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FFS, Albo. Show some mongrel!

By Grumpy Geezer  

How hard can it be, Albo? 

You’re up against a cadre of mullet-headed, swivel-eyed, spittle-flecked, purse-lipped, curtain-twitching, flabby-jowelled, short-armed, mouth-breathing, bristle-headed, bow-legged, soggy-crotched, gravy-stained, drink-addled, baggy-arsed, liver-spotted, pendulous bellied, stiff-knecked, soft-cocked, addle-pated, snaggle-toothed, self-satisfied, shit-grinning, jelly-backed, knee-bending, wombat-headed, training-wheeled, bottom-feeding charity bin bandits, bobble-headed, undies-sniffing self-abusers, brown baggers, skivers, poons, backstabbers and assassins, doorknob jigglers, porch climbers, coin slot fingerers, touts, hairy-palmed monkey spankers and shrubbery-skulkers, pilferers, dangle berries, gimps, lickspittles, tree poisoners, flat-earthers, frog boilers, humbugs, liars and thieves.

They are discredited, disgraced, dishonourable, double-dealing, duplicitous detritus. And you won’t take ’em head on? You won’t challenge this incompetent coagulation of feculent barrel scrapings in a face-to-face knuckling? FFS! Could there be an easier target? Is there anywhere a more deserving coffle of arses to kick?

“I will hold his government to account, strongly and forcefully. I am a values politician. But I also say this — I’m not Tony Abbott.

“People want solutions, not arguments. They have conflict fatigue.” (Albo, 2019,

Mate, not being Tony Abbott means not being an arsehole – that leaves plenty of latitude for how you fight the Tories. “I like fighting Tories. That’s what I do.” Remember that Albo? That was you in 2012.

Conflict fatique? Bollocks!  We want these bastards to face the consequences of their duplicity, we want the rorters, grifters and lurk merchants held to account, we want retribution for years of malfeasance and snark.

You cannot negotiate with RWFWs Albo. Negotiation is capitulation, appeasement is surrender. Theirs is a zero sum game with one winner. And it ain’t you Albo. Or us.

We want that perpetual, condescending, god’s-on-my-side smirk wiped off FauxMo’s happy-clapping face.

We want you to slap those smug, chubby Friednburnt cheeks.

We want the potato-headed Herr Kipfler called out constantly for his sadism and incompetence.

We want that sour kraut Cormann to be shown up for the treachorous double-dealer that he is.

We want the priapic, purple Beetrooter pursued.

We want an end to incompetence, wilful ignorance and creeping totalitarianism.

We want a federal integrity commission with teeth.

We want real action on climate change and species extinction.

We want an end to the victimisation of those who were handed the shitty end of life’s stick.

We want an Australia as it should be and can be – no more pandering to the most privileged, no more genuflecting to religious bigots, no more profiteering by tax-evading foreign pillagers.

What are you waiting for, Albo? The inevitable Lib self-immolation? Dutton’s shank to Morrison’s ribs? Joyce’s spiking of McCormack’s beer? What harm will this freak-show cause while you play the long game?

Don’t play nice. They won’t return the favour; they’ll see any civility or courtesy as weakness and they’ll double down. They are serial offenders – do you think they’ll change?

Watching Abbott punch himself in the head was good fun. Not much was required of Labor in those times other than to enjoy the spectacle. Then came Malcolm and the Lib’s bitter tribal wars and again, it was great spectator sport. The coming election was to be a lay down misere, FauxMo’s Machieavellian subterfuge to steal the top spot should’ve sealed the deal for you. Well, that went well,didn’t it?

Your Labor strategy folk fucked up in the election campaign. Bigly. The electorate has the collective memory of a goldfish yet there was no attacking of the abysmal preceding six years of incompetence and failure, no mention of the infighting, no highlighting of the corruption and disregard for our institutions, no reminders of their sabotage of our most treasured icons such as the ABC and CSIRO and our values and democracy. You thought the best strategy was to be calm and measured and forgiving of the past. And you got played like a fiddle.

Now you seem to have lost your bottle entirely. Put up a fight FFS! Whatever happened to principles and the ethos of the Labor Party? Are you selling us out Albo? Are you collaborating with the enemy?

We need a mongrel, not a pussy cat.

This article was originally published on


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  1. Ill fares the land

    Perhaps Albo is channeling Muhammed Ali in his Foreman fight in Zaire – take Foreman’s punishment for 8 rounds (allegedly so severe was that beating as was the damage to ALi’s kidneys, he urinated blood for days after the fight and it is thought that fight lead to the onset of Parkinsons) and then get him in the 8th when he is tired.

