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By Kathryn

Everything – absolutely everything – that comes out of the lying, conniving mouths of the reprehensible political baboons in the LNP is either:

1) an outrageous lie – so often told by the Mother and Father of all recidivist pathological liars, Scott Morrison! A lie that is always preceded and followed by that infamous and thoroughly irritating self-satisfied, contemptuous smirk!

2) a vicious, and thoroughly incredulous piece of scurrilous, character-assassinating slander used to discredit, maliciously defame or ridicule anyone and everyone who stand up to justifiably condemn or, understandably, oppose the LNP’s rising level of condescending arrogance, self-serving corruption, callous inhumanity and/or nauseating level of bible-thumping hypocrisy! This type of virulent, offensive “attack” is so often focused on our most vulnerable citizens but is now directed at Albanese and the ALP (and/or The Greens) especially when we are so close to a federal election which, if the polls are correct and, more importantly, if there is any type of justice in this nation, the deeply unpopular, totally corrupt, disingenuous, pathological liar, Morrison, is due to lose in spectacular fashion!

3) a cynical, tongue-in-cheek, chest-beating piece of self-promoting BS that has absolutely no connection to reality.

4) an unspeakably vile, callously inhumane attack against the most vulnerable citizens in our community, especially the poor and/or anyone receiving any type of welfare! Members of the nauseating LNP go on and on attacking, degrading and vilifying the poor, the disenfranchised, the homeless and the disadvantaged yet refuse to realise that they are the worst, most prolific, non-achieving, taxpayer-funded political parasites in living memory! Morrison – a non-achieving political psychopath who has been exposed as the fifth highest paid politician in the western world. This is in spite of the fact that Morrison has been suspiciously “dumped” from just about every job he has ever failed to hold before he became one of the worst, most corrupt political sociopaths in our history. The fact is that Morrison and the LNP have not achieved a single thing that provides any type of benefit to ordinary working- or middle-class Australians – never have and never will!

5) consistent contemptuous, offhand misogynistic statements used to put women “in their place” which – according to the ex-LNP MP, Julie Bishop – is used by the majority of appalling, alpha-male “swinging d*cks” in the male-dominated LNP who believe that most women should be kept barefoot and pregnant in front of the kitchen sink!

6) a thoroughly offensive racist remark (or a surreptitious utterance implying a racist attack) against anyone who is not a white, Anglo-Saxon male with a conservative, right-wing Presbyterianism-type of “Christian” background!

7) an offensive sanctimonious “lecture” that has its foundation deeply embedded in judgemental religious hypocrisy!

There is absolutely nothing good one can find to say about the LNP. This diabolical, self-serving regime is made up of the worst type of political misfits ever seen in this nation! The LNP has degenerated into an internationally condemned pack of smug, totally ruthless, unconscionably cruel gang of lying, conniving, misogynistic bible-thumping hypocrites who don’t give a rat’s behind about anyone but themselves and their multi-millionaire, non-taxpaying donors in the Top 1%.

Wake up, Australia and kick these smug, corrupt and self-serving parasites to the gutter at the next federal election – they do not care about you and never did!


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  1. David Baird

    I think you’ve covered pretty much everything, Kathryn. And all very well put. You do not seethe alone. I’m still staggered that a significant slice of the voting public are thinking, “Yeah, I think they deserve another go around.”

  2. Jack Cade

    …and in the news today we read about the pre-election, last-minute appointment of coalition toadies and electoral rejects to plum sinecures and highly-paid jobs they have neither the aptitude nor the background to perform.

  3. Phil Pryor

    Jack is right; there are some reject, defective Palmer Lane denizens of conservative history getting the post-career bribo-corrupto- repayo reward for service to fleecing, profiteering, lazy loudmouthing. And, David is one of many who hate, fiercely, the corruption and inbuilt iniquity of conservative corporate capitalist conniving culture of criminality by institutional white anting, Appointing this stream of shitheads to well paid gigs is typical. Morrison does function, but that hides the deep sicko-whacko-dreamo-fraudo fundamental illness of soul (hah) the man has. Chronic and pathological, he lies about lying, cheats about cheating, dreams up righteousness, salvation, endless forgiveness, an apostle for deviate selfishness. Morrison seems to be a selfromancing political pervert of upright wrongness.

  4. James Robert LEONARD

    To Jack Cade.
    These toadies were never put there for their aptitude or background. They were chosen for their ability to impede and inhibit the performance of any alternative government we may elect. One wonders how many of them are lifetime appointments for his special “mates in the liberal party”.

