistently described as “Islamic State”. The immature or those with distorted perception could be influenced by such false descriptions.

  10. Harquebus

    I fear our security forces who, ask for and receive Stasi like powers from corporation serving politicians more than I fear terrorists. I don’t think that Tony is aware of the propaganda techniques that he employs. He isn’t that smart. He most definitely has no intention of implementing the will of the people and instead, imposes upon us the will of our law enforcement agencies and the mind controlling elites who, have their greedy, grubby claws stuck well and truly up the arses of most of our honorable sock puppet representatives and senators.
    Proposed legislation, if enacted, will be used against current and future politicians, journalists and citizens alike to stifle dissent, to steal from the elites and give control of our nation to the security apparatus.
    It will protect no one except those who have access. This is how stupid and short sighted our politicians and ruling elites are. They are creating the weapon of their own and our demise.

  11. Jeanette

    I think it was an AIM writer that gave the stats on how few have been killed by terrorism in this country compared to those killed in domestic violence and war. Perhaps this needs to be repeated directly to mad monk Abbott. Yes, no mention of the stuff up by Police re Lindt café, why a sniper from the Army wasn’t brought in, all the rubbish about plate glass etc if our Police and Army don’t have effective weapons that would deal with these situations then we have a 2 bit dad’s army for starters. Fortunately this question is being asked now by an independent senator from SA. Plus no mention of the failure of several depts and mental health re prevention of Lindt Café seige. Sadly many depts are under funded under staffed having personally had to deal with NSW mental health where a case worker had 80 out patients to monitor, impossible, we are talking very sick, delusional and confused people. If another siege ever happens and it’s a catholic zealot what would Tones say?
    The man is an idiot.
    No one in Western Sydney will vote for him, watch the sleeze change his language come election time. I hope the Muslim leaders have good memories

  12. stephentardrew

    Man I am getting really scared. The bloke down the street has a beard and wears a funny hat.
    I think he is hiding his tin foil under it to prevent detection so we can’t snoop on his techy things.
    Went to the Cops and they wouldn’t do anything.
    Common Tony put the bastard in jail.
    Ever since they shifted in the veges won’t grow and the electricity has gone all funny.
    TV reception is up to shit and the Internet keeps going on the blink.
    Lawnmowers runnin rough and me Missus don’t want sex.
    They want to rule the world through Sharia mind bending tinfoil hat irradiation.
    Watch out I’m onto you.
    It’s OK though cause Tony’s got our backs

  13. Rosemary (@RosemaryJ36)

    I wonder which countries our new National Terrorism Coordinator will be eying up for her/his first attack?

  14. Nicole Simms

    I really thought this was going to be a funny parody when I saw the headline………at least I can admit when Im wrong, unlike this man.

  15. Rais

    Everyone remembers Niemöller:

    First they came for the Socialists, and I did not speak out—
    Because I was not a Socialist.
    Then they came for the Trade Unionists, and I did not speak out—
    Because I was not a Trade Unionist.
    Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out—
    Because I was not a Jew.
    Then they came for me—and there was no one left to speak for me.

    Now in Australia, under the command of the English Bigot, they’re coming for the Muslims.
    But if you’re not a Muslim you don’t need to worry, do you?

  16. Rafe Falkiner

    The real problem is the gullible masses licking up the dogs vomit with him

  17. mars08

    @Rafe Falkiner… exactly. As long as the bogans, bigots and bed wetters in the swing seats fall for the fear-mongering bullshit… Abbott (and the ALP) will keep spewing it.

  18. CMMC

    Terrorists do things for a reason, you need a crystal-cut objective before embarking on a suicidal attack.

    The 911 attack was not because ‘they hate freedom’ or any other specious sentiment. They wanted U.S. military bases out of Saudi Arabia, and they achieved this goal. They won.

  19. mars08

    @CMMC…. the stated goal of a terrorist spokesman won’t necessarily explain the motivations of those planning and executing the attacks. Who can say what’s in the minds of the foot-soldiers? Other than the fact that they can justify it to themselves.

  20. PopsieJ

    Tony Abbott is a threat to world peace ! .

    Far fetched but not far off it. Tony Abbott as PM has, I believe the power to commit the ADF to war without Parliament approval.