    Glibness aside; I agree – for those of us that despise Morrison and his band of incompetents, nincompoops, liars and thieves and want to see them attacked and damaged, Labor is not putting up enough of a fight. So it is only words – but words like “Bill Shorten is a liar”; Bill Shorten is coming to take your money”, “retiree tax”, “death tax” and so on were also only words, but they won the vacuous, devious, conniving, lying, smug and arrogant Morrison an election that he should not, by rights, have been able to win.

  2. Christopher J Ward

    You’re up against a cadre of mullet-headed, swivel-eyed, spittle-flecked, purse-lipped, curtain-twitching, flabby-jowelled, short-armed, mouth-breathing, bristle-headed, bow-legged, soggy-crotched, gravy-stained, drink-addled, baggy-arsed, liver-spotted, pendulous bellied, stiff-knecked, soft-cocked, addle-pated, snaggle-toothed, self-satisfied, shit-grinning, jelly-backed, knee-bending, wombat-headed, training-wheeled, bottom-feeding charity bin bandits, bobble-headed, undies-sniffing self-abusers, brown baggers, skivers, poons, backstabbers and assassins, doorknob jigglers, porch climbers, coin slot fingerers, touts, hairy-palmed monkey spankers and shrubbery-skulkers, pilferers, dangle berries, gimps, lickspittles, tree poisoners, flat-earthers, frog boilers, humbugs, liars and thieves.

    They are discredited, disgraced, dishonourable, double-dealing, duplicitous detritus. And you won’t take ’em head on? You won’t challenge this incompetent coagulation of feculent barrel scrapings in a face-to-face knuckling? FFS! Could there be an easier target? Is there anywhere a more deserving coffle of arses to kick?

    Yes Grumpy and they’re just the ones behind you.

  3. Phil

    Albo should get the ‘ Spanish Archer ‘ Elbow.

    I have seen more life in a Dress Shop Manaquine.

    Another dud. Next.

  4. Hotspringer

    Disappointed, not surprised.

  5. Jack Cade

    I agree with every adjective and noun used to describe the bible-bashing bastards. But every adjective and noun was well-known to the electorate and over 51% chose to ignore them all. ‘Australian’ is not a nice noun at the minute. One of my children told me of the adjectives and nouns a Brit used about us on Facebook the other day… more or less likened us to one of the states in rhe USA where it’s good manners to partner your sister to a shindig and shag her on the way home.
    One of those states that used to be solid Democrat, by the way.
    It just goes to show…

  6. Wayne Turner

    Albo wants to be loved by everyone,so will rightfully please no one. He’s GUTLESS,and Labor are too by failing their first test under his lack of spine ie: Passing all three stages of the tax cuts in parliament.

    Worse that a Labor leader from the right = A Labor leader from the left who sells out to the right ie: Albo.

    Labor might as well close down now,and allow the Greens to be the real opposition.

  7. Andreas

    Full marks, Grumpy G.
    The ALP in this present situation might want to take a look at this other once great hope for democratic socialist policies: Germany’s SPD went from being in government on 45+% to scraping not to be excluded in regional parliaments. That is the prospect for the ALP.

    Albo: Gutlessness has never won a fight. Maybe you have been in there far too long and your pension is secure.

    We feel cheated! We want this horrible government attacked every day, just as Abbott did.
    And while you’re at it: Spare some initiative to get Julian Assange freed!

  8. Kaye Lee

    I am tired of Albo telling us what good mates he is with everyone. He shouldn’t help Morrison out at all because, as you say, the favour won’t be reciprocated. I hear they are meeting about the religious freedom bill. Let Morrison wear that one alone!

  9. Baby Jewels

    So far Albo has shown what great little LNP helpers Labor is now.

  10. Grumpy Geezer

    I’ll be interested to see whether Labor exploits Morrison’s discomfort at the release of several books on the topic shortly.

    They’re bullets. Labor better fire them.

  11. Kaye Lee

    I want to see them go after all the contracts without tender relentlessly. I want Angus Taylor and Barnaby Joyce roasted. I want Bridget McKenzie’s travel in the spotlight. So much they could and should go after. Not sure harking back to the spill is worth it. Let the journos do that.

  12. Grumpy Geezer

    That previous comment relates to Morrison’s coup and his subsequent lying about it.

  13. Grumpy Geezer

    Let’s see Albo and co push the integrity commission hard, Kaye lee.

    (Kristina Kennealy is the only one so far so show mongrel. She did allude to working with the holy rollers on “religious freedoms” but that may be to keep an eye on ’em. Wait and see.)

