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The Facebook comment the Liberal Party didn’t want you to see

‘Loose with the truth’ should be the motto of the Liberal Party. Kaye Lee’s article To my local member (Lucy Wicks) and Bill Mavropoulas’, An open letter to Andrew Laming are two recent articles on The AIMN where the accuracy of their party’s representation has been rightfully challenged. And of course Tony Abbott himself has been exposed on countless occasions as being a man who is – above all others – known to be recklessly loose with the truth.

Naturally The AIMN isn’t the only site that exposes the nest of lies. Many of our readers may be aware of Glenn Murray’sThe Facebook comment Liberal didn’t want you to see‘ in which the torch was put to Karen McNamara – another elected member of the Liberal Party. Glen’s article has been read by over 60,000 people, yet to see this number grow Glenn has offered his piece to The AIMN. For those who haven’t seen his article, we hand you over to Glenn:

My local Liberal MP recently deleted a comment I left on her Facebook post. Then she blocked me. And all because I spoke an inconvenient truth.

Her post and my comment

Karen deleted this and blocked me

Proof I was right

The deficit left by Labor

In August, before the election, the Treasury (not Labor) forecast we’d run at a $54.6b deficit over the next 4 years (p.1).


How Hockey added to the deficit

In December, after the election, Liberal announced a NEW forecast of $122.7b (p.1).


Treasury DID NOT sign off on this change

In Treasury Secretary Martin Parkinson’s words:

PEFO [the original forecast] is the only document that the Treasury and the Department of Finance have their names on… All other documents are documents of the Government.”

So Hockey added $68.1 billion to Treasury’s forecast!

As you can see, Hockey has added $68.1 billion on top of Treasury’s official forecast ($122.7 – $54.6 = $68.1). He made no secret of it either; it’s stated clearly in his MYEFO document:

Hockeys additions

Why the massive change?

According to the government’s own figures (p.29), the difference was due to their policy decisions and “parameter and other variations”.


What were the policy decisions and “parameter and other variations”? According to p.34-35 of Hockey’s MYEFO, the main elements were:

  • spending measures associated with repealing the carbon tax
  • land transport infrastructure programs
  • implementation of border protection policies
  • a boost to funding for the Students First package
  • an $8.8 billion grant paid to the Reserve Bank of Australia
  • lower government revenue from tax (including forgone carbon tax revenue, which MYEFO says added $9.4b to the forecast deficit – p.93)
  • a change to the terms of trade methodology, reducing economic growth forecasts
  • a change in the projected unemployment rate
  • removing “uncertainty” re announced, but unlegislated, tax and superannuation measures

So there you go. Hockey more than doubled the forecast deficit by changing policies, forgoing revenue and making gloomy economic forecasts. Then he (and my local MP, Karen) tried to blame it all on Labor. All so he could justify his harsh budget (released not long after).

Cool, eh? ;-(

Post a message on Karen’s Facebook

If you’d like to post the truth on Karen’s Facebook, here’s the text (with a link to this post):

No, that’s an outright lie, and you know it. MYEFO was based on Liberal’s policy changes, revenue Liberal chose to forgo, and gloomy economic forecasts made by Liberal (NOT the treasury). The deficit forecast left by Labor (as signed off by Treasury) was for $54.6b deficit over the next four years. The additional $68b was Liberal’s. Nice try, but no cigar. http://www.glennmurray.com.au/the-facebook-comment-liberal-didnt-want-you-to-see/

You can follow Glenn onTwitter, Google+, orFacebook.


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  1. Samantha Roberts

    That is brilliant. I have encountered a few loose speaking people in my life and they are all the same when it comes to characteristics. Terrible.

  2. Kaye Lee


    I know how you feel. Lucy Wicks banned me for quoting the budget vs PEFO. These girls aren’t there to think. They are subservient eye candy. Karen is either someone who big-noted herself and lied to get a job or she is corrupt, or REALLY stupid. Whichever way you look at it she has no right to be warming a seat in our Parliament – though she has perfected the art of yawning in question time without opening her mouth. I know I am getting childish here but when they make me look at her every time someone is at the despatch box I notice these things. Watch for the flared nostrils. I am also heartily sick of her schoolgirl giggling.

  3. Glenn Murray (@divinewrite)

    Haha! Forgiven, Kaye. Personally I don’t think any of them are stupid. Cunning and calculating, yes. Arrogant, yes. But there’s nothing accidental about any of this. It’s all going to plan. Except for us inserting a spanner in the works, here and there.

    Karen showed her true colors in an earlier exchange I had with her. She implied I was a conspiracy theorist, then refused to answer my questions: http://www.glennmurray.com.au/i-sent-a-letter-to-my-local-mp-she-called-me-a-conspiracy-theorist/

  4. Glenn Murray (@divinewrite)

    Thanks to you too, Samantha. It’s good to see people are catching them out and sharing.

  5. JulieT

    Thanks Glenn and the AIMN, please keep up the good work. Our country needs you.