  5. Terry

    . . .crap. Everything Scott Morrison says is . . . crap.
    This morning I watched a interview of Ballina MP Catherine Cusack on ABC breakfast news, in part, twice. Not for what she was saying which was quite powerful but how the message was being delivered by the ABC tech crew. At first I wondered why Catherine looked so agitated. I noticed Mike Rowlands also seemed rather amped up. Half an hour later I watched another interview segment and noticed a similar air of rushed anxiousness. I have the firm impression that both interview segments have been broadcast at higher speed than the original recording speed. Has anyone else noticed this phenomena? If true, it’s a case of a psyop being run against an unsuspecting national audience, one intended to synchronize a nervousness across the board at a subliminal level.
    Any thoughts? Today was the first time I have noticed this.

  6. GL


    Are you sure you weren’t buzzed on your morning coffee because I didn’t see anything like what you describe. Please stop with the conspiracy crap.

  7. New England Cocky

    @ James Robert Leonard: Agreed. What would a former ABC announcer know about law and the legal system? And that is one of the ”good” ones ,,,,,

  8. corvusboreus

    Did you know that the world government has exterminated all the birds and replaced them with surveilance robots?
    Here’s the proof:

  9. FightClubber


    Im not familiar with the program you are referring to, but I do remember reading elsewhere a while ago that a station in the USA was found to be broadcasting some programs at a faster speed so they could cram more adverts in per hour.

    Maybe this was what you saw.

  10. corvusboreus

    Genuinely interesting.

    Conspiracy claims have greater plausibility if profit motive is evident.
    It also helps if science supports.

    Commercial TV stations routinely cut scenes from shows to fit in more ad$.

    Sound and visual frame-rate could easily be manipulatively sped up without liminal notice by bulk audience

    This would allow TV stations to fit in more ad$ without cutting more scenes.

    Would be grateful for a link to cited case.

    Ps I could digress upon the profitabilty of vehicular collisions to vehicle manufacturers & dealerships (at cost to insurer & consumer), optical visibity of various colours & shades against predominant background, and carlots filled with bitumen hued cars….
    but i won’t

  11. Albos Elbow

    Australia’s greatest ever politician liar tried to tell us on the 7:30 report interview that he interfered with the Liberal Party’s candidate pre-selection process in NSW to “protect women”.

    I laughed so hard I spilled some of my cab sav on my copy of Demons and Destiny.

  12. New England Cocky

    @corveusboreus: Now THAT is an interesting admission. Perhaps there is some truth in the allegation that the American economy requires wars to provide the profits to shareholders of the NE military industrial complex, just as Eisenhower in 1956 noted. Wars make great economic black holes where the daily destruction of equipment (and senseless waste of lives) requires re-supply and so more manufacturing to create more profits.

    Perhaps Carole Quigley (1968?) ”Tragedy and Hope: A History of the United State” was not that far from the reality, while Gary Allen (1971) was too close to reality.

  13. wam

    I was sitting in a surgery watching kids playing with toys ignoring the TV which was on sunrise. All 4 instantly stopped playing at the change in volume of the adverts. Even the ABC has the increased vol for its ads. I wrote and was told the sound quality of the ads is superior to the normal show. Whatever the reaction of the little kids showed the benefit of getting attention?

  14. corvusboreus

    US & Aus cooperated in developing the next-generation Joint Strike Fighter.
    Simultaneously, US Defense applied for priority funding to develope a fighter superior in performance to the JSF, citing the need to keep a step ahead of straya, a ‘potential regional rival’.

    Yeah, the beast definitely feeds itself.

  15. Ill fares the land

    Bargearse-McSmirky is now in his natural environment – a real election campaign. He is always in a perpetual campaign, but it will be ramped up from here on in, with the sycophantic fawning of the mainstream media. His “brilliant idea”, if you want to call it that (he thinks it is), is to tell lie after lie. It all rolls off his tongue with polished ease (which says a great deal about his lack of any moral compass and his massively neurotic persona) and the trick is there are so many (lies) in everything he says that we can’t keep up. Even the anti-Trumpians that counted Trump’s lies knew when he lied, but unpicking and rebutting every lie is too big a task. While you are unpicking one, he tells more that you miss. It is a scatter-gun approach – his targeted voters will hear something in amongst all of the white noise of his lies and that will be what sticks for them. He is also the classic “lift farter”. He “farts in the lift” and quickly makes everyone think it was Albanese. So, one of his lies was that Albanese only has one policy. This, coming from the guy who has none, but his supporters believe that drivel because they want to find reasons to hate Labor and Albanese. Sky shrieks about Bargerse’s character being attacked, when his campaign is predicated upon him besmirching Albanese. Bargearse asks how Labor will pay for its aged-care policy and the media falls in behind, but none think to ask about how the Coalition planned to pay for tens of billions of pork-barrelling and boondoggling already carried out and funded in the amazing budget (a solution desperately looking for a problem). Luckily, for now, Bargearse-McSmirky is so “on the nose” that there may just be enough who he might have thought would be swayed who are not listening, but it is going to put big pressure on Albanese.

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