  14. Phil

    It must always be remembered it was the Labor party, the party of the working class, the party supposedly responsible that the sick and the poor get a fair shake. Who put the retiring age up to 67. Who cut social welfare benefits for single mothers. They give a flying fuck about the low paid and the other waifs and strays in society.

    Nothing will be said about the coup, nothing is said about the gerrymander, just a load of the same old hackneyed bollox they try to pass off as politics. Sit back have a little quiet wank, call some other wanker a mug now and then and dream about the golden parachute waiting for you. We will soon be moving into a bad recession, lets all sit back and watch Albo take the can for it. If had a mortgage and kids at school at this point in time, I would be dead set shitting myself knowing what is coming. Guy Fawkes had it bang to rights.

  15. Phil Pryor

    He’s forgotten the script, the reasons, the drive, the direction, the feud. If the ALP do not put up good sounding alternatives, good enough then to oppose and insult and denounce every conservative wriggle, we have no hope of some progressive action for Australia’s sake. Drive home the well announced alternatives, the real policy and then, oppose everything, give the arseholes nothing again and again. Oppose the policy of theft, ego, lies, cheating, cunning rubbish. Always!!!

  16. Wayne Turner

    Albo too busy sucking up to the MSM,along with turds like Fitzgibon bagging Labor to the MSM.

    No princples,no guts.

    RIP Labor 🙁

  17. Kaye Lee

    Joel Fitzgibbon has no ticker for a fight.

    In 2012, he went on Q&A and said “Populism matters in politics” and further undermined Julia Gillard’s leadership by saying “People aren’t mugs. It’s a historical fact that political leaders who poll badly long enough don’t remain political leaders.”

    Joel doesn’t bother trying to sell policies or talk up achievements. Why would you bother when you can just throw another leader under the bus.

  18. Alpo

    Calm down guys. Yes, I know, we all put so much effort and hope into this election that the shock of the defeat is not going to disappear soon. Those who predicted the defeat on the ground that “Labor didn’t go far enough to the left” can go and get fucked. You idiots don’t understand a thing. Sorry, I needed to get that off my chest.

    This country is in big troubles. Murdoch, the millionaires and the Coalition, with the help of Hanson and Palmer in Queensland in particular, have demonstrated that they can win an election under just about any adverse circumstance…. except one, that they have never experienced as a government: The sudden collapse of the share market, the economy and jobs following a GFC. So, we may be able to break the vicious circle if a GFC comes (which is rather likely).

    What should Albo’s approach be now and in the case of a GFC? At the moment Albo must show principles (and he has done so) but also a level of moderation that can attract the majority of voters back to Labor. This election has demonstrated that the Progressive side of politics simply doesn’t have the ability to stop a well-focused and well-financed campaign of blatant lies. To my shock, not even the added help of GetUp! and the ACTU in several important seats made any difference. So, it’s important at the moment that Albo offers Progressive solutions without also offering an easy target. The election is three years away anyway.

    However, if a GFC strikes, Albo should then press ahead with criticising the decisions of the Government when they are crap, smash ScuMo with the statistics on unemployment, bankruptcies, etc. That will be the moment to show open aggressiveness, because that aggressiveness will channel the outrage that will sweep across the country…. If Albo is bland in the face of a major crisis, the ALP will be gone, and no the Greens won’t replace it, the Liberals will control a primary vote of scary proportions…. a frightening scenario.

  19. Matters Not

    Politically, Morrison will be untouchably for a lengthy period of time. His scalp isn’t up for grabs so don’t waste energy in that direction. Accept that. Instead, Labor should go for an undermining strategy because there are any number of weak links in the Ministry. Labor badly needs some political scalps and at this stage of the electoral cycle – any scalp will do.

    Pick a Ministerial target (or maybe more than one). Bombard the target(s) with questions and virtually ignore the LNP hierarchy in Question Time – thus starving them of media opportunities etc. Focus on some of the media retards so that cheap wins are attained. Put Morrison et al on the backfoot by attacking at the fringes. Frontal assaults are far too risky (and likely to counter-productive in the foreseeable future. Be disciplined.

    But I suspect they won’t because politicians are forever driven by tactics NOT strategy.

