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The Equal Australia Party

It’s fair to say that a lot of people are disillusioned with our major political parties, and it’s more than likely that the 2016 election will be contested by an ever-growing number of independents or minor parties. Alan Howell has formed one of them, the Equal Australia Party, which he introduces below.

Like many people I have become increasingly disillusioned with the current state of Australian politics. Unlike many people I have decided that it is time for someone to attempt to correct the direction we have taken and move us towards a better option with better outcomes for all Australians.

To do this I am attempting to create a new political party to contest the next Federal elections nationally. I would ask that you look at the attached links to my website and Facebook page to see what you think of us and our policies, and if you too believe that we are heading in a positive direction then I ask that you promote our party and the associated links.

We are attempting to get the required 500 members to complete our AEC registration and your support would help us immensely in this goal.

The Equal Australia Party stands for one thing – Australia.

Image provided by the EAP.

Image provided by the EAP.

For its citizens, its sovereign lands, its environment, its fauna, and its flora. To advance our nations interests in all fields of endeavour, and to provide all Australians the opportunities and benefits commensurate with living in a world leading economy.

We intend to achieve this through adopting worlds best practices and where required by developing our own.

Our priority is to bring honesty, clarity, and accountability back into our political and social structure that has increasingly appeared to have been forgotten.

Our goal is to reform the existing political system – to remove greed and personal gain from the underlying agenda for those in power – for the benefit of this country and its people both now and in the future.

We want the Australian people to have an active, ongoing input into the matters that define Australia and its behaviours, and to participate in the implementation of the agreed actions.

We represent our nation’s future – our children – to ensure we leave this country in the hands of capable, responsible people who understand the importance of both our own existing roles, and their own future roles and responsibilities to the generations yet to come.

The link to the Equal Australia Facebook page is:



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  1. BiBi (@edumak8)

    EAP Immigration section uses term ‘illegal immigrants’ and states that there is an ongoing influx. Asylum seekers are NOT illegal immigrants. Nor is there an influx. You make no mention of huge numbers of actual illegal immigrants to Australia via our airports and over-stayers on visas, or how this much bigger problem needs to be addressed.
    In Education you do not address the elephant in the classroom of tax-payer funded private schools. You also indicate that all teachers in government schools would come under a single Agreement or Award which in turn means that there would no longer be ‘State’ schools and all would come under the Federal Government control. The States would therefore lose considerable revenue, and no longer bear the responsibility for schooling, buildings and maintenance. How would this actually be achieved given the size of Australia, and in particular the way the transfer system works in Queensland to ensure even the smallest and/or remotest schools are staffed?
    If you truly want to be a new and different political voice then be careful not to fall into old rhetorical ways and cant.

  2. Rob031

    I have a problem with the notion of a flat tax rate for everyone earning an income. It is regressive like the GST and fuel excise.

    I whistled through the policy categories and came away feeling that there is something a tad batty about this proposed party. Perhaps I’m being a bit unfair here – but that’s the vibe I come away with.

    As far as a new party to vote for: I’m all in favour. My hunch is that it would have to be comprised of decent politicians that are currently members of the ALP, Greens and the Coalition. At least these people would be politically astute and aware of the realities of the political scene.

  3. John

    Why wouldn’t you just vote for the greens

  4. Hotspringer

    @Rob. Decent politicians that are currently members of the Coalition – please, name one.
    EAP no thanks, will stick to voting Green.

  5. Kim Wright

    Little concerned that there is no name attached to this article. First step I imagine is transparency.

  6. Kaye Makovec

    Just for a split second there I had hope then along comes BiBi to point out just a couple of wrongs. Thanks BiBI.

    And some wonder why there are young people who don’t even want to enrol to vote.

  7. Rob031

    @HotspringerOctober 6, 2014 at 7:20 am
    @Rob. Decent politicians that are currently members of the Coalition – please, name one.

    I can’t. Then again I don’t know each and every Coalition MP but merely assume that such critters possibly do exist within their ranks 🙂

  8. Matthew Oborne

    Anything that needs to wrap itself in the Australian flag always smells bad from my experience.

  9. The AIM Network

    Kim, the introduction notes that Alan Howell wrote the article.

  10. Kim Wright

    Thank you. My apologies

  11. SmeeAgain

    Flat taxation rate? no thanks This looks like another liberal front to me.The lowest earners pay the same rate of tax as the highest

  12. Murphy

    What drugs are those girls in pic on? Stupid grins, jumping off trampolines, holding a flag.

    Oh what a feeling, no future.

  13. Exocarpus

    I’ve voted green since 1986. Why reinvent the wheel? The greens policies are far more detailed and cover everything thats wrong with Aus. Not for me i’m afraid. You must concider not diluting the vote for a strong Greens Party already taking it up to both majors.

