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Et tu, Scott?

Considering how smug Scott Morrison is looking lately, it is somewhat ironic that it was Joe Hockey that gifted him his first government “snout in the trough” job.

Hockey was tourism minister and Morrison was the state director of the NSW Liberal Party. In 2004, in an act of blatant croneyism, Hockey gave Morrison the $350,000 a year job as chief executive of Tourism Australia where he was responsible for the “Where the bloody hell are you?” campaign.

The nine members of the board complained that Morrison did not heed advice, withheld important research data about the controversial campaign, was aggressive and intimidating, and ran the government agency as if it were a one-man show.

Fran Bailey, Hockey’s successor as tourism minister, apparently despised him but Morrison was confident that John Howard would ultimately back him. He reportedly boasted that if Fran Bailey got in his way, he would bring her down. When board members called for him to go, however, Bailey agreed, and it was Morrison who was sent packing. An industry insider said “[Fran’s] one big win was ousting Scott. His ego went too far.” The “agreed separation” was said to have pocketed him at least a $300,000 payout.

When Bruce Baird decided to step down from the seat of Cook, Morrison ran for preselection but was not backed by either faction in the Liberal Party and received just eight votes. Michael Towke, a Lebanese Christian from the right faction, won. Four days later, amid allegations of branch stacking, Towke became the victim of a smear campaign, with a series of damaging personal stories leaked to the Daily Telegraph who, after a legal challenge, later offered an out of court settlement for their defamatory slander.

The upshot of the smear campaign was that the NSW state executive refused to endorse Towke’s nomination, and demanded a second ballot. The beneficiary was Scott Morrison, a cleanskin in the factional fight, who was parachuted in as a unity candidate even though local party members initially rejected him, partly because he was considered insufficiently right wing.

In the 2007 election, Scott Morrison was duly elected as the member for the safe Liberal seat of Cook and, when the party lurched to the right under the leadership of Abbott, Morrison cast himself as a central figure in the Liberal fight-back, much to the annoyance of longtimers in the party who grumbled that he was a first-termer in too much of a hurry.

Leaks to the Daily Telegraph said that Morrison argued in shadow cabinet that the Liberals should exploit community concerns about Muslim immigrants. What better way for a first-termer to shore up support in Cronulla than to champion the issue of border protection? One senior Liberal described the one-time moderate’s confrontational approach on asylum seekers as “Supreme opportunism.”

As Nick Bryant put it, “He has become a creature of the capital’s hyper-adversarialism and also of his Cronulla constituents’ parochialism.”

The more publicity that came Scott Morrison’s way, the more hardline he became. So much so that, on the morning when victims of the Christmas Island boat people tragedy were due to be buried in Sydney, he launched an ill-tempered attack on the government for paying for family members to make the long journey from Christmas Island.

Abbott’s lukewarm response was “It does seem a bit unusual that the government is flying people to funerals.” Instead, it was left to Joe Hockey to condemn the remarks: “I would never seek to deny a parent or a child from saying goodbye to their relative.” Then came an acid shower of criticism from party elders. John Hewson called his comments “inhumane”. Malcolm Fraser was scornful: “I hope Scott Morrison is just a fringe element in the party.” More woundingly, Bruce Baird also slapped down his one-time protégé: “I’m very disappointed that Scott would make those comments. It is lacking in compassion at the very time when these people have been through such a traumatic event.”

There is no doubting Morrison’s ambition but will he be content with Joe’s job? Will Tony see the writing on the wall and pass the chalice? Morrison is 11 years younger than Abbott and three years younger than Hockey. His past tends to indicate an arrogant self-belief, and a willingness to exploit any means, that makes him a man that we should all regard with a great deal of caution.


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  1. philgorman2014

    Are there no depths this man will not sink to in his pursuit of power?

  2. Jennifer Meyer-Smith

    I find it hard to believe that Morrisscum could ever have been considered a moderate.

    The fact that he was prepared to sell his soul in becoming a hardliner in exploiting racism in Cronulla, should be a wise warning to all of us that his present role as pseudo-benevolent master of the Social Services portfolio, is just another example of his vile, arrogant ambition, which lacks humane and moral conviction.

  3. babyjewels10

    It nearly makes me want to vomit. They are all tarred with the same brush.