  20. wam

    The slogan:Albo a ‘grand in the hand’ screams for an answer on the morning shows, Get some guts and get that little narrow nose prick of the air.and you out there giving the turds a reality check.
    The bribes to lambe et al
    To hear the fryerbug talk about AAA that labor kept during the GFC makes me puke

    To hear arsehole arrogant greenwood bag labor praise scummo and slide into extolling the flat tax as an incentive to work overtime(no penalty rates) to hear him dribble about the tradies getting wages of $150k when the average is $84k and a median income(the net seems to mix median and average in a confusing manner) $46k.
    But what ever, talk the mongrels down, set the agenda for the controversy hunger autocueists they atr thick conservatives that are the three monkeys see hear and taste nothing so give them a sniff of greed:
    ask them
    how did a company with a holiday shack get $440m in the bank? Then calculate there interestearning and what they have done
    repeat for the $440m for the reef asking if the if the family companies of a politicians got millions of federal government dollars would that justify an investigation?
    get little snipers on you office window ‘lnp bum of the week cartoons scrolling jokes start something for the non-ABC watcher the 50% below average IQ take heed of Kenedy don’t think DO!!!!!

    ps ill fares..sounds good but shorten took the punches for 6 years and lost on a TKO. Do you not acknowledge bobby brown was a massive punch below the belt and without QLD labor would be the winner??

  21. Oscar

    Labor appears to be in a state of delusion.First Bill Shorten lost the unloose-able election because he chose to be very statesman like and not say anything negative.And now Albo is totally sucked in with all this bullshit.Labor and the LNP are a bunch lying crooks and scoundrels.And they are 10 times worse than the BLF. And yes show some mongrel because what you are doing is not working.Take a leaf out of Tony Abbott’s handbook.

  22. Barry Thompson.

    In Question Time yesterday Albanese asked incisive questions without preamble. The Speaker indicated that the questions he asked were direct and required the respondents to address the issues raised. To me, that indicated that bullshit replies are not going to be tolerated as much as they were in the past. If that transpires to be the case, the Government is in for some embarrassing times.
    Albanese is not gutless, he has been in the job 5 minutes and some of you are bagging him already. He knows his way around the House of Rep’s better than anyone else there. He will give this motley crew a run for their money. Just sit back and enjoy.

  23. corvus boreus

    Broadly agree.
    Albanese has long been viewed as a relatively affable politician (the people’s choice according to polls) which was especially apparent in the context of Bill Shorten, a consummate factional operator who was comparatively unpopular with the general public.
    Albanese has, in the past, shown a willingness to fire up effectively when roused by necessity, but I suspect that ‘combative fury’ is not his default operative setting.
    I will make firmer judgement on Albanese’s ALP after the coalition offers them a few more temptations to collusion.

    On pro-active suggestions, the author and others mentioned concern over integrity/corruption (usually expressed as a need for a federal ICAC) as an issue that Albanese could/should exploit much more effectively.
    I couldn’t agree more.

    The ALP under Shorten has been fairly slothful on this one, but there is now an excellent opportunity to make good.
    Albanese seems to be a relative cleanskin in terms of taint of corruption, both politically and personally.
    I can’t recall his name being associated with any negative headlines in terms of expense rorts or other accusations.
    Thus he can approach the issue from a credible standpoint (unless, of course he has some rotting albatross hidden away).

    As it stands, the ALP has the vaguely structured pre-election promise of a toothy NIC (National Integrity Commission).
    The coalition effectively muddied this with the counter-pledge of a gummy CIC (Commonwealth Integrity Commission).
    The 2 horses may differ in their dental details, but they have a glaring significant similarity in that both avoid the hard brand of ‘anti-corruption’ in favour of a more coy and cosmetic ‘pro-integrity’ label.

    Albanese should clear the slate, accept that the Australian electorate has more concern over corruption than confidence in integrity, and formulate then table a clear and concise working plan for a federal anti-corruption commission (using those exact terms).

    This ALP policy proposal calling for an immediate and effective federal ICAC should then be strategically employed (in both houses) to relentlessly and mercilessly turkey-slap the coalition ministry and membership every time the scavenging parasites show up with suspicious smears of offal and egg-yolk unapologetically plastered all over their vulpine beaks.

  24. Grumpy Geezer

    Agree wholeheartedy with corvus that an effective intergity commission is the card for Labor to play. (I will assume they don’t have any muck to hide).

    If they go hard on this they can expose the Tories for the dodgy bastards we know that they are -they’ll prevaricate, duck and dodge. How hard can it be to play these bastards on this issue?

    (BTW – i don’t dislike Albo…I just want him to go mongrel).

  25. Terence

    This article made me laugh. Next Grumpy Geezer will be giving us his thoughts on how Labor should go about getting peace in the Middle East…..LOL

    Honestly Labor sold their souls to the capitalist pigs long ago for some measly pieces of eight. They ain’t coming back people. It’s over. The only difference now is that Labor haven’t even got the ticker dispute the LNP/Murdoch lie that it’s their fault that there’s no lube left.

  26. Simon

    Great article and very apt. But perhaps making the Jewish bloke “Friedandburnt” whilst calling others Herr Kipfler and The Sour Kraut was a misstep?