  14. corvus boreus

    Stay strong, you carry the seed. 😉

  15. Alan Howell

    Firstly, a big thank you to everyone who has looked over our pages and policies and found time to respond in here with your comments, questions,and suggestions.
    The Equal Australia Party is based on the principal of everyone having a voice and being heard based on being fully informed and aware of the real facts.
    I will write a response to each comment received to ensure I understand the intent of the comment, and the clarification of our stated position.

    *BiBi(@edumak8) :
    Although not clearly defined – and this will be rectified – the ‘ongoing influx of illegal immigrants’ refers precisely to the large and increasing
    number of visa over stayers, and people entering Australia under false pretenses to work, as differentiated to the clearly stated ‘legal
    immigrants and genuine asylum seekers’.
    People attempting to seek asylum here that do not follow the correct application process, and attempt to arrive unannounced on our shores ARE in fact attempting to illegally immigrate to Australia.
    We strongly support improving our application process and acceptance rates of GENUINE asylum seekers, and the closure of all off-shore processing.
    We state our support for the creation of a Federal wage structure for all teachers nationwide, but in no way do we state that the Federal Government would take any further control of each States Education Departments as you suggest.
    No changes to the existing operational structures are suggested, and no loss of funding would occur. (Not sure how you derived this?)
    We do state that providing the minimum wage conditions are met that private schools are free to operate outside of this structure.
    All schools will continue to receive Government financial support, however schools charging additional fees will be subject to normal taxation conditions upon any additional income received from external sources.

    *Rob031 :
    We believe a flat ‘Profit Or Income (POI)’ taxation rate – unilaterally applied to all people AND businesses earning in excess of a significantly increased tax free threshold – is a far simpler and more effective method of revenue generation, and would replace virtually all other forms of taxation and excise.
    We believe that the administration, enforcement, and application of the myriad existing taxes (sic) are a far larger impost on the system, and our method would simplify this area for all involved.
    As far as being ‘a tad batty’ goes – I can only point out that most major shifts to existing paradigms were viewed with significant skepticism and a general feeling of unease – sometimes resulting in severe consequences to those espousing them! But history shows that many of these shifts of consciousness were in fact correct, and have changed our global history and indeed mankind for the better.
    Any and all decent and honest politicians from ANY party would be welcomed into the EAP – and their expertise and experience would be an invaluable source to our policies and operation.

    *John :
    Because we offer a wider range of policies with different outcomes to the Greens. If the Greens meet your requirements and beliefs then you SHOULD vote for the Greens … but we believe that our policies are truly innovative, and offer significantly greater benefits to all Australians rather than simply business as usual with a greener perspective.

    *Hotspringer :
    We are confident like Rob031 that they do exist – and they are welcome here at the EAP.
    As far as your vote is concerned we fully support you casting it where you believe it is of best use, and we hope that one day you may believe that it is with us.

    *Kim Wright :
    The author is me – Alan Howell – and I am a 52 y.o., blue collar, married father of 2 from Melbourne. I believe that the EAP’s most important goal is to promote the transparency you desire throughout all of politics – not just within our party.

    *Mobius Ecko :
    Your link is accurate indeed – “The further a society drifts from the truth, the more it will hate those that speak it.” (George Orwell)
    Thank you.

    *Kaye Makovec :
    Have hope – the wrongs identified were at best a misunderstanding. We believe our policies will offer hope to those who are our next
    generation of leaders, and that they will come to see that their votes are their hopes for the future, and their key to it.

    *Matthew Oborne :
    Many parties (in fact most) have either the Australian flag or the Southern Cross in their logo – I don’t see this as negative or suspicious,
    but more as aspirational.

    *SmeeAgain :
    This is definitely no Liberal front – nor Labor – we truly believe we are unique in our approach, and are in this for one reason only … the
    benefit and betterment of life for ALL Australians.
    As answered to Rob031 above we do believe that our flat rate taxation with increased thresholds will both significantly reduce the tax debt on all lower income earners, and significantly increase the tax debt on the large companies that currently write off – or flat out avoid – paying a fair and reasonable share of their profits in taxation.

    *Murphy :
    The picture you refer to is not part of the EAP website or used by the EAP … but the future IS out there for those willing to work towards it, and it is bright – regardless of what others, or the media tell you

    *Exocarpus & Corvus Boreus :
    We are a very new party that receives no Government support or private group funding at present.
    Our policies have not had the 32+ years that the Greens have had to prepare theirs, and therefore ours are not as widely ranged or as fully formed as the Greens … but we are an entirely different party to the Greens, with different goals and approaches.
    The strong Greens Party you refer to holds 1 seat out of 150 after more than 32 years of operation … we strongly believe that now is the time for a brand new wheel to assist our country in it’s ‘drive’ to the future, and that we – the Equal Australia Party – are exactly that.

    Please feel free to look over our website or our Facebook page and contact us … or even register with us!
    We appreciate all feedback and suggestions – it is what we need to grow and develop into the type of party you will be proud to support.

