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Et fixa regimen Abbott praeteritum OR Let’s Examine The Respective Plans of The Parties.

Photo: Liberal Party of Australia

Photo: Liberal Party of Australia

Last week, while acting as goal umpire, I signalled a goal to our team. Although it came out of a pack, I had a clear view of the ball leaving the player’s foot and going through the goal. The opposition started screaming that it was touched. I was tempted to ask which of them thought touched it given they were all about a metre away from the ball, but instead simply signalled the goal. (In such decisions, the field umpire will call “Touched, all clear” if he heard or saw anything – he didn’t.)

As the ball was going back to the centre an opposition supporter called out that I was a cheat and that I knew the ball was touched. Clearly, he had a clear unbiased, unimpeded view from thirty metres away, and knew that I must be cheating. His attitude reminded me of the various times I’ve been attacked a “left-wing moorun” or “Labour party supporter”. Logic has nothing to do with the argument. For many, it’s simply: I disagree with you, therefore you’re biased and unable to see this clearly because you’re an idiot, and even though I can’t spell, this doesn’t detract from the fact that I am always right about absolutely everything.

I try to make sure that I don’t fall into the same trap. Perhaps, Andrew Bolt really does have a point when he says that it’s not white people who are racist, it’s Asians and those people with non-white skin that he’s not allowed vilify any more because the law prevents free speech. So, in order to be fair and balanced, I thought I’d just examine the way that both parties approach the future.


  • Wanted to improve school funding and adopted some of the Gonski modelling.
  • Introduced the NDIS to ensure that people with disabilities had a better quality of life.
  • Attempted to improve communications through the NBN.
  • Believed that those making “super” profits from digging up our resources could afford to contribute more to the country through taxation.
  • Moved to increase superannuation so that in the future people would be less reliant on the pension.
  • Believes that we need harsh deterrents to discourage people from coming by boat, because if we don’t have them, then the Liberals will frighten people in Western Sydney about “illegal immigrants” causing traffic problems.
  • Has committed to a modest target for renewable energies.


  • Pushing for Latin to be studied in schools.
  • Put the Catholic Education Office of Western Australia in charge of schools program on Manus Island. (They do have a proud tradition of covering up abuse.)
  • Believes that everyone should pay their own way and not rely on handouts. (Unless they’re trying to run a court case against a politician such as a One Nation leader or an ex-Speaker.)
  • Thinks that funding public schools may not lead to better results, so let’s give the money to those parents struggling to afford private school fees.
  • Don’t believe that we need faster broadband because it’s only used to download movies and for playing games.
  • Believes that we should put in harsh deterrents to discourage people coming by boat. If you look at the history of boat people coming to Australia, the first group included convicts, who were poor and not the people of “calibre” that we won’t coming here (or having children). Later groups coming by boat included Tony Abbott, so you can see why Australians are against boat people.
  • Have appointed a diverse group of climate change sceptics to investigate our renewable energy target, and after spending a few weeks looking at the situation, will hand down a report saying that Labor got it wrong and we really should be trying to sell more coal.
  • Have introduced Knights and Dames.

On balance, you’d have to say that the Liberals have a clearer idea of what they want the future to look like.

P.S. I know that some rabid Liberal supporter will accuse me of deliberating ignoring the Budget deficit, but I feel that it’s been well covered in so many other areas. And yes, it is true that while Labor weren’t likely to return the Budget to surplus before 2017, the Liberals promise that they’ll do it within ten years. They also promised that they’d deliver Budget surpluses in their first term.

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  1. Edward Eastwood

    Spot on Ross! BTW, in reference to the myth of surplus – I suggest you read John Kelly’s article ‘Do Taxes Fund Spending?’ If you’re in any doubt about the veracity of the argument, then check the comments below and especially the links provided.

  2. Vince O'Grady

    Well Said Ross.

    The bit that the Liberals always leave out is that the Feb 2009 Stimulus package created 534,500 new jobs in the 2010 year. As I have been saying for some time now. It really is time for a Political and Media Practices Act, where there are serious sanctions for telling lies and that ambit comments on the economy need to have sources behind them.