  27. James Cook

    What I would like to see is Labor MPs go hard in TV and Radio interviews and NOT accept questions which assume the integrity or honesty of the Libs. If an interviewer offers half-truths or Lib-spin in a question then attack these assumptions. Ask back, “Where did you get those stats or that information from?” then go on to answer the question that should have been asked. The Libs only give answers that are pre-scripted based on their lies regardless what the question was. Labor should make the “journalists” feel uncomfortable. Put them on the back foot and maybe, just maybe, they’ll do some research before the interview.

  28. RomeoCharlie29

    I wanted to add an incisive, relevant comment here but it’s all been said for me. I am distressed by the rollover on taxes. Almost every serious economist I have read, says Morrison’s propsed flatten of the tax system will benefit the wealthy more than the lower-middle income earners. I know that holding out wouldhave given the scum , and their MSM boosters, a stick with which to beat Labor but don’t principles count?

    Also I want a t-shirt with the first sentence in its entirety, adorned with LNP logo. Might be a good fundraiser for Labor.

  29. Kaye Lee

    Josh Frydenberg keeps talking about everyone getting an extra $1,000. Labor should point out the truth starting with the people who pay no tax getting no relief at all. This is a tax offset, not a gift like franking credits – a difference that bears highlighting. Labor should introduce a bill in the Senate to increase Newstart – it would pass – then make the Coalition have to vote against it in the HoR.

    EVERYONE, including the RBA and the Business Council, have said that it is necessary. The press would be supportive.

    Oh, and it’s the right thing to do.

    As for the $1,000 – If you earn under $37,000 – you will get $255 back provided you have paid more tax than that.

    People earning between 48,000 and 90,000 are the only ones who will get $1,080

  30. Terence

    Kaye Lee, James Cook, et al

    There are so many things that Labor could smash LNP/MSM but they don’t. It’s actually sad to watch the progressives capitulate, you can see it in their eyes in every interview. Some would love to hit the MSM with facts but they know that they are on a hiding to nowhere so they just roll over. Everything is against them now. The media, big business, the politicised public service and it won’t change. There’s too much money and power at stake. When I’ve consulted in the public service on projects, I always tell the young, green wet ears who want to change the world that bureaucracy machine too big and it will kill you before you kill it. This capitalist, trickle down con job is the same.

    Poor Gough would be rolling in his grave. Keating must look at his clocks with despair, wondering why he bothered.

    Labor have raised the white flag and are now living by the motto: If you can’t beat them, join them. You can see it on their snouts.

    Proof: Has anyone heard anything more about a Federal ICAC? Didn’t think so.

  31. Barry Thompson.

    Jeez, I’d hate to fight a war with some of you buggers, you are throwing the towel in already. It is early days people, stiffen your spines.

  32. Matters Not


    Labor should introduce a bill in the Senate to increase Newstart

    Possibly not. Probably be categorised as a ‘money Bill’ and likely to be ruled out of order. (Money Bills cannot be initiated in the Senate,) Twould be seen as a stunt and besides why didn’t Labor put a number on that as part of its last election manifesto?

  33. Wobbley

    I couldn’t agree more old fellow, the time to play straight is over, never was. If you played a game of football in state of Origen for example, where one side has a full squad and the other, Labor, has only half the numbers and have stand on one leg, then you see the state of potitics in our country now.

    The odds are so stacked against any opposition to the rabid right thanks to MSM, the corperations, the rich and of course the minority brain dead morons in the north and west who vote for Christmas like turkeys. I honestly think that Australia is headed for a one party state and the oh so hypocritical MSM chiefs complaining about press freedom when it was them who so enthusiastically bellowed the benefits of the rights re-election. Go to hell the lot of you fascists pigs.

  34. Henry Rodrigues

    Grumpy, well said and may I add, you speak for 99% of us. I am beginning to feel disillusionment at Albo’s leadership style. Is it a matter of once bitten twice shy , or just no balls to take the fight up to those fuckwits ? Whatever, its not looking good for the next election.

    Can you copyright your essay on the dickheads and present it as a printable version ???? Its worthy of framing and spreading, far and wide.

  35. Henry Rodrigues

    Wobbley….. Did you just forget or were you being nice to that mealy mouthed sycophantic tool in charge of our ABC, who been busy carrying out her benefactor Scummo’s, agenda. She was also one of those bastards expressing faux indignation over ‘press freedom’.

