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FauxMo’s “truth campaign”

Scott Morrison told radio host Alan Jones the Coalition would not resort to a “fear campaign” but would run a “truth campaign”.


Apparently, joining the rest of the world in the uptake of electric vehicles and emissions standards is a “war on the weekend”.

A screeching Michaelia Cash, with neck chords fully distended and flanked by a smirking ScoMo and a dumbly nodding Lucy Wicks, vowed “We are going to stand by our tradies and we are going to save their utes.”

The performance was reminiscent of Michael “Elvis” McCormack who warned that a 45% emissions reduction target will mean we can “forget night footy, forget night cricket.”

Oh, and it will “cost Australians at least $9000 a year.”

Then we had the overblown and dishonest response to a bill allowing sick refugees on Manus and Nauru to get specialist medical attention.

“It is going to see hundreds of people coming here quickly, it will be quite confronting and that’s the reality of the bill that they passed in the parliament,” Mr Dutton said.

Linda Reynolds told us the passage of the bill made her “physically ill” and would “come at the cost of the lives of others”.

We would be impotent in stopping all the “murderers, rapists and pedophiles” from invading our shores.

Whyalla wipeout, $100 lamb roasts – these people have form in hysterical hyperbole.

The marriage equality debate wasn’t about human rights according to Tony Abbott – it was about “religious freedom, freedom of speech and political correctness”. A florist he said “could lose her business because of her beliefs”. All of a sudden, “traditional marriages would mean nothing”.

And the Safe Schools program wasn’t about respectful relationships and anti-bullying – it was about “gender whispering” and “sexualising our kids”.

The idea that Morrison will run a “truth campaign” is laughable. He doesn’t understand the meaning of the word.

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  1. Keitha Granville

    Could we please have new rules in the next parliament ? A truth reckoning – where everything that is said must be the truth, the whole truth and nothing but – with consequences for lies.

    I’ll wait for the flying pigs shall I . . . . .

  2. Josephus

    Repeat a lie often enough and the masses will believe it- Goebbels.

  3. Henry Rodrigues

    And some numb skulls still vote for them……. Free brain lobotomies for the idiots ????

  4. Alcibiades

    Apart from the long extant reality explained re Electric Vehicles in the Winx thread … but merely one brief ‘recent’ example :

    https://pbs.twimg.com/media/D3sy2LqV4AA3G4a.jpg (Image)

    New pure-electric Rivian R1T to battle Tesla Ute – TruckSales AU

    Nov 27, 2018 – Tesla’s forthcoming pure-electric ute and the Workhorse W-15 will have fresh new competition from the Rivian R1T following its unveiling …

    Amazon-backed Rivian targets Australia for Electric Utes

    Feb 21, 2019 – Amazon-backed Rivian targets Australia for electric utes … a right-hand drive version of its rugged all-electric SUV, the R1S, and the R1T ute…

    How many Utes/SUV/4WD CrewCabs will still be on the road in 11 years time in 2030, over the next 11 years & more, what will they be replaced with by natural ‘churn’ & routine upgrade/replacement in the interim & beyond ?

    HappyClapperSloganBogan Scummo lies as easily & readily as he breathes, yet serially accuses everyone speaking Truth of telling lies, lies, lying, lies. Reporters, journalists, TV/Radio hosts, acknowledged experts. Even his own Ministers & Members. Sigh

    If it wasn’t for these bustards in the Coalition casually wiping out our entire automotive industry, 200,000 quality jobs, 10,000+ small businesses, and a $30 Billion industry contribution to our economy, society & communities … we would already be making EVs here … instead of importing them …

    The COALition debases their own policy platform … it coudn’t be clearer they care for nothing other than their snouts in the trough, serving the interests of their Owners & Donors.

  5. Keith

    Electric trucks have been developed as well as electric utes. What tradies won’t get is engine noise.
    Electric vehicles are very expensive at present, though demand in the future will bring prices down.
    The ultra fast charging stations can provide a charge in a very short time. Scomo is confusing charging from home and the ultra fast charging stations; is he ignorant, or knowingly pushing false information? The latter being a lie through omission.
    The distance range of electric vehicles has been an issue in the past, though new models available in 2019 are a huge improvement.

