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Ensuring there will be no integrity

I can’t even sit on my own verandah anymore. Surrounded by smoke, covered in ash, checking the RFS website regularly, ringing friends and family as fires approach so many of them.

The land is parched and farmers are crying out for more water as we are warned to expect more mass fish kills. Who takes precedence – the irrigators or the environment?

No rain forecast before February.

Does anyone even care?

As catastrophe engulfs us, what is our government doing?




Decimating the public service.

“Refusing to apologise” for blatant misdeeds by Angus Taylor.

It’s business as usual for the do-nothing Coalition sticking to their age-old ideological vendettas.

That isn’t leadership. It’s an inability to prioritise, to evaluate risk and manage it.

It is typical of this government’s approach to things when they focus on resilience and adaptation to climate change whilst refusing to even mention mitigation.

It is typical of Scott Morrison to dismiss a very sensible suggestion from Andrew Wilkie to adapt some RAAF aircraft to join the firefighting effort. If it is not Scott’s idea, then it isn’t even worth considering. We don’t need them says Scotty. They are too busy flying politicians around to sporting events and gala evenings and family reunions anyway.

In fact, Scotty doesn’t need advice from anyone. The Thody Review into the Public Service wasn’t even shown to Cabinet before Scotty swung his axe on 5 department heads.

As Laura Tingle points out, “under Coalition governments, [public servants] have often become little more than post boxes for the outsourcing of contracts to the private sector.”

There is no transparency, no accountability – we don’t know who is making decisions and on what rationale. Hell, we can’t even find out who gave Angus Taylor a forged document.

And when they return from their two months off, we will go back to the same tired old stuff – trying to wedge Labor, more reviews to ignore, more jobs and money gifted to fellow travellers, more porkbarrelling. Oh, and more crap about religious freedom and freedom of speech but only for some.

How many more homes and lives will have been lost by then? How much flora and fauna will have been destroyed? How many businesses will have gone under?

But hey – we are safe because Peter Dutton has stopped those bludging refugees from getting medical treatment.

So there. Ner ner de ner ner.

The Coalition government – ensuring there will be no integrity here!

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  1. josephus

    Apocalypse now
    This lot deserve to be hauly before the ICJ

  2. Kate Ahearne

    Thanks again, Kaye. So beautifully, so passionately put! Clear, compelling, and true.

  3. Arthur Tarry

    The self-satisfied smirk on Morrison’s face most of the time sends shivers down my back, and makes me dejected. How did we get into this predicament ? is there insidious mind altering virus spreading remorselessly throughout our society ?

  4. John Boyd

    My local federal member, Dr Mike Kelly, has been arguing for years that the lengthening fire seasons in both hemispheres will limit the availability of aircraft from overseas, and that we need to look at options such as equipping the AAF (I am republican) with suitable aircraft.

  5. Poking Woolbush

    When the sheep-shaggers have cleared all the land, there’ll be no more bushfires.
    Simples, no?

  6. Kaye Lee

    From Andrew Wilkie….

    “The fact is that the national fire threat will continue to trend badly and any sensible government would see the importance of thinking strategically and planning for the future. Regardless of whether or not there are adequate fire-fighting resources currently, and that is arguable, there is no doubt that in years to come the country will need much greater capability and that must include a much enhanced heavy aerial fight-fighting capability. There is a strong argument that this will require an expanded role for the RAAF, a capability which could take years to work up, which means capability decisions need to be made by the Government now.

    After Question Time I met with representatives of Emergency Leaders for Climate Action who agree that the country needs to respond much more effectively to climate change, and the fire risk it produces, and that this should include much greater investment in aerial fire-fighting. ELCA comprises of 23 former Fire Emergency Chiefs from every state and territory and it is not lost on them the federal funding for aerial fire-fighting has remained largely unchanged since the days of Prime Minister John Howard.”

    But no….we will spend $225 billion on obsolete submarines that won’t arrive for decades instead.

  7. Jack Cade


    The army is being held in reserve
    – while the USA ponders who to invade and plunder next, with its ever-reliable satellite in tow.
    – to quell the civil disobedience when enough people finally realise the police state they’ve allowed to be imposed.

  8. Phil Pryor

    Our subs, targets for deluded volunteers, are to arrive with a half century. (who would volunteer for this rubbish?) By then, Pyne and other political perverts will have parasited a good superannuation. MEANWHILE THE MASTURBATORY, SELF SATISFIED MISFITS, BLOWUP DOLLS OF SELF DELUSION, ARE RUNNING A COUNTRY THEY HAVE STEADILY ORGANISED FOR CORPORATE RAPING AND PILLAGING. Nature will do that, the forests, the reef, the soil, all stuffed, particularly by country party misfits and manipulating merde brains over a century or more. We have never had worse representation for the whole of the people.