  3. donwreford

    The commitment of Labors policy on broadband may well cost more than the Liberals costing, although this entails increase of spending may well prove to be a better investment in time, so on this issue Labor has vision that the liberals are shown as having short term goals lacking integrity.

  4. Margaret-Rose Stringer

    “> Believes that we need harsh deterrents to discourage people from coming by boat, because if we don’t have them, then the Liberals will frighten people in Western Sydney about “illegal immigrants” causing traffic problems.”

    This one’s too kind to a Party that doesn’t have any thoughts on how to solve the “problem” – which isn’t one – and shows no sign of even attempting to find some. (The danger in watering down an item on a list is that some will spot it and think the rest of the list similarly unsupportable.

    Apart from which, an excellent post.

  5. MissPamela

    Et hoc quidem verum est.

  6. Kaye Lee

    Liberal Party motto: Manus manum lavat

    Liberal Party problem: Veritatem dies aperit

    The AIMN motto: Fax mentis incendium gloriae

  7. helenmarg

    Great article thank you Rossleigh.How did we end up with these absolute DILLS.Showing there thoughts for the wellbeing of the population they are supposed to be looking after. The cruelty to the refugees is unbelievable.{should be their thoughts not there ]

  8. Dan Rowden

    Meh, it’s all Greek to me …

  9. Jan Dobson

    Some commenting on politics: “I disagree with you, therefore you’re biased and unable to see this clearly because you’re an idiot.”

    Rossleigh: “I try to make sure that I don’t fall into the same trap.”

    Because my instinctive reaction is that anyone in genuine need should be supplied with the basics and an opportunity to improve their situation and because, as a business manager, I know that I have a reduced ability to help if my business is not doing well, I try to follow the above path also. Trying to find balance between sometimes competing humanitarian concepts and an equally strong regard for good data and objective analysis is a minefield.

    With that in mind, I find that while the I agree with the overall message of this post, I didn’t think the comparisons were analogous. Sadly, I do think on every point the ALP would win this argument, although as mentioned by Margaret-Rose Stringer, the changes to Asylum Seeker policy introduced before the last election took them further into the black hole of inhumanity.

    Perhaps a solution, or at least an amelioration, would be to encourage the more centralist ‘right wing’ to come out to play. It is this lack of reasoned discussion that, long term, scares me most of all. For certainly, to date I haven’t seen any compelling evidence from our government on many issues.

  10. Marshallfender

    Whether you lean left or right it’s impossible to dispute the reality,extremely sad that we are governed by a party that see no wrong in dehumanising,Degrading and denigrating fellow human beings.!!

  11. Thomo

    We’ve turned into a sad country ruled by a fascist style government that listens to no one other than advisors that are appointed by them.
    The difference in direction comparing Liberal and Labor policy and implementation is glaring.
    One had visions for the future the country and the people.
    The other has visions of grandeur for the elite at the expense of the majority

  12. Kaye Makovec

    My major minor fear for this country is none of the above but is for the young unemployed who will have no income, no welfare and be forced out of rented accommodation into their cars and living on handouts in the form of food vouchers from charities for 6 months.
    Many older renters are downsizing as soon as the last one has flown the nest to save money so no hope there unless they can park in their parent’s or grandparent’s driveway.
    If not, because they have no fixed abode unless they do have a relative or friend willing let them have regular showers and wash their clothes they will stink and still won’t get a job.

    If they do manage to get a job for a few days only, will they then have to wait another 6 months each time?

    And of course too many people sleeping in their cars will offend the elitists ‘quality of life’ and we will see a law making it illegal.
    “Across the United States, many local governments are responding to skyrocketing levels of inequality and the now decades-long crisis of homelessness among the very poor … by passing laws making it a crime to sleep in a parked car.” (The Guardian)

  13. Winifred Jeavons

    I spoke with a person who believed youth on Newstart should not wear jewelry , have hair styles or any entertainment at all. she possibly did not even realise that most youth need phones and internet access to even locate jobs, let alone apply . Sad that so much ignorance breeds such intolerance. The maths is so simple unemployed>job vacancies =still unemployed.

  14. Robert LePage

    Those making super profits for any reason should pay their dues for being able to make those profits by using the infrastructure that has been paid for by taxpayers over years.

  15. Lawrence Winder

    Hmmm… Too kind, by half.