    Anything the LNP say needs to be taken not with a grain of salt, but a truck load of it.
    Scomo suggested that the truth will be promoted by the LNP; a suggestion is that they check their facts before spouting off; otherwise they leave themselves open to being called liars.

    Though, we have seen in the past that truth and LNP are almost mutually exclusive (leopard/spots).
    The Budget Deficit comes to mind. Tensions between India and Pakistan, a trade war between USA and China, Brexit having unexpected consequences, war in the Middle East, and internal economic problems in Australia; causing major economic problems for Australia.
    Also, CSIRO and Geoscience Australia giving the all clear to Adani, is another.
    The Christmas Island stunt was just an attempt at sheer manipulation … a dog whistle.

  6. Paul

    Ev’s by 2030 will be something the average Joe can only imagine.
    Charging times will get shorter and capacities will increase it is inevitable.

    Like the bag phone of 30 years ago to the iphone of today we are only just starting to scratch the surface of the potential…

  7. DrakeN

    For the rev-heads: “0 to 100 km/hr in 3 seconds.”

    But without the roar of the “mighty V8”

    Still I expect that the increased “smell of burning rubber” might compensate a bit for the loss of the odour of spilled fuel and boiling engine oil 😉

  8. Kaye Lee

    There are already many charging stations for electric vehicles and some (not enough) ultra fast ones.

    “The network of Australian EV charging stations continues to grow. As well as the locations on these maps, Australian EV owners can now charge their electric vehicles at a growing number of Westfield and Stockland shopping centres.

    There’s also been charging network initiatives launched by major Australian motoring companies. These include the NRMA’s Queensland Electric Super Highway and the RAC Electric Highway in Western Australia.”


  9. Paul Davis

    Here is a comment from blogger ‘nogapsallowed’ on Guardian website regarding electric cars, in same vein as Alcibiades above:
    “Yesterday I stumbled upon an online video showing a Tesla Model X electric SUV towing a Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner in Qantas livery along a runway in Melbourne. Apparently this blatant attempt at hijacking an Australian iconic brand happened a full year before the date that had been expected for our federal election. Now I know Musk’s Guiness record pull will never equal the average Aussie weekend load, but I am wondering if any politicians have tripped on the video as well?”




  10. Alcibiades

    https://mobile.twitter.com/sue_mckittrick/status/1114503285925220352?p=v (Image)

    https://www.plugshare.com/ Find an EV charging station in Oz near you.

    Have designed & converted my own EV, with towbar, & operated for ~11 years.

    Range is not an issue. Charging is not an issue. Talk re limitations of fast charging, or supposed lack of fast charging, are propagating ill informed myths by drivers of Diesel/Petrol vehicles. Fast charging is only suitable 5% of the time, or burnout your battery pack way early. Expensive. One simply adapts, rather than maintaining a rigid mindset of pulling into a petrol station to ‘fill up’. With any domestic 240V AC power point you rarely ever need to ‘fill up’ away from home again, nor be push-sold shyte you don’t want to buy or need.

    The Feds have systematically actively blocked effective take up, manufacture or importation of EV for decades, by deliberate misuse of Regulations, rulings & discretionary powers. Primarily to serve the dictates of the Petroleum industry, secondly to protect the extortionate rort of Fuel Excise, thirdly to falsely sustain the parts/maintenance farce of ICE vehicles. Running, maintenance & fueling costs of 100% EVs are virtually negligible compared to ICE/Diesel as well as even ‘Hybrids’. And our mining industries given our natural resources have a partial monopoly on the needs of the global EV market, as yet largely untapped.

    If the COALition hadn’t wiped out our entire car industry for laughs & chortles … we coulda been champions.

  11. Paul Davis

    Yes Kaye Lee, i am surprised how many charging stations we have here in Rockhampton the bastion of climate change denying coal loving Adani groupies Michelle Landry and Matt Canavan .

