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Failure Politics

Pessimistic policy agendas of the LNP

We won’t have it! We won’t take it! We don’t want it!

We don’t want the sickly pessimism of these failed penny-ante philosophers, these failed leaders, these failed and failures of small-minded-people that head and advise this government.

Look at them!: Failed Priests, failed Fathers, failed relationships, failed business, failed careers. Fail! Fail! Fail! And they want to tell us how to live our lives! The majority of us who have gone down the hard-track of either self-training, self-employment, single mothers, full families, full workload and all the trials and tribulations of life and living. Give us a break! Give us a friggin’ break!


There was a perfectly decent set of policies put in place by the Gillard Labor administration that laid the foundations for a more fair, equal and financially secure society. But it has been trashed by these failures that are now trying and failing again to sell us a dodgy set of principles that will only lead to many young people failing in their quest toward a decent life and career, breaking the hearts and minds of a whole generation.

That is because the only politics those of the right-wing lobby groups, think-tanks and individuals can promote is the politics of failure. Or to give it a title: “Failure Politics”. That’s all they have got to offer. FAILURE POLITICS.

Infrastructure: Dismantling or environmental damage = Fail.

Social safety net  Dismantling and abandoning the most vulnerable = Fail.

Health Coverage: Destroying it for us and favouring the privileged = Fail.

Education: Overpricing or under-delivering = Fail.

Environment: = Fail (without even listing the items!)

Communications: Complete destruction to favour a “failed mate” = Total Fail!

Foreign Policy: Insult nearly every neighbour, religion and culture = Fail.

One could go on and on and on. Failure after failure, stumble after stumble. Stuff-up after stuff-up! And no contrition nor admission … just a continued game of “Blind man’s bluff”. To criticize this government has become a situation of “Where to start”. Seriously, where does one start? It’s like picking up the pieces of shattered crockery. It is total chaos, total failure. In fact, never since the second world war has the anagram “SNAFU” been more apt. Never!

Not only can they not control the very economy they have worked and corrupted so hard to create with their juvenile “economic rationalism” policies. There are many of them so deep into speculative investments, rorts and negative-gearing opportunities, they now cannot even afford to stop their own rot! Likewise with the same-sex marriage issue, regardless that many of their own are either involved in same-sex relationships and want to resolve the issue to their own satisfaction, they have not the gumption to face up to their own members to pass the bill for bringing it on. Hopeless, gutless and useless.

So let’s get serious and consider; What does one do in the workplace when one is confronted with management that has no idea how to run a situation, yet is in charge? One leaves it in place but powerless and by-passes it. Here we have a bit of a problem; the fools in charge think they know what to do, have the power to implement it, still bugger it up and then move on to the next disaster in waiting! It seems it is us who are powerless.

We are supposed to be living in a “rule by law” society, but I see there is one law for some and another for others. The wealthy have access and by-ways and by-passes and the poor or at least the working poor have only social media to push their barrow. The powerful have the mainstream media to punt them along endlessly and relentlessly. The wealthy citizen can even now lobby this LNP government to put in place their favourite hobby-horse dreams as law or legislation, support their acts of lying and thieving without any seeming comeback in either law or policing.

But wait a minute … we have one thing going for us that has the potential for mighty power: As we have seen when we unite on social media locally to punish companies who back a stupid idiot when they do a stupid action. Perhaps we need to “up the ante” a tad or two and start to unite the voice of social media internationally to request peoples of other nations to stop buying products from certain corporations or the united voice of people on social media will unite to stop buying that nation’s companies products! Sure, it’s a big ask, but never before has there been such international unified communication. Perhaps we are on the cusp of a revolution, but a new type of revolution; not arms or weapons, but arms of people raised in protest. The revolution of the passive refusal to be a consuming conspirator of pessimistic politics!

I say, “LET THE REVOLUTION BEGIN!” And for starters … switch off Murdoch!


  1. James

    Maybe we should be chanting for an early election, I’m not saying Shorten is any better from where I stand theirs little difference in the two, but it may incite some action in the ranks of our countries biggest grubs, and as for making Australia a republic do people really understand the power it will hand the one’s in government….why do you think they crave it, it benefits them in government it won’t change our lives in any measureable way, if mainstream media are promoting it it’s bullshit, just like everything they write.

  2. Don Kelly

    Brilliant article Joseph. I hope you don’t mind if I use some of your comments come election time. Remember when Julia Gillard lost her Prime Ministership, many of the political ‘experts’ said that history would treat her favourably. Why do you think they made comments like that after they had done their utmost in crucifying her?

  3. Glenn

    Thanks again Joseph. Our govt seems committed to destroying the fabric of society – rarely does it do something of universal good as the politics of downward envy permeates almost all of their policies. Between the LNP neo-cons and the public is a barrier, the mainstream media. About the only way our govt is going to become accountable is if the msm can be circumvented or themselves held accountable.
    The question is: How can the msm be exposed so that the public sees through their cunning protection of the neo-con agenda and demands better representation?