    Alan Howell – Founder – Equal Australia Party

  16. Antonios Symeonakis

    I am searching for a party to become member and fight for a better Australia and world but I am not sure which one. Some of my ideas are the following

    1. Democracy. We fight to strength, extend, widen and deepen our democracy and human rights. We do not accept any excuse, including terror threats to wound it.
    2. Equality. All people black or white, Europeans or Asians, Christians or Muslims, religious or non religious, young or old, men or women, etc are Equal! The equality does not depend on the language or ideas or sex preferences etc.
    3. Environment We understand how important is the keep sustainability of our environment, human abilities to protect or destroy it, our responsibilities to protect all species on our planet. Thre protection of our environment and limits of minerals press humanity to use renewable sources for our energy .
    4. Citizenship. The citizenship is the right to have rights, The most important of our rights and we do not allow anyone to strip it for any reason and we encourage all Australian permanents to apply and become Australian citizens after 2 years residency in our country without any test
    5. Monarchy. We are against monarchy and promote and support a parliamentary democracy with limit, power to state president who will be elected from the parliament as this system is the most democratic.
    6. social justice. The gap between rich and poor is increased in high degree and we have to reduce it and protect the poor and put limits on the rich with various ways.
    7. Equal opportunities. We have to fight the discrimination, any kind of discrimination in workplaces, in public sector, in education or health system every where and all the time. We have to destroy any kind of privileges, the use of back doors and back windows!
    8. Education. The public education is free in all levels. We are not against private or religious schools from any level but we can support them with tax payers money. They have to comply with the minimum standards if they want recognition from Australian authorities.
    9. Health. The health system is free for the poor and people in need and its cost increased from the poor to the rich. Our goal is to support the health of all Australians while we keep it sustainable!
    10. We support our small businesses and put limits on big corporations and care that they do not violate our laws and pay their taxes.
    11. Land, Properties. We do not allow foreigners to buy big parts of our lands , we put limits of the size of the land foreigners can buy and put extra high taxes to discourage foreigners to buy our land. We do not allow foreigners to buy our land if it subdivided in the 15 years! We put even more limits to foreign buyers of our houses! We must check if their money comes from illegal activities, criminals activities and block any of them.
    12. Trade unions. We encourage workers to become members of trade unions but we will fight to change the Trade Union law to protect internal democracy and protect member fees and other assets or money to pass in ALP hands or any other organization or persons. The Unions leaders can not donate or support persons or organisations/parties without a decision taken by general assemblies of the Unions. Our goal should be Union member’s money to be used for them, for their benefits and no one else! Unfortunately today huge amounts of trade Union money are wasted to ALP ,while this money could used for a stronger Union movement.
    13. International relations. We promote good relations with all countries with top priorities our neighbours, our trade partners and of course democratic countries.
    14. Agricultural sector. We understand that our minerals sooner or later will finish, we know that the increase of population on our planet and climate changes will increase the needs in agricultural products and understand our advantages on agricultural sector ans for this reason we promote it in the maximum degree while we block the sale of our land to foreigners.
    15. Refugees. We understand and support refugees but we separate them from economic migrants, from illegal migrants. I believe that most people who ask for asylum are economic migrants but I am sure between them there are real refugees who need our Support. I believe we have to increase the number of refugees.
    16. Migrants. I am migrant and I support migrants but parallel I understand our limits and our problems. For me it is necessary to reduce the number of migrants and protect them from exploitation, discrimination and suffering. I encourage migrants to apply for Australian citizenship after two years in Australia without any test or limit.
    17. Terrorist. We have to fight terrorists but without any discount on our values and democracy. Their number in Australia is very small, and most of them if not all will die overseas, if any one return back I hope we have free space for their imprison or we can build new one! I believe our special anti terrorist units, our police, our military forces etc are strong to crunch the terrorists. I believe the best to fight terrorists is to give more opportunities, more inclusion and support to young Muslims.
    18. Relations with other parties. I think we can cooperate with Greens in most cases although they are very sensitive on environment and less on social justice and humans.
    19. Labours appeared as progressive but in most cases they are conservative, not very different from Liberals. We could cooperate with them but we can not trust them.
    Liberals are the most conservatives and closer to big corporations but we could cooperate with them in a some cases ,as greens did in pension case,
    20. Generally we are ready to cooperate with any one in very specific cases if we know that from this cooperation we promote the rights and interests of Australians and our country.

  17. Alan Howell

    *Antonios :
    Thanks for your input – I feel that the policies we have on our website closely match the points you make, and address virtually all of your suggestions.
    The biggest point of difference with the EAP is that we are an evolving party – our policies and approach is to be guided by the members of the EAP, and through our eReferendum system will listen to and act upon the intentions of the general public in the decision making process.
    Have a look at our policies on the website and see what you think at , and then select the Policies button to see the various topics.

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