  9. New England Cocky

    @Vikingduk: The Nymboida Fire: https://www.facebook.com/watch/?v=997619563921995

    The earlier Wytaliba Fire: https://www.gleninnesexaminer.com.au/story/6492701/opinion-we-did-burnoffs-badja-sparks-hits-back/?cs=13312&fbclid=IwAR1X60l99io96HVEeCTICvIDEDlxRlmyieq2ZibAk2Y9BIb6cDBKHV9DbTo

    The Spud Duddo Refugee “Success Story”: 4768 “plane people”, about 13 persons per day or 96% of applicants for refugee status, have arrived in Australia by aircraft on valid business and other visas compared to about 161 who arrived by boat.

  10. Pete Petrass

    I also read today that a new government report states they will meet their Paris emissions commitments because they will be using the carryover credits from the Kyoto agreement. So Angus heads off to Madrid next week and will no doubt be bragging about that big time.

  11. Patagonian

    Fair go, poor Morrie has got his hands full putting out bushfires of his own caused by that firebug Angus Talltales.

  12. Matters Not

    Re the link to Tingle’s article:

    want to win the culture wars they see in education, in the public service, in all of our institutions

    Yes! Morrison is a religious ideologue and, needless to say, on a mission. In his view, all children need a strong religious upbringing (like he’s doing with his own) so it’s reasonable to expect he’ll move funding in that direction, at least in the longer term. For balance, we will probably see the introduction of Creation Science as an option (initially) in the National Curriculum unless of course he’s so bloodied by the Religious Freedom Bill he loses his nerve.

    Morrison is not a political lightweight. Nevertheless he’s likely to over-reach and I believe his fundamentalist religious adherence will be his ultimate undoing. I, for one, will be praying for that outcome. (Just jokin …)

  13. Max Gross

    Australia is betrayed by its own government

  14. JudithW

    The unfortunate thing about Morrison’s “I don’t give a shit about you or what you think” smirk is that it reminds me so much of my ex-husband. He was a psychopath too. And I do feel so sorry for the PM’s wife.

  15. crypt0

    “It’s business as usual for the do-nothing Coalition sticking to their age-old ideological vendettas.”
    And why wouldn’t they?
    It works so well on the highly intelligent and well informed aussie voters that they’ve been elected for nine years and there’s every likelihood they’ll get another term after that
    Such is political life in ‘Straya.

    Vikingduk … I second that.

  16. John Lord

    Nice Summation KAYE.

  17. John

    Well written Kaye, if only the LNP wankers could open their eyes and read. But that is like asking the devil to dine with God and be polite. Maybe Morrison can say a few more prayers and stop the fires.

  18. wam

    There used to be a base level clerk who would sign off on politicians claims. Wouldn’t scummo and albo have a giggle at that process.
    There used to be an evaluation of projects. Now the word is review which means decide the outcome and if forced make up an explanation
    Integrity was as important as honesty. Neither figure in today’s truth. I shared an Obama bit on honesty and trustworthy and my last rabbottian wrote I still believe he is a closet Muslim.
    I shared phon rejecting the union busting and my last rabbott, a fervent unionist and long time office bearer said the idiot broke her promise. He doesn’t mind trade unions getting ruined his people have become an association. Whatever that means but he thinks his union will still be able to ‘unionise’. He is oblivious to his association the accepting the benefits of unionism that he is denying to workers.
    wonder if scummo has had a visit from ming who told him if you combine you can get less interference from each

  19. James Cook

    I just wish Albo had your passion and perception, Kaye. Maybe you could apply to be his tactician and speech-writer.

  20. corvus boreus

    A few months back there was a refreshing flash of relative non-putrescence amidst the usual stanky phuqew of Canberra.
    On 9/9 senator Larissa Waters put forward a motion calling for the establishment of a federal anti-corruption commission, alongside details of a proposed model.
    The ALP broke with their past voting patterns on the subject and supported the bill, which, along with the votes of the Centrals and Lambie, was enough to enable it to pass (35-32.).
    I wholeheartedly applaud the ALP for making this welcome change in policy attitude
    Predictably enough, the LIBNATS and Bernadi nay-sayed the notion of any accountable oversight being brought to bear ed on their own conduct, and the PHONeys simply avoided the issue by abstaining from voting (although Pauline’s whacky little marionette sidekick did emit some noises deriding the details of the bill).

  21. David Evans

    Would now be a good time to talk about your failures morrison?
    morrison? COALition “government”? Integrity? Oxymoron? A few words that should never be on the same page!……. BTW, Hey porter, hey porter, how IS that Corruption and Integrity Commission coming along?

  22. Kaye Lee

    Come on you lot – politicians are really busy people. Next year, the HoR will sit for an onerous 72 days. There are a couple of months when they have to actually do 11 days in Parliament – not that there is any obligation for them to turn up of course – just ask Bob Katter and Clive Palmer about that. Working an average of six days a month really cuts into the photo opportunity time. With only 294 days off, it’s absolutely reasonable of them to require us to pay for their family reunions wherever they might choose to have them.

    And NO party is going to suggest that they should perhaps pay for their own family holidays.