  4. babyjewels10

    Thank you Joseph. You said what I’ve been thinking for years. Right now, I feel defeated.

  5. Harquebus


    “For example, in seeking to destroy the social security system, they would claim to be saving it, arguing that it would fail without a series of radical “reforms”.”
    “The bonfire of regulations highlighted by the Grenfell Tower disaster, the destruction of state architecture through austerity, the budgeting rules, the dismantling of public services, tuition fees and the control of schools: all these measures follow Buchanan’s programme to the letter.”

  6. Kaye Lee


  7. Johno

    Good stuff Joseph. Julia was/is an angelic champion compared to these #?#* wits.

  8. Phil

    Lords and serfs – masters and slaves – state controlled enterprises and workers – private enterprise (bosses) and workers – essentially the same relational systems of economic order but with a few minor variations.

    Lords, masters, the state, and bosses always in the minority and determining the rules. Serfs, slaves and workers, always in the majority but subservient, disempowered. Odd situation when applied in a democracy where majority allegedly rules.

    Each of these economic systems provided certain benefits to human progress along with inestimable suffering as well for the majority. Only tyrants and despots would argue for thier return.

    There were some under feudalism who argued for reform ie retain feudalism, just add some compassion from the lords – but there othes who said to end the system entirely. Ditto slavery ie make it more humane but retain the system – but with others wanting to end it entirely. The abolishment forces eventually won in both cases.

    So we have capitalism but it has reached peak corruption and is becoming destructive and intolerable to the majority and so it now faces the twin demands of reform ie more state intervention and market control, social safety nets and certain state enterprises ie ‘socialised’ – or complete abolition.

    As US economics professor Richard Wolff argues (his weekly YouTube shows are illuminating) we need to have a debate about socialism because capitalism is in crisis and we need a replacement system – one that does not destroy our life support systems for capital gain, and that gives a good life to all not just the privileged and powerful few.

    Capitalism is fundamentally the same relationship structure of minority rule over majority subservience as slavery and feudalism and it will end either by destroying the human life support or by abolition.

    It’s therefore incredibly important for all who see the end of capitalism approaching, to study and talk about socialism and find solutions for a twenty first century model of socialism – founded on the principles of cooperation and cooperative enterprise.

  9. guest

    Well said, Joseph. “No is not enough.” (Naomi Klein)

  10. townsvilleblog

    I enjoyed the Gillard Prime Minister-ship immensely, one of the truly ‘progressive’ politicians. Her carbon pollution tax was a winner too, so much so that Abbott had to delete it asap, all in all she was second only to the great Edward Gough Whitlam QC, in my humble opinion, and both were in office for approximately the same period of time as well.

  11. Harquebus

    Joseph Carli
    Something that you might be interested in.

    “No one wants to be the first to say the dam is cracked beyond repair.”
    “The crisis currently playing out on the world stage is a crisis of growth. Not, as we are regularly told, a crisis caused by too little growth, but by too much of it.”
    “Corporations have grown so big that they are overwhelming democracies and building a global plutocracy to serve their own interests. The human economy as a whole has grown so big that it has been able to change the atmospheric composition of the planet and precipitate a mass-extinction event.”
    “once scaled up to the level of modern states, all systems became oppressors.”
    “We have now reached the point that Kohr warned about over half a century ago: the point where “instead of growth serving life, life must now serve growth, perverting the very purpose of existence.””

    Note: You always have the option of deleting comments that you regard as offensive, inappropriate or off topic. I will not take offense if you delete any of mine.

  12. Keith

    We had the poorly managed robots-debt fiasco; now we have the Federal Police being used to harass Centrelink clients:


    You can bet that companies withholding tax will not be harassed in the same way. While Murdoch gets a $30 million present from the LNP “government”.

    If your about to connect to the nbn in an area where fibre to the node is being used, expect your home phone line to be caput on making the transition to nbn. Don’t expect super fast speeds as promised.

  13. Max Gross

    Joseph, these are not LNP fails. These are LNP policies, core beliefs and traditional agendas. Mate! It’s feckin’ deliberate!

  14. Joseph Carli

    I have written on this for a long time, Max…That the defunding and dismantling and misgovernence is a default method of creating a “manageable chaos” they can control with severe policing and martial control.

  15. wam

    Great read, joseph. Especially in the absence of the Lord.
    “The revolution of the passive refusal to be a consuming conspirator of pessimistic politics!”
    Sadly, no slogan so the kerrigan ‘telling’.
    oops a hope of the century as trumps environment protector pruit may visit. He and roberts could get us all giggling together???

  16. Joseph Carli

    wam…I’m surprised you are back after your mocking my “The Secret” poem, with an obvious “contrition post” flattering up to me!..well, sir!..Let me reassure you it will take a tad more than a gratuitous opening sentence to assuage MY anger!…You shall be hearing from my spleen!

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