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First Nations Women’s Ceremonial Walk for Freedom

Since Europeans first set foot on ‘Terra Australis’ the dispossession of Aboriginal Australians has been ruthless and unrelenting. For over two centuries our Indigenous brothers and sisters have seen their land and culture ripped away from them and governments, so it seems, just sit back and watch.

Now it’s time for the government listen.

From our First Nation’s women comes this message.

On the 1st of September, First Nations women are walking from Melbourne to Canberra.

Why? Because the sisters, aunties, mothers and grandmothers have been witness long enough to the pain and suffering, hopelessness and despair of our people and homelands through systematic genocide by forcing conditions upon them resulting in the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual harm to the first Australians.

We have seen enough of the self-medicating blocking out from our trauma and grief and the dysfunction this brings. We need our own healing camps and safe places for the community to come to in times of despair.

We have seen enough of the poverty in our communities when the rest of Australia are growing rich on the proceeds of genocide through the loss of our homelands through real estate and mining. We are saying to this government and its agents (and including our own people): “To set our people free from bondage to an alien law system that is not of our own choosing … We are bound by the first law for this old country and that is creator spirit/God’s universal rule of natural law.”

The most omnipotent law of all laws it is the superior Supreme Law: a law that is stronger to us than to any man made law.

We will be walking to Canberra and once there request an audience with the ministers in Parliament with a list of issues that we are claiming back as the Sovereigns to our homelands and water ways.

We ‘begin’ our walk with a breakfast BBQ send off on August 30th at 7:30am, at Coburg Lake Reserve. Come and give the walkers a great send off and please bring a plate to share!

Also on the 30th we will be conducting a planning circle, banner painting, and open mic. Starts at 12pm at the Edinburgh Gardens (near playground and bbqs), St. Georges Rd, North Fitzroy.

The walk itself starts from the corner of Murray and Champ Streets, Pentridge Prison. It’s going to be easier to walk and is significant with the prison as a landmark. We will walk down Sydney Road for 13 kilometres to the first camp spot for the night, which will be on the left hand side of the road over Cooper Road near the Caltex road house. Supporters from Melbourne are encouraged to come and visit or camp on the first night.

For more information, please visit our Facebook page.

About us:

We are a spiritual group and not a political group. This group is about freedom from bondage of an alien law system that is not of our way and is putting our people into bondage and causing all this pain and suffering to us. It is Under this system and its laws that we are born into bondage. Under creator spirit/gods law we are born free and equal.


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  1. June M Bullivant OAM

    We have been working with our indigenous people for quite some time, the culture was far ahead of the European culture in the ways of handling land, no inter marrying etc. We just emailed the NT government and posted on Facebook and Crown Land Our Land website about the developers near the camp of the Hayes family near Alice Springs that cut off their water.

    It is about time that someone stood up for these people, they are clever, smart, well educated and have battled for years to get recognition. Even though they served in the Boer war, 1st World War, 2nd World war, they have married into the white race, they live beside us, they work beside us, it is about time that they are entitled to being treated the same as every other Australian. However having said that all communities are under threat by the regimes in power. Thanks AIMN for this very good article

  2. Kaye Makovec

    Be very careful on the roads ladies and walk against the traffic so you can see vehicles coming towards you. Many drivers are easily distracted and let their wheels go off the bitumen.
    Drivers get complacent in the country areas not expecting to see people on or near roads.

  3. Kath Malcom

    Girl Power 🙂

  4. Graeme Rust

    I just got this notice 1/09/14 a bit late I think,

  5. Carol Taylor

    Graeme, I suspect that our ladies will take a little longer than one day to walk from Melbourne to Canberra, so please feel free to encourage them along the way. Any culture is defined by the status of women, raise the education level of girls and women, the rest of the society follows. Gone but not forgotten are the days of “Lubra baiting”. Our women have pride and deserve our utmost support.

  6. townsvilleblog

    ….and now those same Europeans have witnessed the abandonment of their culture being sacrificed to the yankee dollar, how frustrated Aboriginal and Torres Straight Islaner people must feel, they have had two culture strippings, firstly their own and now our’s.

  7. Peter Lee

    Go Girls, your cause is worthwhile.

  8. Tahlia

    this is so great! i clicked the link for their facebook page but it seems to not exist anymore- can anyone help? i want to follow this story.

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