  36. wam

    the crow and kaye are right clear the slate and plan his attack with the timing of a bobby.
    Sadly he will have to after he weather setka’s outbursts and then.get on the morning shows with some controversies of his own.
    He needs to get rid of the two deadly slogans.

    labor and the greens – notice how smug narrow nose was about labor voting for cuts to lower incomes. Smug when he deliberately killed labor in QLD he laughed all the way to the bank and nary a word of regret from the loonies nor an ounce of blame for the 23 to 6 debacle.

    a GRAND in the HAND it is bullshit but, lord, it is not a lie and how good does it sound?

    Albo needs a ‘no no no! moment to rid us of both toxic slogans

    (Oscar there are 6 states all had shorten’s short comings and palmer’s ravings and we all saw senile bobby and his vegans, ranting at the workers in Townsville..Labor wins enough to govern, in my territory 3 labor to 1 clp, except for the loonies rant state QLD

    pps matters not
    all labor has to do is bribe lambe she will get newstart or any bill labor wants.

  37. Grumpy geezer


    Friednburnt is a dig at climate denialism but i take your point.


  38. Terence


    Sometimes it’s just a case of excepting reality. We can stiffen our spines all we want but its still the same outcome once you go over parapet.

    Labor shot themselves in the foot a long time ago. They have never defended their legacy, never reminded the public how good they have got it because of the Unions. The fact that Labor has allowed the vast majority of the population to buy into Rupert/Big Business myth of the Evil Unionist without so much as a whimper just shows how pathetic the ALP have become. The ALP don’t even have the guts or self respect to point out to the great unwashed that if it wasn’t for the unions you won’t have the weekend off to drive your sacred Michaelia Trailer Trash utes.

  39. Barry Thompson.

    Terence. I am a realist. We have had only 1 day of Question Time, so it is unrealistic to be judging Albanese so soon.
    Give the man a fair go.

  40. corvus boreus

    Grumpy Geezer,
    Of course, part of best ensuring the effectiveness in any putative Albanese ALP strategy based around a federal ICAC would have to include (god forbid) a process of consultative negotiations with Greens and others amongst the crossbench to facilitate/ensure the maximum possible levels of parliamentary support.

    The Greens have a long history of supporting/proposing a federal anti-corruption body as a central policy platform, and some of the other more recent additions to our parliaments (eg the North Shore Indis) have also flagged clear support for the idea.

    In terms of broadest resonant value, public views on issues like taxation tend to vary from household to household on a bracket to bracket basis, but there are comparatively few people who, if clearly confronted on the subject of political corruption, will openly and honestly endorse the abysmal standards of current behavior.

  41. Kaye Lee

    I can’t even bring myself to watch question time. It’s like I have some sort of PTSD. (Apologies to those who are truly dealing with that challenge)

    I don’t want to see the smirks. I don’t want to hear the blustering. I am so tired of obfuscation. Dorothy Dixers make me want to poke myself in the eye. It is SUCH a waste of time – a stage for the arrogant to strut, for the hopeful to practice their zingers, a pathetic plea to the media…please notice me.

    Perhaps they could spend the time actually responding to emails and taking phone calls from their constituents rather than limiting their public contact to photo shoots on Alisdair and Penelope’s property on the Darling Downs or chosen factories where bored apprentices are used as backdrops.

  42. Terence


    My criticism is not of Albo per se, it’s with the ALP’s lack of conviction over the last 25 years and their cowardice to defend the legacy of the Union Movement.

    The younger generations have NFI about why it is that they aren’t working down a dirty, unsafe mine shaft, 16 hours a day, 7 days a week. Probably most think that it’s those law abiding, morally upstanding, captains of industry that, through the kindness of their hearts, thought that people were far more important than profits. It says so in the recruitment pack.

    All the party apparatchiks that now run the joint, sold the ALP out for a seat on the gravy train. The fact that they have just sat back and let the brand get trashed shows that the ALP is on life support. Yes they might win an election here and there but it will only because voters are so sick of the other mob and after the last election the “Tolerance for Incompetence” is very high indeed.

    As much as I hate the word aspirational, the fact is that the ALP has allowed their brand to be so thoroughly trashed over the last 25 years that there is nothing there for the average voter to aspire to. Go to any BBQ in the burbs and you’ll be hard pressed to find any one who wants to identify with ethos of the Labor Movement. Why??? Because Murdoch and Co have been allowed to control the narrative unchallenged and he’s hoodwinked everyone into believing that one day you too could be someone who could espouse the LNP ethos if only those corrupt, dodgy unionist weren’t farking it all up for the average, everyday, hard working aussie.

    Workchoices II is back (funny how that just slipped into the “Mandate” quietly) and even though everyone knows what that means, the ALP will balls it all up again by not taking the opportunity to reinvigorate their brand. Instead they will save everyone’s arse and then go back to pretending that nothing ever happened.