    I to have a total dislike & distrust for our smirking PM?when he isn’t smirking at us he has lips like they were drawn with a pencil! He has none? Say thin lipped person is a mean one? Old sayings pretty correct? On these occasions sits there blank look in his eyes thinking “I will & can do as I want so bugger off!”I have been saying for some time he fancies himself as DICTATOR he makes rules &, not to be questioned! very obvious for some time as Albo said we are in a Totalitarian state? WE need to be afraid of future? He will real turn heat up next year on everything?Myself aged 82 live on Pension! Never gave much thought to growing old always to busy!Probably having seen my father others grow old on pension lived OK not stressed! I now am very afraid for my future as just had 3hrs fortnight notified by HOMECARE government no longer subsidizing it? ,advised one other lot still only providing a service?my son questions ” for how long”?applied for My Aged Care package small one? Assessed ” No don’t fit criteria” have long term Chronic bad back/ hand problems and other things with age will worsen? Then the worry stress threat of INDUE CARD to be introduced 2020 for all government Payments! Including AGED & VETERAN PENSIONS stated by minister May 2019! They have a paper changing word PENSION TO WELFARE?why? When Pension introduced decades ago stated in Gov. “It is never to be called WELFARE” BOB Menzies leader Opp. Agreed” NEVER TO BE CALLED WELFARE” this is on Hansard and LAW! They sneakily change wording so when presented it comes under “All WELFARE PAYMENTS PAID BY INDUE” concealing the fact! Live in dread this evil demeaning card 80/90yr olds never comprehend what it is how where to use and many other foul restrictions on oldest in population? Truly cruel calculating goverent enjoying pain it will coarse? HATE THEM ALL KARMA VIDITS IN A BIG WAY!

  24. Kaye Lee

    Home Affairs Minister Peter Dutton has hit back at “armchair experts” calling for air force planes to help fight bushfires raging across Australia.

    Independent MP Andrew Wilkie last week said Australia’s military transport planes could deploy tank systems for water bombing

    “There are a lot of sort of armchair experts in this space,” Mr Dutton told Sky News on Sunday.


    P Duddy gets more ridiculous every day. And scarily, more empowered to comment on things he knows f.ck all about.

  25. Matters Not


    things he knows fck all about.

    Not sure about his knowledge re the sexual intercourse bit but I do know he’s a very successful politician at both the local and national level. Also he knows how survive a concerted, continued attack by Get Up. Why, in the last election he increased his margin by (approx) 2.5%.

    Dutton knows how to do his day job very, very well. He is a Politician and a Minister as well as driving the Prime Ministerial bus after hours. In political terms (and only in political terms) he ought to be congratulated. And he is – by his electorate, by colleagues, and the PM.

    What a great metaphorical fcker he is! (Not that I’m into sexual crudities on line.)

  26. Kaye Lee


    I rarely swear. I find my level has increased of late. One has to express one’s incredulity in some way is my excuse. I have been typing my fingers to the bone but sharing information doesn’t seem to be working. Sometimes, ya just have to say WTF.

  27. New England Cocky

    @MN: Spud Duddo, former Queensland policeman with a penchant for bullying and terrorising Aborigines, who two weeks before being eligible for Long Service entitlements, resigned from the Force before he was to be investigated for his racist actions. Resident on the Gold Coast his electorate is located in inner North Brisbane about 80 km away. His success at the 2019 Federal elections should stimulate an enquiry into the Dickson electorate practices.

    Still I suppose every excellent website questioning the self-serving decisions of an inept, uncaring misgovernment must have a troll assigned by ASIO to watch over the thinkers and potential leaders ….. just as the Communist Chinese did with POWs during the Korean War.

  28. Miriam English

    Matters Not, Dutton kept his seat by fiddling the electorate boundaries. He didn’t really improve his vote. If he hadn’t resorted to subterfuge he would likely have been unseated.

  29. Matters Not

    Miriam English, Dutton like any other citizen can make submissions re electoral boundaries when redistributions are underway. All political parties avail themselves of that opportunity. Those submission are made to the Australian Electoral Commission which tends to be very protective of its independence. As I understand it, Dutton’s seat of Dixon moved towards the North vacating space then allocated to the electorate of Petrie represented by (the completely useless) Luke Howarth who increased his margin by about 7.8%. (A real miracle.) Seems to me that if Dutton retained the same boundaries (not that he had any effective say in the matter above and beyond his submission)) he probably would have increased his margin.

    But if you have any info to the contrary (with links) I would be obliged.

    (Must admit ME, I am getting too old to listen to bullshit like the unlinked assertions made above yours)

  30. Matters Not

    Miriam English, just for record. In the recent election I contributed dollars specifically to unseat Dutton even though I’m not in his electorate. In the previous election I contributed both dollars and physical effort. On both occasions, I thought we had him.

    The latest report from the ANU concludes that Morrison didn’t win the election but Labor lost it (The Drum tonight). Seems to me that’s on the money (mainly because it matches my analysis re political stupidity on a grand scale — made before the election.)

  31. Glenn Barry

    One essential question remains, we know who isn’t falling for this circus act, BUT how many are falling for this charade?

    I haven’t looked at any polls recently…

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