    Petulant, little children these Liarbrils… too willing to lash out when their privledges are questioned and oddly, for all their experience, amateurish in their execution. Much as I detest them being in power I am enjoying the hole they are digging for themselves. It’s just a pity we all have to share it and then repair it.
    What I will never forgive them for is their Boganisation of this country.

  16. Florence nee Fedup

    Maybe someone can tell me what Abbott’s plan is for the country, Has to be more than bringing in a surplus budget. An action that means little.

    I do not understand how this governments action of transferring so called toxic government debt to individuals makes sense.

    Still debt, at the end of the day.

  17. Florence nee Fedup

    Maybe Gillard should have unleashed a class war, as she was accused of doing. We definitely have a fully clown one now.

    Now time to demonise the rich as they are doing to those at the bottom. Not only unemployed, but the disabled, single parent and lower income earners.

    They see all of us, as a threat to their wellbeing, One has to ask, why are they so paranoid. Could not be guilty conscience, I wonder.

  18. Mike Wilkinson

    I find it very telling that the AFP is sufficiently alarmed by the amount of anger demonstrated by much of the populace that they feel it neccesary to provide security to several government ministers. I also find it surprising it has taken them so long to notice that anger. I would not be at all surprised if someone out there felt sufficiently agrieved to consider lethal action. This alone should be enough to make Abbott and his front bench consider their next actions very carefully. If they don’t, then they are in essence saying “let them eat cake”, and we all know what happened to Marie Antoinnette. 😉

  19. S

    That is just the trouble mike ,they are saying stuff you all ,we are going to re write history,and their is naught you can do about it,

  20. Steve

    Don’t get me wrong. I’m a huge advocate of anybody who isn’t mentally impaired being against Abbott Inc. (Lets face it, those who support most of the governments crack-pot ideas probably have a flat spot on their heads),and I do appreciate the AIMN’s somewhat tongue in cheek approach to reporting on this government, but hey, balance is the key to victory here.
    On a side note, I would love to get involved as a contributer to this great website. How do I go about picking up my own by line?

  21. Chris

    Seems to me there are no shortage of scholars and self made men in the ranks of the liberals and, since nothing happens by accident in politics, I am at a total loss to see what Abbott is aiming to achieve for Australia – apart from ending up with the best educated unemployed in all the world, all our jobs exported overseas and those remaining, of any substance, occupied by cheaper and more compliant 457 visa holders. Surely investing deficit monies in generating quality jobs in Australia is the answer.
    I could go on about parental leave, Goski, NBN, carbon tax, super tax, social security, etc. policies … all of which seem to be justified with extremely twisted logic. Methinks there has to be some underlying agenda here. Nobody, as smart as these people, could possibly be going down this path expecting to be supported by the masses (voters). So what is it REALLY all about?

  22. Chris

    Florence nee Fedup,
    Seems we are both asking the same question … missed your post while I was writing mine …

  23. JulieT

    I was chatting to an 89 year old the other day. He told me he had voted Liberal all his life, but was now disgusted with Abbott and his gang.

    “The man can’t even string a sentence together, how can he be a leader?” and “He is delusional.” were a couple of things he said.

  24. geoffreyengland

    Bank of America Merrill Lynch chief economist Saul Eslake said ”The federal budget has taken away from household incomes and sapped sentiment and this has exacerbated an already challenging environment.”
    Seems everyone but “Flaccid Joe, Marty CoNman, and Phoney Toney” realize this is fact.
    But then we knew they were complete fktards before the election.

  25. Robert LePage

    Could it be that Latin is the language used in the Catholic church mumbo jumbo?

  26. Trevor

    Liberal/National Party: The Naked leading the Blind.

    The Labor Party: The Blind leading the Naked.

    Export Abbott not Refugees.

  27. donwreford

    The point is with Abbott, he comes from a family without great financial backing, he is involved with oppression to generate cash for his own welfare and his family.

  28. donwreford

    Abbott has a perverse obsession with the church, learning Latin is useful to academics useful to those who study etymology, other than that its a a outdated language, Abbott puts this crap up as a detour to criminal activity in government.

  29. corvus boreus

    A smatterin’ of latin is useful in the sciences, but I don’t think Tony’s that way inclined.

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