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Examining Matt Canavan’s clean energy China cop-out

By Darrell Egan

Australian Minerals and Resources Minister Matt Canavan has been conjuring up a boogey man China comparison cop-out in not wanting to commit to clean energy targets, without any details of what he is comparing Australia to in regards to China.

If Matt is attempting to hold China up as an example of not making inroads to clean energy we really need to look at in detail what China has done in regards to moving towards clean energy.

From 2013 the Tsinghua University and Asian Development Bank has been producing Clean Energy reports for the Chinese Government.

This years report showed that China has one of the largest Green Financial markets with Green Loans exceeding $10.6 trillion and the issuing of Green Bonds exceeding $1.1 trillion.

In efforts in being part of an international Green Energy future China Co-Chairs the G20 Green Finance Study Group, co-founded the Network for Greening the Financial System and launched the Green International Principles with International partners as part of the Green Belt and Road Initiative to name a few of their environmental initiatives.

In cooperation with Mongolia the first Green Finance Tax scheme in Mongolia, with Technical assistance from the Tsinghua Green Finance Centre and the China Green Finance Committee. (See also Mongolia Green Taxonomy).

Further to this is on the ground grassroots efforts to tackle climate change in establishing the roots for the Billion Tree Project in which schools, community groups and private companies covered 23 per cent of China with forests in 2020.

These are initiatives Matt Canavan could learn from and get off the starting blocks.

In relation to China’s Electric Vehicle production their sales domestically increased by 8% and 43 % in export sales from 2019 to 2020. This increased sustained itself through the COVID pandemic.

With a population of 1.4 Billion people China plans to have 40 per cent of all vehicles in China sold to Electric Vehicles.

In relation to electric buses a 2018 Bloomberg New Energy Finance report found in 2016 that China was on average registering 340 buses a day in every single city in China.

In this same report it was found that in 2017 the circulation of China’s buses, 17% are Electric Vehicle buses. 90,000 of China’s registered buses are electric powered and 16 thousand are hybrid plug in powered.

This is far from the cop-out excuse boogey man that Matt Caravan is conjuring.

If Matt wants to come on board with the boogey man he is conjuring, the only thing that he has to decide on is what he is going to do with the stocking of coal import reduction present China gave back to Australia last Christmas.


This article was originally published on Dazza Egan Australia & China Watch Journo.

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  1. guest

    Some news outlets tell us that China is building hundreds of coal-fired power stations and say that when China says it will be carbon neutral by 2060 we must not believe it. This is all about selling Oz coal to China.

    There are many sources online which tell us a different story about what China is doing, and intends to do, in the future.

    “Analysis: Will China build hundreds of new coal plants in the 2020s”? (, 24/3/2020) tells us “power stake holders are lobbying for targets that would allow hundreds of new coal-fired power stations to be built…
    “This is despite significant over-capacity in the sector, with more than half of coal-power firms already loss-making and with typical plants running at less than 50% of their capacity…
    “The need for capacity to meet peak demand will also be substantially reduced when cross-region transmission and flexibility increase, instead of every province building capacity as if it was an island.”

    “China’s five year plan focuses on energy security” (, 20/3/2021) tells us: “The Five-year plan (FYP-14) recommits the government in very broad terms to ‘formulate an action plan for peaking carbon emissions before 2030’ and to ‘anchor efforts to achieve carbon neutrality by 2060’…
    “But at the core of the document are familiar concerns about wasteful energy consumption , boosting efficiency, improving energy security, and curbing pollution that have been central objectives for 40 years…
    “The problem with relying on coal as the primary source of energy have been well understood by Chinese and international policymakers since at least the 1980s…
    “Coal’s contribution to urban air pollution, acid rain, and climate change was extensively analysed in a landmark report on ‘China’s Long-term Development Issues and Options’ published by the World bank in 1985…
    “In recent decades, China has enthusiastically embraced zero-emissions energy from wind, solar, hydro and nuclear, as well as electrification of the energy an transportation systems, because it offers a chance to reduce the reliance on coal without increasing dependence on imported oil and gas.”