    And yes at the moment fifty percent of vehicles appear to be SUVs and utes….. the big noisy smelly diesel variety so loved by the good ol boysngals. I have seen electric cars recharging in council public carpark when going to library and they dont seem to stay long…

    Local business people are really counting on Adani they say, because the thousands of jobs will bring wealth to them and prosperity to the region… just like the loggers and woodchippers did for Launceston thirty years ago (?).

  12. MöbiusEcko

    Keith. Scomo is confusing charging from home and the ultra fast charging stations; is he ignorant, or knowingly pushing false information?

    The latter, as his government is spending hundreds of millions rolling out fast charging stations. When he was questioned on this and his government’s policy of having almost as many electric cars by 2030 as Labor, his answer was something like, “we are giving the consumers choice, Labor is forcing electric cars on them giving them no choice.”

  13. Florence Howarth

    Scomo never does anything because of ignorance, which he sadly is. All he does is deliberate. To stand in front of a line of mechanics & say what he & Cash did yesterday if pure stupidity.

    I have taken the time to find out about electric cars. I was aware that electric trucks were a reality.

    I was surprised to find out how far electric cars have come. Electric motors appear to be superior to combustion engines in nearly every regard.

    Why one would want to hold onto vehicles powered by petrol amazes me. Not to be reliant on imported oil is in its self a good enough reason to change.

  14. Zathras

    For Morrison it’s always been about “fire and brimstone” – both personally and professionally – and his party have historically used it as their preferred strategic weapon.

    Internal combustion engines will inevitably go the way of rotary dial phones and VHS/Betamax video recorders and only a fool would pretend otherwise and leave us completely unprepared.

  15. DrakeN

    Florence Howarth,

    motor mechanics stand to lose a lot of work when EVs take over from ICE vehicles.

    Their maintainance requirements are miniscule compared to today’s machines.

  16. Alcibiades

    Retrained/cross-trained re battery pack upgrades & swaps & rebuilds, after market customisation & accessories, maintenance of all the unnecessary ‘bling’.

    The Future or the Forgotten past ? An domestic EV on the road with 160Km range in 1909 ? Yup.

    All just bad policy & politics serving entrenched vested interests, for a century now ?

    Overview of early electric cars/vehicles (1895-1925)

    One hundred years ago electric cars were a common sight on city streets in Europe and the United States. Many of them had a range comparable to that of today’s EV’s.

    Below is an overview of early electrics and their specifications, put together from sales catalogs and books …

    Until the mid 1920’s Electric Cars were preferred. Why ? Quiet, no dirty exhaust, smell, pollution or smoke, leaking oil, backfiring, dramatically more reliable & easy to drive, and no risk of a broken arm trying to crank start it.

    So what happened ?

    At the end of WWI the French/UK carved up the middle east by drawing lines on a map, installing faux puppet kings & dictators, and promptly stealing the indigenous’ oil in 44 gallon drums for a penny a barrel. EVs could not compete with corrupt rigged economics. 100 years later, lot’s of associated Blowback … and a number of attempts in the 60’s, 80’s and start of the 2000 to re-introduce EVs failed. Why ? No money to be made in after sale/purchase parts & maintenance compared to ICE !

    Qui Bono ?

    For the factual real world ‘basics’ re EVs v ICE see extensive comments posted here

  17. Wayne Turner

    They are predictable serial liars,with no shame.

    Instead of MoreOfTheSame’s slogan: “If you have a go,we will give you a go”. I prefer this one,relating to this whole alleged government:-

    “If we piss them off,they will piss off”.

  18. DrakeN


    I doubt that the jobs which you mention are in anyway equivalent to the man-hours currently involved in maintainance and servicing of the current crop of vehicles.

    The ‘bling’ etc. is already well catered for and any increase is unlikely to be statistically significant.

    Reskilling will need to be planned and prepared for. The financing of TAFE colleges will be a critical factor here. If the today’s young mechanics and automotive engineers do not take into consideration the realities of this massive paradigm change on their future earning capabilities, then they are faced with times ahead.

    Off topic, sort of, do you have a reference list of engineering services which undertake conversion to electical power of existing vehicles? I have a much loved old HiAce campervan which might well be suited to a change of propulsion.

  19. Kaye Lee

    The polling is coming thick and fast in Robertson. Just got polled AGAIN.