  43. Matters Not

    wam July 5, 2019 at 11:13 am re:

    all labor has to do is bribe lambe she will get newstart or any bill labor wants

    Don’t think so. I draw attention to Section 53 of the Constitution

    Powers of the Houses in respect of legislation
    Proposed laws appropriating revenue or moneys , or imposing taxation, shall not originate in the Senate. But a proposed law shall not be taken to appropriate revenue or moneys, or to impose taxation, by reason only of its containing provisions for the imposition or appropriation of fines or other pecuniary penalties, or for the demand or payment or appropriation of fees for licences, or fees for services under the proposed law.

    The Senate may not amend proposed laws imposing taxation, or proposed laws appropriating revenue or moneys for the ordinary annual services of the Government. …

    So the notion that: * Labor should introduce a bill in the Senate to increase Newstart* – would be ruled unconstitutional I believe – (but I am not a Constitutional Lawyer.)

  44. Paul Davis

    Van Badham has written what i think is an interesting article in The Guardian headed “Labor’s support for tax cuts is an unfathomable betrayal of principle”.

    My view is that the opposition should not passively stand by watching as Straya crashs and burns then after three years of misery start squealing like know all little piglets how neoliberal lunacy has destroyed us. Albanese should vehemently start right now opposing and arguing why and where we are heading. Doesn’t matter if the grubment and the media lampoon and lambast as they will whatever LiberaLite says or does. In three years time HoMo and Co can’t say ‘but Labor but Labor’ cos it’s all on them and their IPA fascist selfish greedy ways. Who knows, maybe even that bastion of privileged capitalist theocracy the RBA might admit that just exempting corporations and the wealthy from paying tax wont stimulate the economy.

  45. Barry Thompson.

    Terence. I do not agree with your critique of the Labor Party, particularly your assertion that it has for years lacked conviction.
    It is very much a party of conviction and as such has introduced many improvements to the country over the years.
    You obviously are not a true believer and nothing I can say will change your attitude, so to each his own.

  46. Phil

    ‘ Terence. I do not agree with your critique of the Labor Party, particularly your assertion that it has for years lacked conviction. ‘

    I agree with you Terry I resigned from the party after the Shorten vote for the leadership.

    They are responsible for putting the age up of the old age pension. Labor’s brief or it should be is to lower it.

    They also screwed over single mothers. Gillard the great Labor leader voted NO in the caucus to give the old age pensioners a pay rise. Most of the people I know now vote Green.

    The Labor party in Western Australia still had the convicted member Brian Burke in the party up until about ten years ago. He was still involved in the workings of the party. Just a common thief. I don’t know what his status is now I pulled the pin.

    Labor will now fall further now Albo is in charge. He is useless.

  47. Terence

    @ Barry

    I WAS a true believer. My father was very active member in AEU (Amalgamated Engineering Union) and helped set up the AMWU in 1972. You won’t get an ounce of disagreement out of me about all the great things that the Union Movement has done throughout the years. I was friends with the son of a former Hawke minister and will argue until I’m blue in the face about the great things that Hawke and Keating did.

    But then the ALP lost the election to Howard and they then spent the next 10 year trying to distance themselves from Keating. Even to this day they are still hesitate to fully embrace him out of fear of guilt by association (17%). The outpouring of emotion I saw at Hawke funeral should have translated into something for the ALP at the last election but because the ALP have never shouted loud and proud about their own (Hawke/Keating) legacy, no one credits Labor for any of it. It’s always slated home to Hawke and Keating. Yet talk to anyone who was there and those years were one of the greatest exhibitions of successful teamwork by a WHOLE political party that this country has ever seen.

    Yes they HAD conviction but not anymore. Gillard was the exception. I think the RC into Child Abuse was probably one of the greatest, underrated decision this century. I don’t think people fully comprehend how much pressure she was under to roll over on that, not only from the Mad Monk and his feral supporters, but from grubs on her own side. I hope history and Australia will, in the fullness of time give her the respect that she truly deserves for that alone, even though I also regard the NDIS up there. Then there is the GFC. There was conviction but do they own it now? Nope, Murdoch and the LNP have basically convinced everyone that it didn’t even happen.

    So besides those three shining lights, the rest is pretty dim. The tax cuts, asylum seekers, the environment, manufacturing, national security, infrastructure, economic management, pensioners, single mothers, just to name a few, all rolled over to avoid a wedge. I’m sorry but that’s not conviction.

    Thank you for the respectful debate.