  4. Kaye Lee

    One year I had two year 7 maths classes – the top and the bottom. I was forced to give them common tests. The bottom class would finish in no time and often say “that was easy Miss”. The top class would sweat till the last minute, checking and rechecking, trying to come up with at least a start for questions they were unsure of.

    This government reminds me of the bottom class. “This will be easy.” They think it is the rest of us who are being ignorant by not welcoming their ideas formed without consultation with anyone except their mates. Actually, I take that back. I liked the kids in that year 7 class. They were a damn sight more genuine than anyone in the Abbott government.

  5. Fiona

    Kaye Lee,

    Top piece and I agree with every word of your analysis of the despicable scrot morriscum (note: I have ceased giving coalition mp’s capitals for their names as a mark of disrespect).

  6. helenmarg

    He is a disgraceful inhumane person.The worst hypocrite I have ever seen.Reading to the little children in kindergarten.What happened to the report of the children in detention.Those parents and children should have a peaceful life.
    How does his church allow him in the door unless they all have the same ideas as him.

  7. stephentardrew

    It’s so much fun hurting other people with a smile on your face and a knife in the back.

    A truly devious despicable lying sycophant.


    Too damn much.

  8. Dimmy

    DId you notice that the kids in the photo were not taking any notice of him and his picture book. He is what is termed a “grandstander”. I have another word for him, but I am not allowed to print it. If Australia EVER allows people like him to represent them and their ideals, then the country is F*&%$Zd

  9. Annie B

    @ Helenmarg ~~

    Re : “How does his church allow him in the door unless they all have the same ideas as him.”

    Precisely. …. Good question.

    Answer : – – – They do, I believe, indeed have the same ideas as him – and vice versa.

    From my own personal experience at the hands of that ‘church’ ( read ‘cult’ ), it espouses among many things abominable, utterly overt racism, petty discriminations, fear-mongering ( OMG – is there much fear abounds in that organisation !! ), an intense hatred of Catholicism ( makes me wonder what Scum is up to – certainly a desire to take over the leadership – and put a Catholic, any Catholic will do, out of commission !! ) …. and some of the most ridiculous rhetoric I have ever heard, along with ‘speaking in tongues’ ( look it up please ) intense worship to the point of ecstasy, i.e. fainting …. and avowed allegiance to a sect that proclaims that it has ALL the truth, and that no-one else on earth is worthy of the truth ( unless they join that sect ) and could never hold a truth – unless it is THEIR truth.

    In other words – they are above the rest of the entire planet – they are better, more capable, and far more able to be ‘accepted’ by the highest power ( whoever that might be ), than any of us plebs could ever wish. …. So they say !!

    They also are pledged to proselytise – as often and as hard as they can. Many of them also seek the ‘end times’ philosophies, and follow ( with money of course ) the exponents of that premise.

    This is NOT a vent on my part. It is spoken from fact, and experience.

    And THAT folks, is the Scum – and he shows it in every word, and in the odd, cruel and cold facial expressions he delivers.

    Absolutely NOT to be trusted – in any way, shape or form.

  10. Fiona


    The knife isn’t in the back: it’s behind the back, ready to be inserted in the most politically convenient prey.

  11. Shevill Mathers

    They are all tarred with the same brush on the front row, I would not trust them one iota. All spin and no substance, totally in it for themselves. Power and money hungry.

  12. FreeThinker

    Morrison is marked by the appalling deeds on behalf of government that he has already overseered.

    Kaye, your research and your knowledge of the Sydney Liberal Party mafia never cease to amaze, with their wheels-within-wheels machinations.

    Sadly, it seems to rival and probably out-do the NSW Labor Party Right in political unscrupulousness.

    I was not aware that Hockey granted Morrison a $350,000 job in 2004.

    A bit like the Brandis – Tim Wilson connection. Audaciously, they just keep doing the same things.

    No surprise Morrison had a problem with Fran Bailey. She was both a Victorian and a woman.

  13. Ruth L

    Just when you think hypocrisy has reached its zenith along comes Scott Morrison—-

  14. paul walter

    Smug, yet seems on a very short fuse. He’d have made a terrific WA or QLD premier.

  15. Mark Needham

    * pocketed him at least a $300,000 payout.
    * who was parachuted in
    * an arrogant self-belief, and a willingness to exploit any means, that makes him a man that we should all regard with a great deal of caution.