  6. corvus boreus

    Glenn M,
    Stupidity is relative to company and function.
    The inability to spot a discrepancy between $12,000 and $100,000 would not be a sign of intellectual failing if exhibited by a semi-trained macaque.
    In a Homo sapien chosen as an elected official, it’s plain, substandard, dumb.
    Thank you for the analysis and advocacy.

  7. Möbius Ecko

    This person doesn’t like Lucy Wicks much. Warning they don’t hold back on their scorn of her and it ends on this:

    This whole thing is a damning indictment of the Liberals as they get. To make matters worse, this idiot Lucy Wicks Liberal – Robertson spent so much time telling us how much of a local product she is. Oh – she forgot to tell us she was pre-selected and appointed while living in Tony Abbot’s Electorate. Oh come on. Gillard looks real good now.


    Also interesting is that Lucy only has one vaguely recent comment going back to March, the others are a couple congratulating her for her election win in September 2013. Yes she’s left up congratulatory messages from September 2013. That is a good insight into her personality and ego.

  8. Möbius Ecko

    Sorry that last paragraph refers to her Facebook page.

  9. corvus boreus

    Mobius E;
    Accentuate the positive,
    eliminate the negative,
    latch on to the affirmative,
    don’t mess with Mr In-between.

  10. corvus boreus

    Ps, to clarify, that was not personal advice. It was;
    a) the chorus of a lounge crooning favourite.
    b) the editorial policy of Ms Wicks’ “I love Lucy” website.

  11. Stephen Jestor Stewart

    I qas also banned by Karen Mcnamara’s facebook page. All for making the observation that most of the posts on there have 20+ comments, but only a handful are visible. I also sent an email asking for a “please explain” but so far have not received a response.
    This is what i sent to her office.
    I qas also banned by Karen Mcnamara’s facebook page. All for making the observation that most of the posts on there have 20+ comments, but only a handful are visible. I also sent an email asking for a “please explain” but so far have not received a response.

  12. janierainforestgirl

    Nothing new about being banned from Liberal senators Facebook pages. I was blocked from Scott Morrison’s for asking a simple and very polite question.

  13. Matthew Oborne

    Glen I have been looking into the announcement made by Carers NT about Abbott dumping the NDIS, the important part of the release was it was just 5 weeks after the election that it was announced. Carers NT dumped the announcement very quickly after making it. Apparently the announcement was…….wait for it………Labors fault (I have a bridge to sell if you believe that) The webmaster owned up to posting it based on a comment from a Labor Senator (Hurry this bridge wont last long at these prices) Yet they had the audacity to suggest I was a conspiracy theorist. I challenged them if that is the case and I am indeed a conspiracy theorist name one wedge issue promise the Libs have delivered. In all respect to Carers NT, we all know punishments are handed out by this government to those who would rock the boat for them.

    An Iron Curtain has come down around Canberra.

  14. Anomander

    Being banned from a Libs facebook page should be worn as a badge of honour.

  15. strobedriver

    Exceptional article and the ABC ‘Fact checker’ is yet another example of why the Abbott-Hockey Conservative government despises erudite, articulate and succinct commentary.

  16. Totaram

    Liberals always forget to mention that Labor’s “deficit” was deliberately created to avoid a recession after the GFC. And much of it created infrastructure that will still be functioning 20 years from now (pink batts and BER). The final nail is the fact that budget (fiscal) deficits are no big deal. They are just a neoliberal bogeyman – even Clive Palmer will tell you that.

  17. Kaye Lee

    I just posted this link on Karen’s page and it was removed immediately…and I mean immediately. Nothing to hide Karen? Starting to feel ashamed Karen?

    “Senior politicians and clergyman in Sri Lanka say they’re deeply concerned for the safety of asylum seekers returned to Sri Lanka by the Australian Government.

    They say the nation may not be at war but it is still extremely dangerous for many Tamils. They may face imprisonment, torture and the destruction of their livelihoods.

    Jesuit priest Father Yogeswaran has written to the Australian High Commissioner in Sri Lanka, saying that the Prime Minister, Tony Abbott, is wrong to suggest that Sri Lanka is now a peaceful country.

    And, as Jo Jarvis reports, the chief minister of the Northern Province says the situation for many in Sri Lanka is so intolerable that they’re forced to seek a life elsewhere.”


  18. Keith

    I made some comments on Karen McNamara’s Facebook page earlier today. When going back a few hours later it appeared as though they had been edited out. One of the items posted was a Ross Gittins article titled “Australia risks becoming a fuel fossil” with no extra comment. I can understand if comments are abusive that they are deleted, but when there is a challenge to views that should be seen to be healthy. Wasn’t there some comment about freedom of speech not long ago? In reality it has proven to be a sham.

  19. atkenos

    Thanks mate. Sincerely.

  20. Kaye Makovec

    I just posted it on Abbott’s page so we’ll see what happens there 🙂
    As far as I know my posting of Kaye Lee’s reply to Lucy Wicks is still there somewhere.
    Along with heaps of other stuff, I’d surprised every day to find I’m not blocked, yet 🙂 and even if only a couple of people read and think it will be worth it. Tiny steps 🙂

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