    For example the latest war against the death cult ( WTF ) Did Baldric ask if he could send troops to Iraq, no, but Peta did , she was sitting next to Chuck Hagel at the Asian defence meeting, Did Baldric ask the ADF if it could have 3500 troops available for deployment ? No but Peta did,
    So who has this home grown ( ? ) Baldric pissed off ?
    Russia, shirtfronting Putin without proof that Russia shot down MH17
    UnHCR for treatment of refugees.
    Oz diggers for calling Japs soldiers honourable.
    China for buying Jap subs
    Oz workers for buying Jap subs
    All the world,s Greenies for saying Coal is good for humanity,
    Indonesian, not even saying sorry for the phone tapping and of course mentioning aid in the recent Drug / death case
    Oz women for his treatment of Julia and mentioning women should be better off ironing,
    Oz women for appointing himself Minister for
    Pensioners, the sick and the young people re Uni fees.
    The AMA for the $20 medicare levy.
    39 MPs of the LNP and an untold number of LNP voters.
    Phillip Ruddock.
    The entire Muslim population of Australia
    The list is endless,
    Tony, just piss off out of my country . you are a danger and a fool

  21. Adnil

    Now I’m scared….Abbott IS the Terrorism coordinator. He denounces extremists yet he stands there being the most extremist moron clothed in his self righteous attire. He is a national and international embarrassment.


    The only true terrorism organisation in this country is the Liberal party, itself just an offshoot of the IPA!

  23. gangey1959

    @John Thompson.
    “it wasn’t Me. It was Dolly. And the Labor Party”

  24. thevenerable1

    Love that last (mis)quote, Sean …

  25. Harquebus

    “Telstra, Optus and Vodafone may be forced to order the recall of potentially millions of mobile phone SIM cards after it was revealed that US and British spy agencies stole encryption keys that secured personal information, including calls and texts, on the chips.”

    “The federal government’s estimated $300-$400 million cost to establish its data retention scheme has been “plucked from the air” and could be “many multiples” higher, telecommunications experts warn.”

  26. Donna maria Morello

    Now 9/11 Balix2 London bombings . two nig nogs hacking the head off a British soldier, Canada, Boston bombings , Muslims attacks in Russia China so many over 20 Muslims in jail for planning attacks why are you people Muslim lovers a death cult violent religion

  27. Awabakal

    The world is catching on, word is spreading

  28. mars08

    @ Awabakal ….that YouTube video is bogus.

  29. Kaye Lee


    As at 16 February 2015, 20 Australian workers have been killed while at work so far this year.

    Domestic violence is the leading cause of death and injury in women under 45, with more than one woman murdered by her current or former partner every week.

    There are young victims too, with more than one million children affected by domestic violence.

    Now remind me….how many people have died in terrorist attacks in Australia and how many perpetrators were there? And you want me to be afraid of all Muslims?

    I am much more afraid of a government that winds back workplace safety regulations and ignores domestic violence and defunds support groups and legal aid.

  30. kathysutherland2013

    John Thompson, we had a terrorism attack here in Port Arthur,Tassie a few years ago, but it probably didn’t count because the bloke had blonde hair and blue eyes.

  31. wolfy

    Where is V when you need him…

  32. mars08

    At this point in time, with Abbott showing himself as the arrogant imbecile he truly is, the Liberal Party cracking under pressure, and no policy achievement to speak of, and no credible heir to take his place…. shouldn’t the ALP be thoroughly demolishing the Liberals in the opinion polls? Why are the two major parties still so close?

  33. Sean Stinson

    @mars08 two words. Bill Shorten.

  34. PopsieJ

    Sean, totally agree
    , imagine if Julia Guillard were leader of the opposition sne would tear T A apart

  35. Kyran

    Well said, Sean. An even greater affront to Australia was his ‘heralding” of this for nearly two weeks. An Important New Strategy, coming to you soon! Then the excruciating ten minutes, without questions allowed, of a petulant little twerp screaming “No, it really is a wolf this time”. The trampling of all of the liberties we are supposedly fighting for, at enormous cost (financial and sociological), to the complete detriment of all of the standards and programs any decent community requires it’s government to protect.
    I could not help but note Donna’s ‘contribution’. What a shining example of the need for more investment in education. Ms Lee, as always, dealt with the ‘contribution’ efficiently. As an addition to the points Ms Lee raised, the ABS has statistics on the incidence of suicide, which now stands at 7 deaths every day. I would suggest many of these would be attributable to issues of DV and child abuse and likely not included in the head line figures. But no, our leader thinks the ‘real threats’ are elsewhere. Take care

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  37. Mark

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