  20. Alcibiades

    Are you aware that it is Labor policy to invest 10’s of millions to entice manufacturing of Electric Vehicles to return to OZ and resurrect our lost vehicle industry & associated small businesses should they win the election ? Same with TAFE.

    Any competent mechanic or similar is ideal to jump into that & the associated supporting local small-businesses. EVs and integration with residential solar systems & battery banks, or even more is in fact not particularly technically complex. A mechanic must understand the basics of 12V DC electricity, and associated in an ICE vehicle. That foundation, excluding the motor controller & battery pack & management, the rest of an existing vehicle design/components still stands, and is easily built upon. What will end is the long term rort of entirely unnecessary after sales parts/maintenance going back a century.

    Your HiAce, if in quite good/sound body/suspension condition excluding engine compartment components, is an ideal conversion if a false floor is fitted/acceptable/tolerable. This would enable a very discrete & large capacity/long range battery bank to be fitted along the van floor, covered & concealed by the false raised floor. Still usable for Cargo of Minibus configuration, as well as towing. Alternately as a Minivan/Crewcab config (lose cargo space, no false floor. Ideally you have a manual gearbox you can retain. This allows for a secondary selective gross manipulation of the electric motor performance for either top speed & acceleration or slower speed yet maximised torque … variable by gear change (no clutch required, Electric Motor drive shaft directly mated to gearbox. Another option is to place the primary battery bank in a small towed trailer, with a small official battery pack in the vehicle itself, which can be used an emergency only ‘fuel’ reserve.

    Was previously working on a complete conversion of a 1 ton 4WD Mitsubishi Van with roof mounted foldout tent, ~70% complete, before my health failed. Similar specs to your HiAce.

    Start with the Australian Electric Vehicle Association (AEVA) or relevant State Branch, if no joy, let me know & will assist further. Dedicated, passionate advocates, professionals & hobbyists, happy to share knowledge, experience expertise. A full 100% EV conversion would be less than half the cost of any new Commercial equivalent, plus a knowledge skill boost re your own vehicle.

    PS Hopefully this comment is not in breach of some comment/post etiquette/rule am unaware of.

  21. DrakeN


    Thank you.

    If the prices can be brought down appropriately, I can see a modest industry blooming in the re-powering of older vehicles. There are players in the game, but some of their prices are quite inflated.

    I’m a bit long-in-the-tooth and weary to be doing the work myself, but with a likely decade or more of motoring quite probable, I’d like to get on the bandwagon.

  22. Paul Davis

    Toyota unhappy about Coalition advertising apparently but AEC said governments use of Toyota name and vehicles is within guidelines….. naturally.

    Interesting re Shorten’s aim to have new electric vehicle production at 50% around 2030 Toyota has said it was on track with global plans to electrify the entire vehicle line up by 2025.

    What say you to that Dear Leader?

  23. roma guerin

    Alcibiades is a mine of fascinating information. Thanks for all of it. Mike Seccombe had an equally informative article in The Saturday Paper 6 April “All torque, not enough action”, on what is happening in other countries.

  24. Cool Pete

    Tone The Botty, Pete The Potty and Peculiar Trash are the worst examples of members of not just parliament, but also society. And that revolting trash had the gall to tell a senate estimates committee that she was waiting for an apology. The only apology she deserves is to be told to “get f#cked”.

  25. Chunkster

    That. Is. Not. Human.

    While the Nexus Corporation was wheeling out advanced models like Pris and Leon, the lesser known, and less successful TriHard Corporation was busy working away on its own versions.

    The MK A-Lea model was, unfortunately, a flop. With styling by a hair and makeup team that had been plundered from an un-named US tv shopping channel, the technicians were never able to render it particularly life-like, and the orders did not roll in.

    People were never able to feel comfortable around it, despite one of the product being placed in a publicly prominent role – in the hope it would soften consumers towards the model, and stimulate sales.

    TriHard eventually went to the wall, and was remembered with sniggers about it’s most expensive product’s “helmet hair”, unnatural voice and creepy mannerisms.

  26. Lady Jane Grey.

    Did you HAVE to include that VILE pic at the beginning of the piece?

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