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Five reasons not to vote for a Coalition government led by Morrison and Joyce

Five reasons not to vote for a Coalition government led by Morrison and Joyce

One: It is patently obvious the Coalition are not serious about taking action on climate change. Morrison and Joyce fondled a piece of coal in parliament telling us not to be afraid. Angus Taylor is gifting our money hand over fist to keep the fossil fuel industry going whether for expansion of mining or unproven technologies like carbon capture and storage. Matt Canavan has told us the commitment to net zero is expendable if there are short term profits to be made.

Two: Transparency and accountability are in a death spiral under this government. They have walked away from freedom of information obligations, characterised anti-corruption bodies as kangaroo courts, consistently criticised, ignored or appealed court rulings, used funding grants as political slush funds, and handed out contracts without tender to associates and donors.

Three: Whilst company profits have soared and businesses have been given tax cuts and concessions, real wages have gone backwards. Penalty rates have been cut, workplace entitlements and job security eroded. The government claims they have no control over wage rises which are determined by the Fair Work Commission but that’s not entirely true. They could increase wages for public servants thus providing competition for labour. They could advocate for an increase to the minimum wage. Rather than just lavishing them with praise, they could present a case to the FWC for wage increases in the care sector and regulate for better working conditions.

Four: Cost of living pressures will not be eased by one-off payments. It is true that some of the drivers are out of the government’s control but their response is entirely under their control. If power prices are too high, they could embrace the research that shows encouraging investment in renewables will decrease prices and insulate us against foreign supply disruptions. Or they could make it GST free. They could subsidise a local EV manufacturing industry, providing jobs, reducing reliance on foreign oil, and cutting emissions. They could make childcare and university free since investing in both of them brings a positive economic return. They could do a lot to affect housing affordability – make property investor tax concessions only apply to new dwellings, expand the National Rental Affordability Scheme, build more public housing, or back Labor’s suggestion of equity loans as Morrison once supported himself. They could stop looking to sheet blame and start doing something to help.

Five: Scott Morrison “is a hypocrite and a liar from my observations and that is over a long time. I have never trusted him, and I dislike how earnestly [he] rearranges the truth to a lie.” – Deputy Prime Minster Barnaby Joyce, March 2021.

“Morrison is a horrible horrible person. He is actively spreading lies and briefing against me re fires. I’m just so so disappointed. Lives are at stake today and he is just obsessed with petty political pointscoring. So disappointed and gutted.” – NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian, 2020.

‘Morrison is about Morrison. Complete psycho. He is desperate and jealous. The mob have worked him out and think he is a fraud.’ – unnamed Cabinet Minister in reply to the Premier

“I don’t think [Scott Morrison’s a liar], I know.” – French President Emmanuel Macron, November 2021.

Scott Morrison is an “absolute arsehole“. – Michael Keenan, who served as justice minister when Scott Morrison was immigration minister, 2018.

Morrison and Joyce may consider themselves good at marketing but they have proven themselves unfit to govern.

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  1. pierre wilkinson

    How is the Fair Work Commission fair when all the members are appointed by this incompetent, corrupt maladministration?
    I mean, Sophie Mirrabella as an unbiased adjudicator of fairness? and that is just one member.

  2. Terence Mills

    And this from Malcolm Turnbull :

    “He’s lied to me on many occasions,” Mr Turnbull told reporters.

    “Scott has always had a reputation for telling lies.

    “But when you do that [ to the French President], as the leader of the nation, internationally, it reflects on us all.

    “Deceiving people is bad wherever you do it, but when you do it at an international level, it has much graver ramifications.”

  3. Albos Elbow

    The ALP gained 1% point on a two-party preferred basis during the week to Sunday May 1, increasing its lead to 11% points: ALP 55.5% cf. L-NP 44.5% according to the latest Roy Morgan Poll conducted from April 25 – May 1, 2022.

    #GRoM – Get Rid of Morrison

  4. Matthew Synnott

    I would like to add to those five reasons and they are bad enough, a few hundred thousand more, one for each and every person that was hounded for an illegitimate debt, AKA Robodebt, I suggest that this was a scam of which there is no equal that comes out of known scam source countries. How is that for a record, that a government would attempt to scam its own people many disadvantaged, vulnerable, intimidated, bullied, threatened, hounded, impoverished by design by a government that clearly believes the targets of this initiative are deserved. Hey you people if you have a go you’ll get a go, dontcha know? The architects of this crime Morriscum, Tudge, Robert, Porter, did they not know that the process of debt calculation was seriously flawed, if so how limited was their understanding of the way people were paid Newstart, (as it was known then)? Seriously? Or is it the case that they did know the process was flawed but they let it fly anyway, hey send a demand letter on Government letterhead advising this debt from a decade earlier, the likelihood pay slips will still exist no way. Include in the demand letter the name of the debt collector assigned to collect the debt should the addressee neglect to repay the debt. Don’t include any information about how the debt was calculated, just tell them it was calculated by data matching from tax records and Human Services Canberra. LNP government specialise in picking on the less powerful, the shameful actions taken back in Howard’s time when we bugged Timor- Leste cabinet rooms to gain advantage in negotiating an oil and gas treaty. What a disgrace LNP Governments are while virtue signaling, I am so ashamed of them.

  5. Kaye Lee


    As well as Malcolm, I could have included Concetta Fierravanti-Wells, Julia Banks, Grace Tame, Christine Holgate, Brittany Higgins, Gillian Triggs (though I am not sure she got personal even though Morrison sure did)…

    At the lunch where Keenan called Morrison an asshole, “Porter joined in, saying he did not think Morrison was a team player. Cormann said he had seen Morrison up close now, and, in his opinion, Dutton was better,” Niki Savva wrote in her book.

    Morrison is actively weeding out dissenting voices and surrounding himself with ambitious enablers.

  6. Michael Taylor

    Kudos to you, Kaye.

    Being the procrastinator that I am I would have spent 14 days trying to decide which would be five great reasons to not vote for this mob. It’d be like ploughing through a 50-page menu down at the local tavern.

  7. Pagnol

    Enjoy this if you haven’t already

  8. wam

    great work, Kaye,
    You could take the luxury often meted out, by teachers in my youth and add one more.
    Sadly those are frightened of change or too thick to read and retain 6 of the best.
    the lying rodent sold gold, telstra, lied about weapons of mass destruction to join a war and lied about children overboard.
    the lying rabbott:
    the copper man turnbull, the new replacement PM and his newness seduced enough to win 216 but ended as everyone’s disappointment
    so he was ousted and replaced by scummo the quintessential liar.
    Will he be the first two timer?
    Reminds me of scummo’s god who deliberately made women inferior to his creation. Unfortunately, in addition to the three important bits for men, he gave women a brain. When used, by women, they prove themselves superior but the majority are pretty happy with their trilogy – receptacle, beauty and mothering and see no need to interfere with politics.
    There is enough votes there, Albo, get moving on scummo’s sexism?

  9. Albos Elbow

    GL, I reckon if you sit Bob Hawke upright in his coffin, he would still have a fair bit to say to Little Johnny and his corrupt “they threw their children overboard” and “there will be no GST under my government” lying scumbags.

  10. leefe

    My first five reasons:
    Increasing Inequality
    Climate denial
    Did I mention corruption?


    “When used, by women, they prove themselves superior but the majority are pretty happy with their trilogy – receptacle, beauty and mothering and see no need to interfere with politics.”

    Oh fuck off! The majority see the obstacles in front of, and the treatment of, women in politics and are too bloody busy trying to deal with those issues in their everyday life.

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