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But Enough About This Nonsense, We’re All United Apart From A Few Who Don’t Count!!

Perhaps the most absurd thing I heard was the Liberal who spoke to the press to inform us that the Government shouldn’t be talking about itself, that people we’re interested. Sort of ranks up there with the wonderfully oxymoronic: “I’m not talking to you”. Which clearly, as it’s ‘you’ who’s being addressed, the other person is.

I’m wondering how many other Liberals will come out to tell us that we’re really not interested in who leads the country, they’re all united and we’d really rather that they weren’t talking about themselves.

Of course, Josh Frydenberg was suggesting that the spill wouldn’t get up, demonstrating how united the Liberals were and that it was just a small minority who were agitating for change. And the Liberals have always been good at ignoring small minorities when it suits them.

Unless the small minority happens to one of their anonymous contributors.

Still, young Josh repeated the mantra of the PM, that this needs to be put behind us, so the government can get on with the job of running the country. Mm, I wonder if he meant, into the ground. Like Abbott he assured us that the Liberals had a plan.

While I’m tempted to say, “Just one?”, I’m far more concerned with the fact that every time they say that, they make me shudder. Either they’re keeping the plan a big secret, or else their confusing the difference between a ‘plan’ and an ‘aspiration’.

As someone who’s written a number of things over the years, I’ve often had long conversations with similar people. “I have a plan to write a novel and become rich and famous,” they tell me.

“Oh, what about?” I ask.

“Life,” they frequently reply.

“What aspect of Life?” I ask.

“I haven’t worked that out yet. But I’m pretty clear on the rich and famous bit.”

Similarly, the Liberals have a plan. It’s to have a stronger economy. With less taxes. And no government debt. And jobs for all.

And happier people. Did they mention happier people?


P.S. They really do write it themselves!

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  1. Aortic

    Arise Sir Luke

  2. Glenn

    I am so sick of hearing the crap about having a plan. No kidding? Half way through your first term do you think maybe you could share it with Team Australia? Seriously, it’s half time already. Shall we just go flail around on the field until you decide to reveal the plan?
    What horseshit. What a complete abrogation of duty. It these LNP idiots were working in the corporate world, they would have been put on a performance improvement plan the day after that crap budget came out, and within three months managed out of the business (corporate speak for firing your dumb arse). Complete useless twats running our country into the ground.

  3. Kerri

    This “Small Government” idea might backfire on Tones? If he had more ministers, say Science and Women, he may have had more party members anxious to protect their arses?

  4. Matters Not

    For Abbott, ‘pollie pedal’ will now have to be ‘pollie peddle’. Full time!

    Otherwise he might just have to ride off into the sunset, minus the usual hefty expense claims.

    Would be a great loss for the ALP. But shit happens.

  5. stephentardrew

    I have a cunning Plan…Um Er .Ah….Pregnant pause (try five hours)………………………………………………………………………………………GREED.

  6. Rossleigh

    New contender for Liberal both idiot of the month, and the most intelligent things said by a Liberal Minister in several years!
    Gees, I have to add this to the post!!

  7. DanDark

    I didn’t think I heard KA right, I said to my son he just said “Julia Gillard, nooo he wouldn’t of”
    but yes he did, just goes to show they have a new problem now Julia Gillard Syndrome,
    they just cant get her out of their little pee brains, it was funny, he didn’t flinch, just kept on with the same rhetoric, we don’t want to be like Labor blah blah fecking blah,,

    Maybe if the jerks hadn’t broken the trust with the people very early on
    they wouldn’t be down the gurgler like they are now,
    this has nothing to do with labor, Labor is the past
    Liberal is the present, they need to focus on the present, not the past gov,
    they are obsessed by Labors past, Labor at the present, and Labor in the future
    this has been half their problem, they are the goiv and who gives a stuff what Labor was or did, not the Aussie public now, we focus on the present gov and that’s what the Libs need to figure out the fools…I have never seen so many ostriches with their head in the sand , or in denial on a grand scale…

  8. Florence nee Fedup

    They are still obsessed with the Gillard government. Seem to by pass present Labor Opposition. Would love to see Labor not ask one question of Abbott during question time when parliament assumes. Keep all attacks on the man, during MPI.

  9. Florence nee Fedup

    This cabinet down to it last MP knows that they will not survive if Abbot goes. Bishop seems to be the only one that has taken any steps to protect her future.

  10. Florence nee Fedup

    Has Morrison been out yet, defending Abbott?

  11. Hotspringer

    Ah, but it is a STRONG PLAN. One day, they may reveal what it entails, not just yet.

  12. juliefarthing

    Yeah, no one is interested, you just keep on believing that Tony Abbott – get your head out of the sand and you might find there is a whole lot of interest, in fact, the whole country is interested in getting you out of your chair, even Liberal voters. Labor voters don’t really care either way, after all you are helping our cause a great deal, but we’d also love to see your sorry arse booted out of Parliament House, and preferably out of Australia. How is that rental application at Buck Palace coming along?

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