  48. Barry Thompson.

    Terence. I do not agree that no one credited Labor for the Hawke /Keating years, the two men themselves have commented on what a talented Cabinet they had in those years and any press gallery journalist from those years would agree. It is still regarded by many as the best Cabinet to ever serve this country.
    I agree with your opinion of Gillard-potentially the best PM since Hawke, cut down in her prime.
    The problem with politics in our country is that people who take no interest in the subject and instead heed the bullshit of the biased media, are entitled to vote.

  49. Kaye Lee


    Increasing Newstart is not “appropriating revenue or moneys , or imposing taxation”.

  50. Matters Not

    So it would be possible to increase Newstart without ‘appropriating any monies’ to do just that? Now I’d like to see that.


    Section 53 of the Constitution prevents proposed laws appropriating monies originating in the Senate. Further, under section 56 of the Constitution, all proposed laws for the appropriation of monies may only be introduced into the House of Representatives following a recommendation by the Governor-General.

    Perhaps you have some examples that contradict. Also, can’t see the GG making such a recommendation as he/she tends to act of advice of the Government

  51. Kaye Lee

    Yes, MN you are right. “Bills which authorise the spending of money (appropriation bills) and bills imposing taxation cannot originate in the Senate.” I misunderstood the term appropriations. Mind you, it would only take convincing 2 Coalition members in the HoR if they tried a private members bill there?

  52. Phil

    ‘ The problem with politics in our country is that people who take no interest in the subject and instead heed the bullshit of the biased media, are entitled to vote. ‘

    Amen to that.

  53. Phil

    ‘ The problem with politics in our country is that people who take no interest in the subject and instead heed the bullshit of the biased media, are entitled to vote. ‘

    Amen to that..

  54. Wayne Turner

    “Labor shot themselves in the foot a long time ago. They have never defended their legacy, never reminded the public how good they have got it because of the Unions. The fact that Labor has allowed the vast majority of the population to buy into Rupert/Big Business myth of the Evil Unionist without so much as a whimper just shows how pathetic the ALP have become. The ALP don’t even have the guts or self respect to point out to the great unwashed that if it wasn’t for the unions you won’t have the weekend off to drive your sacred Michaelia Trailer Trash utes.” – Spot on. Add on who are the better economic managers are ie: Labor NOT the lying fascists of the coalition. Long ago and NOW they need to call out all the BULLSHT LIES by the COALition and their MSM,but they don’t even bother trying.A tip for Labor: Call out ALL OF THE BULLSHT – What’s the worst that will happen? The MSM rubbish them? – THEY DO ANYWAY. Lose another election? – THEY MOSTLY DO ANYWAY.

    ‘ The problem with politics in our country is that people who take no interest in the subject and instead heed the bullshit of the biased media, are entitled to vote. ‘ – Even worse they decide elections. WE ARE F’ED.

    The Kim Beazley/SImon Crean,etc,etc… NO GUTS approach doesn’t work. Currently Albo is too busy sucking up to the MSM and trying to be mates with EVERYONE.Firstly get rid of him.Go to the next generation: My local member – From Blaxland.

  55. corvus boreus

    Grumpy Geezer,
    Sorry to harp, but I notice that, in your reply @8:20, you seem to have missed one of my central points regarding ICAC vs NIC..
    For Labor to persist with the NIC (national integrity commission) would not be a change but mere continuance of an already failed tactic.
    Albanese’s Labor really need to ditch the coy wording of the Shorten proposed ‘integrity’ commission, a term which has already been appropriated by the coalition for their model, and table a semi-detailed proposal for an effective ‘anti-corruption’ commission.
    In terms of federal politics, most people see rampant corruption that needs address rather than any integrity to be maintained.
    A federal anti-corruption commission, not an integrity commission, is what I have seen consistently demanded on public forums (‘federal ICAC now!’), and I think that part of successful politics is giving the majority public what they want.

  56. corvus boreus

    Mind you, in the cold sober light of Monday morning, I ask myself ‘who the phuq am I trying to kid?’

    The reason we don’t have an effective anti-corruption body is that the coalition and ALP have long cooperated on the matter, “working together in a bipartisan fashion, to best defend against the public perception of corruption (B Shorten)”, working together in lockstep to help conceal political misdeeds and hinder any potential solutions, ensuring that, despite overwhelming public demand, a federal ICAC is never going to happen.
    The fact that both parties chose the label ‘integrity’ is a matter of collusion rather than coincidence, and the fact that one model is completely impotent and the other a vague ‘promise’ shows that neither will ever countenance an effective anti-corruption body.

    Which begs the rather bleak question; if we can’t force the major party politicians to take effective action on political corruption, despite over 90% public support, what phuqqen hope have we got of forcing meaningful action on climate change?

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