    “China’s climate and energy policy at a turning point” (, 13/2/2021) tells us: “China actively participated and contributed to the 2015 Paris Agreement and set climate goals to be achieved in national and sectoral five-year plans…
    “The Paris Agreement was clearly important to China. China submitted its Nationally Determined Contribution (NDC), aimed at peaking emissions ‘around 2030 and making best efforts to peak early’ (NDRC2015) and carbon-emission intensity by 60-65% of 2005 levels…
    “Recently, China unexpectedly announced its goal of becoming carbon-neutral and revised the goal to peak emissions before 2030 (changed from around 2030).”

    It is interesting to see how China is trying to catch up – and even exceed – the West.

    Meanwhile, we await what policy our government will take to Glasgow.

  2. Phil Pryor

    Without a slight gram of insulting comment, This bonsai Benito, the Mangy and mad little Mussolino Canavan is one of the shittiest non-intellectual sluts for money, preferment, position, pose, sinecures, future reward, ingratiation, a thorough failure in decency, honesty, intellectual attitude, moral rectitude, ethical acceptability and balanced representative duty. What a pot of brown smellies is this stupid front for ultra greedy patrons, donors, cynical shifty crooks. Some of the Huns would kill us and the planet to assert their claims on a quick quid.

  3. wam

    Good one, egan, fancy flashing any truth in front of the man with membership of a wholly own subsidiary of a club that got a cash splash and whose mum applied for him to be italian causing a great kerfuffle and judgements by rightwing wigged idiots that a foreign government can override born in Australia.
    Still anusvan is unfamiliar with anything china does other than what the Americans, through rupert, tell him.
    As an oldie I wont see the himalaya pact but I expect that to be the final nail in the white men’s coffers.

  4. New England Cocky

    An excellent informative article Darrell Egan that clearly demonstrates the importance of AIMN for providing reliable news from the world outside the Murdoch media bubble.

    The USA (United States of Apartheid) is in economic decline caused in part by parasitic capitalism and poor distribution of wealth across the whole population. The ruling elite are concerned to maintain their position at any expense and will fund the NE Military Industrial Complex to provide whatever armaments are required to maintain their position.

    In essence, the American Dream has morphed into the American Nightmare ….. and worse is to come ….. unfortunately.

  5. Terence Mills

    I stand to be corrected but I don’t think that Matt Canavan is currently a minister for anything. He has had a stab at different portfolios without leaving much of an impression :

    Minister for Northern Australia from 18.2.2016 to 19.7.2016.
    Minister for Resources and Northern Australia from 19.7.2016 to 25.7.2017.
    Minister for Resources and Northern Australia from 27.10.2017 to 3.2.2020.

  6. GL

    Looking at the photo of Coalavan at the top of the article left me thinking: He’s a trained parrot for the big miners and as long as they keep the bottom of his cage covered in cash and occasionally renail him to his perch after he goes into a coma after thinking for himself nothing will change.

  7. george theodoridis

    Profuse thanks, Darrell Egan, a great piece of work.
    And to answer Jane Caro’s (my fantasy girl) question:
    Jane, you expert of trick questions, you know very well the answer to that question! Canavan, wouldn’t know what to do when his bowels move, let alone what the scientists know.
    It’s a head full of void space, of space forgotten by the gods when they were putting him together.

    Reminds me of Hephaistos and his mother Hera. Hephaistos is known for his sensitivity, his kindness and his creativity. God of the forge. He could build an iron net that is so fine, it will be invisible. But he was the ugliest god on Mt Olympus. When he was born his ugliness horrified his mum, Hera (wife and sister to Zeus) so much, that she picked him up and threw him over the side of the mountains. Gods can’t die, of course, because they are immortal but this poor bastard ended up with almost every bone on his body smashed and his face – well, let’s say, became very unattractive. It’s a gorgeous story, especially since, for various reasons which I won’t go here and I urge you to do so yourselves, Zeus made Aphrodite, the goddess of beauty (it’s wrong to call her the goddess of love. She was everything but!) to marry the poor ugly artist.

    Anyhow, Hephaistos was left without a very important element of his being, namely beauty.
    Canavan was left without beauty (I daresay) but more importantly, a brain. And it’s precisely what a mortal needs to become a member of our Govn’t.


    I’ll quote what my father often said of idiots like Canavan , ‘Some people have their brains up their arse and everytime they go for a shit, a bit of their brains gets shat out too ‘

    This idiot should recognize his shortcomings and give up his promotion of the coal miners who grease his palms. Same goes for the barnyard fornicator and the fat bastard with billions to throw away.

  9. Consume Less

    Apparently the word idiot was invented for people like Matt.

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