    We can be thankful, that these are not attributes of people in our Labour Party.
    The inherent, Personal and Political greed of some people, knows no bounds, Hey!

  16. Möbius Ecko

    The old throwback to Labor for any shortcomings in the Liberals. Never fails Hey!

    So when Labor are in any malfeasances and shortcomings are to be heavily lambasted as loudly and as often as possible, and no excuses given. When the Liberals are in it’s always fall back to Labor as an excuse.

    We are seeing it in the current budget where spending that was consistently blasted as wasteful when Labor was in government is being praised now the Liberals are in government. And it’s been ever thus.

  17. jimhaz

    [Scott Morrison is the perfect example of the Dunning Kruger Effect in action]

    And this effect is often spurred on by the media whom are always seeking no-research cost issues – ie made up on the spot issues – to write about.

    It wasn’t long ago they were all over Bishop as a replacement, and before that it was Hockey, now the latest fab seems to be Morrison.

    For myself I will never knowingly vote for anyone whom is religious anymore. Thankfully my newest ALP “chosen one” 🙂 – Andrew Leigh is not religious, though he supports the social assistance church group bring to communities.

    “For me, I guess it’s the science-based critiques of religion have taken me to the point where I do not believe in an external being,” says Leigh.

  18. crypt0

    Dimmy …”If Australia EVER allows people like him to represent them and their ideals, then the country is F*&%$Zd ”
    I hate to be the one to point this out, but has anyone noticed who is the PM right now?
    And for what it’s worth, ScoMo is my tip for next leader of Australia’s conservative party.
    “did not heed advice, withheld important research data about the controversial campaign, was aggressive and intimidating”
    I mean, really, how can he miss ? These are all abbott’s credentials !
    The rest is up to news corpse and australia’s well informed voters.
    Good luck, Australia.

  19. RoaminRuin

    “As Nick Bryant put it, “He has become a creature of the capital’s hyper-adversarialism and also of his Cronulla constituents’ parochialism.””

    If something like this was said about the residents of Lakemba it would no doubt be considered unacceptable.

  20. Kaye Lee

    I take your point RoaminRuin though we haven’t seen riots in Lakemba like we did in Cronulla.

  21. Lee

    I have a lot of experience with the Pentecostal church. Total whack jobs and very dangerous personality types to have in politics. Some of them are among the original members of the Family First party too.

  22. RosemaryJ36

    I have spent more than half my life in Australia, having come here from England in 1971. Two things inherited from England which I think need change are the adversarial nature of the law and the confrontational nature of politics. Whenever possible I think mediation should replace litigation and genuine discussion aimed at reaching consensus should replace the nonsense that goes on in parliament.

  23. Awbakal

    Morrison is ruthless and dangerous. He holds no care or concern for anyone outside of his sphere. The return of capital punishment is on the table for anyone whose opinion differs or whose voice is risen in protest against HIS dictates.

    Gird your loins yonder people of reason. We can’t have people aware.

    Quote: From 2012 to 2013, the value of Afghanistan’s narcotics trade increased 50 percent, and it now accounts for 15 percent of the nation’s gross domestic product. Poppy cultivation has reached record levels, with acreage now three times the level in 2002 and equivalent to plantings on land 12 times the size of the District of Columbia. Opium production alone increased nearly 50 percent in the last year. More than five percent of the Afghan populace is now addicted to opiates. Moreover, half of the existing poppy fields are now located in Helmand Province, the principal locus of the U.S. military’s “surge” during Obama’s first term.

    This grim news is a boon to the Taliban, which is now drawing at least $155 million a year from narcotics-related activities, and investing the funds in insurgency, according to United Nations estimates. “The Taliban is involved in taxing opium poppy farmers; operating processing laboratories; moving narcotics; taxing narcotics transporters … [and] providing security to poppy fields, drug labs, and opium bazaars,”

  24. stephentardrew

    Awbakal the sooner we admit the great US neo-con lie the sooner we can move to a reformist non-sectarian rational paradigm.

  25. Awabakal

    stephentardrew, we need the greater majority to have the scales removed from their eyes and a trenchant reaction that halts the lying, greedy beast in its tracks.

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